Erawan Palms Resort

45/9 Moo 8, Laemtong, Phi Phi Island, Ao nang, Muang, Phi Phi 81000, Thailand
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my last week on Phi Phi island.

"This is my first visit to Phi Phi island, and i was staying at PPERAWAN RESORT. On northern part of Phi Phi island. Before i was staying in Phuket ,Patong Beach , IT was

busy and a lot of people there. In Phi Phi island is very great for me. I did take a boat that recommanded by reception staff and she was took me to go around every where. It was very great trip and snorkel everywher she took me. She do as tour guide on the whole trip.

I like to recomand people who come to Phi Phi should not miss to do snorkeling . But you need a guide as the reception shown me that i would say unseen Phi Phi island.

i was staying in a bangalow with air conditioning. The room is quite big and clean , The beach in front of the resort was white sand and Much more quiet than in Phi Phi TOWN.

The water was so clean and clear. Staff are very friendly .

Sun set view point is not so far from the resort ,You just walk to the back side get up on the hill in the evening time around 6.15 pm you will see beautiful sunset. Also you can go to top of the Hill there also you can see like temple they said that four face GOD.

The restaurant is on the beach you can go squid hunting with staff and enjoin BBQ

in the late evening. I love this place very much..

8 / 10

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"Had the most wonderful 3 day stay at PP.Erawan in a sea-side cottage. I cant understand all the complaints about this hotel. They must be coming from stuck-up snobs who can't let their hair down and enjoy the rustic beauty of Phi Phi! Its an island - not the Hilton~ what do they expect?

Anyway - the hotel staff were absolutely charming and attentive. I highly recommend the restaurant on the beach next to the gypsey village called "JASMINE" It served the most unreal thai food i tasted during my 3 week stay!

10 / 10

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lot of potential - but not quite right

"Having read very variable reviews of Erawan Palms we were a little anxious of what we would find.

There is such a lot of potential there, but it is just missing the target of what people want.

This was our first visit to Phi Phi, and we were very glad that we didn't stay in Loh Dalum or Tonsai as we found them horrible - youngsters party time, dirty beach, B10 to use a toilet.

Leamtong is a lovely beach with 4 hotels side by side (with a fifth one about to open south of Holiday Inn) and the local gypsy village sandwiched between Erawan Palms & Holiday Inn. The people staying there were very different to Tonsai - couples, families, people wanting a quiet relaxing break. Something we couldn't help noticing was: body piercing and tattoos - Tonsai 90% of people, Leamtong less than 5%.

So with a clientele wanting a quiet Thai holiday, on a stunningly beautiful beach, they miss the point. They stick a bar in the pool and have a bar lady sit there all day - we didn't see one drink served from that bar, the beach bar has loud dance music blaring out - we didn't see a drink served from there either, and the two nights we were going to eat at the restaurant (it looked beautifully set up on the beach) they had a Thai entertainer doing covers of western songs - so we went to the gypsy village restaurants instead and had great food at very low prices.

The layout is a little strange - we upgraded to a seafront bungalow, but they are behind the pool and open air restaurant - we probably had the best view of the six. The bedroom was ok - could just do with a little magic touch from an interior decorator and it could be very good, the bathroom was small and not great - but it was clean and ok.

I can't imagine what the guys were thinking when they built the block of standard rooms - they are side on to the beach and face directly onto the walkway and road between the beach and the landing pier at the rear.

Got the best tips from other reviewers - the two restaurants at the gypsy village, the Holiday Inn sunset bar, the little shop in the gypsy village for cool drinks and beer at a fraction of the hotels prices.

So - this could be a lovely beach and a decent hotel with a very different offering to Tonsai & Loh Dalum. Dump the inappropriate entertainment (get some of the locals to a little Thai dancing or play local instruments); dump the dance music pumped out from the bar; take the tomato sauce, worcester sauce and tub of grated parmesan off the tables and put Thai condiments on (if people ask for tomato sauce you can always bring it to them); get a decent housekeeper and a few interior touches from a professional to bring the rooms to life; and sell the idea of the local community. People like the idea of staying on a beautiful beach, side by side with locals - so make that a highlight.

6 / 10

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Horrible, horrible, don't go there!

"I was so disappointed when I arrived at the hotel. Phi Phi is a beautiful island, but the hotel was shabby, old, run down and with no ambiance.

