Solway Holiday Village

Skinburness Drive Silloth-on-Solway, Keswick CA7 4QQ, United Kingdom
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8 / 10
Much improved

"We've been here many times before but not for a couple of years. Have always felt it was good value for money. This year the grounds have been tidied and huge amount of spring bulbs really brightened the park. The chalets have been reclad and inside painted. Very clean. The meal we had at the bistro was very tasty and not overpriced. Only downside is the cost of the electricity meter but as in the past collected for weeks beforehand and had plenty."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2016, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
Hagans leisure letting their staff and visitors down

"We booked into Solway holiday village on a Sun £9.50 holiday break, largely because of its proximity to the Lakes. We had never been to this part of Cumbria before, and a quick look on Google Earth showed Silloth to be, if not historic, quaint in a non twee sort of way.

I read some reviews before we left, a large number of them very negative. Having read negative reviews of other places before that turned out to be inaccurate we came to the conclusion that we would go anyway.

On arrival, the first thing we noticed was a letter from the sign saying Solway Holiday Village was missing, and then the general air of neglect was reinforced by the reception block, which looked dowdy and unloved.

On booking in, we found the staff exceptionally friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble for them. They deserve to be working somewhere better, but I suspect employment openings in the area are not great.

On to our accommodation. We were given the keys to a "chalet" with three bedrooms and a hot tub (not used as weather was rubbish most of our stay). First impressions were again the dowdiness of it. It was, however, clean. The first negative was the seating. This comprised of a 3 piece set of cane upholstered conservatory furniture. Not very comfortable for sitting around on in the evenings. Next comes the T.V. Tiny (we both have sight problems) and ancient.

We then had a look round. The electricity supply was from a £1 coin meter, which we had to feed at regular intervals to keep the supply on. We don't know if it was an oversight or not, but the lock on its coin draw was missing, so we kept putting the same coin back through. We had been, after all, charged for electricity by Hagans.

Anyway, resigned to the fact that we had traveled there by rail, and couldn't go home without paying out more on rail tickets, we stayed. We took some time out the first day to look round Silloth. Its a really unremarkable little town that has lost some of its shine. 2 pubs, 1 Co-Op mini mart and a small street of shops. Its possible to get enough to get by on, but if you want anything but the basics, take it with you.

Anyway, day 2 came around, and it rained. In fact it deluged. We had water running in torrents down the windows ON THE INSIDE! It was pouring in, and running straight towards the main electricity supply for the hot tub. We managed to divert it using towels, and informed reception. By the time anyone got to look in, it had stopped raining and no action was taken.

It was then we decided enough, so we left and finished our holiday in bed and breakfast. Hagans don't deserve their staff, and if the standard of customer care that we witnessed is their norm, they don't deserve visitors either.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go elsewhere

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2 / 10

"Thought we were staying in a lodge with a hot tub , More like a garden shed badly decorated , really cold , meter is a bump , costs £1 per hour.

The Hot tub runs of the electricity so when the coins run out the hot tub runs cold. Our curtains were so bad by day 5 I wanted to leave or rip them down. The whole place is very sad. The back pond area has been left to rot , We were left feeling very unsafe when we realized there was no fire alarm , also some creep was knocking on windows really late and terrified my daughter. The Farm has also been left to rot. The owners should wake up and smell the coffee. Why is the lock for the perimeter fence on hot tub on the wrong side? No atmosphere in the entire place , Think everyone felt the same as no one attempted to even talk to us. We ended up at Stanwix round the corner , Great busy atmosphere and better facilities , better prices , would recommend there if you are visiting the area.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
cheaper goingto blackpool with blackpool promotions.

"we went to Solway Holiday Village for 12 years in a row as we got it for a reasonable price as we paid a deposit for the following year as the sign said pay £5 deposit for next year holiday at this years price then last year they still had a sign up. but i was told they cant give us the price as it was to low as we were loyal every year. the staff were nice entertainment was good when it was peak time, the gym has not opened in 4 year as the polish male maintenance worker (shammy) has key to the gym for his own personal use. the golf coarse was a shambles. the prices in the nags head was very expensive for drink & food as the years went on from the first time we went to Siloth it was good but over the years they were big changes as the kids did not want to go there as they were saying they were bored. Sam Hagan was the owner who stayed some times knows how run down the place is but nether seem to bother as he had his staff petrified when he turned up. as they charge you meter money in the lodges about £5.00 a day approx. people who owned there caravan struggled to sell them as you are charged water rates that you are not told about even if you went for I week out the year to some one who goes 10 month out the year you pay the same etc. glad I don't go now as we go to black pool now as its cheaper and you get bbed and free tram & coach journeys. plus picked up and dropped of at local pick up points.also £0.99 pint or splits on some hotels cant be beaten."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: going to the chip shop on the corner of harbour for fish and chips.

