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Best cruise yet!

"Just got back from two fantastic weeks on board the Majesty.

We did Italian Flavors and Hellenic classics.

The ship may not be new, but is spotlessly clean. The staff are brilliant, and the shows and food were all very good.

Have been on six previous cruises on various Thomson cruises. But this was probably the best yet, and we cant wait to do it again.

So ignore the moaners and have a good holiday !

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Just enjoy the experience, and take larger clothes for the return trip,
10 / 10

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Thomson Hi De Hi Majesty

"We have been on other Thomson cruises and enjoy the social aspect of cruising. The fact that all the passengers speak English means you can always strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger, so this is why we chose Thomson again.

However, because Thomson have decided to abandon the fixed dining times and replace with flexible dining (dine whenever you like) meant that for us as a couple, we were placed at 14 different tables throughout our holiday and didn't really get to know people as well as we have in the past. You would think the open dining would be easier on the kitchen staff, but this did not appear to be the case. Service was very hit and miss and after having to queue to get into the restaurant, we were then shown to tables with dirty linen from previous diners, missing cutlery, napkins and glasswear. At one point, our whole table was missing napkins and although we pointed this out to the waiter, when they did arrive, they were damp and the starter was cold. We also had to ask for the bread basket on more than one occasion. We were on the all inclusive drinks package, but sometimes I had to ask for more wine with my meal, whilst at other times the waiter was very attentive and topped me up regularly. There are 2 main restaurants so I don't see why they can't make one fixed dining and the other flexible. The food was good, although I was dismayed that you had to pay extra if you wanted the specialities like steak!

There were quite a lot of children on the cruise ship, which generally I don't have a problem with, but I did get annoyed at the older ones taking over the Jacuzzi when it clearly stated no under 16s and the adult pool often had toddlers with armbands in it. No-one ever told them off though.

One of the big gripes for most people was the sunbed saga. People often got up early and put towels on to reserve the sunbeds and no-one ever said anything. We saw 2 sunbeds with towels on all day and no-one came to them. When the staff came to pack up the sunbeds we told them about the towels and they just laughed! Not so funny for those poor people who couldn't get a sunbed. The staff started packing up the sunbeds at around 6pm which is a really nice time of the day but if you wanted to sit out longer you were made to feel intimidated into leaving. There were quite few complaints about the sooty deposits I assume came from the funnels. It seemed to float down on people who were laid out at the back of the ship and ruined clothes and towels. There was a huge stack of sunbeds which were badly stained with soot which you didn't want to use, but sometimes there wasn't any other choice.

To summarize, I would say Thomson have relaxed their standards far too much in order to attract more people to cruising and spoilt it for some. If you like Butlins, Benidorm and Shameless, you will feel right at home on this cruise.

The formal night was disappointing. Thomson have relaxed the dress code too much in my opinion and although the majority of people made the effort, we saw a lot of (mainly men) casually dressed for the Captains night in crumpled open-necked shirts, and one even had a short-sleeved shirt, jeans and trainers! I'm not a snob, but if people don't want their cruise experience to be a little more special than your average package holiday, they have the choice of going to the cafe. Our photo taken in the restaurant showed people behind us dressed casually, which spoils the whole idea of formal night.

The excursions were interesting, although in some cases we felt the guides were more historians and provided a little too much information. It would have been better to not bombard us with all the facts and maybe supplement the information with brochures? The prices of the excursions were steep (as expected) so I would advise doing it yourself. We did a few ourselves and saved a fortune on what Thomson were charging. In some instances they made 100% profit - that's just a bit too greedy I felt.

Our cabin was great - we booked an outside plus and there was loads of room and wardrobe/drawer space. The shower room was quite small but we managed fine. The hairdryer in the bathroom was rubbish, but there was a better one in the dressing table drawer. There is a tv which doesn't transmit all the channels it claims to, but we didn't really watch tv too much. The cabin stewards were very friendly and nothing was too much trouble, although I did find an item under the bed which had been left by the previous occupants, so it didn't get a deep clean! There is a safety deposit in the wardrobe, which you have to pay extra for and a selection of water, fizzy drinks and crisps, which are extortionate prices if you are foolish enough to indulge.

