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7 / 10
Pelekas Beach Water sports - BEWARE

"A word of advice, there is a water sports operator on the 3 beaches of Pelekas, My brother and his daughter used the one on Pelekas beach for para gliding, the rope broke, and twanged back with the metal connector hitting my brother in the face, they were 60 feet up falling into the water, he suffered a large gash to his forehead requiring 14 stiches, just missed his eye. could have been fatal. No First aid on boat, and was only interested in getting the next party up. Took 5 days to get any contact details of insurance, and we are awaiting confirmation of receipt ????? . . . . This operator does not check his equipment, it was due to poor equipment used that this accident happened. . . . Just a word of advise, he operates on all 3 beaches . . . ."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012
  • Advice: The Hotel is great . . . Good food, nice people, pleasant surrounds, relaxing, tho small pool, and some rooms that face inland have no views.

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5 / 10
My girlfriend and I chose this hotel...

"My girlfriend and I chose this hotel for our Greek holiday.

However it was on the taxi ride to the hotel from the airport we discovered how extremely remote the hotel was. The nearest shop was a good 10 minutes uphill walk and that was only very limited.

The hotel itself was lovely, very clean with breath taking views. All balconies I believe were sea facing.

We enjoyed our stay but we just wished we were told the remote location of our hotel. It cost 10 Euros to get to the village of Pelekas where the bars & restaurants can be found.

We also found the taxi drivers to be very reluctant to carry out this journey.

We feel the hotel should offer a free shuttle service at least once a day in to town.

With regards to the buffet, food was always hot and a good choice.

There were lots of Germans.

Overall I would recommend this hotel, however please bear in mind the ridiculous transport facilities.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Not Specified, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
Having just returned from the Pelekas...

"Having just returned from the Pelekas Beach Hotel we would highly recommend that you read the other reviews listed, as they are all quite accurate and still relevant.

We felt that for a 3 star hotel the food was very good, though choice of main course & desserts was limited and the menu was repeated. Restaurant staff were very friendly and helpful. We asked to change our sitting as 6 pm is too early and this wasn't a problem. In effect the sittings ran in to each other and there wasn't any enforcement of allocated sittings.

Our room was in F block on the ground floor which made it easy to get to the terrace, pool and restaurant, which was a blessing, as the lift up to the top stopped running after dinner.

On the negative side- the area outside our room was troubled by a dreadful smell of sewage. The smell seemed to affect the terrace at times, which was a shame, as it was a great place to sit and admire the lovely views and sunsets.

The beds were very old and mattresses were covered by new zip up covers to disguise the state of them. The hotel rooms are in need of refurbishment but cleaned every day. The air conditioning unit was very noisy but did work well though the vents were coated in long term dust.

The pool area is in need of some attention but the pool itself was clean. We understand that the lift is being replaced this autumn.

In September the hotel and beach is troubled by swarms of wasps which made eating outside and lying in the sun difficult. We were told that it was due to the grapes ripening, but having stayed in other wine producing areas and not being troubled to such an extent, we were sceptical!

Entertainment during our stay was either very bad or non-existent. There was a Greek evening provided with dancers in costume but their CD player didn't work very well and on another occasion a singer who was singing old songs such as 'please release me' so badly it reminded us of an old episode of Only Fools and Horses and made us laugh for all the wrong reasons.

During our stay the local bus to the village was out of order and so the only way out was to either walk (only for the very fit), taxi (fairly expensive), organised tour, or hire car (only for the brave as the road is awfully steep and not for the feint hearted).

If you are looking for a quiet break by a lovely beach with beautiful clear seas and you are very fit, then it's just for you.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
I and my boyfriend had a great...

"I and my boyfriend had a great vacation at the Pelekas Beach Hotel.

We had a great time there, the hotel is very beautiful, and we booked a sea view room which gave us the possibility to enjoy every night the beautiful sunset.

