The DreamLand Luxury Villas & Spa

Jl. Raya Uluwatu Gang Kahuripan No.69, Bali 80361, Indonesia
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Great honeymoon

"We stayed 7 nights here in our honeymoon, and had a great stay. The villas are great! By far the largest hotel room I have ever stayed in. Great for a romantic getaway. The only thing not perfect with this place, is that it is a bit far to the beach, and not much to do in the neighbourhood."

Management response from ulatun, 30 Aug 2010

Thank you for your credit given. in regard to the transport to the beach, we currently have conducted 5 times to the dreamland beach or Labuan Sait (padang padang beach). Padang Padang beach, as you may ever heard is also known as a venue that was taken for the latest movie for "Eat, Pray and Love" by Julia Robert, which recently released and may reach other countries in November 2010. Look forward another visits to Bali and Dreamland Villa and spa. Cheers.. Ulatun

10 / 10

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Comfortable and perfect for privacy

"After a week of pondering over several hotel/villa, my husband and I chose to stay at the Dreamland Villa and Spa, due it's affordability, location, and great reviews. For a villa with a private pool, Dreamland is highly affordable. The price per night is cheaper than a room in some luxury hotels. Its also close to Dreamland beach and has a nice view of Jimbaran beach from the lobby. We didnt mind the absence of beach view from the room, we were busy enjoying the lovely pool and jacuzzi anyways. *I think the jacuzzi is available as per request.

The villa gave us a complimentary airport transfer (a very friendly driver - Pak Made), a honeymoon cake (which was delicious), 15 minutes free head and shoulder massage, and 2 glasses of fresh fruit juice. We have also enjoyed the breakfast, which was limited in variety but very nice nevertheless.

The room was large with canopy bed and a sitting area. Lots of storeroom, maybe the most numbers of closets I've ever found in a (hotel) room. The bathroom is even more spacious, double washing bins, separate shower and hi tech toilet.

I won't really say that the villa is luxurious though. Maybe it was several years ago, but now its a bit tattered here and there, especially with the furnitures which has loads scratches, stains, and the sofa was ripped (covered nicely with a pillow when we first came into the room). Some paints are peeled, but nothing major.

Having said that, in general we have enjoyed our 2 nights stay at the villa and would recommend it to those who need a comfortable and private place for a getaway.

8 / 10

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nice villa, but not fantastic enough for a second chance

"First time staying in Dreamland, stayed for 2 nights,during our 10day trip to Bali. As it was during the New year period, hotel/villas were fully booked by the time we tried to book, had alot more villas in mind, but only this were available, since it looks good and has good raves, we decided to go ahead.

Was greeted w friendly staffs. when the staff open the door to our villa, we were pretty pleased with the size of the pool,and the huge villa.

room was good,bathroom was good. but after while, we realised it wasnt very cooling. as there is only one pathetic tiny aircon for the WHOLE villa, including the bathroom as there isnt any physical door seperating the room and the bathroom, just a curtain. so we dint have a good night sleep for 2 nights. as we are not used to sleep without aircon,and the tiny table fan they provided with us, was barely enough to fan one of us. we woke up all sticky and sweaty.

they should really do something to it.

definitely not returning, as i am sure there are better villas of the same value out there.

8 / 10

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Really nice for a private getaway

"Amazing villas! If you want to get away from the hussle of Bali this is it. Our villa had a private outdoor pool and massage area. The inside was very spacious with surround sound speakers, and a large bed. There was also a Jacuzzi inside and DVD player. Very good for a private getaway or pampering!"

10 / 10

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GREAT Stay at Dreamland! With tiny glitches =)

"We took the 4N Honeymoon Package (after a long thread of emails being sent back and forth with the Asst. Front Office Manager, Gede - who was very helpful and patient with all our queries) and arrived at Bali on 20 December 2009.

We were overwhelmed by the craziness outside Denpasar Airport - There were so many drivers from different hotels standing and waving nameplates to welcome their guests. Except us. A little disappointed. Apparently when we changed our flight no., the driver was not informed. We hang around the airport for over an hour before the driver reached.

The ride to the villa compensate for the late pick up. Spacious transport, cool air con and friendly driver who was very informative.

Dreamland is about 25-30 mins ride uphill from the airport and it is very remote and quiet - unlike Kuta. Like the other reviews, yes it is true that the staffs value your privacy.

They always clean your villa in the morning while you are out for breakfast and by the time you return, every thing was cleared/cleaned/replaced.

Other than the huge room and bed, bathroom and jacuzzi, backyard and pool and the wonderful view from the lobby and your villa (Dreamland is at the top of the hill so the breeze was wonderful and you get a seaview too!), the service provided by the staffs were second to none. They remembered our names, always have a smile on their face, and they are always ready to share tips and information about the area.

The spa treatment was great too! It was not rushed and definitely bliss. We received a small spa gift after the session too.

No cockroaches or lizards spotted - only a huge rat. Came out in the middle of the night and scurried away into the darkness. Safe to say it was spotted only once and it did not really bother us.

