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3 / 10
Having just returned from the...

"Having just returned from the occidental oasis on Aug 7th 2008 I just thought I would add a few comments.We booked our holiday with thomas cook,it was our first holiday abroad for 20yrs and our silver wedding whilst we were there so we asked Thomas Cook for guidance with our choice of hotel,how wrong could we be??We found ourselves in a somewhat shabby hotel with a strong smell of urine in corridors and our room{room 520}the upper blanket on my bed had a large brown stain which was there when we arrived and was still there on our departure even tho it was left exposed for maid to see,,thank goodness the temp was hot so blanket not needed.

FOOD..what can i say,you wont go hungry as there are chips at every meal,even breakfast and you can always fill up on bread and salad.It seemed to me that whatever wasnt eaten during lunchtime was chopped up and added to the rice at evening meal,the meals were beef stew at least four times in a week.We went to the grill for our anniversary meal and that was no better in fact my husband ate nothing at all!oh and tripe was also on the menu.If you want fresh orange juice then you have to ask a waiter and it costs 3euros a glass,but be prepared for a wait.

ENTERTAINMENT..this consisted of acrobatics,acrobatics and more acrobatics!no variation at all,the worst thing was that you knew exactly what was coming the second week.However if you have got children then this is probably the place for you as they were entertained and seemed to have a good time .The adult entertainment lasted for 45minutes and was usually over by 10.45 ,then the bar shut at 11.30 and lights out by midnight!!

STAFF..the staff at reception were faultless,really helpful and always pleasant but the same cannot be said about the rest of the staff RUDE is the only word we can think of..unkess you are spanish or a child you may as well be invisible.If they could get away with jestures rather than speakng to you they would.

TRIPS..we went to the meeting the morning after we arrived and we booked 3 trips which cost 372 euros excluding food.We did the caves,volcano and submarine safari.If you find steps a problem then the caves could be a problem as there are lots of steps and narrow spirally stairwells to go up and down and it is a 2km walk into the cave and 2km back some of which you have to stoop as you are walking.The volcano trip includes a ride on camels ,this would have probably been enjoyable if we could have eaten in the restaurant at the volcano and spent some time there.however we were at the volcano for probably 10mins max and then whisked away to grotty cafe for food.Submarine safari was well worth going on!not claustrophobic at all'definately best trip!

COSTA TEGUISE..If you decide to go into town to get away from hotel thurs night the town is dead,as this is the main day for arrivals and departures.Taxi ride to town is 3euros if you dont fancy the 40min walk,or there is a bus stop outside.Scottish bar is gd for chilling and karaoke there was entertaining,the lighthouse was good for meals and also had good meal at chinese restaurant.We also had good time at the irish bar called the snug .

We also read the reviews but after we booked our holiday and I must say that i thought...well you just get some people that like to complain about everything and that shabby carpets and rusty baths wouldnt be enough to spoil our holiday..but it was a lot more than that ,It was the sheer rudeness and arrogance of the staff which you can't really get away from on an all inclusive holiday.

hello to the couple we met from Derby,Richard and Pat

Hope whoever reads this,reads it before they book occidental oasis!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
This is simply the worst 4 star...

"This is simply the worst 4 star establishment. When reception asked if we needed help with the bags and then offered to lend us a trolley we knew we were in trouble. The family room had an infestation of ants, the carpets were dirty and the furniture chipped and worn.

If you want an hotel where nobody clears the dishes between courses and then tries to take away unfinished meals, where only plastic cups are allowed near the pool with insects to share your room then this is the place for you.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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5 / 10
we are a family of 4 and have just...

"we are a family of 4 and have just come back from this hotel. It is definitely not a 4 star, rusty baths, piles of dust under the beds and the rooms are basic with uncomfortable beds. However, the entertainment for the kids was really good, it kept them busy most of the day and into the evening. Some of the evening entertainment was great, some not so great.

the food was n ot so great, not much choice and quite repetitive, but the staff at reception and around the pool and the bars were really nice and wen out of their way to make the kids happy.

overall, if the rooms had a re-vamp and so did the rest of the hotel, plus the food was improved, it could be a really good family hoilday.

we met people who had been several time before and even they said it was not as good as previous years.

