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10 / 10
Great hotel. We just got back, 22nd...

"Great hotel. We just got back, 22nd June. The staff were all wonderful, the meals were very good, the hotel was clean.

We never gave the staff tips until the end, and we didn't suffer for it. They were wonderful.

Husband did get ill, dehydration...the onsite clinic doctor was absolutely the BEST. We will claim back on our insurance. He was sick for 2 days, but after the doctor visit, was ok in 30 minutes.

Had heard good and bad about this hotel and I'm glad we chose to stick with our instincts and stay at Falcon Hills. We couldn't have had more fun with the staff.

Don't forget Ahmed, works with the diving centre onsite. He can get you a deal on almost anything and everything. If he can't he'll find someone who can.

Small hotel with very few children, no play area, no kids club, etc. they are building, however, more rooms in the back, but I don't think it will be a problem, nor take away from the smallness of the hotel.

It was wonderful.


  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Libra Holidays

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10 / 10
We were looking for a quiet, relaxing...

"We were looking for a quiet, relaxing place and Falcon Hills Hotel is just that. No need to go out of the hotel as all the amenities are there.

The poolside is very relaxing, staff very helpful and friendly. Poolside oriental show was brilliant and eating by candlelight near the pool is so romantic. The rooms are air conditioned, with hot and cold water and there is even a fridge.

We were totally satisfied with the service we received and will definitely choose this place again.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
I could not fault one single thing in...

"I could not fault one single thing in Falcon hills. It was paradise. The hotel was clean, the staff were cleaning the hotel 24 hours a day constantly. The staff were so friendly and helpful.

The swimming pool was amazing also. Reception were willing to do anything for you. The food was great offering buffet breakfast lunch and dinner with oriental shows on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The rooms had air-conditioning and the weather was fantastic. What more could anyone ask for? I already can not wait to return.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with MyTravel

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4 / 10
We spent a week holiday in Falcon...

"We spent a week holiday in Falcon Hills, in general it's lovely and clean, but we faced a very bad situation at last day, as we will fly from Sharm to Dublin at 10.40pm, and my wife was pregnant at her 32 weeks, and the check out at 12 noon, so we asked for some hours because of my wife to relax, they refused that, or we should pay a full day charge and get just six hours, it was inhuman behaviour from one of the reception's staff, money is every thing in this hotel, if you have no money, so you are nothing! That was the only lesson we have learnt from the week holiday!! At the end we paid 142EP for five hours!!!"

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
I spent a week staying at the Falcon...

"I spent a week staying at the Falcon Hill Hotel, and I can not wait to already book again.

I had a fantastic week, very enjoyable and friendly. All staff were fantastic. The hotel is so very clean. I don't think I can fault any part of my stay. The rooms are to a great standard.

The Hotel also offers a great day trip Diving, which was fantastic.

The food was great, breakfast and lunch/dinner menu. The staff are more than happy to do anything you wish.

Transport into Naama Bay was Ok. There is a bus, but I choose to take a Taxi for £2.50.

I felt very safe all week. I am excited thinking about re-booking.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Panorama

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5 / 10
The hotel was clean and bedrooms...

"The hotel was clean and bedrooms serviced each day. Breakfast was first class and service by the waiters attentive. We took dinner in the hotel on 3 occasions which again was faultless. Our trip into the desert was marred by the Travco tour guide (Haney Monastir) brusquely asking for tips for the crew after the journey.

I was shortchanged in the local shop and charged twice for drinks in the hotel reception. Next time I will be more canny. This is Egypt don't forget. The constant harassment by the locals is irritating (haven't they seen a woman before?) I guess their own are locked up at home!

Weather was perfect though. plenty of sunshine.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
The Falcon Hills Hotel is the perfect...

"The Falcon Hills Hotel is the perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. The room was clean and well laid out. Not a hint of mould or dirt anywhere. However I was disturbed the following morning to find that all the sunlounger’s had towels on them. My initial thought was that the Germans had taken over the place! The “Pool Man” had placed towels on every sunlounger ready for us guests to lie on. You hand him your “towel cards” and he allocates two loungers. At the end of the day, give him a small tip and you’ll be given loungers in good positions on future days. The sun dips behind the hotel at around 3pm leaving half the loungers in the shade!

Breakfast was good with lots of variety. I would advise you to grab a cup/mug on arrival for breakfast, as they soon seem to be in short supply. We ate lunch a few times in the hotel as they do make a rather good Greek Salad. The Food overall was to a good standard.

I found the waiters to be quite attentive but sometimes a little slow but then this is Egypt. I learnt quite quickly that service is very different to that in the UK. Orders may take a lot longer because they do run on Egyptian time!

