Calimera Ermones Beach

Corfu 49100, Greece
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This place should be shut down - the...

"This place should be shut down - the number of complaints that were made by the brits we met in the two weeks we were should prompt the tour operators to check out where they are sending people before they advertise this place as 4 star. The decor is appauling and it isnt even a hotel - its a challet set up like Butlins (but with worse entertainment). This was out honeymoon and we were mortified. Sunstar website talked about the 4 star hotel, with 4-5 different bars and the blue flag beach. Rubbish. To this day Sunstar deny that they were in the wrong for false advertising, but I would try and get compensation if you were told lies about the place before you went. Basically what you have is one bar (with staff who have never heard of customer service)and one restaurant. Its all inclusive and in the middle of nowhere so the double whammy is that you think you have already paid for your meals and drinks (for which you get the same buffet in the 'canteen' every night, 1% beer and watered down spirits), then you end up having to pay extra for taxi's and hire cars to get some decent food and some decent alcohol which costs a fortune over two weeks. The cable car is a death trap and scared the hell out of me, so we ended up walking everywhere because I felt so unsafe. It also only holds 6 people max so you couldnt always get on it when it happened to pass you anyway. There were wasps everywhere - all around the pop machines where children could help themselves, and all over the food that was brought out occasionally in the afternoon (mainly soup made from last nights veggies - yum). Worst of all was that we had no real representative so we couldnt even lodge a formal complaint until we got home. Thank god we Brits stick together - without meeting other disgruntled Brits we would have flyed home after a couple of days. The hotel mainly caters for Germans - one of whom stripped naked round the pool to change into his trunks daily, when a family complained the staff just laughed at them. The childrens club sing and mime actions to the same German song about 6 times a day round the pool which was also really pleasant! I would recommend hiring a car and getting out of teeh hotel as much as possible like we did - Corfu town is great with shopping and designer bags! The Aqua park was also great and cheap. But if you havnt booked yet - DONT RISK IT, ITS RUBBISH AND UPSETTING"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Sunstar Leisure

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6 / 10
I went to the Ermones Hotel in...

"I went to the Ermones Hotel in October and all I can say is that it was unpleasant as the population of wasps and mosquitoes were high in the hotel. We arrived at the hotel and checked in and the woman said we had to take the cable car which I believe was very unstable and dirty.

We arrived into our room which was very unclean and populated which insects, after we had settled in our room we went to have dinner which I would not recommend, the food was disgusting and dry and the only thing I could eat was chips which was the only thing not covered in wasps.

The staff were quite friendly and would help you any time. The different types of drinks dazzled me and were very nice.

The cable car tracks were unsafe as I witnessed two 10 year old kids jumping into the tracks to try and get there football.

I would not go to this hotel again as it was very dingy and dirty.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel

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Me and my auntie have just got back...

"Me and my auntie have just got back form Corfu. When we arrived here we were handed our key and told to use the cable car and press 3.

It must have slipped Fleetways mind when we booked this holiday because we were not told and thing about it. The cable car is one of the most scariest things I’ve ever experienced, we had one go on it then decide from then on we will walk up the hill.

When we got to our room it was an air raid shelter which was dirty, smelly and falling apart! And later found out you have to shower before 5:30pm because the water runs out and to keep all your clothes locked in suitcases.

So we headed up the hill for lunch, let me just say now even the fittest person would find that hard.

The food was uneatable the wasps were in everything even if you did try the food it all tasted the same...of nothing. So I stuck to bread and even that was stale and hard.

We had a look around the complex and the best thing at this hotel was the outside swimming pool it was nice. We decided that we wouldn’t last here for 2 weeks and we had to move hotels or go home. I have stayed in 4* and 3* all inclusive before and this hotel doesn’t not come close to 2* at a push.

The rep here was a complete waste of space. So we had to phone Fleetway travel direct, the reception staff were the rudest people there, when spoke to them they would just roll their eyes at you and walk away.