The room was very big, spotlessly clean, the maids were coming every morning to change the towels and make the room.

We took the HB basis, food was great, we enjoyed everything, we like very much Greek food because it’s similar with the Romanian food. We highly recommend the beach restaurant for lunch (the left side one), there we eat the greatest fresh fish prepared by the owner!

There are not many things to do around but if you rent a car your vacation will be the greatest you have ever had!

We will go there again for sure!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Half Board, booked with Kusadasi Travel

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6 / 10
enjoyed a luxury stay from home

"My husband and i went on honeymoon here for two weeks.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

the room:

I found the rooms clean and large. The main room was tiled accross the whole floor with marble affect tiles. The bed and cupboards were made of a nice coloured wood with a simple design. We had two twin beds which needed to be pushed together. This was one of the downsides of the hotel as the beds did not go so close, so we ended up usually sleeping on one together. (they were queen beds so larger than usual) This was good practice for sharing and made us more suited when we returned to our double bed at home!!

The air conditioning was lovely! Cooling the rooms pretty fast and you could adjust the temperature to suit your needs. (the electricity in the room worked through a key card attached to ur room key, so went off when out of it)

The bathroom was not 100% without fault, but about 93% without fault. It was clean and looked nice with the floor to ceiling marble effect tiles, and nice lighting too. It had a bday (sorry for spelling!) too.

our room had a balcony which was sooo nice! we often sat or laid ourselves out here to tan.they are semi secluded with a border between the next doors balcony.

the hotel:

The food, we both enjoyed very much. I do think there was enough choice here, though after two weeks it was enough. I found the food tasty and enjoyable; a taster of greece with a mix of some recognisable english foods, particularly at breakfast (e.g. cereal) It was done buffet style, so kind of all you can eat! We made the most of this. You do have to buy drinks in the evening, as there are none in the buffet selection. water was 2 euros each, i think, so not the cheapest,but for a large bottle.

There is a small shop in the hotel, selling cold water and snacks, which is nice.

Tv is limited as most channels were in greek or other, but amusing.

is difficult getting out of the area as it is at the bottom of a very very steep hill! we walked it once but it was knackering and we are young. There is a shuttle bus which goes from outside the hotel, though i heard it wasnt as regular as said, though we did not find this.

The staff were friendly and helpful, though blunter than us english. particularly the maids were very friendly.

the beach:

gorgous beach and sea.nice rocky area so can go exploring clambering over the rocks on mini adventure, as we did and loved one day. though be aware:nudist beaches are everywhere!

be prepared to pay for the loungers on the beach (ones at pool at hotel are free) which are quite expensive NOTE: as are most things in this area in corfu. they know your tourists so expect to pay what you would here if not more even for simple food items too. hard to barter when theres no where else to buy things nearby and they know it

the town;

a nice busy place, simular to our towns.with simular clothes shops and things. go on bus at top of hill;Buy double amount of tickets for the return journey too. i got our knick knacks from pelekas town at top of steep hill, nearer home.

overall a warm and enjoyable experience, a nice break and rest and a little lap of luxury too.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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2 / 10
Not more than 2 stars

"The room we got had no balcony though the advertisement made us believe that all rooms have balconies. It was not clearly stated that some do not. We did not book a sea view but we did not expect such a bad accommodation as we got. Our room was dug into the earth up to the window (!) and had a close view into a wall. It all smelled of mould. The air-conditioner was dirty and when we used it, it smelled like its filter was never changed. The bathroom was of an extremely bad quality – shower tap hanging from the wall, holding on some kind of improvised rubber (!), moving when one touches it; water flooding the bathroom often, small bottle of shower gel given to us only once a week though it actually lasts 2 days etc. Not to mention that there was no mini-bar in the room and that we had to pay to use a safe in the room! Does all this sound like 4 stars?

