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Closest airport: Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) (11.8 miles)

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Not great!

"Ok, i booked last minute through teletext online and paid £400 for a week all inc. Now once we got there (35 euros/ 20 mins) from airport we got a room with a balcony facing the pool. Room was very basic/ bathroom was horrible!. To be fair though room was cleaned/changed every day.

The food was ok, but i have had much much better on other all inc hols. Meat/fish, potatoes and veg every day. Breakfast was poor, no hot food!. The drinks were good with the meals but from the bar you had plastic cups and the spirits/fizzy was cheap and tasted awful.

The pool was decent. Entertainment rubbish, nothing to do there at night unless you love carnage on the strip....PLEASE NOTE....THIS IS NOT AN ENGLISH VISITING PART OF CRETE!!!...everyone was either Russian, German, Dutch etc!

The staff were very good.

3* Hotel...

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel
  • Good For: Beach
5 / 10

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not the best

"We arrived at the hersonissos palace hotel at around midnight it looked grotty to say the least.The hotel manager was lovely and friendly and gave us our keys.The rooms were clean but very basic 3star at the most although admittedly it wasnt expensive so you kind of expect that.

The food i found to be awful the worst ive ever had and I have been on many all inc holidays it made me heave at times.We went for an indian in town I have never been so glad to see a curry house it is very difficult to get a decent meal in herssinisos anywhere!.There is no entertainment only a weekly greek night that you have to pay for what a cheek !.The all inc finishes around11 if you want a drink after that you will pay through the nose believe me.The only place you will get a nice meal in nice surroundings is up in the hills (we hired quads good fun)there is a whole different class up there.

The water park is brilliant and well worth a visit Star beach is also not a bad place to visit with jet skis and water slides exetra.

I will admit that we wouldnt visit crete again because we found it not a relaxing place ,we even hired a car and drove out it was still horrid really busy roads and bad beaches.If you want to be up all night clubbing and drinking this is the place for you but anything over 25 you willhate it and dont even think about taking young children there is nothing for them at all.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
3 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

the hotel was clean the staff were...

"the hotel was clean the staff were very friendly and the food was nice. It was not a 5 star like we expect but I have no comlaints for the money it cost. The only coment against the hotel is it is not really child friendly no catering for children and there were not many kids there so it was a bit loud at night.

Nice area though would recomend to anyone without kids

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Argo Holidays
8 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

After calling media travel and...

"After calling media travel and getting a great deal on 5 star hotels all the time and they are realy nice i booked this hotel thinking it was going to be just as nice as all the others.

on arrivel at the hotel we was dropped off at the top of the road and couldnt find the hotel as it was dark. when we found the hotel the person at the reseption just gives you you band and keys and you have got to find your own room.

The rooms are nice and very clean cant fault them realy,

The restraunt sevice is appauling you are not taken to a table you have to find your own and most of the time find your own knife and folk! Then The staff never smile or say hello how are you, The food is ok nothing speical gets boring after a few days. But there is a very nice restraunt down the road it is beutifull food there and not too expensive.

If you or partner ever get ill i wouldnt even bother asking to take any food up to room for them as i found out e.g.

my partner got ill and hadnt eaten any thing so at dinner i asked the staff in the restraunt if it was ok to take him somthing to eat it was just a bit of pizza thats all,

the person who i asked first said yes no problem,

as i walked out of the restraunt the manager who stud at the doors started shouting at me saying (PUT THAT BACK NO ENGLISH ALLOWED TO DO THAT) he said this lots of times in frount of every one, he wouldnt listen that i had asked,he just didnt care why i was taking it. The he grabed the plate and took it away i was very embarested and upset.

The pool is ok and the bar staff are very nice the only staff who are realy.

over all the hotel is average/poor never seen a 5 star mainly because of staff. So hope fully you read this before you go to save you a disapionting holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with media travel
3 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

If you are going to this hotel please...

"If you are going to this hotel please do not listen to the people who have slated this hotel. I went last year and enjoyed every minute of it.

The food was , admitedly, repetitive , but was always to a high quality. There was a buffet where at least 2 types of meat were available and a varied vegetarian choice. There was always a grill which served various meals. Starters were always available and were always a nice taste.

The room is fair enough. If you want to spend every minute of your holiday in your room then admittedly this hotel is not for you as they are a bit small , But for any1 who will be using their room to sleep and spend the odd hour then it is pefectly fine. Cleaned every day with sheets getting changed every second day i think and towels replaced every day.

The drink available was fine. Local wine and lager both of which , although not the strongest , were very tasty . Spirits were also available , and although they were not stated , we were allowed to have other drinks not on the list such as Gin as long as it was not a named brand.

The all inclusive facilities close at 11 at night , but if you want to keep the party going then you can stay in the hotel or visit one of the many pubs , clubs and restaurants within a 2 minute walk.

