Trevelgue Holiday Park

Porth, Newquay TR8 4AS, United Kingdom
6  / 10
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10 / 10
I'm so sorry you have gone, What am I to do now!

"I have been going to Trevelgue since I was about 10 with my family, I am now over 50 and have been going twice a year every year.

I cannot believe its gone and been taken over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think it will be the same price as it was when it was Trevelgue, I doubt if I am going to be able to afford to go now its taken over.

At trevelgue everyone rented a caravan they are doing caravan ownership now which means high prices, not so many caravans to book.

The entertainments team were great, they actually remembered you when you went back, I bet they have been replaced.

I am really sad, Thank you Trevelgue for all the fantastic memories.

I don't know how we are going to afford to go this year, Trevelgue was my only hope of getting away to such a wonderful place.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go with the flow
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10

"Hey people what do you really want do you live in the caravans no the park is in a fantastic place amazing position have stayed twice, ok caravans need tender loving care but can you fault Adam and his team they make the holiday for the kids, if you want 5 star then pay for it but if you want a good time then be quiet and stay here"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Get out see the beaches enjoy all day then go see adam and his team who WILL MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY

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1 / 10
Worst holiday park!!!!

"Well where do I start?! After driving from Berkshire at 5.30am we were desperate to get the park and make the most of our holiday. We knew we couldn't check in till 3pm but thought we'd have a venture round the park and enjoy the facilities while we waited. Well what a mistake!! Upon arrival we spotted the play park, that hasn't even been built yet!!! then went in Herbie's cafe to get a drink and snack ( as the chip shop they advertise looked like it was shut down) and the whole place looked like it had not been cleaned for weeks! After coming out and deciding we wouldn't be eating there again we ventured over to the arcade.....well if u can call it that! The place had no carpet, just a dirty concrete floor, a few 2p machines with no prizes in and about a dozen fruit machines half of which were broken!

When we finally got our keys to the caravan we were even more disgusted! It's one thing having no facility, which they falsely advertise they have but another to expect people to live in vile conditions. After heading to reception and handing the keys back as refused to stay in that caravan, the lady gave us keys to 2 other caravans, so we could choose which one we preferred. Neither were great, but better than the first so we chose the best one out of the two and armed with cleaning products ( brought from their shop that had more empty shelves than full) we spent the first day of the holiday scrubbing the caravan and covering the Lounge furniture in extra sheets we'd brought so it was at least liveable for the duration of our stay.

I can honestly say this is the worst park I've ever been to and am baffled anyone would even recommend it!!

The only thing I could recommend was the entertainment, the guys was hilarious and spent most of the evening taking the p**s out of the park

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
worst holiday experience

"Caravan was filthy and practically falling apart, toilet leaked, taps faulty, steps entering the caravan were wobbly & only one bolt my daughter fell into it which caused a big gash on her leg, noone investigated or came to check her after informing tge recption staff on 2 occasions, as advertised on website playground for children, there was one still to be seen, visited the indoor pool & changing areas were disgusting & had to ask for them to be

Cleaned & to top it all off they were scooping Poo out of the pool!!!!! Wouldnot recommend to anyone

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10

"I was a little apprehensive reading some of the reviews, but I can honestly say our caravan was spotless, the staff were lovely, entertainment the best, kids entertainment was of the highest level.

Both indoor and outdoor pools were absolutely brilliant.

We will definitely go again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Upgrade your caravan
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
The best caravan site and best location!!!

"Don't listen to the bad reviews, I couldn't complain about the caravans they had everything a family of 4 needed! They're not the most luxurious caravans but good enough for a family who don't stay on site very much.

The pool was good and surprisingly the outdoor pool was warm! The indoor pool was good also. So I can't complain about the pools. The location is great there are lovely beaches and plenty to do for all the family!!!

Personally it was the best holiday I ever had so I definitely recommend this to anyone!!!

Definitely try this out!!! I am 11 years old and my mum is taking me and my sister again this year in August we can't wait!!!


  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The pool

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8 / 10
Great evening entertainment for everyone

"Out of all the sun holidays we have been on, this is our favourite park. The caravans might be a bit dated, but the entertainment more than makes up for it. It has the best entertainment team ever! The kids enjoy the kids club and we enjoy the bingo. Their pantomime is hilarious, well worth keeping the younger kids up late for. We have been 3 times now and hope to go again this year.

The location is good and all the staff are friendly. The only down side being the rules in the swimming pool are extremely strict and it has restricted opening hours for the indoor pool, meaning that you can't go out for the whole day and have a swim when you get back.

Would definately say to give it a try.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go to the evening entertainment.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Worst caravans ever - don't go!!!

