Bungalows Vista Oasis Apartments

Calle Einstein 6, Gran Canaria 35100, Spain
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2 / 10
The writers of 'Benidorm' should come here for inspiration!!

"We have just returned from our 9 night All Inclusive holiday at the Vista Oasis Bungalows. Really, some of the issues here are so bad its funny! The Benidorm writers should come here for a new take on story lines (akin to Fawlty Towers)...

Lets start the script from the moment of arrival... lights-camera- action!! Cue two lively middle aged Brits......

On arrival at reception, we were given our key to our room and a safe key and told if we didn't want it to take the key back - all seemed fine... on the walk down to our room

we passed a lovely pool and surrounds with plenty of sunbeds and parasols. We were quite impressed, then we carried on to our bungalow. It was nice, basic but clean and bright, the kitchen had everything you would require if you went self catering including a kettle and toaster and the fridge was clean. (Unlike other poor reviewers who seemed to get a rough deal with equipment and cleanliness). Other reviewers have said in their reviews that the beds were uncomfortable but we found them perfectly comfortable and had no problem sleeping. There was a large private patio area (tall walls each side for privacy), it had patio furniture and two sunbeds. The view was perfect - landscaped garden area overlooking Playa del Ingles below and sand dunes and sea.

The towels had seen better days, with bleach stains/marks on them, they were changed three times within nine days and the sheets were changed once. Maids cleaned sporadically (our cleaner was a lovely lady always cheerful), came in about three times over our stay.

When we booked this holiday we read all the reviews on the vista oasis and found it was a mixed bunch so we thought ok there are moaners out there who would complain about anything and everyone's point of view is different, their tastes etc. Some reviews said staff were rude and unhelpful and one reviewer replied to this saying the staff could be a little rude but he found if you were polite and courteous to the staff they were fine back with you. I am sorry to report that this was not the case. We are always polite and we have good manners, we said Hola and please and thank you in Spanish to the staff but we were STILL treated with arrogance and rudeness! Some of the staff look down at us as though we were there on a Benefits-paid-for holiday! But the holiday was not what I consider dirt cheap and it was paid for by very hard earned money. I was shocked to read a moment ago that when a reviewer complained to the manager about issues he replied that she should have stayed elsewhere and that the Vista Oasis is "A POOR PERSONS" HOTEL!! Absolutely appalling attitude and this typified what we encountered there.

When you went to reception to ask anything or maybe order a taxi they ignored you whilst they continued with their paperwork, making you wait until THEY were ready to speak to you. This shows utter contempt for guests. Once they deemed it necessary to deal with you, the receptionist would look up and just tilt her head back and grunt and nod (no smile, hola, nothing) You would ask your question and she would look down her nose at you as though you had three heads so you found yourself repeating yourself over and over and on one occasion I was told to return in 30 minutes so I could speak to someone who speaks English. I have never encountered this problem in other hotels, ever, in many years of holidays between myself and my partner (who has widely traveled the world), receptionists usually have a grasp of English and general manners and will do what they can to help, not get told to return later on when someone who can be bothered is there.

The bar/'restaurant' area - I cannot describe this as a restaurant as it's an insult to those types of establishments, its like a large conservatory/canteen affair with garden furniture. There is an older man at the bar in the evenings who, once he got to know you, was perfectly polite. There was a young girl, however, serving the drinks, who didn't say ONE WORD when you smiled and said hola and ordered your drinks. She would just stare at you and flounce off after plonking your drinks (in plastic cups..) in front of you. I would say Gracia, but not a word back from her. SO rude. Funnily enough, there was a large group of Germans in the hotel who she would laugh and joke with. You can't order a pint of beer as you cannot get it over to them explaining it politely, you are only given a half pint unless you are a paying guest (not all inclusive). All inclusive guests are always served drinks in plastic glasses and even if you ask for real glasses you cannot have them. This is not the case with other non inclusive guests who will get glasses for their drinks (so it cannot be for safety-around-the-pool reasons that AI guests are given plastic cups??).

Now I would like to tell you about the SCHOOL CANTEEN. You even have to clear your own plates and scrape the left overs into a slops bin (I haven't done anything like this since schooldays). The food was disgusting. I can eat almost anything, being a burly builder, but I struggled to digest their appalling slop.