One thing i did not like was the beach closest , the water was difficult to get into due to rocks

All in all a good hotel

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours
9 / 10

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Myself and my friend stayed in this...

"Myself and my friend stayed in this hotel in Oct 2007. After booking the holiday we looked on the watchdog reviews and were really shocked and worried about going after reading some of the reviews. However we did really enjoy our stay at hersonissos. Although there were some downsides such as food and some of the staff were a tad unfriendly. Another disapointment was that we had no tour representative at our hotel at all so we didnt know what to do there or where to visit however there was an excursion shop just around the corner and the man there was very knowledgeable of crete and recommended places to go. We found that the hotel was in a good location as it was right near the beach and the town so there was much to do. The nightlife was quite good but alot of the bars were shut as it was october. Locals were very very friendly.

All in all we had an amazing time and we just saw it as we were only at the hotel to sleep wash and eat. Hersonissos is a really nice place to go on holiday and DO NOT be put off by other silly POINTLESS remarks made such as the pool arear being wet and slippy obviously its going to be wet!!!

We are also hoping to come back here in this summer!!!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays
8 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

I wish I had read some of these...

"I wish I had read some of these reviews before I had booked this holiday and not on my return. I too was really unhappy with the hotel. The food was mostly tepid, sometimes cold and tasted like someone had tipped a bucket of salt over it.

The all inclusive rating was not all inclusive at all as there were far too many rules including all drinks having to be paid for after 11pm. I asked for a Vodka and Pineapple and was informed that the pineapple had to be paid for but I could have orange which was on the list. They both came from the same brand so I can't for the life of me imagine why one is all inclusive and one isn't.

Although it says it is 70 or 100 meters from a beach, it doesn't tell you that there is a road in between although it is not busy. The receptionist was very helpful when we asked if we could be moved because the noise outside our room was too noisy. One or two of the waiting staff were very cheerful and polite but the majority of them were miserable and standoffish. The food was so bad that we ended up going out for at least one meal each day and I didn't touch the breakfast at all so it ended up costing us a fortune. My partner was 1 minute late for breakfast one morning and the waiters were rude to him and made him feel completely unwelcome.

There was little entertainment in the hotel which consisted of a greek night once a week and you had to pay extra for this which I think is a cheek if you are going all inclusive. Although the hotel itself was clean, I would not class it as any more than a 3 star and I have no idea where they have come up with the 5 star rating. I have recently been to a 4 star hotel in Italy and that was a 10 star in comparison. We also knew of lots of other guests who felt exactly the same way as us. I won't be going back there again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Travel Republic
2 / 10

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After booking with travel agent, I...

"After booking with travel agent, I came online to check out the hotel. How horrified was I to read the above reviews, reported it to the TA who told me there was no way I could alter the booking to another hotel.

So - we went with some trepidation. On arrival (after a horrendous wait at Heraklion airport - but I hear that's normal!) we were offered to go 'all-inclusive' with 14 days for the cost of 10. The eventual cost was approx. £65 per person for the fortnight so we were delighted with this. We were even given a sea-view room!

I said to hubby that we were not unpacking until the room was thoroughly checked out as I was very wary having read the reviews. I could not fault the room and we were very pleased with it apart from one item which I'll detail later.

Our first meal was dinner - all meals are buffet-style - and the choice was excellent. From soup, pasta, 'gravy' meats, loads of veg to salads, cold meats, cheese, desserts - all of which were served at the correct temperature and delicious. The bread was just to die for!! Hubby says to mention that although there were some wonderful cheeses they didn't give any biscuits to put it on!

Being all inclusive now, there were carafes of wine offered and as hubby has red and I have white, we could have one each at both meals! Lunch and dinner served different selections so there was never duplication.

After the meals, we always sat out on the terrace beside the pool, where the drinks were unlimited and the company was good. Coffee, wine, cocktails, certain spirits, and all served by courteous and friendly staff. All meals were so much better than expected and the dining room staff could not have been more helpful.

There were a couple of young families there and the small boys had fun in the pool, the older ones choosing to sunbathe. The pool was quite deep (3.2 mtrs) in places but those venturing in were obviously well equipped to deal with it. There was another pool which we found later on, but I have no idea of depth etc. but there were folks sitting around and using it. Perhaps not the ideal place for families with small children though as there are no facilities for looking after or entertaining them.

The rooms were clean - although sometimes the odd crumb was missed! Beds clean and changed every second day, towels changed daily. Our air conditioning worked every day but was not as efficient as we'd have liked. However, apparently others were satisfied with theirs. The weather was so warm we had to sleep with the balcony door open, which allowed some noise to disturb a little. (The sea was noisy too!!) Perhaps if we'd reported the inefficiency of the air con. it could have been rectified. However, it eventually became unimportant to us.