We arrived at the small pier by motor boat to a run down shabby back entrance and taken to a cheap and run down reception. The staff were unfriendly and rushed us into filling out our arrival form and then hurried us to the room. The room was unclean, there was dirt on the tiles in the bathroom on the wall and on the floor. The bathroom was small and needed renovating, the shower was also dirty and the water pressure very weak. The view from our hotel balcony was of a building site where they were rebuilding bungalows at the back. As for the bed, this was the worst thing of all. The bed was so uncomfortable that I didnt sleep for three nights running and had backache for several days afterwards and still back at home.

The restaurant was horrible, plastic chairs everywhere, cheap plastic tables, the food was okish. The bar was run down and the bar stalls were rusty and in need of a change.

We booked seven nights here and checked out early after three nights even though we lost our money from the booking.

The hotel is completely isolated there is NOTHING to do, at night everything stops after dinner at 9pm and everyone goes to bed because there is literally NOTHING to do. The hotel ruined my holiday in Thailand and I do not want to go back again. The hotel was completely overpriced for one star type hotel.

Don't ruin your holiday by booking this hotel, I don't believe that any of the positive comments can possibly be true and I wish I had taken advice from the people who said how awful the hotel was before booking. The hotel will no doubt close down before long, it was that awful and I feel angry about the whole experience.

2 / 10

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Not worth it!!

"I predict this hotel will close in the next 6 months. This was a recommended hotel but upon arrival, we quickly realized that it was sliding downhill.

*Terrible breakfast - lukewarm food, dirty display, average offerings

*Very expensive rooms yet no dvd player, no nice products, average mini-bar

*Grounds need work - loose stones on the path, no lighting at night

*Bar served us RANCID bailey's. Takes forever to get the bill/change and the bartender didn't know many drinks.

*Leaking aircon, noisy unit - soaked my suitcase

*No reliable internet connection

*No atmosphere in the entire hotel - bar was closed early, quiet

*Plastic chairs everywhere

*Staff were friendly but no extra information was available for boats, tours, etc.

It's not worth the price you pay, despite the beautiful waters of Phi Phi and the great location. We walked down to the Holiday Inn and had a much better time during the day, coming back only to sleep here.

4 / 10

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Simply awful

"I will try to give this resort a fair review, but my husband and I were devastately disappointed with Erawan Palm. We paid USD250 for a beach front bungalow only to discover the view not was completely a beach front view. The room was shabby, simple and filthy. Had blood stain on the pillow and dirt marks on the bed linen. We had problems with our room air con, continously echoed disturbing noise. We asked for it to be checked out, unfortunately it was not fixed. The bathroom was unsatisfactory. Dead mosquitos on the wall and dirty mirror. Please note that the water pressure is very weak.

Food at the resort was unappetising and disgusting.

We spent most of our stay at the neighouring resort - Holiday Inn. After three days stay we checked in to the Holiday Inn (everything was divine).

I apologise for being so negative, but this is simply the truth. They ridiculously over charged us, it should be <USD100!

My husband and I will never stay at this resort again!

2 / 10

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Beautiful little hotel with decent value rooms

"We booked a standard room for 3 nights. We ended up with what we thought was their best standard room since most of its windows faced the sea. So, if you're booking this hotel and want a standard room, then try asking for room 305 which is actually on the 2nd floor. The food at the restaurant was good. In fact, it appeared that they got some extra customers from the neighboring hotels (Holiday Inn, etc) because they were cheaper. The pool was nice and quite close to the sea. You don't have all the perks (such as Fitness Centre, Games Room, Leisure Cinema Room, Large Screen TV at bar, etc) which the Holiday Inn had next door. But you'll pay twice the price for these extras. One thing we really did enjoy was sipping on a nice drink while watching the sunset at Holiday Inn's Sunset Bar."

8 / 10

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Phi Phi Erawan, Great anniversary for us!

"I've heard about this place quite some time ago from some friends, but we've just had the chance to go there a month ago. Me and my wife decided that we should go somewhere special for our 3 year anniversary, so we decided to go to Phi Phi Island.

On our way there, we were taken by a ferry boat from Phuket's pier. We enjoyed the scenery as the ferry left from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. I guess the only downfall for this trip was that the ferry took a few hours to get there.

