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nothing regal about the Majesty!!!!!!

"Having had a fab cruise on Thomson Celebration we booked another cruise on the Majesty. Big mistake!!!! No comparison. We were disappointed with the food, service ,entertainment and general ethos of the ship. We had an outer cabin "plus" and it was fine apart from the old fraying grey towels! I would never use such towels at home and find it insulting to be given them on holiday. The ship blows out thick black smoke from its funnel and this makes parts of the upper deck filthy. Also not environmentally very friendly Thomson !!!!Top tip? Do not go on this ship. We managed to have a lovely holiday as we were with friends but it would have been so much nicer on a better ship."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Book a different ship !
3 / 10

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Menu driven repetative Food

"We have just returned from a two week cruise of the Canaries on the Thompson Majesty. Having cruised on the Thompson Dream twice last year we thought we would like a change. Our first impressions were very favorable the ship has been recently refurbished and looked very smart.

Our cabin was a little smaller than we were used to, we would be sure to get an outside plus cabin if we went again.

The weather whilst we were on board was not up to our expectations as cold winds restricted sitting outside on our days at sea. Not the fault of Thompson.

The promenade areas of the ship were mainly limited to deck seven due to the weather. As the ship lacks the fairly large stern decks that the Dream has.

The entertainment team were very good although the Jubilee Lounge tends to fill up quite early and it is often difficult to get a seat.

There were two entertainment bands on board Red Syndicate who were quite good and Top Men they were very good much, much better than the normal Thompson Entertainment Standard.

One evening the two Bands gave a jam session in the Jubliee Lounge, at the start of this session the entire audience was buzzing as they were excellent. Then the entertainment team completely ruined the session by standing up and encouraging the audience up on stage Thoroughly blocking the view of the two bands and ruining the show which was a complete shame. Was this a bit of jealousy on their part?

The standard of the food on board was not up to the standard of the Thompson Dream it was menu driven and repeated entirely on the second week. Hot plates but cold food.

The Bar staff, Waiters and Housekeeping staff were all excellent and friendly and made the holiday much better.

7 / 10

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Butlins, with a ryanair business model

"The waiting and cleaning staff do an excellent job. Everything else reminded me of 1980's Butlins with a 21st century business model. The food is abysmal, akin to army cooking. The entertainment is of a standard that only children or the lobotomized could possibly enjoy. The boats funnel SPEWS black smoke, clearly everything is powered by crude diesel. They attempt to sell to you at every opportunity, including piped announcements into your cabin of the latest price slashes to the crap they haven't managed to sell previously. Distances to the town center are always exaggerated, in order to sell shuttle bus tickets. The Thomson majesty clearly pays the least port fees and end up with the least accessible docks. Don't even think about going to deck 10. Deck 10 IS Butlins, gaudy entertainment, bingo, people going red and getting drunk at the same time. The library shelves are locked and only opened 1 hour a day, presumably because there is no margin to be made from books people left on ship after they left. The stops in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are a waste of time unless you can organize an excursion, the port towns are miserable, verging or dangerous. If dressing up in cheap evening attire whilst eating army style fayre and drinking cooking quality alcohol amongst tattooed old people is your thing, you'll love it. If you are the sort of person who doesn't understand how a lift works, you'll love it."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: As much time off the ship as possible
2 / 10

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never never agaain

"I would not recommend this ship to anyone we where on deck 7 we paid £49 to reserve our cabin another £15 for the safe every thing about this ship is bad take your hard earned money and spend it with another company Thomson don't care about their customers if they did they would not expect you to travel on this ship."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: don't go in the firstplace
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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Disgusting, Dirty, Simply Dreadful

"We booked a cruise on Thomson Majesty over the New Year period, biggest mistake of our life!

There is a lot to mention so I'll try to list it....

~ We were grounded on the flight out because check in had separated a mother & child so we were not able to fly until someone gave up their seats for them

~ On arrival at the port the rep jumped on board to say there had been a 'bug' on board and to use the hand gel before boarding, the 'bug' we later found out to be Norovirus and was still very much alive and taking people down!

~ Our cabin was disgusting, carpet stained, bedding threadbare and ripped, towels grey and the shower black with mold, the smell coming out of it was indescribable and we couldn't get rid of it no matter what we sprayed

~ Hygiene was very poor, often no hand gel in or outside the toilets, no soap in the toilets many times and bar staff wiping table after table with the same dirty cloth, no sanitizing spray what so ever, they would also use the same cloth to wipe handrails as they walked past them!

