Heronissos Hotel

14 Filonidou Zotou, Crete 70014, Greece
4.5  / 10
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4 / 10
Ok, made the best of it, wouldnt go back

"Food -ok, basic breakfast. caters more for those eating continental breakfast.

Room- was put in the annexe, dreadful looks like a prison. Explained my dissatisfaction, offered to move us, moved to a 2 bedroom apartment which was great. although shower was very small, cold and flooded the bathroom.

drinks- great in the daytime, not so good in the evening

pool/sunbeds- great

location- excellent

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
Starving for a week

"We was starving !!!!!!!!!!


me and my child and aunty went to the Heronissos hotel never again the food was horrible saled everyday for Conternental breakfast:saled,cheesse,egg,est no toast for lunch:pasta everyday some chips and at evening meal was a lovley homemade soup and thats all i liked and some greek cake all i lived on was chesse and onion sandwichers.No bar food in between meals onley if you paid no ice cream free for the kids

No entertaniment! at all.

The good thing was only 2 mins down to the beach and the veiw of the island is beautiful.

But the hotel is back in time and the staff are no help at all

We went all inclusive.drinks waterd down

Loads of people said the same who was on holiday there in our hotel

So dont come here please save your money book another hotel!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: poor and horrible

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6 / 10
Typical All Inc Hotel abroad

"When we arrived as 4 pairs, we expected 4 double rooms.What we actually got was 2 apartments.One was an actual apartment with two bedrooms,the other was a 1 bed apartment with a lounge where the 2nd couple would sleep.So one couple would have to through the 2nd couples room to to to the loo etc.Not ideal and we should have complained but could not be bothered.The next problem was that the rooms were at the corner of the hotel nearest the beach bars/clubs & overlooked a games arcade with air hockey & punchbags going on throughout the night.Only alcohol & ear plugs got us to sleep.That is if we were not at those pubs/clubs anyway.

The food was fine with the usual breakfast of bread,hams & cheeses you get on the continent with cereal & juice.For lunch & tea you would get two meats,vegetables,potatos in all their forms plus plenty of salads,cheeses,jellies,ice creams etc.One of our party put on half a stone.You do not need bar snacks in between 3 eat all you can eat meals unless you're a real fatty.People who complain about not catering for the English surely must understand that the hotel has to cater for the Dutch majority,English,Spanish,Poles etc.And if you love chips but don't like Potato Croquettes then you must be insane surely.If you want typical English food there's a kebab shop round the corner.The beer is the usual low strength & the pool is fine with a reasonable amount of sun loungers.Get up early or buy a lilo for 5 euros which you can also take to the excellent beach 100 yds away with it's refreshing sea.Or Take a 15 yd stroll the other way to the beach front where there is 100 plus restuarants & bars.You are also 100 yds from catching a boat or bus(very cheap & with air con). The hotel did us a packed lunch when we went on a day trip out & we found the staff friendly.Crete has beautiful beaches,mountains & gorges & plenty of bars so there is something for everyone.The hotel would be a 3 star I think.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make sure you get a proper room
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Ignore all the bad reviews!!! This place is great

"We were a little worried after reading the reviews for this hotel but are pleased to say that they were unfounded.

We had a fab week here, the room was clean and maids came everyday to change towels etc.

The hotel itself although a little older was kept immaculate and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

The food was fantastic!!!!! Something for everyone (even typical English who only eat chips!)

Breakfast time there were cereals, yogurts, bread, cheese, ham, fresh fruit and a selection of 4 hot dishes (eggs, sausages etc)

Lunch and Dinner were similar in that there was a salad bar, bread, ham, cheese, Pasta, chips, and then at least 4 meat dishes traditionally Greek and cooked beautifully, there was a good selection of vegetarian dishes too. Also deserts of traditional Greek cakes, ice cream, jelly, and fresh fruit.

Drinks were great NOT AT ALL watered down. I recommend the special cocktail!!!!

The pool area was great, pool was clean and always adequate sun beds.

Two minute walk from the beach which was beautiful and also numerous shops, taverns, bars etc.