There are a lot of German and Scandinavian OAPS staying there, who were on some kind of group holiday from an OAP home! They would congregate outside the canteen doors around half an hour before mealtimes, like a flock of pigeons waiting to get into a grain store, to be first in line for when the doors opened. They would race each other on their simmer frames, walking sticks and wheelchairs to get to the food. We could not at first understand why as there must be plenty of food to go around everybody so we hung back. To us it was entertainment to watch them, little knowing that was the best entertainment the hotel could offer the whole holiday, watching them battle each other for the toaster and coffee machine. We later realized it was to get the best pickings of the buffet but most of all to get the food hot. Although the food is in warming trays and under heat lamps, it soon becomes brown and dry with turned up edges on the meat and tough but cold inside. The food is so dry and tough its a problem to chew and we found we suffered with indigestion most days as the food just would not go down. I nearly broke a tooth myself one night trying to bite into a piece of lamb. Breakfast is scrambled egg that is a solid dry lump massed together in its tray that you had to cut with a serving spoon to get some. There were fried Frisbee (eggs), small hotdog sausages and strips of bacon that was swimming in an inch of fat but on the top were hard and overcooked. There were soft cornflakes, some form of yogurt, fruit, cheese and ham. Midday and evening meals were more or less the same rubbish. Chips, sliced shriveled pork or lamb, beef stew resembling an opened can of Chum, chicken stew (very dry and tasteless) oh and did I forget to mention the ever present chips ? There was a salad bar, which is not for me, but my partner preferred the salad as the cooked meals were inedible. Most of the food served at the Oasis I do not consider fit for human consumption.

Our conclusion is that the room was fine and adequate with a great view. However, I would never come again to this hotel FULL STOP, end of story. But if you do come, do not go all inclusive you will be wasting your money as I feel sure you will be going out to eat somewhere else even you have paid all inclusive. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere, there is nowhere nice to walk around the hotel area. There is NO FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT locally. The entertainment at the hotel is not to our taste, A magic show one night, Kareoke another which was performed to a indifferent audience who weren't participating and a band one night who I felt sorry for as there must have been about ten people watching. So all inclusive drinks you miss out on as you will probably want to get a taxi into Playa Del Ingles. (One night there was just myself and partner sitting outside the bar, no one was about) Thank god we met some great lads from Scotland who really cheered us up and we had great laughs with. Thanks Ozzie and pals!!

We can recommend getting a taxi to Playa Del Ingles to the irish bars, particularly Mulligans, its a must for a fantastic evening, two great singers/guitarists who will play your requests. Lots of singing and dancing, all nations there enjoying themselves.

If you want to stay at the hotel and you consider looking at the stagnant pond and fish tank at the bar, you will see more life in there than at the Vista Oasis at night!!

Also be prepared to have a note left in your room DEMANDING can you please!!! (with many unnecessary exclamation marks) go to reception to pay for the safe -. I don't think this is explained clearly enough.

Although this hotel could really ruin your holiday, it didn't for us, as we made the most of it, laughing at the bad points, and meeting great people for laughs in the sun and found fabulous places at night in town. (Special mention for the Elvis impersonator Tom Alston down at a beach restaurant (I've forgotten the name) who performs every evening)

All in all, TERRIBLE STAFF attitudes (with the exception of a few) and DISGUSTING FOOD and THE WORST location. Stay here at your peril!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with on the beach

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8 / 10
Great apartments, quiet location, lousy beds

"I'm writing a long in-depth review of this place, because I would have liked to see one before I left on my holiday. I hope this is of some help to people considering to book here!

I stayed at the Vista Oasis for a week. It was the first time we went to the canaries and I had compared lots of offers and read up on lots of reviews here on TripAdvisor. We didn't have a lot of money to spend and I read lots of bad reviews of other last-minute budget places (usually about dirty & noisy apartments) and I had become a bit wary of the last-minute scene. Until I found the reviews for Vista Oasis, which were generally postive. It mattered most that the apartments seemed to be clean, according to all reviews here. So we booked our package (flight & acommodation) for 265 euro each including all taxes with Budget Travel in Dublin.

After an exhausting and awfully cramped midnight flight we arrived at Vista Oasis at 6:30 am in the early morning. Ok, I guess that's why it was so cheap :) However Vista Oasis immediately made a good impression on me, as the check-in was extremely quick and we could head right to bed. The receptionist just took our passports as a temporary bond and gave us a key, and we could finalize the other formalities in the morning. This was very welcome because we were longing for a good sleep.