~ Because of Norovirus the self service option had been removed resulting in huge queues trying to get served below standard often cold food in the feeding stations on the top deck, we went hungry that evening as we couldn't face the queues or the food when one of our party did get something!

~ The two restaurants were vastly understaffed and the food being served (when you could get served) was well below standard and again often cold. we had the pleasure of a thick black curly hair in one of our meals, needless to say we went hungry that night also and didn't use that restaurant again

~ The other restaurant wasn't much better, breakfast was laughable, if you managed to catch the eye of the man serving tea he didn't have the milk, by the time you got milk the tea was cold, you get cereal but again no milk and on it went like that for the whole week, beyond ridiculous

~ We ate off the boat as much as possible and brought snacks back with us because the food was so bad and the hygiene so poor

How Thomson have the nerves to call this a cruise is beyond me, we paid a lot of money for that week and frankly it isn't acceptable. I have raised two complaints with Thomson who have just swept it under the carpet saying they are happy it reaches their standards, that speaks volumes as far as I'm concerned because I wouldn't put animals on that boat let alone humans.

I have been blocked from both Facebook and Twitter for simply speaking of my experience, they don't like the truth and remove any negative comments, not the right way to deal with unhappy customers.

Face up to your responsibilities Thomson and do the right thing, refund our hard earned money, except things are not right and sort it out for any future passengers although I would never recommend this to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Just do do it, book with a company that cares because Thomson don't!
1 / 10

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A truly excellent cruise liner with some first class extras!

"I have just returned from a cruise around the Canaries,Morocco and Madeira and can not rate this company high enough! This has been one of the best cruises I and my family and friends have enjoyed and it is all down to the staff, the entertainment and the food! Yes the ship is fairly small in comparison to other cruise liners, yes, there are areas like the suites/staterooms that need modernizing, but overall this ship and its staff deliver a first class service that i believe is better than I have seen on RCI. I and my family are serial cruisers and have sailed with Cunard, Seven Seas, Princess and RCI…we are in fact diamond plus members with RCi. Therefore, after having read all the negative reviews after booking, I was worried to say the least. What I found was in some areas a more competent and outstanding service and provision than on some other ships. But for the purpose of this critique I shall compare with RCI. The buffet area, pizza San Marco was simply superb and in my opinion, with tastier ,fresher and expertly cooked food .Real china crockery was available to us (not plastic like in Windjammer RCI) Trays of bites were freely offered around the bars and theater/entertainment areas which was a first for me! The tours were executed fabulously and well worth the money. The drinks were good value and less expensive than on other ships. The spa was reasonably priced. The whole trip including flights with Thomson airlines and transfers ran as smoothly as a Rolex watch and the selection offered for afternoon tea was as good as anything I had on Cunard. The entertainment was first class and a melee of comedians,song and dance,West End productions were delivered with spectacular delivery and polish. I can not find any fault with this company or this ship except that they desperately need to refurbish the suite ,we were in 903 and also need to create a kid section by pool deck…apart from this, 10 out of 10 and we will book again."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go with an open mind,please do ignore many of the negative reviews…I smell a rat with many of them.
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
10 / 10

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Canarian Flavours

"Having never been on a cruise before I would highly recommend going on Thomson Majesty. I have just come back from a 7 day cruise (Canarian Flavours) and wish I had booked for 2 weeks instead of 1. From start to finish every aspect of the cruise was fantastic. Fight times 08.35 from Manchester, transfer to the Ship in less than an hour. My case was delivered to my cabin within 20 minutes of setting foot on board. The housekeeping staff (Bernard and Tamara) were very friendly and helpful, they keep the cabin clean and tidy, chocolates on the pillow at night, bed made in the morning, clean towels when requested. Food was of a high quality, yes it could have been a bit hotter but still when such a high volume f quality food is being prepared - no complaints, restaurants clean (Piazza San Marco and Café Royale)with plenty of visible sanitizer outside. Bar staff very friendly (Galyna) and took time out of their busy shifts to stop and chat with the guests and make them feel welcome. Plenty of high quality entertainment throughout the week including Moulin Rouge, a tribute to Michael Jackson, West End Sing a long and much more, top class comedian (Tank Sherman) with a clean high humored act. Even on sea day when things had to change due to inclement weather, this was done swiftly and I believe enjoyed by everyone who took part on the various activities. Overall I had a fantastic week on board Thomson Majesty and would not hesitate to not only book another cruise on board her but to recommend her to friends and family. Overall 10/10 rating for me."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with Thomson
10 / 10

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Please take no notice of the moaning people that will always find fault with everything

"The Thomson Majesty is a fantastic experience for first time cruisers.