"I went here a few months back for the Run to the Sun festival. We got to our caravan and found the following:

It smelt like dogs

Dog hairs all over the seats

Cigarette burns in the seats

Stains all over the carpets

Holes in the bathroom door

I did not make a complaint while there because we couldn't be bothered moving to another caravan after a 350 mile trip. I made a complaint when I returned home and they were completely useless. The customer service manager does not have a clue. They were not interested in what I had to say because "You didn't register a complaint on site". Great customer service eh!? Please, do not go. For the money it is not worth a penny and they do not care when you want to make a complaint.

By the way, ours was not the only one like this. We talked to loads of others staying there who said exactly the same - dirty, disgusting and out-dated caravans.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't stay in their caravans. Go somewhere else.

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8 / 10
Good Cheap Family Holiday.

"Me my wife and 2 sons (4 years and 1.5 years) went on a sun 9.50 holiday here and enjoyed our stay. We read the views on here and didnt know what to make of it. But when we got there it was fine. ok not the hilton but it was a cheap holiday for us. The park has good facilities on site however we didnt use them much as packed alot into our 4 days. very close to a big beach mainly with familys on it and lifeguard patrolled (about 10 min walk or 2 min drive) 5 min drive from the centre of newquay and about 10 min drive from fistral beach (surfers). Our caravan was good however we did upgrade. some of the caravans around us could of done with a good hose down to make them look a bit cleaner on the outside. there was security on site at night and i did see regular patrols which was reassuring. i would stay here again on a sun holiday as i think it location a facilities are very good"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010

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6 / 10
Nice enough but with some flaws

"We went to this caravan site as part of the Sun's £9.50 holiday offer in April 2010 and stayed for 3 nights over the weekend. There were 4 of us and my young nephew (6 months old). We stayed in a 6 berth static home.

The site is in a nice valley about 3/4 of a mile from the B road and sea. There is a pool, arcade, caberet club etc but we didn't use these.

The caravan was very clean on arrival although there was some litter around the entrance to the caravan which we had to brush up. There was also quite a lot of litter in the hedge around the caravan. I think the caravans were a bit too close together so it felt claustrophobic even though the camp wasn't that busy.

The caravan was comfortable enough although the hot water wasn't that hot, which mean a lukewarm shower which wasn't ideal. However, the caravan came with everything you'd need for your hols including a bucket, corkscrew and all that kind of stuff.

Unfortunately there seems to be a camp site aimed at younger people (18-30) attached to the family site. And even though this is supposed to have a separate entrance, there is a walk-way through the site which is noisy at night (we were right next to the main walkway through). So we were woken up by people leaving the site and arriving home in the early hours on the Friday and Saturday night (not sure why they allow them to use the family site as a through fare). However, we didn't hear any noise from the actual site although I think we were some distance away.

Location-wise the site is near Porth beach which is really nice. There are also some nice cliff-top walks and a couple of public footpaths nearby. It is possible to walk to the beach at Porth although it's a good 20 minute walk and up and down some steepish hills along a quiet road with no footpath (not sure how quiet it would be in high season).

Overall, we enjoyed our stay apart from the issues I have mentioned and for £9.50 per person, I can't complain. But there are clearly issues with the attached 18-30 site that need to be addressed.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010

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10 / 10
Brillient - do not listen to bad reviews

"My husand and i have just came back from Trevelgue holiday park, which we got through the sun newspaper on one of their £9.50 holidays. I read the reviews on here and thought this was going to be an absoloute nightmate..... but it couldnt have been further than the truth. The camp is clean and tidy, friendly staff, clean and nice sized caravan ( we was in the basic one and it was lovely), reasonable prices in on site shop and drinks in the club. There is 2 pools, which we didnt use but seemed to be very popular, and the evening entertainment was brillient. All in all i would def return here, and recommend. It was very quiet throughout our stay.... maybe if you want a relaxing holiday then go in the winter months rather than the summer."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009

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8 / 10
Much better than expected...

"We booked Trevelgue through The Sun newspaper and after reading the reviews we were a little unsure to say the least. Our caravan was basic and dated but was adequate and had everything in you need. It looked pretty clean ,I still gave it a clean over to freshen it up. We used the caravan as a base to explore Cornwall throughout the day so therefore cant comment on what the park is like during the day. We did go to the cabaret club on an evening and really enjoyed the entertainment they have the usual kids entertainment, bingo then an act. We used the pool once and unfortunatly the changing rooms let it down they had wet floors and only 2 showers and 3 cubicles I decided to walk back to the caravan with my towel wrapped round me as many people did. All in all we had a good time and would definatly go again but would upgrade to a better caravan."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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