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excellent value

"Just back from a lovely trip. I really can't understand the bad reviews. The positives well out weighed the negatives. In most cases you get what you pay for.

Positives. 1st class entertainment, hard working friendly staff, clean cabin and ship.

Negatives. The food was just OK. Plenty of choice and nicely presented. Towels were a bit tired but clean.

What I did not like was people moaning for the sake of it. Like when the self service restaurant ran out of clean cups because they were so busy (check out morning) and a woman was beside herself complaining. !! It was all of three minutes wait for more cups to arrive.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It is not 5 star so don't expect 5 star
8 / 10

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Excellent week on the Majesty for New Year

"I have to say reading some of the previous reviews I'm quite shocked. I took my 10 year old son away for New Year and we had the most amazing time. He has commented that it "was the best holiday ever". The food was great with lots of choice of both food and places to eat. You couldn't go hungry if you tried! The entertainment team and show team work tirelessly to ensure everyone has a great time and it's of a VERY high standard. The bar staff and waiting staff were incredibly polite and couldn't do enough to help. They were very busy so naturally a short wait for drinks is understandable (you get this everywhere surely?) My son enjoyed the kids club, although he only went 3 or 4 times as there were plenty of other things to keep him occupied. We LOVED the shows every evening too! One of the most relaxing and fun holidays we've had and I can't thank everyone enough! We will be returning soon! The only thing that was a little disappointing is that the pool was VERY cold. But as it's taken from the sea, at that time of year it should be expected."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, booked with Iglu
  • Advice: Take slightly bigger clothes for the last few days of your trip!
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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Never again, poor service, rude staff, lack of cleanliness

"Our first cruise, celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Having paid for one week Adriatic cruise in September costing in total including drinks package and junior suite with balcony £4,900.00, we expected a dream holiday, how wrong we were. It started well with great flight transfers and welcome aboard the ship, the suite was not much bigger than a box room, lighting poor and only one electric socket which was shared with the kettle. The room was freezing, we spent three days complaining to reception staff and housekeeping but nothing was done about it, we had to wear jumpers in the room to keep warm, many other people also complained to no avail. We asked for a table for two and was told NO you sit where we put you! Service in the restaurant was virtually non existent, our meals were virtually over before we got our drinks, when I asked for the third time on one occasion for drinks,I was told to have some patience. It was no different in the bars or poolside, it seemed if you had a drinks package you were avoided, my husband went to the bar most of the time to get our drinks and even then the service was poor. The food was very average and unappetizing.

On our anniversary day my husband surprised me with a champagne breakfast on our balcony only to find that a maintenance man was washing the balconies down with a hose pipe and climbed over into our balcony and told us we couldn't use it and to close the door. Our balcony was out of use for two hours, we even had to dry the chairs and table down ourselves. On our last night we had to have our suitcases packed and outside our room at midnight (even though we weren't leaving the ship for another 18 hours, after packing my husband had a gin and tonic from the mini bar, filled the slip in what he had taken out and next morning went to reception with the slip to make sure we paid for it. On return to our suite we made a coffee and sat on the balcony, the cabin maid then stormed through our suite, without even knocking, came to us on the balcony and accused us stealing from the mini bar, needless to say she wasn't interested in hearing from us we had paid the bill at reception, her attitude and behavior was extremely unprofessional and even during our week there she was always reluctant to give extra sachets of coffee and milk pots.

Our room had never seen a vacuum all week and the dining room table pedestals had food accumulations at the base, the whole ship needed a thorough deep clean.

There were many other instances of poor service, too many to write here, however I did write a five page letter of complaint to Thomsons on our return and to date 2nd January 2016, I have not had the courtesy of even an acknowledgment of my letter. We would never ever travel on a Thomson cruise again, our special anniversary holiday was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

On a positive note the evening entertainment was excellent.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2015, booked with Thomson
1 / 10

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Hit and Miss

"We have done numerous Thomson Cruises including the Majesty previously (in July,)we have found that increasingly there are many shortcomings. Food,Service, and Drinks vary considerably, depending 'where and when' you are served and how busy it is. We had a very good drinks deal £10 pppn, if we hadn't taken that out I'm sure we would have been returning our drinks on many occasions. In the waiter restaurant's the menus read very well, but don't reflect on what you get, some of the 'starters' were a complete joke, with some of the garnishes virtually non existent. Cabin was good size and cabin staff always excellent. We have as I said been loyal Thomson clients, but not sure about the future. The people in charge are somewhat dis connected with the service of some of the staff."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2015, Booked Independently
4 / 10

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Thomson Majesty, The Italian Job.

"This was our first cruise on the Majesty. On arrival at Corfu we was excited to get on board and explore the ship. We upgraded to a deck 8 outside cabin, On arrival at he cabin there was a card and balloons on the door with Birthday Wishes for myself,this was a lovely touch by the cabin staff. The cabin was a little smaller than the outside cabin that we had on the Thomson Dream previously, but still very functional and clean, with a restricted view because of the lifeboats,but we expected this and it did not obstruct any natural light coming in. The cabin girls done a wonderful job,our cabin was kept spotless.

