Sol de Alcudia Apartments

Calle de la Tortora, 2, Majorca, Spain
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Clean but a bit crowded

"We stayed here from 29th August for 2 weeks in 2008.

My wife and I and our 2 year old son thoroughly enjoyed the holiday as a whole.

The location of the apartments was perfect, it was close to everything you wanted. 10 mins to the lovely beach, the aqua park is about 1 mile away and 10 mins from the Belle Vue complex which was open for all and has a mini fun fair which our son loved. (Trampolenes, solf play area, bouncy castle and so on) It could be a bit pricey if you have a few kids though.

The apartments themselves were regularly cleaned and I could not fault them in this respect. However, there is a whole wing of the building which does not face onto the pool and does not get sun at any time. It also faces onto a busy street and you have to keep the balcony door open as there is no air conditioning, so the noise is a bit of a problem at night. (You can hire a fan though)

The pool area was good as the baby pool was perfect for our 2 year old though in general I would say the pool area was overcrowded (As though the pool area was too small for the building)

We didn't bother too much with the on site entertainment, it seemed OK but we preferred to get out and about.

The bars & restaurants surrounding the complex were good as well esspecially Woody Woodpeckers, which was very handy and the food was nice. It also has a small swing park next to it, which is handy for keeping the kids amused.

At night 'Cheers' was good fun for the kids with an excellent DJ keeping them entertained with interactive games and the 'Super heroes' dancing was quite funny. Cheers was well placed about 500 yards from the appartments. It was next to the Spanish owned and run 'Flying Scotsman' although. Should you decide to venture into the Flying Scotsman, check your change as I was shortchanged in there by 15 Euro. (Safer to avoid it)

There is also a restaurant near the Belle Vue complex called 'Tivoli Gardens' they do a nice meal in there esspecially a pizza, but in additioin to this, it has a sandy kids play area with swings, slides and a bouncy castle. Which lets you get 5 mins relaxation and a drink in relative peace as it is enclosed and smaller children can't get out without passing you if you sit near the entrance.

We also tried Pizza Hut, the food was nice but a bit pricey, may be worth checking the prices before you order. (Or just go to Tivoli Gardens).

The Aqua park was good at this time of year as it wasn't too busy like most other Aqua parks and you did not feel that your whole day was spent standing in a queue. We walked up and paid at the gate, you also have to hire a sunbed once inside for 4 euros but it is worth it, there are also safety deposit boxes which are handy.

All in all, I would go back to the same area, possibly different appartments but would not rule out the Sol De Alcudia. Although I won't be back in the Flying Scotsman.

6 / 10

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Fantastic Apartments

"These apartments are great, apart from the entertainer who repeats himself constantly every night and does a whistle noise into the mic. Very annoying. But anyhow we couldnt fault the apartments apart from no air con, you can hire fans at $20 but they arn't very good. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the serve is very good, you can get a nice breakfast for $3.20.

Woody Woodpeckers does nice food too. You are quite central to everything the beach is about 10 mins away if that. Its beautiful. We didnt want to come home we were only there for a week we shouldve went for two. we know for the next time. If we ever go back to Alcudia then we will be going back to here....

8 / 10

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"fantastic time at the apartments, took 2 kids with us and they thoroughly enjoyed it, if they are happy we are happy. Rooms were basic but fine for 4 people, Adam the kids entertainer was brilliant, our kids loved him, he kept them entertained all night, he was a really good sport, If youre going out to eat you must go to "bugs Bunny" which is right outside the apartments it is good value for money and does absolutely fantastic meals, the apartments were very clean and tidy,bathrooms were also clean, the staff (all the staff)were extremely pleasant, friendly and very helpful. Would recommend anyone to go to these apartments, we are already looking to go back next year. All of us had a fantastic time there."

10 / 10

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"I went with an open mind after reading reviews and considering I got the holiday cheap. If I had paid full price I would have been disappointed. The plus points are:- Our apartment was very clean (however the people next door experienced problems, no clean towels for a week and Silverfish in the apartment) and I did not see any pests, believe me I looked because I hate insects! We had clean towels every 2 days and the beds made again every 2 days. The staff were very friendly. Not so positive:- The entertainment was weak at best and tacky at worst, drinks were very expensive, the pool area was too small with a very dangerous slippery area (my husband slipped and fell really badly and No he hadn't been drinking!), the childrens games room was very expensive, every game cost 1 Euro, you got nothing for 50 cents! and yes as a previous reviewer stated it was similar to the Comedy programme 'Benidorm'!. So basically it's horses for courses, if you think the hotel in 'Benidorm' looks good you will love it, the rest of us however should perhaps save up a bit longer ad pay for somewhere in a different part of Alcudia, preferably near the Marina!"