But as soon as we got to Phi Phi Island, we were amazed at how it looked! The water is so crystal clear that you can see fish through it and the sand is very fine! The rooms at Erawan are quite big, with TV, shower and a big bed. Water was a little salty though. As soon as we unpacked ourselves at the room, we were out to the beach in front of the hotel. It was already in the evening, so we didn't do much other than had some cocktails. We ate on the outside of the sawasdee restaurant, the food was pretty good, but what was much better was the atmosphere. It was great because there wasn't much light so the atmosphere was very romantic. Staff was very nice.

The next day we got up, chilled at the hotel for a while and rented a long-tail boat for a few hours during the afternoon (it was a little over 1,000 baht, but I think it was worth it). We went snorkeling afterwards! It feels so good to be so close to small fish. We also bought one of those disposable underwater camera, so we had fun. My wife would feed the fish with bread crumbs, as I would try to focus for a clear picture. We went do different areas of Phi Phi Island to do this, saw many fish and great corals.

In the evening we stayed at around the Phi Phi Erawan hotel beach and watched the sunset. It was very warming and we felt that we've had such a great time.

The next day we got up early and went back to Phuket. Again, the ferry ride back was quite long. Other than that, I think everything else was great for our anniversary. My wife and I really had a great time.

10 / 10

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awful,awful, left early!!

"I wish i had trusted the bad reviews I had read about this hotel.

Location is in the middle of no-where, which would be fine if you were staying in a luxury resort. Costs 650-800 baht each wayto get to any type of civilisation!

Staff were rude and unhelpful. When we arrived we were literally given our key and sent to our room, we got no information on the hotel or the area. We had no idea where we were.

Our shower was ice cold, i complained to reception who sent a man up to fix it which he didnt. Our safe broke twice also!

Restaurant was basic, breakfast was horrible, we were served sour milk.

Room was not clean in my opinion at all and my boyfriend and i were convinced there were bed bugs. We both could feel little bites during the night so we didnt sleep at all.

Holiday inn next door was so much nicer, we went up there in the evening as they showed movies (nothing else to do).

We ended up checking out early and staying at tonsai to do an excursion, I explained to the receptionist that we were leaving early and that we wanted to book a noat for the following morning. She pretended to understand, of course the next morning a deal was made of us leaving early and no boat had been booked.

Terrible hotel, was the worst we have ever stayed in, especially during our month in thailand. Avoid at all costs, is by no way a nice resort. Pool is tiny and dirty as are the grounds.

2 / 10

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Very Disapointing

"Ok here we go, i feel compelled to write this as it really has been a bad experience for us and we have visited Thailand 9 times in 6 years and this is the worst any accomodation has been for us.

I would not call the Erewan a hotel as such more like apartments/studios and the one we got Rm 304 was horrible, it was dirty, smelly, the drains blocked on sink and shower and the smell was awful (they were not that interested in resolving this), the daily housekeeping was very poor, they changed towels but that was it, didn't clean bathroom. The grounds are poorly maintained, there is no obvious supervisor or manager, the service is poor, although i will say when you do speak to the staff they are all Very Friendly indeed but just not good at there jobs (in my opinion) We booked 5 nights but bailed out after 3 even though they wouldn't refund us or compensate. Zeavola and Holiday Inn are by far better places to stay, if your pocket stretches, then stay at one of those. The Sawasdee restaurant, part of hotel was poor and the solo bar was also poor, service was friendly but we waited about 20 minutes after every drink order and 35 mins after food and they were not busy at all. The gypsy Village is OK but nothing exciting, yes you drift away and relax and feel comfortable eating and drinking local goodies but it isn't worth the trip just for that! More then 3 days and you will be pulling yor hair out for sure or just get up and leave like we did.

It was not our idea of Paradise and failed to impress on every level, shame really as it could have been better allot better.

In general phi phi itself does not offer that much, and other Thai islands are by far superior, Krabi for starters and Ko Chang which is in the gulf of thailand.

I will finish by saying that i have tried to be honest and fair throughout this review so sorry if it makes negative reading but these are our chosen opinions based on our experiences, we will post some photos shortly, to show what we mean.

p.e there is buliding site 20 metres at back of Erewan, can get noisey at times!