All the public areas are kept clean and tidy by the hard working staff and they always had a smile and greeted you when you passed them.

We mainly ate at the Piazza San Marco buffet restaurant, the food and selection was plentiful for all tastes, and "Angel" and his team always made sure that everything was ok with your meals and the service was up to standard.After making friends with the waiters they would even take our plates of food to your table for us from the buffet,this was a nice touch and something not expected in a buffet restaurant.

Another special thanks to two particular bar staff, Andrea and Janet. We met these two lovely girls on our first day and become friendly with both.They both looked after us all week long.

The Thomson show team was brilliant in their shows and worked hard for our entertainment.The guest comedian Lee Carroll was excellent and had the show lounge howling with laughter.

All together we had an excellent holiday on Board The Thomson Majesty and great shore excursions with informative guides.

look forward to a return visit soon.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015
9 / 10

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majesty adriatic explorer

"Just returned from 1st ever cruise, loved every minute of it. Food was good, and yes portions in the waiter service restaurants were smallish, but if you have eaten all day they are adequate. Entertainment shows were 1st class, and the activities during the day were ok. PAID FOR A LARGER INSIDE CABIN very spacious. Would definitely go Thomson cruise again. Went with sister who has cruised many times and she said staff were every bit as good as the more expensive cruise lines she has been on. Venise was my favorite stop !!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, booked with Thomson
8 / 10

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Adriaric Explorer on Thomson Majesty

"I had high hopes for this, our first cruise, but felt rather disappointed with certain things.

The downsides;

Frequent smell of diesel throughout the ship, constant smelly, smokey chimney which blew out black soot deposits onto sunbeds and passengers.

Small cold swimming pools: with adult Jacuzzi monopolized by boisterous kids

Food lacked quality,limited choice: often just lukewarm.

Very slow service in waiter serving restaurants with small portions

Lack of choice of fruit and vegetables...just a mix of green beans carrots every night

Entertainment was limited...I expected more variety..not just the Thomson team performing each time...although clearly talented. The comedian made a welcome change but some of his jokes were very old.

Excursions were very expensive and due to the clock changes we were expected to spend almost an hour looking round in the dark and cold on one evening.

Felt as though they were after extra money at every turn...expensive photos, spa treatments, Bistro dining, expensive goods in the shops, expensive WiFi connection...

Poor reception for telephone unable to watch.


Kettle in our cabin...and able use tap water,,,, so glad we didn't waste money on the drinks package. Tea, coffee and water available all day on upper deck...and we used our travel mugs.

Old ship but very clean

Friendly attentive staff

Mostly sunny weather, although cold early and late

Lovely, interesting ports of call..especially Venice

Only needed travel pills once..very choppy start on first day at sea..only felt slight movement after that

Cabin was small (as expected) but clean and comfortable...was so glad I paid extra for a a sea view...and views of various ports.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't pay expensive drinks package...unless you drink a lot! Lots of people were complaining about the quality of drinks. Wine packages were popular with many, payable on board
6 / 10

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"Just returned from our cruise on the Thompson Cruise we had a lovely time , we had drinks package , which although it seems expensive , it soon adds up , cocktails and plenty of drinks on offer with out paying any extra and staff always there to ask if you want any thing , no problem there at all. Great tips are included as you don't have to worry. Our maid was absolutely lovely she hugged us when we left , she was always happy , singing etc and always had time to speak and kept the room spotless . The food was good in buffet restaurant , I wasn't so keen in the al a cart restaurant as found the Beef Wellington on Captains night tough and also when I had a steak one night, I thought the food on the Majesty was better , but of course that is just my opinion. The shows were great , the young team are very vibrant , talented and so much energy, we loved Carl the comedian , he is very funny and seems so nice too. We loved all the Ports of call and all the trips we went on were very good, my hubby done a cycle tour one day in Elba with Alex and other people and he enjoyed it very much. The guides on all the trips were excellent and spoke very good English and very informative, but you always get people moaning , who I am afraid are usually older guests who expect so much , when people are doing their very best for you to have a great holiday."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015
  • Advice: We like a higher deck , near the front of ship
8 / 10

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worst cruise ever

"Booked this cruise as we wanted to go on that itinerary. The flight, transfers were great but when we saw the cabin we had it was no bigger than a box room. The bathroom was awful you could not swing a cat in it. The towels were grey and well worn. Also the tiles needed cleaned and re grouted and when you had a shower the water came up through the tiles which moved when you stood on them and soaked the whole bathroom. The food on board was awful and was not hot just warm. The quality was definitely poor and the cheapest you could buy. Not a great choice at all. And have you ever heard of mushroom sandwiches because that is what they served with the afternoon tea. We never took the drinks package it was £235 each a week and we certainly would not drink £470 worth of drink in a week - alcoholics might. The good thing about the cruise was we met lots of lovely people and have to say about 80% of the ones we spoke to would not be back on a Thomsons cruise - the joke was it was referred to Butlins on the sea. This ship needs to be scrapped.