The crew and staff cannot humanly do any more for you they always have a greeting and a smile please do not believe the moaners on this thread.

The entertainment is mind blowing with the entertainment team doing two stunning shows a night.

The food is always hot and varied but be warned the plates are hot.

There are many different bars suitable to all ages even a disco if you can move after dinner.

The ports of call are a good choice and some of the scenery was mind blowing.

If as me you don't go on holiday to be in uniform dressing up is not essential ladies just some nice dresses and gents trousers and a casual shirt will do.

The ship is spotless for a vessel of this age and housekeeping will clean your cabin twice a day.

I cannot emphasize enough how much the crew and staff work so hard to make our holidays a great one and how unfair it is that people who want to pay very little but expect a 7 star service so please book this ship and as i did just enjoy the majesty like we did.

If you want a more personal opinion please email me.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015
  • Advice: An outside plus cabin on any deck is preferable
10 / 10

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Butlins at sea

"First and last time on Thomson a Majesty. Nothing really nice to say about it except the bar staff were extremely pleasant. The staff in self service restaurant (the piggery) were downright rude. Food in the waiter service restaurant were badly trained if at all.the food was the worse ever I have experienced on a ship. Better food available on a ferry. To charge an extra £19.99 per person in the Bistro for food that should be served as a matter of course outrageous. The top deck with the swimming pools were full of smokers and fouled mouth adults. So many children in term time too. Don't think they left the boat until disembarkation. Thomson charge for everything that on other cruises I have been on are included ie safe,water,WiFi,shuttle buses into nearest town NO EXTRA charge. So glad I didn't pay much as others did as even at a small cost it was a rip off. Don't waste your money. So many better companies out there. As for the ship its a rickety,dirty excuse for one."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Don't go
2 / 10

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Worst Cruise Experience Ever

"Having cruised with Thomson before we decided to try the Majesty. The original cabin we were presented with was the dirtiest and smallest I've ever seen. We eventually paid to be upgraded to a larger, cleaner cabin after joining the endless clue of disgruntled passengers at Reception. The safety drill was a shambles with many staff not knowing what their role was and allowing passengers to use the lifts on the way down to muster. Only once were we scanned when re-boarding the ship - at no time were our bags scanned!! Anything could have been brought on board which is very worrying considering the current situation across the world. On our return we sent our concerns to Thomson who have said there is no record of us contacting staff on board so therefore there is nothing they can do. My advice is if you do have concerns ensure that staff log your complaints. Never again Thomson!! The Majesty is a Costa Concordia in the making!!!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Try another ship!!
1 / 10

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"Just arrived back from a brilliant cruise on the Thomson Majesty. Reading some of the reviews makes you afraid of even contemplating booking a cruise on this ship. The food was very good, the ship was clean, the staff were great, our cabin was clean well equipped with all amenities including a fridge. We had an inside plus on deck 3, with plenty of wardrobe space and it was a very spacious cabin. We're in our seventies and are pretty agile for our age and don't expect staff or crew to run around seeing to our needs as some people expect them to do. Didn't have any problems at the airport as we're perfectly capable of finding our way around without any problems. Some of the cabins are very small with not a lot of room and without a fridge, but you should do your homework before you book and make sure you get what you want and not moan about it afterwards. We got a great deal at an unbelievable price, so very happy. The public areas on the ship were well maintained and clean and the entertainment was just great. We're a well traveled couple and have been on numerous cruises to various places and on different cruise lines, and the Majesty, not being the top end of cruise ships, was perfectly acceptable and we would definitely cruise on this ship again."

10 / 10

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Thompson majesty or tradesty

"Just come back of a new year cruise on the Thompson majesty thought we might treat our selves to a bit of a treat.....

Well what we got was well under par for Thompson that's for sure!! .we were treated by a member of staff who had only been aboard 1 day .so it took us all a while to find our room .bit of a walk about ..most of the staff were struggling it was plan to see .room was ok but needed. More pillows asked but was told none available. We had just missed the Nora virus thank god!! But this meant restraints and pools closed were plus buffie resttraint was service only by staff that were just chucking it on yer plate.staff clearly not trained in the service of food.on the upside entertainment was good drinks served by non English talking waiters so bit of lottery on the drinks front.. Can I ask were have all your lovely can't do enough for you staff gone .it almost felt like I was in the way ... Won't be going back to this ship.. And anybody reading this check out the reviews I'm not alone..... PS people have to learn but not at my expense.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Eat out
3 / 10

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