The apartments themselves turned out to be bungalows, instead of the 30-story highrise I had expected, having seen many photos of Playa Del Ingles during my preparations. I was also pleasantly impressed with the size of the bungalows. Our bungalow had a spacious living room with one couch/bed and another bed, a dresser with TV (more about this later), a big-enough kitchenette. There was also an extremely spacious patio with 4 garden chairs, a table and a sunbed.

The bathroom was spotlessly clean and featured a large mirror, and even a bath with shower. It also was quite spacious. Towels and toilet paper were also provided.

The bedroom, finally, consisted of two single beds and I have to say that these were the only disappointment during our stay here. I was prepared to cope with two single beds, but the mattress on one of them was so worn out that I actually had marks on my body from the springs that stuck out. The mattress on the other bed was a lot better so I let my girlfriend have it as she has back problems.

The first night I kept waking up because of these sore spots from the hard springs, and eventually I used the two thick blankets that were provided underneath my base sheet. These made the bed bearable and I slept OK on it for the rest of the week. I must admit that I didn't try complaining to reception at all about this because I didn't want to be moved to another apartment and because the mattress was in such a bad shape that I couldn't imagine having been the first person to try asking for a replacement. And luckily with the two blankets it was fine.

There was also a safe provided, which could be rented for 2 euros a day. I strongly recommend doing this, it is not much for the safety of your belongings. The 12 euro they charge for a week is easily worth that. Which brings me to the following point: There are not many modern conveniences available. Even something as simple as a kettle had to be rented, albeit for a small fee. Also no microwave either (also available for rent only)There were a few pots & pans and cutlery. The TV could not be operated before paying 15 euro for a week. You do get a lot of satellite channels for that, but we didn't bother, we don't watch much TV at home. I thought asking money for basic stuff such as a kettle was a bit over the top though.

The aparments have a free cleaner every day, and I recommend keeping the key in the lock on the inside if you intend to sleep in late otherwise the maid might walk in as happened to us on the first morning. She was very nice though and even though we didn't need any cleaning she provided us with clean towels and toilet paper every day.

The pool and the bar/restaurant looked nice but we didn't use them. Instead we went out, there are 2 beaches nearby, one small one in Maspalomas to which there is a courtesy bus, and one really large and touristy one in Playa Del Ingles. Here you can rent two sunbeds and an umbrella for 7,50 per day. There is also a promenade in both places, which were very, very touristy.

We had too many bad experiences with the touristy restaurants on the promenades. One of them even served me a pizza with apple sauce instead of tomato sauce. It was disgusting. I recommend staying away from these places. If looking for a good restaurant in the area, "Papa Joe's" in Playa Del Ingles was excellent and affordable and we were very sorry we only found it on the last night of our holiday. The chinese across the road was also good. In any case, stay away from the cheesy pizza/grill promenade places, especially the ones with the people outside asking you to come in. The food must be really bad if they have to resort to beg you to come and eat there, and in the cases where we tried, it indeed was.

But getting back to the Vista Oasis in particular, it is kind of far from the main town in Playa Del Ingles. If you are looking for a quiet holiday and just want to enjoy the sun or travel through the mountains (beautiful!), and enjoy a quiet night's sleep without being interrupted by loud music or drunk people shouting, Vista Oasis is perfect for you. We were never woken up once by noise.

If instead you want to spend every night on the town partying, then pick something in Playa Del Ingles, otherwise you'll be having to hop into a taxi every time you want to come home. It's way too far to walk to the resort. The taxi's are cheap but if you want to dress up before going out etc you still have to pay for the trip back and out again so I wouldn't recommend that.

I personally enjoyed the quiet life up the hill at the Vista Oasis so I was glad I picked it. Whenever we did go somewhere we stayed out for the whole day so the distance was not a problem.

One more word about the staff which had some bad reviews here, when we stayed the staff were very nice and helpful. They all spoke very good english and they were always friendly. Especially the cleaning lady who was always very nice and always said hello if we saw here somewhere on our way out.