Cannot honestly understand some of the reviews! Cannot fault this hotel

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Already planning our next trip back!
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Ummmm, could be better...

"Well, myself, girlfriend, my friend and his girlfriend went as 2 pairs. We got to our hotel at 2am and the receptionist who was very friendly told us our 2 rooms were very big with a door in the middle, so we assumed they were 2 en-suite rooms with seperate doors to get in and out of the rooms plus a door in the middle. Got to the room and was like an apartment with 2 single beds in main room which were stuck to the floor, and then a side door with a small bedroom with 2 single beds stuck to the floor, not good for 2 couples who are 20 and 21 years old! Next morning went to complain and we got to change rooms to what we expected with no hassle at all, which make you think if they double-booked or if they attempt this sort of thing on younger people who may not stand up for themselves and put them in a lot worse room.

There are not many sunbeds compared to everybody at the hotel, so that could be a little bit of a hassle at times. But the beach is only 100m down the road which is pretty nice and not too busy.

Staff behind the bar could have been friendlier, they seemed like they didnt want to be there most of the time. they'll end all inclusive a bit before 11pm as well and there were no evening hotel entertainment

The staff in the dining area were extremley friendly and hard working. However, the food was absolutley atrocious overall, most of the week i'd have to get some bread and just have a lot of chip sandwiches in order to fill myself up

In our friends room they found a cockroach in the bathroom on the last night which isn't really a good sign is it?

Overall the hotel was definitely not a 4 star, more like a 2 star. But to think we paid 340 pounds for flights, all inclusive hotel, baggage and transfers we didn't really expect much.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Bookable holidays
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10

"This was my first time in Crete/Grecce and also my Honeymoon. We had requested that we would like a room near the pool and that we were Honeymooners-when we arrived we was show to a room facing a brick wall. We asked to change rooms and they said there was only one room with a double bed so we had to push 2 single beds together (this was the first problem).

There is no snack bar and we was told there was, there were no snacks/chrisps at the main bar to purchase or that may be in the all inclusive option which i found quite unusual. The wine at the main bar was watered down and so was the Beer yet when you went for your meal in the restaurant this appeared to be spot in how a glass of wine should be.

The same evening after looking around the Hotel we returned to a flooded balcony and bathroom, i went to reception and was very upset ,the receptionest was quite abrupt and said this will be sorted....yes with a empty bottle placed under the air con pipe-hardly the solution...Going back to the food this was acceptable but not a wide variety to choose from, Children will definatley struggle to eat and maybe starve here, you also had to pay 2 euro for fresh orange with your breakfast which i thought was a joke.

Crete however was wonderful and beautiful, i will return to Crete but not this Hotel.I did read reveiews after i booked my honeymoon but wish i had pre read these, please dont stay at this hotel!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Definately not
  • Activities: Go and vist Spinnalonga -Leper colony
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
hotel looked ok but had cockroaches...

"hotel looked ok but had cockroaches in our room. no childrens pool or anything for kids at all. The food was horible and the booze was well cheap. Was ment to be all inclusive but you had to pay for snacks at the bar and the only thing they did was toasties ham and cheese. they did not cater for children what so ever. The only plus was it was right by the beach and it would be a good base for a group or couples but do not take children under 10."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with hotels4 u

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4 / 10
Down as a 4 star more like a 2 star....

"Down as a 4 star more like a 2 star.

Food awful, staff very rude. Would not advise anyone to stay here. Rooms are small.

Only good thing I can say there is a cafe next door which serves good food. They have no entertainment but they have a bbq which they ask for to pay for 14 euros per person, considering you have paid all inclusive I find abit of a cheek. The day of the bbq they ask you to leave the pool area so they can prepare and if you decide not to go to the bbq they tell you to use the sister hotel for your drinks.

The resort is lovely but this hotel is not.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel

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4 / 10
Do not go to this hotel! Food is...

"Do not go to this hotel! Food is disgusting and definately does not cater for English people. I went with a group of friends and we only ate here a couple of times as the food was so disgusting. I lived on the pasta every time I went to the restaurant, and then that was not very nice at all!