The all inclusive drinks package was well worth the money we paid, even though we don't drink loads, but we paid for it when we booked and it appears you get the best deals then. The cost if you bought it when you arrived on ship was at least double what we had paid. Strangely enough though, water was a premium drink and not included in the package! They also sell water as you get off the ship, but it's better to wait and buy it in port - another rip-off charge you should avoid.

The entertainment was quite good I thought - the usual bingo, quizzes and musicals. The dancers were very talented and the group that was on before the main show was also good (and they knew it) The comedian was very funny!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Spend a little more and go for an outside plus. Do the excursions yourself.
6 / 10

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Majesty August Greece and Italy

"The Majesty may be getting older but the 2 weeks we spent on board was brilliant. Yes the cabins are small and tired but very comfortable and adequate for the small time spent in them. The cleaning staff are attentive and very helpful.

Entertainment was superb, with the young team of singers and dancers - led by Cruise Directors Paul and Adam (Ant and Dec)- top notch in both singing and dancing with superb costumes and backing music, etc.

Food was good without being outstanding and plentiful, on request, in the 2 waiter serviced dining rooms. The quality in the dining room was especially good and served by an entertaining and attentive group of male waiters - even down to their singing each night!

The trips were not expensive and varied so catered for most tastes.

Altogether a memorable start to cruising for our group and one definitely to be repeated.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Take plenty of clothes sizes! The drinks package is very good value.
9 / 10

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Great holiday ..... Again.

"DO NOT listen to the moaners. They will never be happy. We have just returned from a cruise on Thomson Majesty and it was great. Our balcony cabin was clean with plenty of room. Small bathroom but adequate. Towels white and changed when requested. Pleasant staff, always attentive. Food plentiful and tasty. Entertainment was good, they work really hard. Our trips were well organized. Yes, expensive but if you prefer to go independently you will save some money. Our 18yr old boys shared an outside cabin on deck 4 which they felt was adequate for their needs. If 2 style conscious teenagers can cope anyone can! There were always members of staff cleaning the ship whether it was the stairs, the lifeboats or the toilets. A friendly ship aiming to please - you just have to be willing to be pleased."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015
8 / 10

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ship needed a really good clean

"Very disappointing holiday ship needed a really good clean the cabin was shabby, towels were grey, tiles falling off the wall in shower. The food was always cold or lukewarm in all dining areas, portions in restaurants were tiny, tables were always dirty. The bar tables were never wiped after use so were always sticky and dirty. Toilets on board elsewhere on the ship were disgusting very rarely cleaned. The swimming pools and bubble pools were yellow with brown stains around the edges. A spoon feel out of the basket at breakfast onto the floor and a waiter picked it up and put it back into the basket for someone to use!!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Give the ship and complete overhaul with new training on cleanliness for all the crew
1 / 10

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Customer Care? Never accept responsibility or apologise

"The cruise was a big disappointment. Little or no regard was given to those of us with mobility problems. The shuttle buses for Ravenna were a fiasco. Waiting over 90 minutes in searing heat. After ringing the boat, nobody was prepared to contact the port authority to ensure the service ran as advertised in the ship's daily bulletin. No apologies were offered. No member of the cruise staff was on hand to ensure those with mobility problems were able to get on the shuttle as there was a lot of pushing and shoving to get on to the bus. In Venice we were told there were no taxis or buses available and that we would have to walk for 15 minutes (25 minutes with walking problems!) to get to the monorail. On arrival the lift was not working so other passengers had to carry the wheelchair bound man down 30 steps! The return was easy as we simply took a taxi. No one on board apologized for the misinformation about the services in Venice.