In general, I would really recommend this place, except for the beds. If they would improve on that they would be the best I ever stayed at for a budget place. It is not the usual last-minute sun holiday party place but I think this is a very strong point for people looking for something else.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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10 / 10
most relaxing non-invasive enviroment

"My friend and I have recenlty returned from a wonderful relaxing holiday at Vista Oasis. She had not travelled before., It was my 6th time in Gran Canaria and 1st time I was able to sleep at night, having endured, rather than enjoyed the noise levels of playa del Ingles. Apartments were basic, but clean, and regular maid service. Juan on the desk was most civil, courteous and helpful, as wre all the staff. THe cost of calling Ireland from the Apartment was amazingly low and not the usual rip-off. We stayed in room 86, with the advantage of being beside the shop, reception, internet etc, had a great view of the pool. The house cat called us at 8am daily and returned for feedign at 6pm. so if you go there, please continue to feed her.,

We will definitely be back. Bus to beach regular and air conditioned. Pity the apartments arnt air conditioned. Irish people travelling with Budget Travel, beware of PRICES, check the Grman operators for same tours and nights out, they are nearly half price. Our rep was non-accommodating and totally unflexible with tours etc, smelt rip off everywhere. However the bungalows were good and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Some reviews speak of the drunken Irish, indeed we had no such experience, but rather, the apparition of English Lager Louts, who were drowning their sorrows, ungracefully at being knocked out of the world cup. Sympathy to Wayne Rooneys back-street-boy tactics were evident in the amount of San Miguel beer being drunk, however, they were on hol just like ourselves and a modicum of tolerance is always beneficial in such a situation.

IRISH DID NOT INVENT THE EVIL BREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006

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2 / 10
dont go...

"went to the afore mentioned accomadation, i must say i was glad to get out of there, i found the staff to me very rude and unhelpfull, the food was horrid and just slapped up in front of you, also if you like the thought of screaming kids running around like little duracell bunnies from 9am till after midnight...by all means. also the music from the bar can be deafening at night time (they also do karakoee)...... cant say that i will return."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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8 / 10
Great Budget Holiday Location

"Our family of two adults and two children stayed at these bungalows for two weeks just prior to Easter. It was a great holiday for the sun, sea and relaxation. The location we chose was one of the best, being in Masapolomas near to a great beach and only a short drive from the main towns. I was pleased with the location of the hotel, as it was away from the bustle of the towns and having a car made life easy to get about. There is of course the benefit of having a bus service nearby. I was rather disappointed to start with, due to the reception staff who were particularly unfriendly and did not make us feel at all welcome. However, we had a lovely room with a sea view, which was reasonably clean and up together, with a maid service five times a week. The accomodation is quite basic and we had to make a number of requests to get enought crockery and pillows for four people. However, the staff were kind enough to give us a kettle, rather than using a saucepan for two weeks.

The hotel has a nice pool which is split into two sections, which was ideal for the kids to play in. There are also plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas around the pool. Be careful of the tiles around the edge though, which are sharp in places and caused me to receive a 2" gash down my arm when playing with the kids. It was also a bit disappointing that it was not a bit cleaner. There was mould in between all the tiles and mould floating all along the bottom of the pool. Hopefully, this may now have been rectified as there was a diver cleaning in between the tiles on our last day only using a table knife.

We only had one meal at the hotel, which was breakfast on the first day. This consisted of toast and some foul coffee, so not suprisingly, we got our own breakfast in and ate out almost every night. The hotel was not particularly busy when we went, which may the reason why there was almost no entertainment. However, there are some great restaurants in Maspolomas and Playa del Ingles which have good evening entertainment.

On the whole though, the bungalows were a great place to use as a base, particularly considering the amount it costs to stay there. Just don't expect too much, particularly from the staff and spend your evenings going out.

  • Holiday details: May 2006

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8 / 10
Super Oasis..

"Hi y'all, We, my bueatiful wife and I, have just returned from a trip to Gran Canaria, (the excuse was business, but we had a great holiday out of it!!), and we'd just like to add our views.

The Vista Oasis bungalows are pretty near the top of Sonnenland and, if you get bungalows 60 to 64 you have a stunning view over Maspalomas and on down to the dunes and the sea. GO THERE!! Don't let others scare you. The place is great, has an excellent team in reception, (Paco is a scream!!), and is perfectly placed for most things.

Quiet yet near enough for the nightlife, reasonable restaurant and bar, occasional entertainment and a bus to the beach every day.