Pity, as it could be good with a bit of tender loving care.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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9 / 10
We normally go 4 star plus, half...

"We normally go 4 star plus, half board and this was our first 4 star all inclusive so we were a little concerned at what we were getting into. Comments around the decor are correct. The hotel does need a bit of a lick of paint. However, the criticism stops there. Cleanliness and hygiene was very good. Yes comments around a bit of rust around the bath overflow are correct but the shower was fantastically powerful and the bathroom was clean. The balcony was a generous size We travelled with two 16 year old boys and as a family based holiday it proved ideal. Tennis (we took rackets but they can be hired), water polo, 5 a side football and other activities were organised daily. A professional act was laid on each night and the food was varied and catered for a range of tastes. From the maid who cleaned our room to the all staff engaged in customer facing we would find no complaint.

There is a handy, sandy beach just at the bottom of the hotel and from there you can see the King of Spain's villa about 400 metres away. (watch the towels round the pool brigade and go to the beach instead!)

We spoke to a number of English people who regularly use the hotel (though the mix of nationalities was great with plenty of Spanish, a few Germans, French to name the main ones). They felt that the hotel was not quite the polished act it was a few years ago (it was built in 1990 and was originally a 5 star) but they were still very loyal to it.

Unfortunately, our return flight with Thomas Cook Airlines was delayed a full day. TC were brilliant and we ended up in a 5 star hotel in Playa Blanca. In that hotel we saw flies around the buffet food, plenty of cockroaches (neither seen at the Occidental) in the public areas and generally no soul (it was like a Disney town with few people in it-really quite odd) I'm sure that the photographs would persuade everyone who compared the two hotels to go 5 star. For our part we would go the Oasis 4 star in preference to that other hotel without hesitation.

I sense there is a problem with the tourist industry that they are cutting costs in line with the current global recession but this holiday has rated as a very memorable and happy one on an island we have not visited before. It is very barren due to the volcanic nature of the island but in that you see a personality which is unique in my experience. If you take in some of the sites linked to Cesar Manrique who has put a brilliant and personal stamp on the island then I would be disappointed if you felt that this review has misled in any way.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Full Board, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
Me and my girlfriend in our early...

"Me and my girlfriend in our early 20's have just came back from this hotel and as i have read reviews on here we were quite worried about what the hotel/food/pools/and carpets!! were going to be like and all we can say is if your a laid back kind of person you will fully enjoy yourselfs!!! I really can't see why some people have to moan about this hotel its not that bad at all!! We had a excellent 2 weeks chilling out in the sun with as much food and drinks as you want!

We checked out of our room at 12 the day we left but still helped ourselfs to drinks and lunch cause we had paid for it! We weren't too interested in the entertainment at night to be honest as we jst chilled had a bit to drink, chatted and played pool. The pools were cold but to be honest you don't want to be getting off a sunbed in the very hot weather and getting into a bath you just have to jump in thats the best way and its refreshing!!! The food was good loads of choice, of course things aren't going to be the same as back home cause your on holiday aboard so you can't except Walls sausages and thick cut bacon!! We never had any probelms and found the staff extremely helpful!

At the end of the day you get what you pay for and i believe 100% we got our money's worth. If your looking to chill out and just get away for a bit like we were it was a great holiday!!

You will fully understand the quote below if you are up in the morning for the excercises and aqua gym!

"I have 25 people over there i don't really need you but you can come if you want to!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
RATING definitely not a 4* more a...

"RATING definitely not a 4* more a very grubby shabby 2-3* with filthy carpets and rusty baths, we were offered 4 different rooms each equally grubby. On speaking to our rep she actually told us she had questioned the rating when she was transferred there, we were offered a move on our first day but asked not to tell anyone , then the rep advised a service charge would be made and Thomas Cook wanted £133.30 per person to cover "costs". As we had already paid over £800 per person for ten days we had not budgeted for this so could nit take up the offer and decided to make the best of the hotel.