The other problem I had was when I booked this online. It took my payment and then the Thomson site came up with an error meaning it had taken my money and I had no holiday - no booking reference or anything. Phoning them was a disaster they just did not want to know saying I should just book it again - I had stupidly paid with my debit card and when I checked with the bank they had taken the payment. It took me a day and a half to get it sorted out - eventually Christopher and Amy at the call center took charge of my booking and sorted it out for me ( excellent customer service from them unlike some staff that just did not want to help). I eventually managed to get my e ticket 3 days before we flew out but never did receive an Atol certificate.

All I can say from our experience is never book online with Thomson's and definitely never go on any of their cruises. We will be sticking with Princess and NCL who we have cruised with about 14 times before and are excellent.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go with this cruise line.
1 / 10

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Omni jewellers st Martin carribeanan

"My husband and I went on a Caribbean cruise on Thomson celebration in April and he bought me an opal ring from this jewelers. Costing £800 .when we set sail that night the ring was not the original one the opal was Badly chipped.when we returned home I emailed a photo of the ring which they asked me to has taken 7 months and many emails to them in the end I had to be really insistent that they do something quick as I was going to report them to my cruise agent.we have received the ring now but the supposed opal it is a slither of colored stone. So please keep well clear of OMNI JEWELERS ST MARTINS. As they say once bitten twice shy. Never buy jewellery from abroad"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Excellent
7 / 10

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Thomson Majesty Diesal Smell

"Cabin 733 24th July to 31st July 2015

I have written to Thomson after we suffered from a strong smell of diesel in our cabin for the whole of our week aboard The Majesty. We reported the smell after giving the benefit of the doubt that this could be simply down to refueling in port as we have experienced this previously which always cleared after we set sail.

After several polite complaints we were visited on 3 occasions but the smell was still as strong after each so called fix. I have now received a cursory reply to my complaint telling me a Plumber visited my cabin and the smell went away.

I hate being treat like moron and have told Thomson I will post my experience on the web to see if anyone else has been fobbed off in this way.

We love cruising with Thomson but I cannot accept their flippant response to something that ruined our last trip.

Unfortunately I will now take my business elsewhere. What a shame their customer service could no simply admit the facts and apologize. That's all I really wanted but to be treat like an idiot is like a red rag to a bull for me.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Sort out your trips ashore with independent companies prior to travelling or simply do it yourself by train/taxi etc
4 / 10

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Fab first cruise

"Just returned from our first cruise on Thompson majesty and what a cruise it was.after flying to Corfu we were taken to the ship speedily and efficiently.check in was quick and our luggage was waiting for us outside our cabin before we got there.the cabin was much larger than I perceived ,very clean and yeah ok the towels weren't Snow White but they were clean.the room was cleaned daily and beds turned back at night with chocolates on pillows .the food was very nice and varied and we could always find something we liked.there were noodle bars and food seemed endless all day,sometimes the food wasn't very hot but hey with the amount of guests that's understand

Able.we had a drinks package which is great value otherwise we might have had a hefty bill at end of cruise,Jd was brill at pool bar and most of the staff were nice and need to get sun beds early ,especially on sail days and the ship does become packed in afternoon top deck but wasn't a problem.the entertainment team were very good and this varied every night.the port destinations were brilliant especially Rome though we wished we had done this ourselves on local train as the trip felt a bit rushed around Rome .after reading negative reviews we were a bit dubious about this holiday but shouldn't have been as it was fantastic,this ship is old but clean,go with an open mind ,we did we had nothing to compare it with but loved it so much that we have booked on the dream for two weeks next year.casual clothes are fine all day and in the evening men had either dress shorts or casual trousers on and tops and woman with either dresses or trousers and tops.this is a family friendly ship and a relaxing fun holiday ,don't be put off by the negative reports or snobbery you get what you pay for ,well done to Thompsons,can't wait for next year and to all who are going ,enjoy.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Embrace the experience
10 / 10

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  • by Linbob

    " Try to dine around 7.30pm then you wont have to wait on a table. "

  • by Andy Mills

    " If you like a drink, buy the drinks package. You will save a fortune "

  • by Amanda1

    " eat in self service restaurant food was better there "

  • by Jordane Keddie

    " Get round everything on the ship. If you are not a big walker, take advantage of all the things happening on the ship. Check... "

  • by Terry Kershaw

    " Plan to eat before 7.30 if you want to miss the que at the 7 Seas restaurant. "

  • by EddieC

    " get into dining room before 7 45 and get to theatre after dinner to get a seat "

  • by Mull

    " Eat in the Four Seasons and sunbathe on Deck 9 as Deck 10 gets too busy. "

  • by d kilbee

    " Get on level 6 or above cabin mid ships to keep engine noise levels to minimum. "

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