Staff are very rude and do not care about your thoughts and views. There was no point in all inclusive as you could not snack throughout the day. You can only get one drink at a time and then he picks and chooses this rule; sometimes they will give people 2 or 3 or more and then when you ask for that they wont let you. They will a couple of times and as soon as it gets any where near 11pm you’re not allowed!

Rooms are very basic, and would strongly advise that you do not go to this hotel; well only if you want to starve all week!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with global travel

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8 / 10
Upon arriving at our holiday...

"Upon arriving at our holiday destination we were greeted well by the hotel staff who dealt with us in a timely and helpful manner, not only just assisting us to get to our rooms, but also, as there were 4 of us, the option of sharing a 4 person apartment.

The rooms themselves, although I agree were small were more than sufficient as we only really intended to have somewhere to sleep and wash. It is a holiday after all, which is designed for relaxation and sightseeing.

The food was more than satisfactory and kept us well fed. The drink in all inclusive packages are local drinks which is why the quality may not be as high as you would expect. If they sold us Smirnoff and Captain Morgan they would be out of business.

As for the pool area, it was clean, the bar was nice, the waiters (Especially PETROS ) were very friendly and helpful and worked all out to improve our stay as best they could. As for their only being only 50 sunbeds. Clearly untrue, and when have you ever seen 400 people crowded around a pool, when there is a perfectly nice beach 2 minutes up the road? Yet another excuse to have a moan.

It would lead me to believe that if you complain about minor things such as furniture, and number of people at the pool area, and world class cuisine and quality food for over 400 people 24 hours a day, then as I said before, fork out an extortionate amount of money and stay at a posh Hotel that Harbours Marble and Granite Walls ( What’s the point ) your asleep anyways so you can’t enjoy them, and world class 3 piece suits for you to enjoy your holiday indoors watching Sky News 24 all day and eating caviar as your main course. NO thanks!! I'd rather eat soft chicken.

All in all, I had a great holiday with my beautiful girlfriend and two of my closest friends at this Hotel and would not want anyone to use the above reviews to slam this place into the ground, as it was a hotel that catered for all my needs.

After all you can't please everyone clearly.

As to the local wildlife, I didn't see the cockroaches complaining about the accommodation, after all I'm sure they must have been quite disgruntled to have seen you in their room.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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2 / 10
If you expext a 4 star hotel - better find another place.....

"Nothing wrong with staying in a cheap hotel or a pension but:

This Hotel claims to have 4 stars (or maybe 2 x 2 stars)?

Stayed there on a business trip. It if defenetely not what you would expect from a 4 star hotel....

But if you get a cheap deal and you can live with things like warm beer from the bar, thin walls / doors that make you feel like living in the corridor / not changed or replaced towels / paying extra for the safe in the room / a micro TV / empty minibar ..... than this hotel is fine for you...

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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6 / 10
Not as bad as the reviews

"When I first booked this holiday and read the reviews, I was very close to cancelling. I was travelling with my husband and 2 children (aged 9 and 12). Travelled in July 2006(sorry only getting round to writing the review now)

Hotel was very clean and the staff we found very friendly and welcoming. We had a few problems with noise from returners from the nite clubs, hotel management sorted this problem before we had time to complain. ( in fact the clubbers got put out of the hotel- be warned they don't tolerate noisy people).

The food was quite basic, my children had problems some nights eating but always got enough (usually served pasta and soup - a few nights they had chips or other potato dishes) When I read the reviews about the food they said it was awful - but it was all Greek food - what do you expect you are in Greece.The food was what they served in all the outside restaurants.

The only real negative thing I would say about the hotel is the pool, it wasn't really designed with children in mind. Only approx. the first 2 ft of the pool my 9 yr old daughter could stand in. Very deep pool (swimmers only please!!!)

I would recommend this hotel for cleanliness (as maids took a daily trip to all rooms), food and very friendly staff. I would definately say that the reviews were a whole lot worse than what the hotel, staff and food was really like.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006

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