6 / 10

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'Basic' is an understatement, did not enjoy it at all. Rubbish.

"We went for quick get-away and a relatively cheap break, although I felt ripped off once we arrived.

The apartments were definitely basic as described, they were clean enough but they were uncomfortable beds and the heat was unbearable without air-con and you had to pay a further 20euro’s for a fan in your room! My mistake for not specifying air-con.

I was disappointed as we paid the same for a 4* in Greece last year that was MUCH nicer and beautifully cool in the rooms.

There was constant loud music by the pool, and now having watched ‘Benidorm’ on TV – it’s exactly like that! Hundreds of bright red and peeling people sitting by the pool eating burgers and drinking beer with their hundreds of kids swimming in the pool.

If the beach wasn’t so lovely and close I would have been totally miserable.

Perhaps it’s good for families as the kids can be entertained, but I doubt they can sleep at night with the noise and heat. Not my idea of fun for a couple aged 25-35.

2 / 10

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Fantastic Family Apartments

"stayed here before but this year the whole extended family came along. We had a great time and the kids were able to play and have fun whilst we knew they were safe in the pool. Off the main road so noone can wonder in etc. Right in the heart of the resort and only a short stroll to the beach, or anywhere you wanted to go. Recommend the Belle Vue for night time entertainment as the shows are great for all ages. Also play fun bingo which we won twice. The hundred Euros came in quite handy! Hotel staff are great especially Maria on reception. Breakfasts good, but get there early as it can get quite busy. Very cheap and good size portions. Roomas are basic but clean. Beds not the best but good enough for those who just want to kick back and relax. If you want top quality go to another accomodation. Kitchenette was superb for our needs and we could manage to feed everyone on just two hobs!"

10 / 10

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Not a great place to stay

"Having stayed in Alcudia for the past 10 years in various hotels and apartments, we booked through Thomson Direct and ended up staying at this place. Okay it was a 3 bedroomed apartment but we were stuck in the Annex which was literally a bit "joined on" to the main hotel and seemed to be largely forgotten about when it came to maid service. First and foremost there was NO airconditioning and we completely and totally roasted. We hired a fan which cost 40euro and had brought one with us but the heat was stifling. The view from the main bedroom and the balcony was lovely but the other 2 bedrooms looked out onto a brick wall and/or a tree. Our beds weren't changed for 10 days and in the end we had to request a change of bedclothes. The livingroom floor was mopped 4 times in a fortnight and the bedroom floors were NEVER touched. The towels were replaced about 4 times and the bathroom cleaned twice. In fact the clean towels were NEVER put in the bathroom, they were dumped in the living area. We literally ran out of toiletroll and had to request more at reception. 2 rings on the 4 ring cooker worked but didnt warm up enough to heat anything and the extractor fan didn't work. The water in the hot tap in the kitchen literally burnt the hands off us, yet we ran out of hot water in the shower. We never realised this was a fault until someone came to fix it on our LAST day. He also was burnt!!! The pool was very small and "shamrock" shaped and in places was very deep. The area around the pool was quite dirty and to be honest we wouldn't have went barefoot in some places. We were so disgusted that we spent EVERY day at the wonderful beach. The hotel didn't have any washing machines and we were told to bring our dirty washing to the Sol De Alcudia Centre which was about 5 mins walk away. Okay you might think that this isnt too bad, but try lugging a holdall full of dirty clothes down a street, across a main road, through the reception area of another hotel and right out past their bar and pool area (which made us feel like real stinkers, carrying our dirty clothes and a box of washing powder!!!) in soaring heat. Anyway, the staff at the hotel seemed really pleasant and the rep was there most days. I'm unsure if guests in the main part of the hotel were treated as badly as we were and so I can't comment on this, but anyone staying in the Annex was definitely treated like the "poor relations". I WONT be returning to these apartments and I WILL be e-mailing Thomson with my complaints. Oh yeh and we also had to empty our bins every day (coz we forgot one day and the maids were in and they didn't do it) and we also had to dodge big hairballs that flew up and down our balcony on a windy day. Ah well such is life!!! One other issue was a kinda safety issue. Although ours was meant to be the "family annex", the annex was attached to the main hotel by a "metal bridge" which you could cross over to walk through the main hotel and into the reception area. In my opinon this was not safe for young children as it was not enclosed. Apart from our bad experience in these apartments we WILL be returning to Alcudia coz we love it. Check out the Old Town - lovely!!"