It took 4 days to move us because the hotel were not giving us messages from Fleetway. It cost us a lot more money to move but it was worth it.

We got back Friday from one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. We moved to Roda Beach Hotel 5* and in comparison to Ermones it deserved all them stars and more!!!

My advice is to stay away from this place it is a living nightmare.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Fleetway Travel

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4 / 10
Our room was very clean and was...

"Our room was very clean and was cleaned everyday by the pleasant cleaning ladies. Air conditioning was great and no ants, bed extremely comfortable!

The cable car was very annoying, it worked fine but very slow and had to wait ages. Prepare to find at least four wasps in your drink if its poured from the optic! The rooms are bungalows quite far away from the actual complex.

The food in the morning, bread, stale bread and a few other things, wasps and flies landing on it, chips, rubbery meat and nice veg, the pool was lovely and definitely beautiful views but very isolated.

You will not spend all your meal times here, I guarantee,you will get fed up. All inclusive is five drinks and you pay for lollies!

The main complex is very clean but staff are quite rude, the buses have baldy tyres! There is no entertainment!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with hotels 4u

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5 / 10
Ermones Beach Hotel should not be...

"Ermones Beach Hotel should not be classified as 5 star. The information provided about its hillside setting with sunset views is also quite misleading, as you cannot see a sunset due to the position of the site which faces away from the sunset.

Nice view once at the top where main hotel facilities are but getting to the top via cable car becomes an increasingly irksome experience as only 18 persons max are able to use it and during main meal times you can be waiting up to 15 minutes to get a place in the cable car as the entire hillside bungalow community attempt their ascent to the restaurant. Those who attempt to walk it are exhausted on arrival. Not recommended.

Food is OK but caters for all nations except those looking for a touch of Greece. Best leave Ermones complex if looking for taverna type food. Staff who look after rooms very nice but accommodation very short of 5 star rating.

Bar facilities are OK , indoor pool great, tennis courts etc, and gym are good. Would we go back, no, not even if it was offered at half price. That daily slog to get to the top in the overworked cable car that Ermones claim as a 'feature' is enough to put anyone off who has visited the establishment.

Computer room equipment very outdated also but this is a minor complaint. The entire bungalow scenario has a feel of decaying 50's and 60's and no amount of fresh paint inside or out can disguise this.

My advice, look for another place to stay in Corfu and forget the all inclusive bait it was a big disappointment.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Qwerty Travel

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7 / 10
The communal area and pool were up to...

"The communal area and pool were up to an excellent standard; however the bedrooms areas were below par and in my opinion not a 4 star bedroom.

The food was excellent if not a little repetitive. The staff were not entirely welcoming except for the entertainment crew which were excellent.

The transfer was an acceptable ride around 30 minutes by taxi through beautiful country side and olive trees. The beach was disappointing, mainly shingle.

However there was plenty of water sports on offer to keep you amused. The surrounding country side was beautiful and offered many excellent walks.

The larger of the two water parks on the island was only 20 minutes away and is a great day out for all of the family.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
We booked at the last minute and went...

"We booked at the last minute and went to read reviews after booking and thought what have we done?

So we went with a degree of trepidation looking forward to loads of wasps and bad food etc WELL those people who wrote those reviews obviously went somewhere different to us . IT was fantastic, yes the accommodation is a bit basic but very clean. There are some wasps but it is a hot country and people are having food in various areas and wasp traps are set about and take care of most of them.

I also saw a review about inedible food probably written by some people who only recognize food with a Mc in front and from polystyrene boxes! Fresh salads, choice of vegetables, different meats (not in breadcrumbs or batter !!) all well presented and very tasty. Great breakfast loads of choice and the same at lunch time. Cakes and sandwiches during other times no problem either. Good selection of drinks including cocktails and always available.

The entertainment staff were great always trying to get things going during the day volleyball in the pool, aqua aerobics, darts, table tennis, football etc for all ages and abilities. In the evening different shows done with style and humour just what you want for a holiday. The highlight is the fakir show by resident Balu a real nerve jangler you cant take your eyes off of!! Balu is great fun and a good entertainer.