Further more, the food was on the level of in-between 2 and 3 stars, sometimes even under 2 stars. Always the same breakfast, a small choice of main dishes for dinner. No real juice, just syrup dissolved with water. The restaurant staff did their best, but one cannot make miracles out of an obviously small budget. The most important – the quality of food ingredients was very low. Did the hotel management think guests do not notice that?! We had stomach problems for a week. One of us even got food poisoning. After a week we stopped eating in the Pelekas Beach Hotel and started eating only in the village tavernas. The same day our stomach problems stopped and we had no problem until the end of our holiday. Except that our budget suffered because we had to pay for something we already paid for.

The hotel’s swimming pool was always a bit salty. We wondered if the water was ever changed. We checked other swimming pools in Corfu. None of them was salty, not in the slightest. The deck chairs around the pool and on the main terrace were so dirty that we lost desire to use them. There was only one outside shower for all the hotel guests!

Pelekas Beach Hotel is obviously very badly managed and by such a bad management thrown down far under 4 stars. It leaves an impression of disorganisation, tension, and the manager trying to save money by any means – saving on food, cleaning, number of employees etc. That creates a bad atmosphere in whole hotel. Food makes you sick, you are faced with overworked cleaning and restaurant staff (they are kind and polite in spite of that), and impolite day-shift receptionists who do 3 jobs at the same time (reception, bar, shop) and think that gives them right to be impolite to guests. The worst of all was the completely impolite, arrogant and unprofessional manager. Such a bad behaved manager we have never faced in any hotel of any category nowhere in the world. Every time we had a contact with her she treated us with arrogant and impolite attitude. Thanks to her non-professionalism, she seems to have misunderstood her role and thought she was the boss to the guests!

We felt extremely bad and UNWELCOME in Pelekas Beach Hotel all the days of our holiday and this was the worst holiday in our life.

One more thing: it is NOT located on the most beautiful beach in Corfu as it is advertised. We rented a car and discovered that there are at least 10 beaches in Corfu that look exactly the same as this one. We also discovered several more beautiful beaches.

If you go to Corfu, we recommend private accommodation and eating in tavernas. Much cheaper and much better accommodation and food.

Martin & Ana

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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8 / 10
Beautiful Beach

"We have just returned from a week staying at the Pelekas Beach Hotel, two mums and two 18 year old daughters. The location on the beach is superb, a wonderful sandy beach, sandy entrance to the sea, beautiful christal clear water and no noisy motorised water sports, only pedaloes!!

Very quiet location , not really suitable for teenagers although the hotel was full , there was no evidence of this in the evenings!! Pelekas village was a little more lively but still not enough for teenagers!!

The Hotel itself was very clean , the staff polite and helpful and the waiting staff in the restaurant very polite and friendly, initially the maitre d' seemed a little forceful when showing you to his choice of table, we realised later this was to even up the balance of diners to the waiters/waitresses who each controlled a section of the restaurant. However he made no objection to our daily request to sit in Spiradoulla's section of the restaurant( a very friendly waitress who was very helpful and made our meals particulary fun)

The food was perfectly acceptable with a good selection of maincourses each night along with a changing variety of salads each evening (which were delicious). A variety of desserts and fresh fruit was also available. Give the Demestica wine a miss though!!! I particulary liked breakfast - eggs bacon,sausages(continental),cold meats,cheese,yoghurt,fresh fruit,toast ,bread,croissants,cakes,jam - in all - something for everyones taste.

The hotel would not be suitable for people with walking difficulties although there are lifts to all sections of the hotel. The road leading to the hotel from the main road is STEEP!! We hired a car and it was a bit hairy getting up the hill and I would imagine most hire cars have their clutch burnt out on a regular basis. Not to be attempted by the faint hearted!!

To summarise I would certainly go again as the location was superb but next time with my husband and definately not my teenage daughter although she has said she had a wonderful holiday once she accepted that it was quiet and probably helped by the fact that we discovered the cocktail bar just up the hill a little on the second last night of the holiday!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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8 / 10
The Ultimate Review!