At this hotel the staff do not handle cash. Guests staying on B&B order food and drinks and sign a chitty. You can then settle your bill either at the end of your meal, daily or weekly. At first I did tip the waiter each time he brought a drink but I think the rule here is to tip every now and then. We did this with two waiters in particular and got fantastic service from them throughout the holiday.

The housekeeper kept our room neat and tidy by cleaning everyday. He made the beds, swept the floor, cleaned the windows and generally tidied up after my daughter (he he) who loved to leave things all over the place. We left him a £1 tip each day and on the back of that we returned to find a present each day. The presents varied from flowers to crocodile sculptures made from towels on the bed. Well worth the £1 tip.

Thomsons gave us a sheet with loads of trips listed but in general we found them to be very expensive. We booked all our trips through other people and saved a fortune against the Thompson prices. For example a day trip flying to Cairo booked through Thomsons cost £175. I managed to book the identical trip for £110 through an agent in Naama Bay. My tip here…shop around. The one major thing I learnt is that in Egypt there is the normal economy and there is also a “cash in hand” economy. I think that the “Cash in hand” economy is the bigger! There is always someone wanting to do a deal, so shop around and then shop around some more.

Overall I would say that this hotel is perfect if you do not want a 5* luxury resort with A La Carte food. It is clean, comfortable and is very very hospitable. If I had to make a negative remark then it would only to be that I think they should put Tea/Coffee making facilities in the rooms.

Oh and watch out for Akmed, the man from the Dive School……”happy days” He is one good bloke willing to help you with just about anything. He knows just about everyone in the area for a great deal!

My holiday photos are available for all HW members to see at www.pbase.com/iaintwoeyes

The password is falcon

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Portland Direct

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6 / 10
Just returned from a totally relaxing...

"Just returned from a totally relaxing fantastic holiday at the Falcon Hills Sham El Sheikh don't be put of by my ratings as that is only scored on the basic rooms.

This hotel is in need of a refit but is kept clean and tidy with new towels every day, fridge, TV and 4ft x 4ft balcony also no need to take beech towel just hand over your room pass and you will get towels to even take to the beach.

The Falcon Hills Waiters are fantastic and made the holiday, nothing was to much trouble Wahzeed one of the young waiters took a group of us to Fantazia after he finished work one night what a great night out.

The Thompson’s rep was useless I have even written to Thompson’s to complain about him, he was only a sales man trying to get you to take their three figure packages he was droal and uninteresting and could only speak about himself and what he has done in his time over their, never mentioned anything interesting about the surrounding area never even mentioned Fantasia which has shows on ever night and is only 2 miles from hotel, entry to this £1.50 15 Egyptian pounds.

You will learn more about Egypt from Ahmed at the diving school, Ahmed is a Bedwin from Al Amain he has a wealth of knowledge about the area and speaks several languages.

If you need anything speak to Ahmed he will put you right and not looking for anything back in return genuine nice guy.

Shop around for your trips as you will save a fortune and still end up mixing with tour company people who have paid double (no middle man). Taxi to Naama bay pay no more than £2.50 £3.00 25/30 Egyptian pounds (no need to tip you made a deal!)

It is starting to heat up now temp in 90 to 100 drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day and not from cold fridge.

We ate at the Hotel most nights even though we were half board they have a theme night around pool area twice a week, nice buffet style meals with no bad stomach. £7.00 Pizza £2.00 brilliant Chips £1.00 good prices.

We ate out at the Hardrock Cafe in Naama Bay one night, that night I was unwell for 2 days it was either the draft beer or the meal so be wary were you eat if you find a place and you ok stick with it.

The only downside to holiday for me was the none stop hassle from the lookie lookie men always trying any means possible to get you into their shops I'm afraid I just couldn’t be bothered with it All I bought was a base ball hat from the hotel shop at the price he asked 35 Egyptian £3.30, they need to realise that if you leave people alone they will buy from them so I brought money back as most of the stuff the sell is junk anyway If you don't want it lift up your hand say no and keep walking smiling and saying no.

The Airport in all my travels falls into the laughable but not laughable category they simply they have no idea what they are doing we were all waiting to board our flights and the departure boards were showing that several of our flights had departed to the amusement of us all, and the staff were running around like headless chicken not knowing what was happening it is supposed to be a air force base I've yet to see anything that looks like air force on the base accept soldiers. The airport rivals Zante in Greece as one of the worst.

Thursdays are a nightmare. Airport rating 3/10 because they made me laugh a Big Joke

The rating 6/10 is for the Hotel. The Staff I give 10/10. The holiday sometimes depends on the people you meet we have met a lot of new friends, addresses and e-mail address have been exchanged and even with 2 days in bed and the Lookie Lookie Men I give it 10/10

One last thing the group of us that were on the coach to the airport could only laugh at the other peoples face reaction on the bus when a lot of the staff waiters and security guards were waving goodbye to us again I think they enjoyed our company as much as we all enjoyed theirs. We will definitely be back.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Portland Direct

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8 / 10
We have just returned from a 7day...