4 / 10

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Ok 2 star

"My husband and I went to alcudia in the middle of July 2006. The temperatures soared which is where the hotel let us down. There was no air conditioning, the only place to plug a fan (which we bought from a local supermarket) was behind the sofa bed. The 2 sofa beds were our beds for 2 weeks which we found uncomfortable. These beds were pull out types which put us quite close to the ants on the floor. The balcony door we had to have open all night which didn't help us to block out the sound of drunks walking down the main road and the entertainment which consisted of a song that went something like "aiy aiy yippee the, germans bombed our chippy" which played all the time.

But that's the worst bits out of the way. The lady on reception was really friendly and the Thomson reps were most helpful. The rooms were cleaned frequently but I would definitely opt for a 1 bedroom apartment as the studios were quite pokey. The pool bar was great for breakfast in the morning and for snacks in the afternoon with a beer. The pool area was cleaned every morning. Though as with most hotels, be quick to get a sun lounger. The doors to the pool are opened at a certain time and everyone queues in the reception area. This didn't bother us as we walked to the beach every day which was fantastic and sandy. The locals walk up and down the beach selling melons, grapes and bananas. They are a little pricey but worth it. The walk from the apartments to the beach was about 10 - 15 mins. There is a very busy main road to cross before you get there and people are reluctant to let you across.

We organised a boat trip through Thomson which was expensive but great (the adults only afternoon boat trip). We had a great group of people both young and old on there. There were snorkels and canoes you could use once stopped in the cove. Then once everyone was back on board we had dinner which was pasta, chicken and salad. The first 2 beers and the food were included in the price.

We also went to see Pirates (Adult only night time show) in magaluf which was also organised through Thomson. They picked us up outside the Cheers bar and from there it took about an hour and a half. We were dropped at a bar in town as we arrived a little early. When we arrived at the venue there was a massive queue which we waited in for what seemed an hour. With Thomson you are given priority. The tables were a little overpacked but the free sangria on the table helped you to forget about that. The show is fantastic and definitley worth the trip. The downside is the journey back to Alcudia - not quite so tolerable once you've had a few drinks!

All in all we had a brilliant 2 week holiday. The hotel had it's faults but for the price it really isn't that bad. If you want to be in good reach of bars and restaurants and want somewhere that the kids will be entertained you will love the Sol Alcudia. If you want to relax in a peaceful atmosphere then look alesewhere.

6 / 10

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fantastic location

"The aparthotel has one of the best locations i have ever been to, just steps from the main strip of Alcudia, and less than a five minute walk to the beach. However, quiet at night time, so that you were not kept awake!

The restaurant next to the hotel offers discounts to guests staying at the Sol de alcudia,and is a great family bar.

The rooms are fairly basic but confortable,and suprisingly large.

The reception staff were excellant and couldnt do enough for you, along with the reps that were on hand pretty much all the time, with music and entertainment by the pool, and professional shows at night.

The kids reps at the kids zone were briliant and really keep the children entertained.

That was the second time i have been to Alcudia, but much preferred the location with the Sol, and would definately go back!- Brilliant

10 / 10

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great value hotel

"Hi , went here june 2006 and had a great holiday ..The apartments are basic but spotlessly cleaned as is the whole hotel . Staff are lovley and friendly especially Al the entertainer ( Stan boardman) our kids loved him , kept them busy .The pool area is small and friendly sometimes have to be on your toes for a sunbed but has a great atmosohere as you end up knowing just about everyone which is great if you have children.they play , you can relaxe !!they do a great breakfast ( english) yummy and all other food is really nice as is everything . we were in the family anex (2 bedroomed )and there was a bit of noise from the bingo downstairs but not bad noise.

Apatments are central to everything its all on hand . the rose and crown pub opposite the pool entrance is lovley food and very reasonable at the other side is cheers bar also good food . the strip is dearer but wonderful food . The beach is to die for stays shallow for a long way out.All together a fantastic family holiday would go back tomorrow .

10 / 10

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