Virtually all of the staff spoke various languages and could always understand what we were discussing. Hubby had an accident and was confined to the room for a couple of days and the staff were so, so helpful, helping me to organise trays to take up to him. Nothing was too much trouble.

The BBQ was chargeable, admittedly, so having gone all-inclusive, we didn't bother. But judging from the music and laughter coming from the terrace, we wished we had and subsequent reports from other guests were excellent. There was one night of Greek dancing with all ages taking part. The little boys were so funny but clever, doing some balancing acts. It was a good night's entertainment with audience participation.

The location is excellent, being near most facilities. Down the street along the beach - all the restaurants if you needed them and many gift shops. Up the street, shops and supermarkets which catered for just about every need. Further up is the main street of the town with clothes shopping, the bus station and again, most things for good gifts or holiday needs and opportunity for walks to, say, Stalis.

There are plenty of offers for trips available both in the town and down by the harbour. The prices are reasonable - and you have to try the boat trip on the 'Irene' to Sissi. I will not spoil it by divulging anything, but it's very cheap and loads of fun. The bus trip to Heraklion takes only 40 minutes and it is a lovely city.

We briefly visited Chania and Rethymnon and are planning to go to one of them next year. However, should we find nothing available to suit our needs, we would have absolutely NO hesitation in returning to Hersonissos Palace. It was definitely 4 star for us - I guess everyone's definitions of the star ratings are different. We have holidayed all over the world, including many cities in the US but accepting that this is a Greek Island we would say the standard is very good. Just don't like the 'toilet disposal system' (if you've been to Greece you'll know what I mean!) but this is necessary anywhere in Greece so Crete is no different.

Please don't be put off this hotel by the previous comments - either expectations were too high, or the hotel has been vastly upgraded since last year. It offered virtually everything we needed - and we like comfort, friendly service, good location and good food. You'll find it here.

Irene Thomson

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Libra Holidays
8 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

After booking this hotel I read some...

"After booking this hotel I read some of the reviews and was upset by their terrible comments i.e., the holiday from hell, disgusting food, dirty rundown. As you can imagine we were not looking forward to this holiday as much as we should have been. But I need not have worried the hotel was lovely.

The rooms and all public areas were kept spotless .The food was good plenty of choice service was very good and staff friendly and helpful. The hotel is in a great location we enjoyed our holiday. The only thing we felt could have improved it was more entertainment in the hotel.

It just goes to prove that those terrible reviews are so untrue and that I will not allow myself to be upset by them in the future but will judge for myself.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Happy Holidayz
8 / 10

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Loved This Hotel, was Dreading Going After Reading Reviews

"Was deading staying here, as read reviews after booking, but, however, went with an open mind ,I have visited many hotels in Greece, and this by far the best great location and very very clean by most greek standards, rooms spacious, towels and linen changed daily.

A few minutes walk to lively nightlife if you want it, but quiet enougn at this location if need your sleep, best of both worlds! We went fully inclusive and found the food excellnt(and I'm not easy to please at the best of times re food) and actually gained 7 lbs in one week, so be prepared! Probably not the best of hotels for children, as no childs pool, but there was children there who seemed to enjoy themselves enough SERVICE AND COURTEOUSNESS AND FRIENDLINESS FROM STAFF WAS EXCELLANT!

There was a lot of german guests there, along with french and belgians, who may i add were all very friendly, but as travelling to Europe you should expect this, if not stay at home! We did find there was no tourist information in english, so mentioned this, and was a touirist book in english on table within hours!


  • Holiday details: Jul 2006
8 / 10

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We have only ever been all inc on...

"We have only ever been all inc on hols before and never had to pay for almost everything from the pool table through to ice-cream.

There were no snack facilities as promised, the air conditioning only worked for a portion of one day out of seven, the food was very limited and only tepid the same day after day. The sauna never worked, gym in need of repair many broken pieces of equipment and you were still expected to pay for it! The plus point for the hotel was that it was clean and the bed linen changed regularly. Our general opinion is one of no more than 3* and the hotel and surrounding facilities had become greedy as this hotel was the most expensive we have stayed in but by far the worst!!!

As a family of 2 adults and 2 young adults we were able to cope with the lack of activities but dread to think what it would be like to try and entertain young children here.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Media Travel
2 / 10

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holiday from hell

"we think this hotel is totally misrepresentd.it is NOT A 5* we have stayed in better 2*.the beds were hard, the aie conditioning noisy,the food terrible.photo of hotel very misleading,we thought we were at the wrong hotel.there was no entertainment and the babacue was extra even though we were allinclusive.the lounge bar was never open and all guests had to squash into the bar pool on plastice tables and chairs.the resort is loverly but ths hotel has put us of going to crete again

mr mrs mason

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005
2 / 10

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