"So, you want to know the truth? Here it is: "Pelekas Beach Hotel Uncovered" - The Ultimate Review. We booked for 7 nights stay in the new Pelekas Beach Hotel situated in the beautiful secluded bay of Pelekas on the Greek Island of Corfu. We were staying in the first week of the 2006 UK Summer holidays, 2 lads in our 20's wanting a 'chill out' holiday, half board on a budget. A budget we certainly did get...but did the hotel live up to our high expectations? Here goes.....

Overall the hotel is great, the food is average - we're not talking any fancy food but 'basic' would be the word to use. Breakfast consists of the good old 'fry-up', cereal, toast, various pastries and fruit. Juices are also available which you wont have to pay for. Evening meal (we were Half-board), consists of a selection of meats and fish, vegetables and chips etc, salad bar, different deserts and fruit. A good meal every night - however, drinks are charged which is the usual. The location is isolated so if you want the beach, pool and lingering sunsets then this place is for you. If however, you want more lively entertainment, more things to do then this is not for you. Pelekas Beach Hotel is certainly not for teenagers!! Serious boredom would await! The hotel has a free bus service that in true greek fashion departs and arrives when it likes! It 'links' the hotel with Pelekas Village, quite a handy place as the hotel itself doesn't have a payphone. Room telephones are rather expensive, a 10 min call to UK will set you back roughly £8. You can buy a 4Euro card (£2.80p.) from the local supermarket (5min walk) and this will give u approx 10 mins to UK. The supermarket in the hotel is very small, we used one just outside the hotel which stocked most of the essentials and was very cheap.

If you want to get out and about then hire a car or other means of transport for the duration of your holiday - you can also hire quad bikes through the hotel for 25euros per day which are good fun. If you fancy using the bus then its 1euro to Corfu town if you take the free bus to Pelekas Village first.

Sunbeds beside the pool are free and there is plenty of them, however if you prefer the beach then 2 sunbeds and a parasol will set you back 7euro's for the day (£5). The hotel is built into the side of a hill and therefore there are plenty of steps to climb. We were in section 'A' of the hotel - right at the top, which meant that we had the best views from our balcony but we did have approx 70 steps to climb to get to our room from the beach - ideal if you want to keep fit!

There is a lift which will help you approx half way up but the rest is up to you. We read reviews on here before we left and the 'steep hill' was mentioned often - trust is VERY steep! Carefull driving will result in a safe descent - in the dark it is rather challenging and it is really too far and too steep to walk up.

If you fancy doing watersports then head to Kavos. Typically known for its clubbers its quite a different scene during the day as they are all asleep nursing hangovers from the night before! A desolate beach awaits you and you will only see a handfull of young people. Jet ski-ing will cost 30 euros for 15mins and there are all the other watersports there that you can think of.

So...what didnt we like.....well.....not much really. We ordered a fridge for our room (rooms dont have them) for 7 euros for the week and it arrived a day late. The snooker table needs repairing and Tennis is only allowed till 9pm. If you take your own rackets it is free but if not then the cost is 10euros for an hour.

Also, an ideal advantage would be to speak German as roughly 80% of the hotels guests are from mainland europe - mainly Germany. The hotel staff are very friendly and our room was cleaned to a very high standard every day. do i sum this all up.... ? Pelekas Beach Hotel: Ideal for couples, isolated, very quiet, friendly, amazing sunsets, fantastic beach and the ultimate place to relax. We would also like to thank Thomsons for an outstanding service whilst we were there, you couldnt ask for more.

Well....thanks for reading this review, hope you enjoy yourselves!

Jase & Gaz. UK.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006

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6 / 10
Fabulous views but remote location, car necessary.