On every landing there were different containers of various shapes and sizes trying to catch leaks through the ceiling's, and there is a damp musty smell all over. It advertises a heated pool it must have been the baby pool as the others were freezing, confirmed by the fact that it was 28-33 degrees the pools were empty despite the hotel being full with lots of children there. You have to use the hotel opposite for money change.

BEWARE All inclusive ends at mid-day on your last day something we were not advised about by Thomas Cook before our departure and there is a charge of 10 euros per person if you wish to eat or drink after breakfast..... Compounded by the fact that there are no bars/restaurants nearby, the closest being a 3 euro taxi ride away.

FOOD, very low quality for a 4* we have stayed in twice in Papagara Arena and Iberostar Costa Calero both excellent 4* hotels, however the food here was consistently poor quality and never refreshed when containers were empty, sliced turkey was served with blood still clearly visible, looked very much like mainland Spain in the 80's. Show cooking was a guy grilling small fish pieces ( again looked like they had bought the trimmings from the local fish and chip shop sold as cat scraps over here)..

Morning breakfast looked like they had bought mis-shaped bacon packs and roasted eggs occasionally looked deep fried chips served with breakfast every day.

Cheeses limited but nice selection except they were left under hot lights....as was Serano ham served twice but no melon to go with it. Other dishes were mostly unrecocognisable and mixtures of yesterdays leftovers. It is advertised as having hot and cold snacks between 10pm and midnight.. not even a curled sandwich appeared any night. The bar closes at 11.30pm despite the hotel advertising midnight, and should you still be sitting talking the light were turned off at midnight........ there is a fair selection of drinks available but no where to sit quietly.

THEFT is rife, several people we met had theft from their rooms, two couples we met had their passports stolen. Our room had been rifled through as furniture had been left out of place and our balcony doors left wide open, however we had booked the safe in our childrens adjoining room which hadn't been rifled through posibly indicating that someone knew who had rented a safe, ( 2.25 euros a day).

STAFF were ok, but best accolade to fun team members Ray and Gordy who were excellent at letting people know what activities were going on and where and a rare assett to the hotel.

ENTERTAINMENT very poor, in 10 days we had 8 balancing and juggling acts and one night of 60's and 70's songs.

Although a second bar was advertised " The Barley Pub" it was never open apart from at 4.30 you could get a decent cup of coffee served there.

POOL AREA.. Head for the new light blue beds, the old dark blue bedsnare painful as the canvas has streched so badly the plastic struts hurt your back, we didnt see the pool being cleaned once during our stay. Seating area was only cleaned once so floor was usually sticky as soft drinks were oftn blown over.

BEACH... small but nice howver access is not suitable for any one disabled as you have to go under an underpass with steep steps.

One to be avoided

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with AirtoursThomas Cook

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10 / 10
Well I honestly cannot understand why...

"Well I honestly cannot understand why people are under-rating this hotel. I came here with my boyfriend and we were completely blown away at how fabulous this place is.

First of all, it only took around 15mins to arrive from the airport and we were checked in straight away with no hassle or problems. We went to our room which I must say was massive. It was about 9:30pm so we headed down to the buffet for the final half an hour that it was open. I wasn't expecting much as I thought we'd be left with the leftover scraps, but there was plently of selection and the food was of good quality.

We then headed to the lounge bar and had a few Bacardi's, at which I was surprised that the branded drinks were also free.

In the morning, it would be an understatement to say that I was completely in awe of the view from our balcony. Our room overlooked the pool and looked on towards the sea. Simply stunning!!

The breakfast buffet was wonderful, there was a huge selection everything from cereals to a full english. The breakfast buffet was pretty much the same everyday but I don't see this as a problem at all, honestly you couldn't eat everything in one day.