The cabin ( inside plus) was fine, cool and clean and quiet. The food was very mediocre and inconsistently served. Waiters did not remember who ordered what. Ice cream had no variety and was often melting when it eventually arrived. Steak was an additional £9.95! Generally the dining experience was poor compared with other cruise companies.

The entertainment was "tired" and false. However the comedian was very funny and clean.

I know that many passengers loved the cruise, but for the money I paid (double for the single occupancy which meant that I paid double the tips!) I have had a much better quality of food, waiting and service, entertainment, port services and cabin stewards on other cruise lines.

My advice: seek out good deals on P&to ! I don't think you will be disappointed after a Thomson Experience (Hi-di-hi on a boat!)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Demand the service and care that Thomson advertise. Don't accept their avoidance of responsibility!
4 / 10

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Not worth another stay on this tub

"Just back from a week-long cruise round the Adriatic having stayed on board Thomson Majesty. We booked an inside cabin for 4 people (parents and two daughters aged 17/19). We have cruised a few times previously round the Med but never with Thomson - and never again!

The short, quick review sounds like this:

*Hi-de-hi at sea with amateurish entertainment that included bingo and karaoke.

*Awful, dated and ridiculously cramped cabin.

*Unreliable plumbing.

*Silly arrival and departure times between the stops.

*Friendly staff especially in the restaurants.

*Reasonable food options spread across the restaurants/buffets.

The ultimate test of any holiday for us is 'would you go back?' And the simple answer is definitely not. We paid nearly £4000 (including the near £200 drinks bill) but it did not represent good value for money.

The longer review. . . we experienced a lot of the issues other travelers have mentioned in their reviews - dirty, grey and wet towels (yuk!) and worse, our toilet stopped working on more than one day and we had to resort to using the public toilets around the ship - really poor. We did get a 'sorry' letter on the last night with a bottle of wine by way of an apology but we'd rather have had a working toilet and clean towels. The food was a bit limited in terms of the options and veg always included carrots and a few potatoes and green beans but breakfast seemed to offer better variety in the buffet.

The trips we felt were overpriced, charging passengers to walk you round the local town you could walk round on your own (minus the guide, obviously) or to take the local transport that got us to the sights before those on the organized trips in some ports.

The staff included a group of singing waiters (self-titled 'Spice Boys') in the restaurants and they were fab - better entertainers than the so-called entertainers! Nothing was too much effort for the vast majority of the ship's staff so no gripes there.

The ship is really tired, quite small and whenever it berthed alongside other cruise ships, it really did look like a bit of a poor relative. We felt our cabin maids did what they could to keep it relatively tidy but not very clean. As with other travelers' reviews, we found sheets weren't changed but you got a towel-shaped animal on your bed at night. Great.

The cabin was absolutely tiny. Ridiculously so. We couldn't all get changed at the same time, in fact two of us struggled to get ready in there at the same time so we had to operate a rota where no more than two of us went down to the cabin at any one time. We got 4 bunk beds which was a bit of a shock. Because the ship was full we were told we couldn't switch.

Cases could be stored under the lower two bunk beds. The floor space is tiny and we could just about live with that . . . But not the shower/bathroom! Shockingly bad. It was so small that when you used the toilet you had less leg room than on a budget airline flight and your knees knocked the door! The shower curtain was disgusting and too small. The shower itself was actually ok but the shower cubicle was utterly awful with dark patches between the tiling. The sink tap was very loose but worked but a poor attempt to patch up the sink made it look grotty.

The biggest thing going for this cruise holiday ended up being the stops on the itinerary. Apart from the last one at Kotor, they were all pretty good, offering a reasonable variety. Our fave was Dubrovnik - we heartily recommend the cable car trip for the unparalleled views and the nice restaurant at the top but we did this ourselves using the local bus that left a stone's throw from the ship at a cost of roughly £10 return for all four of us. That was value.