The toilet is a real guessing game though. The manual is in Japanese i think and since we did not bother to call up the front desk, we tried every single button once before we actually use the toilet.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bath foam, soap and bath salts were replaced daily except for toothbrush, shower cap, vanity set (cotton pad and q-tips), comb and sewing kit.

Garden seafood party was excellent - They decorate your backyard and grilled fresh seafood on the spot.

Staffs helped us to arrange for fast food delivery and they are always packed with tour information and some staffs actually offered to drive you themselves during their rest days (with a reasonable price) if you are wary of trusting outside operators!

The only warnings we have are for Muslim travellers. Apparently when you talk about Halal Muslim food, to the staffs it is just taking off pork from the menu. We were assured by Gede that we will be able to have Halal food and during our stay we were actually served food containing alcohol and we were sceptical about the beef and chicken that was served to us, wondering if the meat are slaughtered the Muslim way. That was the only main thing that upsets us during the stay as since the package we paid for was inclusive of fine dining food, we felt cheated as most of the time we had to take a cab (or dial in) for fast food (which luckily, are halal-certified by the government - McDonalds,KFC,Pizza Hut). So just a little friendly warning from us.

Overall - Wonderful stay at Dreamland, and we wish to back (without taking the food inclusion!)!!

8 / 10

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Luxury private pool villa at an affordable price!

"My husband and I chose to stay the last two nights of our honeymoon in Bali at Dreamland Villa- Uluwatu. Although the location is not that great it is ideal for honeymoon couples. The hotel has a free shuttle to Dreamland beach which is like 10 minutes away and it's gorgeous. Or you can rent your own car/bike which is the best thing to do when holidaying in Bali.

We booked with for around $136/night (incl. breakfast -nothing to write home about) which was a steal given that the rack rate for one bedroom villa is $300+taxes! I guess the price would have jacked up further had the villas had any sea view which sadly none of the villas have.The room was clean and very spacious.The pool was big and the wall fountain was a nice touch. We stayed in the villa named "Ubud" that had twin beds joined as one to form a double bed. But they were very comfortable. The restaurant closed down for the night but room service was available 24/7.The staff - ever courteous and friendly. The property is quite big and everyone has to use the buggy to travel within the property.

Like the previous reviewer mentioned the villas (esp. the walls surrounding the villa) do need some touch up and the grass around the gazebo needs to be trimmed. But those are minor cons. The spa was pretty expensive as with most hotels. The cheapest full body massage was Thai massage for $30/hour. They do give a coupon for a free 20 mins head&shoulder massage for one couple during the stay.

There is no free wi-fi but the hotel has an internet room that can be availed free for one hour per day. Also books/magazines and DVDs could be borrowed for no extra charge.

Overall it was a very relaxing and luxurious stay at Dreamland Villa and we would surely be returning!

10 / 10

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Great villas for great price

"Stayed in DLV for 11 nights from 14th February 2010. Just to begin - as many people mentioned its location as not perfect, I give it 5 stars. I had rented car which you want to do while in Bali anyway - I paid 247 USD for 12 days for a small jeep and petrol is like 1/3 EUR / liter...we travelled all the Bali in the crazy Balinese style traffic :) So the location is for us great - yes, far from any life but you can enjoy nightlife in Kuta if you want and have calm night in your Villa. The Dreamland beach is ca. 7 mins by car from the hotel and you can stay by newly built Klapa club...prices a bit higher but place to sit, drink and the views...nice! The beach is awesome but for good swimmers - the waves are sometimes crazy and probably you want to go on the east side of Bali to swim if you have small kids with you.

The villa itself is huge - big bathroom with shower and jacuzzi, technical toilet with electronic bidet. We had one of the last villas so our garden was also huge, about 3 times bigger than the other villas we saw. Room service 2x day, not as professional as in Europe 5 star hotels but everything is possible, just ask for it. One reminder will guarantee 6 star service till the rest of your stay. The pool is perfect - in the morning and in the evening. Can`t say a word about service afterall, you have daily replenished 4 small bottles of water which is nice.

The place is absolutely quite (again - our villa far from lobby or the main pool & dine area), all time guarded...we felt all time like in heaven, just coming late evenings from dinner in Kuta ot elsewhere, swiming naked in our pool, then laying down by the pool with laptop, some movie and cup of wine / whiskey....

Breakfast is good. Some mentioned not enough but I would not say that. There was a plenty to select from but a little bit more asia oriented. You might miss ham or other kind of salami (simply not available), cheese (only kind not looking good enough for me to try) and surprisingly the fresh fruit selection is not perfect...even more surprisingly, that is valid for the whole island - pineapple, red and green melon and papaya...that is pretty much it in most places. We didn`t try other hotel food but the french fries we ordered once were very nice.

Now some negatives. To me the No. 1 thing is that a small repairs on the villas could be done...our wall by the pools needs painting and some small details in the villa should be fixed. But please note I am a very detail minded person.