It was no trouble getting a sun-lounger, infact there were plenty to choose from. The weather was wonderful everyday and I got a really good tan. The pool was really really cold but you needed that in order to cool down. The poolside bar was brilliant serving 10am until 6pm, and you could have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Also, the food outside near the pool was also fantastic but I preferred to go to the buffet for lunch. The buffet had a selection of fish, pasta, salads, selection of cooked meats, desserts.

The dinners in the buffet are similar to the lunch but slightly better and with more selection, there is a chef cooking meat in front of you towards the back of the buffet, I strongly recommend you try the fish there, it is beautiful.

I don't know why people are complaining about the hotels carpets on here, its a hotel think of the amount of people who step on them everyday, a bit of fading (which was all I could find wrong with them) is inevitable. Who the hell goes on holiday and inpects the carpets. I must say I was amazed by the glass lifts I thought they looked wonderful. The whole hotel was very clean and our maid was wonderful.

The entertainment was good especially the magic show and 70's & 80's night.

The staff were very friendly and we talked to them quite a bit and they were lovely people. My boyfriend joined in with the fun club and he took part in lots of activities and he really enjoyed taking part.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday, it was the first time that I have been on an all inclusive holiday and this holiday is going to take some beating. I was very sad to leave and I really want to return to this hotel again.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Me and my boyfriend went to this...

"Me and my boyfriend went to this hotel in April 2008, overall we were very happy with the hotel, the entertainment and the staff.

A little disappointing because of the food, there was plenty to eat and the food was constant but the food in the restaurant was sometimes repetitive and cold.

The general over view of the hotel was FANTASTIC!!!!! I would go back to this hotel again - and shall be returning in the near future.

We asked for a courtesy room on the day of departure and with out any problem we were handed a key for a room to shower in and use before our flight home.

The hair-dryer in my room was broken on check in and this was reported to reception and was replaced ASAP.

two of the pools were salt water and very cold, but this was very nice as it cooled us down after the hot sun all day.

there were plenty sunbeds for us to use.

The pool bar opened at 10:00 and you are able to help your self to water and coke, lemonade etc all day, which is good due to the heat this is needed.

The entertainment of an evening was very good also, the shows changed every night and the best one was a magic show, the stunts were unbelivable.

Our rep was very helpful also, if we needed anything she was there, advised us when we needed advise.

We planned to do two trips with our rep and the bus was on time and the trips were so very well organised and the information provided was useful

Overall totally impressed with this hotel and the service :o)

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
Hotel needs updating although have to...

"Hotel needs updating although have to say it was immaculately clean. If you wanted clean towels or sheets you only had to ask. All staff were really helpful and I would recommend the courtesy room at the end of holiday instead of paying to keep your room it worked well for us. First time on all inclusive food was good, two fussy teenage eaters and everyone was happy. Drawbacks bar only open til 11.30 - not much going on in town a taxi ride away. Entertainment was mainly for families with young children lots of repeated childrens dances every night followed by the giving out of certificates and then the entertainment which was interesting!! This was followed by same tape every night Amy Winehouse, then Duffy etc. Nothing for teenagers to do. On the whole a very relaxing holiday, no trouble with sunbeds etc. Although the pools are lovely and clean it is hard to decide which one is heated!!! As said it needs an update but it passes the time thinking about how you would do it!!!! The hotel must have been stunning in its heyday. The rooms are of a good size and very clean. I have read awful reports of the hotel but it was fine on the whole."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Myself, mum and sister have just...

"Myself, mum and sister have just returned from a 2 week girlie holiday. After reading some of the reviews, we were slightly concerned as to what we would be faced with! Although the hotel is definitely not worth its 4 star rating, we had an extremely enjoyable holiday. This was mainly down to the fact that we had glorious weather for the whole 2 weeks. After speaking with a few other people we met (and who had been to the hotel several times before), they all agreed that the hotel had definitely gone downhill in the last 18 months. Their niggles included the quality of food, shortage of staff and entertainment. From our point of view, the food was just acceptable. You could always find something to eat, although the salad accompaniment every day and night was tuna! Breakfast was OK and catered for all pallets. The entertainment staff were definitely the friendliest, followed by the waiters. The bar staff were sullen and never looked happy in their work. The 'head waiter' was constantly running around like a headless chicken and never had so much as a 'good morning' or a smile. The entertainment on an evening was very mediocre. I have never seen so many acrobats in my life - I think there must be an acrobatic school on the island!! In summary, if you go to this hotel with little expectation (we did), then you won't be disappointed. We met some really lovely people, but I think Thomas Cook need to re-rate this one."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
My Boyfriend and I who are in our...

