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Wonderful week on the Italian Job

"Having read the mixed reviews, I wasn't sure what the expect. Yes, the ship is a bit dated now (the TUI German ships in two of the ports were more modern with balconies as standard) but there are many, many positives. The staff worked extremely hard in making you happy ; the ship was kept spotlessly clean with clear attention given to hygiene; the food was plentiful and excellent (I strongly recommend paying the £20 supplement for the ten course bistro meal); very good value for money for the extras - drinks and excursions etc; entertainment was pretty good (though not fantastic). Overall, the old adage of 'you get what you pay for' holds true. My wife and I had a fantastic week and felt that the whole holiday was excellent value for money. I would definitely book another cruise with Thomson but would probably try another ship."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
8 / 10

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Drinks Package & Other Useful Information!

"Hi everyone I would just like to give everyone a heads up on the drinks package and also the excursions. We sailed on the 3rd of July on the Italian Flavors cruise there were a lot of flaws, a lot of this blame goes to our travel agent.

First of all we were told we would get a room with a window with no obstructed view we also requested a double bed none of this met as there was a big orange life boat on the window with only a small view of the sea (I have included a photo) and also the room was tiny with 2 single beds so already off to a bad start. We sat for a few minutes then went off to find a bar as we were dieing for a Jack Daniels, we went to the top deck to get a drink poolside, we looked at the bar menu and couldn't believe our eyes (I have included photos of the full Bar Menu which is the same in every lounge/bar) We paid £200 each for the drinks package and were told that EVERYTHING was included Water, Cans of cola, All branded spirits So we were very disappointing when we learned you had to pay for a bottle of water, Cans of juice even cranberry juice and all cocktails including cranberry juice and what hurt most of all the Jack Daniels! As the holiday went on though we had tried almost every drink on the package and some that weren't as you can get them at a discounted price. The drinks are nice some of my favorites are the Mojito, Mambo, Cafe Frappe and Tequila Bum Bum which is a shot. You also get a Cocktail of the day which is free if your on the drinks package and it usually included one which you would normally need to pay extra for so that's good. We added up all out receipts when we were home and were glad to find we would have spent £540 if we didn't have the drinks package. Overall it is worth it but just a bit of a shock to learn a lot of it was extra! Now to the excursions, We asked our travel agent if we would need to pay for them she said 'Just some of them, Yes' but before we went we did do some research and picked which ones we would be doing it cost us £525 in total for 2 people to do - Blue Grotto in Malta, Erice in Trapani, Rome, Pompeii and Godfather tour in Messina which were all brilliant and I would recommend them but also be warned there is A LOT of walking and I mean for hours. The actual cruise ship is OK and worth it for £1500 for us both including drinks, its a little dated and when you get used to it it is quite small but there are lots of lounges and bars to choose from and the entertainment is ok. there are a few restaurants 2 of them are self service and the food is honestly not great we would sometimes wait to 11 o'clock at night because that's when they do burgers and hotdogs. They sometimes have themed nights like Indian but the currys are rank and the lamb is like rubber. They were trying to pass of tatty scones as nan bread! and the black pudding is inedible. If you want to go and get some more posher food from the menu restaurants you do have to sit with strangers usually 6 to a table which I personally find awkward the food is decent though. Its mostly Philippines, Polish and Russians who work on the boat they are all really great though and couldn't do enough for you, You never need to go to the bar they just serve you all night at your table and your never sitting without a drink.

A couple of other things -

* I recommend taking your card as everything is charged to your on board account they don't deal with cash. You need to put a £400 deposit down for things like excursions, Room service, Drinks ect.

* The pools are tiny you could probably fit about 12 people in them

* Every time you go to use toilet there will probably be someone in cleaning it I don't know why but they clean the toilet every 10 minutes and usually lock the door while there doing it

* If its your first time on a cruise like myself don't underestimate sea sickness and get some tablets straight away I could feel the boat moving about 70% of the time

* If your going on Italian Flavors Sicily is much nicer than Italy and so are the people. watch your time on the tours if your having something to eat because the waiters can be very slow. The shopping is also garbage.

* On the drinks menu the drinks marked with * are the ones you pay extra for and the price next to that is the price you pay if you don't have the package.

Thanks for reading my review I have tried to be as honest as possible and include as much as I can think of.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, booked with Thomson
6 / 10

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"This was our second time on the Majesty, the Hellenic criteria was brilliant and the stops lovely, however we had to complain about our cabin, firstly the toilet wouldn't flush and the engineer had to come back twice and secondly our cabin stewards gained the names 'lazy & idle' we had wet towels, which i had left on the floor to be changed, folded up and put back on the shelf, we had pool towels taken and not returned, we never had our tea/coffee/sugar/milk topped up at all and we only got chocolates and towel animals after i complained to reception, the evening entertainment was awful compared with last year, i sat through 3 Abba songs before i could stand it no more, the daytime activities were ok if you could hear it, the band Red Syndicate were diabolical, i paid £44 for a spa treatment but the staff were only interested in selling very expensive products an eye serum and moisturizer for £100+. on a plus the food was good with plenty of variety and the room was spacious.

we had a nice holiday overall, but we won't be cruising again in the near future.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: good shopping offers
5 / 10

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Fantastic week onboard Majesty

"Like the last reviewer I had my reservations about this cruise. I am pleased to say that my husband and I had a brilliant holiday. Our cabin had more than enough storage space and was kept immaculate by the stewards.