OK, it's not theRitz... if you wanted that you would have booked it anyway right? The bungalows are basic but clean and looked after daily by both Maids and maintenance guys. Our apartment, 61, was clean, tidy and well stocked with equipment for our stay. Beds are better than average and 'Maided' 5/7.

Down side? Well, it depends on your sense of humour I guess. We were taken aback by the sudden change during the fortnight. When we arrived, Wednesday before Easter, the place was bulging at the seams with Spanish (Local Canarians and Mainlanders who have two weeks off before Easter) and was absolutely marvellous. Such a friendly race and the friendliness rubs off. Everyone was 'mates'. 'Hola's everywhere. Then came Easter and home they all went on Sunday. Leaving behind the few of us independents and a herd of Irish who came in after the hol. Oh Goodness!! There's nothing more amusing than drunken Irish. They have NO idea what to do or say. Seem terrified to leave the establishment and have about as much control over their kids as a man herding cats.

The down side of this is of course that the noise of screaming kids and arguing drunken Irish goes on into the wee hours. Again, if you are up in the 60's it doesn't really bother much, but don't be round the pool if you wanna sleep. They seem to pass out around 2ish in the morning but they do sleep it off until about 10 so not too bad.

All in all, it's a good place to go. Go in the holiday season if you want the locals as neighbours. Go OUT of season if you wanna laugh.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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10 / 10
My Place In The Sun

"I have stayed in the vista oasis apartments on at least 12 occasions and cannot recommend it highly enough.i have holidayed in various resorts staying mainly in self catering accomodation but none can compare with what i now feel is my second home.The apartments are tastefully furnished throughout with a very spacious living/dining area.There is large balcony or terrace area,many having a view of the glorious freeform pool or/and the sandunes of maspalomas.The staff are both friendly and efficient giving it the feeling of a family run business.If you are looking for a holiday in a peaceful location yet within easy access to all the resort has to offer,i would suggest you make vista oasis your second home too."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006

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10 / 10
A very relaxing week

"My wife and I stayed at the Vista Oasis during the first week in December 2005. We only wanted peace and quiet ... and sun. We got exactly what we wanted.

The bungalow had a very private balcony overlooking the pool, the golf course and the sea. The sun was on the balcony from 8.30am until about 5.00pm and the temperature was 23 - 24 degrees. In December that was very nice!!!

The restaurant on the site was good value (3-course buffet for €8, well cooked with plenty of choice) and there were good restaurants within easy walking distance.

The apartment, while it was basic, was clean, comfortable, in good condition and cleaned regularly.

The pool area was nice, plenty of sun beds, and the water was clean. One pool was unheated, and therefore very cold.

The free bus service into Maspalomas was excellent and always on time. But beware of the people offering scratch cards. It's time-share selling by another name, but you can waste the best part of a day if you take up their offer.

Remember that the apartments are in Sonnenland, so they cater for many German holiday makers. We had no problems with that, in fact it makes you realise that you are in a foreign country!

We would certainly go back there, and we don't usually do that.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006

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4 / 10
Below Average

"Just had a week stay at these apartments and to be honest I was glad to get back, although the apartments are clean and the pool area is quite nice the staff at the reception are rude and very unwelcoming could not get a smile or even hello out of any of them, the front door gets locked at 12am and you have to knock very loudly to get in and recieve a look of disgust from the night porter, the entertainement is non-existant christmas eve bar closed at 10pm and christmas day was not much better.

Would advise anyone to stay away.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

8 / 10
Slice of Heaven

"On entering the Vista Oasis we were greeted by a lovely man, that for the week we stayed there (10-16 October 2005)couldn't have been nicer to us. The staff were very friendly.

The location is quiet and so relaxing, you can almost forget that you're on an island renown for partying. The complimentary bus is punctual and comfortable.

For night life the Vista Oasis is ideally placed. Maspalomas is surrounded by Playa des Ingles (lively),Puerto Rico(different), Maspalomas centre (relaxing), Farador(classy)and Holiday World(entertaining).

I will be definetly be returning.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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10 / 10
great for a relaxing holiday

"very clean, family friendly and relaxing. quiet and a little far out but there is a courtesy bus several times a day to the beach and taxis are very cheap 3 - 4 euro to most places. would stay here again"

  • Holiday details: May 2005

11 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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