"My Boyfriend and I who are in our 20's stayed at the Occidental Oasis for a week in March We found the hotel clean and tidy but do agree with others about the carpets they were quite stained and shabby. We did have a few problems with the food I am Allergic to Seafood and also 5 Months Pregnant as a lot of the food was not labelled I was very unsure what had fish init and what didn’t therefore ate a lot of bread. The food was pretty much the same all week and got quite boring very quickly and breakfast always the same also one night we had chicken which was still pink!! Food was also cold. At the hotel you get one night in the La Carte we went to the grill at was possibly one of the worst meals we have ever had. The pool was very very cold! The Entertainment was quite good some nights and others it was that great. We were quite surprised the whole place shuts down at 11.30pm. Most nights lots of people would be on the dance floor and get the bar having a good time at the second it turn 11.30pm music off bar shut which seemed to disappointment a lot of people. The Staff were very friendly and there English was good. We went there to chill out and that what we did. Good holiday nice hotel don’t think it should be a 4 Star. Oh yeah my boyfriend was sure the alcohol was watered down."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Just returned from a week at the...

"Just returned from a week at the allegro Oasis and like many other reviewers we were worried about some of the poor reviews received. The hotel is a little worn, but it is clean and rooms are spacious. We travelled with a 3 year old and an infant (9 months). The 3 year old had a fabulous time. The kids club is for 4+ but you can go along and use the facilities with younger children. The children's play areas do need some TLC particularly the ball pool in the Kids club but they are still ok. The children's disco was great at 8pm in the evening, except on one evening when the 'nice man' wasn't working and the children were barked at by the 'fun club' staff!! The children's pool area was also ok and there are plenty of families around that area so children made friends really quickly, area is also semi enclosed so you feel quite relaxed. Our main problems arose around food. The 3 year old is quite fussy about her food so we did have a few problems some days with the lack of choice for children. Breakfast cereals for instance are cheap cornflakes/ sugarpuffs! We bought a pack of weetabix from the local shop which solved the problem. We found out towards the end of the holiday that the restaurant have a children's menu, which although only has a few basic dishes eg Spag Bol/ Chicken nuggets it was always good to fall back on. The hotel doesn't advertise this and we only found out through another family in the same situation. Plenty of fresh fruit/drinks available for children. We had real problems with our infant as there is no food provision at all. (highchairs/cots great though!)

The local shops do not stock a good range of baby foods/milk so you must take some with you. We took powdered porridge/savoury dinners, which seemed to work out well, you could use the coffee machines around the hotel to get hot water to make them up. Bottled water is available to make up bottles, but there are no kettles in the rooms if you need to warm them/sterilise. There are plenty of finger foods available eg fruit/bread in the restaurant if you are at that stage. We also found restaurant times difficult with small children, lunch is 1-3pm and dinner doesn't start til 7pm so the children are really hungry and grumpy by then, the afternoon snacks don't really exist (one tray of tiny sandwiches) Again at lunch time we stocked up on fruit to tide them over.

Days out proved difficult with young family- the one trip we did want to go on, the camels/volcano was a whole day trip (8-4) and cost a fortune (£50 adult/£25 child) decided wasn't worth the cost in the end. We had a lovely walk to the other Occidental in Costa Teguise on a couple of days and spent some time on the beach there, children loved it. Made the mistake of taking a trip to Teguise market with the children. stalls were the same throughout and just spent the day worring about losing the 3 year old and getting the pushchair through the crowds.

Great holiday but would have been better if we had known to prepare for the children more.PS don't take baby jars through the airport, they make you open and taste them all uggh!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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