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10 / 10
Great holiday

"II stayed at Solway holiday village with my husband and grandson, upon arrival we were pleasantly greeted at reception and very helpful, our caravan was clean with everything we needed and positioned by the children's play area and sand pit. There was always something to do every day like walk around the farm, pony riding, indoor play pit, kids club which had events for children day time and evenings and the lovely swimming pool with Walters the pool was very clean. My grandson loved it and I could relax, out side the site was the beech which we found a lovely park with paddle pool and a small fair. The shop on site was reasonably priced and their was a co op in walking distance, we enjoyed our stay so much we booked 3 caravans for next year so I could bring all my family. I would recommend Solway holiday park to any family with children, can't wait to go back it's the best holiday we've had in England."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: If traveling with children phone site and ask for caravan by play area you won't know you have them

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6 / 10
It's not so bad as many make it out to be!

"Some of the positive points first:

The food served is mostly good, tho the curry was a bit bland. Getting half board is the way to go if you plan on eating there, which we did. The Full English breakfast is very nice. When we saw prices on menu, we realised we saved a lot paying for half board. Not to say prices were that high tho! Regular prices I would say.

Staff are very friendly, no problems with any of them.

Swimming pool was better than I thought, but showers need up grading.

Our 3 bedroom chalet was ok with all that's needed. No luxury, but fine.

We knew we would have to feed a £1 electric meter and brought £30 of coins, but we arrived at beginning of a heat wave On Monday and it's Now Thursday, our last full day, and we only put in£3!!

Some of the negative points:

Reception area outside does not give a good impression with its dilapidated water fountain with very murky water. I don't know how the fish survive! A maintenance person should spend some time regularly sprucing up this area. A few hours cleaning would make a big difference.

The park does look like it's quite a way past its hey day.

There is no air con in bars, etc so it was very warm!

Overall, we would stay here again, but only on a good priced deal, like we got.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: pay half board if dining there. good saving.

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4 / 10
Alot to be desired

"Firstly, we booked our stay here through The Sun's £9.50 deal, so we never expected an amazing experience!

My partner and I stayed in one of the caravans - we were gven the keys and it seemed ok for the price, but discoved that the bedroom window didn't shut, so went back to reception. The staff were excellent and couldn't have helped us more. I got the impression they were just as embarassed about the place as we were. Anyway, we were shown to a chalet and then another caravan, which we took. The caravan was fine, but chilly - that's caravans for you - if you don't like the cold then don't stay in one, or take a little heater with you. Nice and clean and in very good condition.

The park reminded me very much of the places I spent my 80s childhood holidays in, but not in a good way. The pool was fine, but the changing areas were horrible. The pubs/restaurants were really grubby, drinks were expensive and the music made me want to bang my head on the table. I never stayed more than an hour. HOWEVER, I appreciate that the things I didn't like would make little children really happy, like arcades and 'Bob the Builder' on a permenant loop, so if you are there to entertain the little 'uns, then you might like it better than I did!!

The grounds seemed ok, didn't look round them apart from to get in and out of the park. It is NOT a mile to the beach - it took us five minutes walk.

Now, to my major gripe. The things I didn't like about the park would not have bothered me at all, had the area outside the park have given me something else do to. On the whole, Silloth is dead and depressing. Yes, the view from the beach is beautiful, but the beach is not. It's clean, but looks like mud. The old bit of the tiny town would once have been pretty, but I'm afraid the place has had it's day. I love old, quiet places, so please don't think that I was looking for lots of fun and adventure, but really, unless you want to drive for AT LEAST an hour down slow, windy and very dangerous roads (the 'so many killed in the last 5 years' signs said it all) there is absolutely nothing at all to do. Nothing. Not a restaurant, a bar or even a proper supermarket. We went to Carlisle one day and although it was nice to see life again, it was a dull place, which reminded me alot of my home city of Leicester. Not the best acolade I'm sure!

We visited the lakes a couple of times and they're truly spectacular, even in the dreadful weather we experienced. In fact, in a strange way, they seeme more beautiful because of it - very atmospheric!

