Cleopatra Hotels Kris Mari

Kos 85302, Greece
6.5  / 10
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4 / 10
Dont Do It To Yourself.

"well...where do i start? if you are comin to Kos to go clubbing with your mates and you are young do not expect any resepect from the staff in this hotel. You are NOT allowed to be loud when coming back in...i soon found you are NOT allowed to jump in the pool at are not allowed to knock loudly on your own bedroom door else you will face being pushed down the stairs by the angry greek man who works on the reception desk on nights. I have nothing good to say about this hotel, however the English woman on the reception and the cleaner where pleasent. However at one stage, my friend had to dry herself with a bed sheet as there was no towels - we then had no bed sheet to sleep NIGHTMARE!!!! In no way is this a 4 star hotel...the shower fell down every 2 seconds and flooded aweful. the pool was horribly average. visit the front pier - its lots of fun ;) and also the car park opposite status is a cool place to hang out. The nightlife was very good. The two main clubs being Status and Starlight. I would advise you to go to any events such as foam/UV partys but dont wear accessories as these will be taken from you on entering. Lastly go to see George in the restaurant next to the hotel for a wicked deal boii - 20 euros all u can eat and drink! an his mate for hiring quads (y) hope this has been useful for you girls and boys. Even though the hotel was not the best the nightlilfe made up for it!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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6 / 10
not the family hotel it used to be more 18 to 30

"we ha v been to kris mari 4 tim es it is not the hotel it used to be it was full of groups of young people not a problem if they book in groups of two or three but when they invade in groups of ten twelve or more it spoils the holidays of the older traveller who are used to the hotel having a more mature clientle since cleopatra took over it has gone downhill the cleopatra classic used to be a hotel for young groups why have they now invaded kris mari you could not get into pool the noise at night and early morning was unacceptable i am afraid they are going to lose a lot of repeat guests they have three hotels now all close together why not let the young ones enjoy themselves inone hotel and leave the kris mari to the mature guests i would appreciate to hear other comments mrs c newcastle"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009

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8 / 10
fantastic kris mari

"Stayed at the Kris Mari in August 2008, hotel very clean, room really good standard for Greece, in a perfect location if you do not want to be in the middle of all the night life, but only a short walk away from the harbour, many good restaurants nearby and the Greek hospitality is great, restaurants to recommend are the Avli and Ariadni and Scala on the Harbour from for a good breakfast, had such a good time we have booked again this year for a week in May, can't wait for it to come around, the only down side to Kardamena is the airport it is terrible, it is so small and badly managed that it is absolute caos, but if you can put up with this then you will have a fantastic time once you are in resort."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009

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8 / 10
Excelent for young people!!!

"Booked this holiday with a group of 4 lads (plus another 4 in Cleopatra classic). What a fantastic Holiday. We arrived at 2am and checked straight into our rooms. When i got there, i thought it was a little basic, but didnt mind. We unpacked and went straight out, when we got back, we recieved a warning of the manager that was working at the time (we was quite loud and rowdy), so we was a little apprehensive to what to expect from then onwards. but recieved no other warnings, so was pleased with this.

The pool area is very clean, and played music all day whilst seriving food and drinks which were very good! The people on the bar were very friendly and talkative. We was quite loud around the pool, but nobody complained (it is a young persons hotel definatley) The pool had lilo's and balls constantly left there, so we never bought any and didnt have any arguments on who's lilo it was etc. The pool has sun on it all day until about 7ish.

The bar is open by this point. A pint of beer 2 euro's - cant complain. The havea happy hour between 7ish and 9 where there are long drinks using branded spirits for 2.5 euro and coctails for 3 euro. The bar is open till late, never really stayed in past 9.

The maids came in everday (i think) and were very nice...we had several bottles of water with 1/4 full and the maid put them all into one bottle and put it in the fridge!

The downside of this hotel has to be the food. Whilst i only made it on a handful of occasions, i was still a little dissapointed. The only food that was available was 2 different kinds of cereal and toast, with tea, coffee and juice available too.

The staff all round are really nice and would definatley reccomend ANY of the Cleopatra group. (You can use any cleopatra ameneties if you want).

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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