2 / 10

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Great little resort for half the price

"Staying Phi-Phi Island was a last minute choice and I am glad my wife and I did. We were picked up and very efficiently I must say from the Holiday Inn Phuket for 1600 Baht RT and taken by van to the port where we met the ferry. There are lots of ferries leaving at this time so be warned, but ours left on time for Phi-Phi, the ride was very smooth and most of the people laid on the deck to get some sun for the 1-1/ 2 ride to Phi-Phi. Our ferry cruised by Phi-Phi Ley where the movie “The Beach” was filmed and gave us a few minutes to take photos. Then it was off to Tonsai Bay to drop off more passengers, then off to the final stop Laem-Tong Beach where the ferry is met by a long tail boat and then onto shore where you leap from the boat onto the sand. The whole process is very efficient and the porters take of your luggage for you. We were greeted with a cocktail and taken to our room

I picked the PP Erawan resort as I could not get into the others hotels and the Zeavola was too pricey. The resort is not that bad but what you expect from basically being a deserted island. We checked in and the room had AC thank goodness and the accommodations were 2-3 star equivalent. Be sure to close your doors/windows as mosquitoes are around and I had to kill a few around our bed. The TV is bad with no news channels only three Thai channels, but hey you’re on a secluded island. Also the water from the shower was either salted or heavily diluted with something bad tasting so we did not shower for the time were there

We had dinner in the Sawasdee Restaurant with the service and food excellent. The next day we rented a long tail boat for 800 Baht for 2 hours (long enough in the hot sun) from the hotel lobby and were off to Bamboo Island for some snorkeling. Bamboo Island is a must see with the sand pearl white and the water crystal clear, definitely paradise there.

That night we saw the sunset at the Satay Sunset look out, accessed thru the Holiday Inn which is 1000 meters down from the PP Erawan. Highly recommend folks go see this sunset and have a Singha and a Satay. Later that night we had dinner in the Gypsy village, 400 meters from the Erawan resort and what a nice local meal we had with the kids serving us right on the beach. We highly recommend going here and the prices were dirt cheap.

The next day we took off for our flight to Bangkok with the ferry picking us sharply at 730am. Eventually you get into Phuket harbor at 1030 as the ferry makes stops along the way to pick up other passengers which is a drawback. All in all, 3 days and 2 nights is plenty on Phi-Phi unless you loved to sit and do nothing.

10 / 10

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Never Again!!!!

"My wife and I booked this hotel because it was the only one available on the internet, from March 14th to March 17th. We were planning to stay a week on Phi Phi island, and were told by a travel agent in BKK that all hotels on the island were “fully booked”: DO NOT ASK ANYTHING TO TRAVEL AGENTS!!! They are liars, always cheating, trying to sell you hotels or tranfers you would pay less for if booked on your own… We spent the first three nights in a deluxe room (thb 5800/€130 per night) and we got a room with dirty floor, filthy curtains, no seaview and with no more than 4 tv channel (only one in english and only worked for one night)… Since We didn’t go there to watch tv it didn’t bother us that much, but still… We stayed there for 3 nights: it’s definetly overpriced, but since we didn’t feel like change hotel we asked for another 3 nights. We were offered to move to a “standard room” for thb3500/€80 including breakfast. If that was deluxe can you imagine what the basic rooms were like? It’s ok, it was my mistake, I shouldn’t have asked for a lower level, or I should have gone to watch it before moving… Ours had coffe all over the floor, only one tv channel (out of 11 mentioned in the brochure!) no hot water, no safe, but most of all, no mirror in the toilette!!! When I asked explanations and heard the answer (standard rooms do not have mirror in toilette) I couldn’t belive it! Were they really trying to make me belive this [--], or they were just kidding? By the way, they barely speak english, so they always smile but they don’t understand a word you’re saying, and that’s even worse: looks like they’re making fun of you! Anyway, since I couldn’t shave in front of the coffe maker (where there was a mirrow!!), we stayed in that room one night (also because it was late and pre-payed), but wanted to leave after one minute… They also charged me 700thb for one breakfast that was supposed to be included… Simply ridicoulus! The day after we went to the View Point Resort, in Tonsai Bay (thb600 with a long tail boat to get there), where we stayed 2 nights in a cleaner and bigger bungalow, much, much nicer for the same price (thb3200). Don't stay at Erawan Palms unless you really want to stay far from everything, the best part of staying in Leamtong Beach is that is quiet, but you can stay at Tonsai Bay, save money, and rent a long tail boat every day to go visit all the beaches around…. WOULD I GO THERE AGAIN? NO WAY… Avoid this hotel, unless you want to waste money, there are hotels on the same beach that are much better for sure!"

4 / 10

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Address: 45/9 Moo 8, Laemtong, Phi Phi Island, Ao nang, Muang, Phi Phi 81000, Thailand