On the whole, I would not return to Solway Holiday Village, and would advise friends and family to definitely not go. I feel sorry writing this review, as the staff were friendly and I so would love to see the place upgrade and do well, but with all the other competition, in the lakes, the UK and abroad, I really don't think this place will be running for much longer.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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4 / 10
Not Bad!

"First impressions aren’t good as you drive up to reception. The Chalets don’t look very nice. The reception and reception staff are nice. The staff are extremely friendly! The shop could do with a revamp but it’s adequate. Our static caravan was nice for first impressions. As we stayed in it a few defaults became apparent. For example the damp from the shower. A little note for anyone who is going though, when reception is closed and you need maintenance just ring the reception phone number as it directs through to the pub where maintenance is contactable. We didn’t know this and had to keep running over which was rather annoying. The caravan as a whole was nice. It gets cold at night though! The entertainment complex has 2 bars and a pub and takeaway and bistro. The takeaway and bistro is the same food with a few exceptions. They had entertainment on each night. Early evening was catered for kids so we went later. There was 2 singers and a sort of singing duet/ comedy act on for the 3 nights we were there. Bingo was also played however we missed this as there was no times on the entertainment sheet we were given. The swimming pool is nice if your not into swimming a lot as it isn’t shaped for swimming. The changing facilities needed a revamp. Overall this is not a bad site. Oh, we weren’t keen on the area. There isn’t much to do and it’s a bit industrial. We had a day out up to Gretna Green which is worth a drive. Keswick is also nice in the other direction. There is a Sunday market and car boot on the air field behind the site which is a reasonable size to visit. We didn’t get much but some weeks it’s better than others apparently. I would say this place has definite good bits and bad bits so I have a mixed review. Overall we had a nice break!! (we booked throught the sun £9.50 holidays) If anyone wants to ask me anything about this place please feel free!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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2 / 10
Nothing Good to say

"In One Word! Awful! stayed 1 night then left, never to return! Park and accomodation looks like a step out of the 70'S! Try Stanwix park just a mile down the road - far superior!!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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6 / 10
What you'd expect!!!

"We have just had a four night break at Solway Holiday Village which I booked through The Sun's £7.50 holidays.

We were a party of four - two adults and two children (11 & 12). We stayed in a three bedroom chalet which we found to be clean, comfortable and warm. OK things are looking a little tired but this is two star accomodation and what you'd expect!

On arrival the staff at Reception were very friendly and helpful and handed over our keys, entertainment passes and a little information about the site.

At this time of year the only bar open in the evening midweek is the Nag's Head. The entertainment is Bingo, Open the Box, Karaoke and one night a live singer. We went into the bar for around two hours in the evening and the girls had a great time playing bingo and using the arcades which are conveniently placed at the entrance to the bar - take plenty of money if you have kids!

We used the pool twice and both times there were two lifeguards on duty. The changing facilities are cold and things could do with a good clean but again it's what you'd expect.

The surrounding area is very quiet but the beaches are fantastic for collecting shells and lots of fresh air.

We used this site as a base and went out on day trips every day. In the evenings we used the facilities and were pleasantly surprised.

My advice to anyone going is this - don't expect too much as this is only two star accomadation and what you'd expect!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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8 / 10
Great Solway Getaway

"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this park. The first thing that I noticed upon ariving was the cobblestone road leading up to it through the town, what a novelty for a Northern Ireland boy.

Upon arriving at the park I noticed the chalets which had just been refurbished by the looks of things. I was greeted wit a smile by a lovely English lady and was booked in with ease.

My stay although quite short was great. The entertainment for the kids was brilliant and the staff genuinely seemed to get a buzz from their enjoyment. The drink was reasonably priced and the food was delectable.

There was some space for improvement but it seemed that the improvements were already under way.

The accommodation itself was spacious, cosy and definitely somewhere I would enjoy staying again.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007

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4 / 10
Lovely accomodation pity the rest is run down

"Went for long weekend with children. The chalet was very comfortable and clean. Childrens entertainment was terrible, when I complained the member of staff was very rude, animal farm a disgrace, no miniture railway, childrens outdoor play area had no seating for parents and in a remote area of park, indoor play area cost extra and was only open at certain times, the amusement arcade was only open during pub times and the childrens pool tables out of order for most of the time. The on site shop was good. The park looks as if it was at one time well looked after but now is very run down. The area is nice and quiet but the beach is of stone. Silloth is a nice quiet town but a little run down looking."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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