Food was a very high standard. Only one negative comment that is why I have marked this holiday 9/10 they definitely need to improve the quality of the coffee.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The nightly entertainment in the Jubilee lounge should not be missed.
9 / 10

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Thomson Majesty Colourful Coasts

"After reading the very mixed reviews on this and other sites I went into this trip, my very first cruise, thinking it might be OK but it could equally be a disaster.

I have to say the whole thing was an extremely pleasant surprise and experience. I can only think the negative reviews come from experienced cruisers who are comparing this to more modern ships and more expensive cruise lines.

We visited 5 different islands and 3 different countries in a week, including all meals and entertainment, for under £600 each (and no tipping surcharge). How can you beat that? Sure you can spend thousands cruising the Caribbean with Royal Caribbean et all, but why then compare it to a cruise aimed at a different target audience.

The room was larger than expected, clean towels and beds made TWICE a day. Our cleaners made the towels into different animal shapes each day which was very amusing. Friendly staff, enthusiastic performers and entertainment and ample food (yes it wasn't the greatest, but you get what you pay for). We drunk cocktails and beer most days and nights and saved bundles instead of taking out any of the expensive drinks packages (where you still have to pay supplementary fees for drinks).

On top deck the ship is a bit Smokey as soot comes from the funnels and sunbathing space is quite a squeeze on crowded days.

I would certainly recommend this for people going on a first time cruise.

As an aside and nothing to do with the cruise or ship, at he the end of it we weren't bitten by the cruise bug. Although we are glad we did it and enjoyed it, ultimately it felt rather like a glorified hop-on hop-off bus as you only got a brief taster of a few hours for each place visited. I now know I prefer staying in one place and exploring at leisure over days.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Look at the drinks package costs and surplus charges carefully to see if it really is cost effective over paying for drinks individually
8 / 10

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Amazing, how can people moan about it?!?!

"I never usually write reviews but after reading all of the negative comments before we went, I felt like I had to!

We got back last week from a week’s cruise around Greece and Turkey on the Thomson Majesty – it was absolutely amazing – I don’t understand how people can moan about it!! It was our first cruise so we weren’t too sure what to expect, but we absolutely loved it! We visited some lovely places and thoroughly the whole experience of ‘cruise life!’

We had an outside plus room on deck 6 - the room wasn’t as small as I had expected and there was plenty of storage space. The rooms were cleaned twice a day and the bathroom was like a wet room, which does the job.

Food – The buffet was good and they served snacks throughout the day and also afternoon tea every day, but the main restaurants were the best. We went there every evening and the service (especially Hesham and Sonbol) and food was great. The waiters all had a good sing song and were known as the ‘Spice boys’, such a great atmosphere! I've been on lots of all-inclusive holidays and I found the food on this boat to be the best, maybe it’s at a better standard on cruises than in a hotel, but it was great and we wasn't disappointed with any of the meals!

Entertainment - The entertainment and the team was amazing – they constantly had things going on throughout the day and night. The evening shows were brilliant (like west end shows) and they had deck parties throughout the week, as well as a ‘captain’s ball’ which were great fun. The comedian was amazing too!

The staff on the boat were all so friendly and helpful. They also bring your drinks to you whilst your sunbathing around the boat and watching the shows, so you don’t even have to get up!

The only thing we thought was a bit cheeky was that some of the drinks incurred a small supplement charge, which I don’t think is fair when you’ve already paid for an all-inclusive drinks package. There were only a few of them, but I just think everything should be included. Also, if you want any more drinks after 2am in the night club you need to pay for these too, but just stock up beforehand if you want a late one!

I can’t compare it to other cruises as this was our first one but we met lots of people and everyone we spoke to was having an amazing time! The people who have moaned about it must have ridiculously high expectations!!! It’s what you make of it really – we absolutely loved everything about it so made the most of it and wasn’t worried about silly things like having grey towels (which we didn’t have by the way, but as long as they’re clean, who cares!)

It was a great holiday and we can’t wait to do another one – I would recommend it to anyone!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, booked with Thomson
10 / 10

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Very disappointing

"Just returned from a weeks cruise on the Thompson majesty , never again will we go with Thompson . We have done several cruises in the past the previous last one being about 12 years ago due to us living in Spain .as we now live back in the u.k we thought we would book a cruise for our silver wedding anniversary, how standards have dropped, the dining experience was not as nice as it used to be and the standard of food on offer has it was our anniversary while on board we told the girl that did our booking and she put it on our booking saying that they would be aware of it on board . Other cabins had congratulations banners on their cabin doors during the week but unfortunately our special day was completely ignored, Thompson are just trying to get as much money out of you as they can ,such as supplements on drinks with the drinks package, £12 for one photo,expensive excursions. We always thought Thompson cruises were the best and often recommended them but since our last experience on the majesty our views ase the opposite .we will cruise again but we will look at another cruise company"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015
4 / 10

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First timers

"Well what can i say, just returned from a cruise on the Thompson majesty.....after reading the reviews before we went, i was wrong could i have been, from stepping aboard, it could not have been any better...we had a fabulous time...ok the towels are a bit grey,but clean, the cabin was small...but adequate....the ship has seen better days, but it was homely, and very clean and friendly...the staff were fantastic. The food was lovely, always something different...the places were amazing...the only thing i will say in a negative way, is Albania was not a place i will go again, and Corfu wont be on my re visit list....all the other places were fantastic.