"The hotel location is stunning, built into the hillside, however therein lies the problem. The local village was reached via a very steep hill, and once there had only a few tavernas and not much to do. The free bus is only once in the evening and comes back just after 10pm. There is nothing much happening in the hotel and most people went off to bed!! The food was reasonable with a little variety. We discovered on our last day you can buy cans of drink and water, for a fraction of the price charged at the poolside bar, in the hotel lobby shop. Hire a fridge for a week for 10 Euros. Take plenty of books to read and maybe a portable dvd if you have kids. The pool area is OK but could have been kept a bit cleaner. The beach is fantastic, gently shelving sand and crystal clear warm water. Fabulous sunsets for all you romantics! Three tavernas on the beach, staff at the middle one are nice and the food was good. Relaxing holiday. Taxis have to come from Corfu town which makes them a bit expensive. Better to hire a car."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006

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10 / 10
Really relaxing stay!

"We spent one brilliant week at Pelekas Beach:

- the rooms were excellent, quite new, with renovated bath room and excellent cleaning service

- renting a scooter is highly recommended as the hotel is at a coast in the middle of nowhere and getting up the hill by foot is something you'll do once but not twice

- it is a quite hotel with nearly no entertainment around, best for people who would like to sit and relax on the balcony in the evening

- we started our holiday with approx. 10 other people at the hotel, which means few variation concerning the buffet but as fast as the number of guests grew also the variation of food got better

- pool and sea were excellent for swimming, the pool area was quite and nice

This hotel belongs to those I can really recommend. We were quite astonished what quality was offered for a really low price.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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4 / 10
4 stars????

"i stay for a week in this hotel and i have mixed memories for this hotel.first of all the hotel is just in front of the best (by far) beach of corfu so if swimming is your priority you are in the right will need a car to go to corfu (the bus is not an option) and there is a free parking space in the hotel.the rooms are very large with nice furnitures and nice bed.the bathroom is ok.the garden and the overall maintenance of the complex was very good.there is also a big teracce just in front of the restaurant with great views of the beach and the sunset is really magigal.

now the problems.

1)there is no fridge in the room somethink absolutely ridicules for a 4 star hotel.don't forget that we are talking about greece at august with 40 celsius.they make a trick and they want to charge you for this.i don't think that they can have a 4 stars hotel(A kategory for the greek system)without a fridge.2)the food.avoid HB at any cost ,the breakfast is similar to a 1 star hotel and the dinner is no worth it at all.the only good thing is the salads and sometimes the ice cream.the food is not hot and the taste is worst then fast food.we eat 2 breakfast and 4 diners and we never discover cheese in the buffet menu.not only feta (greek cheese) but any kind of cheese.3)no shampoo no soap nothink in the bathroom!!!!afterall i had pay for a 4 star hotel.overall if you can avoid the HB and make a deal FROM THE START for a fridge in your room ,then try it.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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10 / 10
Blissfully Relaxing

"When looking to book this hotel I searched endlessly for reviews but to no avail so I went on gut instict and booked it anyway. The hotel is set at the foot of a mountain on the west coast about a 15 minute drive from the Airport (25-30 Euro taxi ride). It is accessed by a very hair-raising descent down winding roads. It dominates the mountainside and is scattered at different levels offering a feeling of privacy. Please be warned that you do need to be mobile due to the excessive amount of steps throughout the complex. The hotel also sits on a beautiful secluded sandy bay, with just a few other appartments blocks and beach tavernas. The sea is warm and shallow and wonderful to bathe in. The hotel itself was only built a year ago so it is in very good order and beautifully presented. We went on a HB basis and the food was of a very good quality but we did find a fantastic restaurant up in the village town of Pelekas, at the top of the mountain called Jimmy's. The food, setting and hospitality where exquisite and we loved it so much that we went back the following evening. Be warned that the area is quiet but if you're looking for relaxation, a little touch of luxury, fantastic scenery and breath-taking sun-sets then this is just the place and if you do want to get about then just hire a car as they're very affordable and the rest of the island is very accesible. Hope you Enjoy !!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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