Despite this, we would not travel again with this company or via Leeds//Bradford airport and it's reliance on a single carousel to return luggage from several flights at the same time!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take your own towels.
2 / 10

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First time cruising

"Right from boarding the ship the whole experience was fantastic! Great rooms with big picture window, immaculately clean, room maids couldn't do enough and were very helpful directing us round the ship. All staff very polite and friendly, food in every restaurant was tasty and nicely presented, entertainment was enjoyable and funny, kids club excellent those girls need a medal my 7 yr old had a fantastic time. Excursions were a plenty and interesting , the bike rides were very popular! Reception staff lovely.. On board shops were very nice and had various special offers. If I have one complaint same as everywhere. Sun beds! People will insist on reserving the with towels! It's not fair ! my daughter and I watched some on occasions and sometimes no one came to that sunbed for hours. It's not the ships fault they do have signs saying not to do it . It's inconsiderate people!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
9 / 10

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Ignore the negative reviews

"Having read all the negative reviews on many review sites, we were understandably wary about going on this ship, wondering what on earth we would be holidaying on. We worried needlessly!!!

Yes the ship is a little tired around the edges (it is quite old now) but it was spotlessly clean and the cabin was larger than what we had been led to believe. Yes the cabin was quite small, but we had room to walk around and the storage was more than enough for a week's worth of clothing. As for grey towels, we didn't encounter those - our towels were changed daily (sometimes twice!!) and were brilliantly white and fluffy. Our pool towels were a little faded but that is understandable due to the chlorine in the pool. Our cabin was cleaned every morning with the beds made up beautifully and again, it was tidied in the evening, once we had gone out. The pool towels were made into animals shapes and a copy of Cruise News delivered.

The food was good and plentiful. We ate in the restaurants at night and were often serenaded by the 'Spice Boys'. During the day we ate in the cafes, again food was plentiful and the afternoon tea was delicious!!

The staff were very friendly and worked incredibly hard, always with a big smile on their faces.

We tended to do our own things rather than go on the organized tours and were always given a big welcome back upon our return.

One area we didn't often go to was the pool deck. As our holiday was during high season, the pool (very small) was full of teenagers. We found a much quieter area to sunbathe on Deck 7.

The entertainment wasn't always to our taste, however, you couldn't be bored as there was always something going on, from quizzes to the casino, to the entertainment crew doing a West End show.

We had a brilliant week on the Thomson Majesty ship - I think that if you go with an open mind and remember that it is an old ship, you will have an amazing time.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with Thomson
8 / 10

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Don't listen to the moaners

"This was my 10th cruise, I have always booked with RCI/NCL and also Star cruises, Big ships, Big companies, so I was a little wary of booking with little Thompson.

Let me assure you, I could find very little fault with this ship. Yes, the drinks package is not as described, as you have to pay extra for certain drinks, Jack Daniels being one of them, and come on, BELLS Whiskey being another, BELLS, the cheapest whiskey in any supermarket. The drinks are not served in the glasses that are shown on the menu's, but small tumblers, as are coca cola's, you can't have a large one, but they will keep getting you as many as you like. We found the food Excellent, good variety and always hot, and the curry's are to die for. We found the staff very friendly and helpful, more so than the bigger cruise ships, and these people were not being friendly to get tips, as it's all in!!! The entertainment was OK, but I found the Beatles show was a bit boring. The ports the ship docked at were industrial, which were a let down, but having said that, when we got the shuttle or walked into the town's, we really enjoyed ourselves. Yes, the ship is old and ageing, but the friendliness of the crew make it all worth while. The outside cabin we had was the biggest we have ever had on any cruise ship, and it was kept spotless. Well done Thompson, a couple of minor issues to sort out, but will definitely book with you again. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MOANERS, these are the SADO'S that we have to live with in our society

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, booked with Thomson
9 / 10

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Wonderful week on the Italian Job

"Having read the mixed reviews, I wasn't sure what the expect. Yes, the ship is a bit dated now (the TUI German ships in two of the ports were more modern with balconies as standard) but there are many, many positives. The staff worked extremely hard in making you happy ; the ship was kept spotlessly clean with clear attention given to hygiene; the food was plentiful and excellent (I strongly recommend paying the £20 supplement for the ten course bistro meal); very good value for money for the extras - drinks and excursions etc; entertainment was pretty good (though not fantastic). Overall, the old adage of 'you get what you pay for' holds true. My wife and I had a fantastic week and felt that the whole holiday was excellent value for money. I would definitely book another cruise with Thomson but would probably try another ship."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
8 / 10

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Drinks Package & Other Useful Information!