Also I would enjoy if I could park inside the resort. The outside parking was guarded, not a problem here but our villa was the most far from lobby. There was pretty big inside parking but "only for the boss....owner" which does not seem perfectly nice customer approach taking into consideration the boss had 2-3 parking places by his villa. Nevertheless only a small thing to worry on vacation.

Last thing for me is the internet speed - but I think this is not a problem for the hotel but Bali itself. I had problems with my secured connection all time trying 3 different connection types. At least it kept me ffrom working at all for 14 days ! Awesome! :)

One extra thing by staying in this hotel, you enjoy the best weather of Bali. The very south part of Bali (under the airport) is the driest of the whole island. While raining everywhere else, in most cases the southern part is dry. We experienced 1.5 hours of rain only in 1 day during all 12 days in the hotel but inside of Bali - rain almost everyday. Once heavy heavy tropic rain in Kuta, we got completely wet just running 50 meters to the car. Started driving to the hotel and no sign of rain at all, you could even see some stars. I think it is 5-6 km air distance, if not less.

In general, beautifull stay in Bali. Great islands (we were at Bali and Gili islands), great people, great history and life, lot of things to do. The driving is an experience - I was driving in Thailand and thought it was bad but Bali is just least a bit of fun :). One thing we did not like is the local people offering everything, inviting everywhere...some of them are really hard-to-get rid off. But you understand that after you learn the average salary (government published) is 110-120 USD / month before tax and 80% do not even have this. Once people get sick, they pay for everything....tough life on such a beautifuil island.

Cool Bali, cool Dreamland villas - returning back.

10 / 10

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Perfect Getaway

"had the honeymoon package although a bit pricey compared to the other villas totally worth it. love the huge room, nicely decorated and super clean especially love the canopy bed. The jacuzzi and shower is just perfect, you gotta try the high tech toilet which was very cool.

They had heart shaped flower petals on our bed when we arrived also a fruit basket and a little note congratulating us on our honeymoon which was very nice. What we didnt' know on our first night that we get 10 free drinks/items from the minibar daily and bottle spring water is also free. Had the candle light dinner which was very romantic, highly recommended! the pool was filled with flower petals and candle light around the pool also the food was delicious.

The only downside is the breakfast, there's not enough choice to choose from and the bread / muffin were rather cold like straight from the fridge. wanted waffle/pancakes or even a croissant badly they didn't have it the three days we were there.

Also the location not ideal if you like the city or shopping it's a few minutes drive and like 30 minutes to kuta. once you are in the villa cant get anywhere, even to the main street it's quite far gotta get a taxi. They do have free shuttle to kuta and dreamland beach but for pick up from kuta the latest pick up like around 6.30pm and wish it was later.

Massage is rather expensive for $40 60 min, you could get a 60 min massage at other hotels or a really nice spa around kuta for about $10-$20.

Other than the breakfast/location this would be the perfect place for honeymooner and could also be perfect for family the kids are gonna love the pool which surprisingly warm even on the evening. And the staffs are very friendly, also when you call the buggy to villa they show up very quickly. Love this villa will for sure come back again.

8 / 10

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Great luxury private villa - highly recommended for honeymooners!

"I love Dreamland private villa. We stayed 2 nites there for our honeymoon. It has its own private pool (which is huge) and jacuzzi that is located inside the bathroom. The villa its own is very spacious and very private.

Staffs are very friendly and they really value our privacy.

For those of you who like korean food, this villa is a great choice since they have korean food menu on their breakfast and very tasty.

only minor thing that bothers us during our stay - they don't refill the toiletries (or perhaps they forgot), so we kinda running out the shampoo and bath foam during our 2nd day.

In short, a very recommended venue for honeymooners / couple.

10 / 10

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Luxurious, complete privacy and relaxation!

"Amazing place - we stayed here for 3 nights.

It is however misleading to say it is in Kuta - it is not. It is about a 25 minute drive from the heart of Kuta. Dreamland is quite remote - there is nothing really nearby in terms of shopping or restaurants.

However, this is an ideal honeymoon destination. The food is wonderful! The pool villas are huge - with a jacuzzi, 8 shower head shower, massive bathroom and bedroom. The air conditioners are suitable for the size of the villa so it was never difficult to sleep at night.

The private pool is massive - 8 x 3 metres. The villas are surrounded by high walls and the staff are very discreet - they ring the doorbell out the front before even setting a step into your yard.

The only letdown was breakfast - it is geared towards Korean and Japanese so had some weird dishes for breakfast such as Kim Chi Soup and Chilli Chicken. However, there is enough variety to be able to find something to eat.

The room service is not cheap by Bali standards however the food is excellent and they have an abundence of fresh juices, cocktails etc.

We had massages in our room and they were about $40 for an hour, but very good.

We will return here again. There is a daily shuttle to Kuta, I believe it runs 3 times a day, so if you want to go in to the hustle and bustle you can. A taxi ride is about $10 each way.

10 / 10

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