All in all we had a wonderful first cruise...and will defiantly go on the majesty again...thanks Thompson for a memorable holiday.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go in all the bars
9 / 10

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Thomson Majesty - Never Again

"Having been a numerous Thomson cruises, this is the worst ship we have been on.

The food was not good and mostly cold. The inside cabin was that small, one of us had to lye on the bed whilst the other got ready. The grout between bathroom tiles on the floor was black in places and the shower curtain was too small, hence the floor flooded when you used the shower. Whilst the towels were clean, they were grey and the sheets were not changed at all in a week. The shows in the evening were not a patch on the shows on the Spirit and extremely disappointing, except for the comedian.

We could not find any comfortable relaxing seats anywhere on the ship as all the backs on the chairs were short.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book the best cabin you can afford and go all inclusive.
2 / 10

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A honest review from a regular Thomson user

"Being a party of four (1 x couple & 2 x elderly ladies) one with a minor disability (steps) our requirements were quite specific, but not challenging for an experience promoted as elderly friendly. Thomson advised that our needs would be catered for after taking great care to ensure these were understood and what problems it would cause if ignored(assisted access were possible and cabins adjacent to each other).

Our cabins were mid-ships and forward on different levels, so being adjacent required a little walk. Our request for 1 x twin room was also overlooked which saw a double bed turned into two singles without any separation, comfortable to say the least. We paid extra for balcony's and provided you didn't mind looking between life-boats, the view was far from unrestricted. Yes the towels has seen better days, but left out, they were changed every day without question.

The dining experience did leave a lot to be desired, with little to no variation in the main meals, okay if you like grilled fish, but by far the biggest problem for us was the seating arrangements for two elderly ladies. The buffets had half low level seating arrangements, so eating our fish whilst being slumped in an easy chair, left a lot to be desired. On three consecutive days we had to wait for cups to be washed as there wasn't simply enough to go around. The other restaurants had open seating, which saw us on many occasions halfway through our starters whilst guests were being seated at our table. Inevitably our mains were then delayed for other to catch up!

The coach trips were not elderly friendly (steps and lots of walking) despite being advised this was catered for, so other than using taxis, guided trips were out of the question.

It is understood routine maintenance is required whilst we might be on-board, but changing the corridor carpets during the peak times when people are disembarking for trips, was poorly planned, as was shutting the lifts down for 1 hour for testing (an annual event I believe and perhaps we were unlucky, but having a party members not being to access steps, left us stranded somewhat.

Two elements stood out for us; friendliness of the staff and the entertainment. Both were superb and if Thomson gets something right on its ships, its this - well done to all involved, memorable for all the right reasons.

Overall we were disappointed. Comparatively cruising is expansive and on this occasion Thomson failed to provide anything near to our expectations, expectations I should add, that was portrayed to us by the Thomson local sales office.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Be prepared to compromise on the standard of service, especially when eating
4 / 10

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"Where some people have entered a 9 or 10 out of 10 must be getting paid from Thomson to write such dribble. The cabins, the grey towels, the cold uninteresting food, vegetables being green beans, carrots and peas,and the sweets, did not change for fourteen days while we were on the cruise, the help from the reception desk, all was abysmal. The thermostat in our cabin did not work,the wardrobe was tiny, one chair, and the television did not work and the hair dryer in the cabin was held together from the plastic holder to the tube with red insulating tape which burned fingers after a few seconds of use. The double bed was jammed against the window and the walls so that one person had to be stuck in and if needing out had to climb over the other and at our age this was not fun. We did pay for the drinks package and was hopefully going to enjoy the advertised sipper cocktails - Mmm!! Not a lot of alcohol was tasted in these. The two swimming pools and the baby pool was very seldom used as it was seemingly colder than a fridge and more like a deep freeze No children at all in the wee pool and the children ended up using the two hot tubs on deck. Having paid around £3000 for this supposedly

dream holiday we are absolutely disgusted and have written a strong letter of protest to Thomson and eagerly await a reply

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015
  • Advice: No suggestions at all The boat is a complete nightmare
2 / 10

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Repositioning cruise Tenerife/Corfu

"Having just returned from our first cruise with Tomson on board the Majesty we would like to say what a wonderful time we had on-board. From the accommodation staff, bar staff, waiters and crew who were all polite and courteous to the retiring cruise director Lewis who was tremendous.

The quality of food at all sittings was superb and choices were brilliant.

Please don`t listen to the whingers,whiners and moaners, they should just stay at home or go in a caravan somewhere, anywhere.


  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
10 / 10

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