So if you have booked and read the reviews of the others then do not fear as it is a good clean resort with great food, good atmosphere and a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

The cable car is also very reliable if a little slow. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
My honest opinion to anybody who has...

"My honest opinion to anybody who has booked or is looking to go this hotel:

good points:

-rooms were very clean (towels & sheets cleaned everyday)

-great views from the main hotel (and from CERTAIN rooms)

-large clean swimming pool

-great beach (is shingle though)

-staff were pleasant including the reps who worked hard!

-air conditioning in the rooms a must have in that heat (47*)

-food and drinks ok. I'll get to that shortly.

-water park 10min drive.

-Corfu town 30min bus ride, bus stop outside the hotel.

quad rentals (go to the entrance of the hotel, bottom of the hill)

bad points:

Advertised as air conditioned through out! That's a lie, if you are prepared to eat in 35* heat with no air con your ok if not take a fan cause it gets hot! The bar and reception have no air con either so be prepared.

The food well was a mixture. I tried most items but was put off when most evenings the food was cold! I mean i like my meat hot, pasta cold yeah but not lamb and beef! oh and the meat was pink on BBQ(sorry had to mention it)

The drinks provided were ouzo, beer (1% beer) vodka brandy and soft drinks. So not much choice. There is a supermarket at the bottom of the hill to buy a bottle of something else if they don't meet your requirements. (i did)

The insects were hideous! I've never seen insects like it, if somebody could email me and tell me what they are i would love to know! Big green bodies long spider legs and jumped about six foot high! I have never seen any wasps, as other people have mentioned.

The cable car takes forever but NEVER broke down. So we walked (what a killer) if you hate steps and walking don't go of if you are disabled it really is not ideal.

Overall the holiday was not excellant but not awful. We met some friends Paula and Derek (who lived round the corner from us in Northampton) Deena, Steve and Jack great people, who we had a really great time with!

It is a very quiet area but like i said you can rent a quad or car for near to nothing or get a bus. The next beach along (Glyfada) was beautiful pure sand and lovely clear waters, 10min on a quad and easy to find. It definitely would not be my definition of 4* maybe 3* as it is a very big complex.

Don't listen to any BAD reviews posted last year as it definitely has changed i have just got back and there was a big difference to what a lot of people have mentioned.

thanks and happy holidays x

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
Hi we had a two week stay, all...

"Hi we had a two week stay, all inclusive, at what we thought was a 4 star hotel. We have taken positives and negatives from this holiday. We will share our views with you and they are.

I will point out some of the negatives as the hotel will give you the all the positives.

When we booked this holiday the description read that all ice creams and lolly’s were free and that was not the case! We had to pay and it’s not cheap at £1.80 each.

The outside eating area is not very clean and birds are encouraged to nest above you. I like to drink whiskey and I found out when I got there that whiskey was not on the all inclusive and I would have to buy it. All the alcohol was very weak and I never seen any free snacks.

The cable car broke down on a number of occasions and the accommodation was not very good. The television was also rubbish.

I would not call this a 4 star at best it’s a 3 star.

The entertainment was not very good and started at 9.30pm and it started with bingo need I say more? The best entertainer was a man called baloo and to be fair he was quite good.

Now it sounds like we had a terrible time but we didn’t it was quite good there was plenty of good things but that’s what you pay for!

All in all we did get what we paid for as we only paid £950.00 for 2 adults and 1 child for the full holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Been to Corfu many times and this was...

"Been to Corfu many times and this was the best. Especially the over worked entertainment team and Callum especially.

The whole family loved him and he was very attentive and fun. The only thing which could have been better is the cleanliness of the hotel itself, although we were out most of the time and that made it bearable.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
Me and my sister have just come back...

"Me and my sister have just come back from a great week and the Ermones hotel!

Well what can I say. The weather was nice, the staff were friendly, and the entertainment team were ace.