"We have just returned from a 7day holiday to the Falcon Hill hotel. The weather was perfect, and the hotel staff were great nothing too much trouble and always smiling.

There was a great beach called Reef Beach just about 15 minutes walk from the hotel, with plenty of snorkeling, and a cafe. The food at the hotel was nothing special, except for the breakfasts which were great, plenty of choice.

Naama Bay was a taxi ride away, as was Sharm Beach, although there was a courtesy bus during the day to Sharm, there was nothing in the evening, therefore quite expensive if we wanted to go into the towns in the evenings.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Airtours

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5 / 10
Just had two weeks at the Falcon...

"Just had two weeks at the Falcon Hills. Hotel itself is very nice, clean, with friendly staff. Breakfast is very good. Downsides are showers, not much water flow and extreme fluctuations of temperature.

Sleep disturbed twice by what appeared to be groups of workers (from laundry?) who took their break at 3am to 4am around the pool. A tonguelashing from our friend Molly in her nightdress on the second occasion ensured no further repetition. Area surrounding is pretty scruffy and there are no restaurants nearby. Hotel food is OK but not very imaginative.

We all suffered severely upset stomachs, almost certainly not from this hotel’s food as we ate out mostly in Naama Bay and Old Sharm. The only places we found where the food was any good were the Thai place in Old Sharm (about 100LE per head for three courses and drinks) and the buffet in the Reef Paradise Hotel opposite Fantasea (65LE per head plus cost of drinks).

Must praise Ahmed from the Dive Centre who took one of our party to a pharmacy in Old Sharm, got some medicine which really worked at a fraction of the price a non-local would have paid and initially refused to take any payment at all.

Reef Beach, easily walked in 10 minutes, was good for snorkelling with lots of fish, but coral mostly wrecked.

Taxi drivers outside hotel were a pain, almost coming to blows with each other over our custom. We learnt to walk away from the hotel and flag a taxi down in the road, only one to deal with at a time that way and fare always lower than from the hotel group.

Shopping generally not a pleasure due to very annoying shopkeepers who pester you like crazy. We got totally fed up of being stopped, interrogated, and treated to “lubbly jubbly”. We tried to get them to change their tune to “I’m Auntie Wainwright” which would have been more appropriate.

Took trips on Aquascope Submarine (good but expensive), Fantasea (OK Moroccan meal and shambolic show, also expensive) and Stars and Dinner trip to desert (excellent but also overpriced).

Too cold for snorkelling trip unfortunately as we would have liked to patronize Ahmed’s outfit.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Portland Direct

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9 / 10
The holiday was absolutely fantastic,...

"The holiday was absolutely fantastic, we went for our honeymoon and we wanted a nice comfortable relaxing hotel out of the way but near everything and this was spot on. The staff were really nice people, we didn’t want for anything and it was so relaxing.

We booked tours and went sight seeing, and they were great as they took up the whole day and you were very busy it was nice to relax the next day by the pool. Everyone is so relaxed there. The hotel was very clean and had everything you needed it was pure bliss. The dinner buffet was so nice, we ate there a lot and the weather was great. Just a great holiday all round.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone it is perfect for anyone of all ages including children. I left totally happy with my whole Egypt experience.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with First Choice

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3 / 10
After reading the previous reviews I...

"After reading the previous reviews I went to Falcon Hills with an Open mind and a little of what to expect. On arriving at the hotel My 1st impressions were positive, very clean, away from the hustle of Naama Bay and seemed friendly enough.

After the 1st night things changed, the room we were given was right next to the disco and to be still awake at 4am was definitely not a good start, as you can imagine I was not staying in that room for 2 weeks so was duly moved. They have not yet in my eyes grasped the concept of all Inclusive and we found this to be very poor and at times we were treated as a 2nd class guest as we were not a paying customer even though we had paid already all they were interested in was the paying customers, they would not allow us full bottles of beer but half glasses ( you could only get 2 glasses from a bottle) so why not give us the bottle?

The waiter around the pool told us because we were not paying customers we had to fetch our own drinks...no great hassle. The thing that we found to be the most disappointing was the food, although there were 3 choices, a fish, a chicken & a meat choice it was the same day in day out and became very boring at this was only if you could get it, as we went to dinner 20 minutes after it started to find most things gone and was told there was no more.

We didn’t let this deter us and spoil our holiday and ate out most night but just to let other travellers know DO NOT go all Inclusive at Falcon Hills you will regret it. To end on a good note the cleaners do a fantastic job at this hotel and it was certainly one of the cleanest hotels we have lived at and the sheets and towels were changed on a daily basis.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Panorama

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