"Hi everyone I would just like to give everyone a heads up on the drinks package and also the excursions. We sailed on the 3rd of July on the Italian Flavors cruise there were a lot of flaws, a lot of this blame goes to our travel agent.

First of all we were told we would get a room with a window with no obstructed view we also requested a double bed none of this met as there was a big orange life boat on the window with only a small view of the sea (I have included a photo) and also the room was tiny with 2 single beds so already off to a bad start. We sat for a few minutes then went off to find a bar as we were dieing for a Jack Daniels, we went to the top deck to get a drink poolside, we looked at the bar menu and couldn't believe our eyes (I have included photos of the full Bar Menu which is the same in every lounge/bar) We paid £200 each for the drinks package and were told that EVERYTHING was included Water, Cans of cola, All branded spirits So we were very disappointing when we learned you had to pay for a bottle of water, Cans of juice even cranberry juice and all cocktails including cranberry juice and what hurt most of all the Jack Daniels! As the holiday went on though we had tried almost every drink on the package and some that weren't as you can get them at a discounted price. The drinks are nice some of my favorites are the Mojito, Mambo, Cafe Frappe and Tequila Bum Bum which is a shot. You also get a Cocktail of the day which is free if your on the drinks package and it usually included one which you would normally need to pay extra for so that's good. We added up all out receipts when we were home and were glad to find we would have spent £540 if we didn't have the drinks package. Overall it is worth it but just a bit of a shock to learn a lot of it was extra! Now to the excursions, We asked our travel agent if we would need to pay for them she said 'Just some of them, Yes' but before we went we did do some research and picked which ones we would be doing it cost us £525 in total for 2 people to do - Blue Grotto in Malta, Erice in Trapani, Rome, Pompeii and Godfather tour in Messina which were all brilliant and I would recommend them but also be warned there is A LOT of walking and I mean for hours. The actual cruise ship is OK and worth it for £1500 for us both including drinks, its a little dated and when you get used to it it is quite small but there are lots of lounges and bars to choose from and the entertainment is ok. there are a few restaurants 2 of them are self service and the food is honestly not great we would sometimes wait to 11 o'clock at night because that's when they do burgers and hotdogs. They sometimes have themed nights like Indian but the currys are rank and the lamb is like rubber. They were trying to pass of tatty scones as nan bread! and the black pudding is inedible. If you want to go and get some more posher food from the menu restaurants you do have to sit with strangers usually 6 to a table which I personally find awkward the food is decent though. Its mostly Philippines, Polish and Russians who work on the boat they are all really great though and couldn't do enough for you, You never need to go to the bar they just serve you all night at your table and your never sitting without a drink.

A couple of other things -

* I recommend taking your card as everything is charged to your on board account they don't deal with cash. You need to put a £400 deposit down for things like excursions, Room service, Drinks ect.

* The pools are tiny you could probably fit about 12 people in them

* Every time you go to use toilet there will probably be someone in cleaning it I don't know why but they clean the toilet every 10 minutes and usually lock the door while there doing it

* If its your first time on a cruise like myself don't underestimate sea sickness and get some tablets straight away I could feel the boat moving about 70% of the time

* If your going on Italian Flavors Sicily is much nicer than Italy and so are the people. watch your time on the tours if your having something to eat because the waiters can be very slow. The shopping is also garbage.

* On the drinks menu the drinks marked with * are the ones you pay extra for and the price next to that is the price you pay if you don't have the package.

Thanks for reading my review I have tried to be as honest as possible and include as much as I can think of.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, booked with Thomson
6 / 10

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