Nile Hotel Aswan

15 Corniche El Nile Street, Aswan, Egypt
4.5  / 10
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2 / 10
Housekeeping Stole from our room

"We stayed with a tour of 10 people. When we got back from a day of siteseeing our rooms had been cleaned. When going through our things we noticed several valuables and clothing missing. My wallet was hidden in the bottom of my bag and you would have had to dig deep to find it. I ended up missing $75 USD, my roommate was missing her camera lens. The other people on our tour were missing cash, clothing, and electronics as well. When we confronted the hotel they said that they didn't know who did it. But they were the only ones with access to our rooms. They offered no compensation or offer to help locate our items. We ended up having to file several reports of theft with the local police and our valuables have still not been recovered. Do not stay here!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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2 / 10
Do not stay at this hotel!

"I booked my stay months ahead of time and needed to change my room reservation from two double rooms to one triple. I did so a month ahead of time and received an auto response confirmation from the hotel. When I showed up, they claimed I didn't change the room, then quoted me a price (USD$112) which I assumed was for the two nights (the price would have been consistent with what Lonely Planet quoted so I agreed). The room was a total disaster--it smelled like vomit and was really dirty. For some reason, later that day I thought to ask about the price again just to confirm that it was for both nights, I found out that I was being charged an outrageous USD$112 for a triple per night, when a double costs $55 per night. That makes no sense at all! When we tried to clear up the confusion, the hotel staff was horrible, trying to tell us that they charged more for the holiday time period and that since I didn't book ahead of time they could charge me whatever rate. I argued that I had booked ahead and made the change to a triple a month prior. I even had my email and their auto confirmation to prove it. We talked to others in the hotel and one man was paying only $18 and two women were paying $44USD for a double. So the prices, either quoted ahead via the website that the hotel inisists that you book through, but then don't honor the booking, or the price when you check in is completely arbitrary. After we tried to get the manager involved, only to have him say "Not my problem" we were stuck there for another night at the high rate. Then, they didn't clean the room (which was disgusting), didn't provide clean towels or toilet paper, I took two ice cold showers the entire time, and they told us they wouldn't take my credit card and I had to give them cash. The attendant insisted I pay that night and I said I would pay the next morning at checkout. The morning of checkout, they wanted US dollars after telling us to pay in Egyptian pounds when we spoke the night before (I had already withdrawn money and paid the ATM fee to do so). Then they charged us a higher exchange rate and tried to say that they wouldn't honor the money already charged to my credit card for a deposit two months prior. At the end of it all, we paid the rate (three times the original price) but refused to pay the amount already paid for the deposit or higher exchange rate. Fortunately, I got our passports ahead of the money exchange and we were free to leave. The moral of the story is that I felt totally taken advantage of because we were three women and they were holding our passports. All three of us in the group have traveled extensively throughout the world and agreed that this was the worst hotel experience we have ever had. My only consolation is that others will learn from my experience and refuse them business. They are cheats and run a disgusting hotel. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009

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10 / 10
Loved the Nile hotel

"Enjoyed the Nile hotel, we were there with the Gecko tour and it was the nicest hotel that we stayed in on the whole tour. Great views, very clean. Bathroom was newly remodeled and plenty of hot water. Very clean."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008

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4 / 10
Great view but lousy security and bathroom

"The hotel does not have great security. We left our bags there for the afternoon after we checked out. We were told to leave the bags in a corner in the lobby. When we later returned, several items were stolen from our bags. The hotel staff was nice and helpful and we do not suspect them. However, we are very disappointed with the resulting lack of security. We chose the hotel for its views, and the views were great. However the room, particularly the bathroom, was over priced. They ran out of hot water VERY FAST and the not-so-clean (dirty spots were clearly visible) shower curtain fell on me in the middle of my shower (the shower rod slipped off)!! We regret paying the $55/night since much better valued hotels were abound!"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2008

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