There was loads of things to do through the day and they also had a show on every night. The hotel was clean and the rooms were nice, I bit old fashioned but nothing a lick of paint wouldn’t sort out!

The cable car worked every time we needed to use it and the food was great (even for me, a fussy vegetarian).

If I was to say anything negative about the hotel it would only be the fact the all inclusive drinks are limited to a few cocktails and beer etc, and that it stops at 11.00 then you have to pay, but usually by that time we had had enough anyway !

I would definitely go again, and just to say the entertainment guys were brill, they work very hard and are really nice.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
My husband, myself and my 2 children...

"My husband, myself and my 2 children aged 4 and 8 went to this All Inclusive nightmare in Corfu.

Previously this year in May we had went to the Atlantic Princess in Rhodes, Trianda and that was a 4 star All Inclusive holiday. It was a fantastic holiday; I would recommend it to anyone.

But this holiday was bad. We arrived early in the morning and were taken to the main reception area where we were then all put into a van by "Lurch", my children where told to sit in the back of the van on the luggage.

A five minute ride back down the hill and a long dark walk with our suitcases along the pathway, we finally arrived at our room. No lights were working and the room was horrible.

We were in challa, which compromised of three single beds and a fold out bed which had to be propped up with our suitcases.

In the morning light we could see we were. At the foot of the hill and that the walk to the beach was only 5 minutes but the walk up to the main building were the food was served was a 20 minute walk along the winding road.

Or a labouring 15 minutes walk up the steps at the side of the mono-rail (of doom). We tried the mono-rail and as people over crowded the carts (mainly the Germans) it just drops until the breaks kick in.

It was very scary for our full family and prior to that incident the mono-rail just went past the stops and we were stuck on it for 45 minutes until the repair men could get it to stop.

That’s a long time in the 37 temp with no shade and squished up to another person whilst every one was sweating was uncontrollably. 3 Times a day we had to walk up to the main building.

Two men where constantly working on repairing this facility. However the mono-rail did take you down to the beach (Pebbles and shingles) but when the water was clear it was beautiful.

Once at the main building the food was disgusting, it was a fight with the very large wasps. The tables were dirty and the only drinks were one type of wine, beer vodka and cheap coke which they ran out of two days before we were due to go home.

No diet drinks were provided and if you wanted water then you had to buy them both from the shop.

After day two I became very ill, two other people in the hotel had to have the doctor called out to them. I had bad diaorreha and sickness. Later on my husband found a sewerage treatment facility near the beach were the cars were parked.

At times during the day a brown sludge was seen on the beach and in the water (we have photo's of this) could this have been what was making me and the other guest bad or was it just the rank food, we will never know.

The views were amazing and the other holiday makers we meet they were our only saving grace. As our holiday rep was rubbish and was a waste of space.

The staff were all over worked and this could be seen in the service we received. No one was friendly apart from the cleaners who had probably the hardest job there. However twice when they had cleaned our room they never locked it.

The entertainment staff Vicky and Pashel were adored by our children in the holiday club. They were not allowed to provide our children with juice or food. We had to provide these ourselves, although sometimes the staff purchased water out of their own funds.

Although the company was supposed to provide this, along with activities the staff were still waiting for these to arrive.

We took a trip to Corfu town this was a dirty place and the people were not pleasant. We felt the place had become fed up with tourists and who can blame them.

We were however pleased to see McDonalds and met most of our hotel friends in there. We did enjoy the visit to the fort and the walk around the coast line, but that did in no way make up for our horrible holiday.

This hotel has not been updated. Our air-conditioning unit on the side of our building was dripping and worked on and off.

Like many of the other units which could be visibly be seen in that condition. As our room was near the beach we would walk along the road to a shop and often there were repair men working on pipes in our complex's grounds.

A positive was going to a restaurant at the beach which advertised awards he had won for his fish dishes. We ate a number of nights there, lovely. The hotels opposite us were nice.

This is a very quiet location with the facility to go to the town if required. But to be honest our family would never ever set foot in Corfu again, which is sad.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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