Chippewa Village

Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, Jamaica
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2  / 10

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Room: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Cleanliness: 7.5/10
Location: 8.5/10

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Terrible In Every Regard!!!

"What a terrible experience!! After looking at the website, we decided to rent the "main house." It looked nice, came with hot tub, etc. We wired down the money and emailed back and forth confirming everything with the owner. Well, when we got there, he was totally surprised to see us- said "I thought you weren't coming" (why on earth would he think that after we sent him money and emails?) and then said he never received the money, despite our confirmations (which I had printed out). He said that he could still accomodate us, but we would have to pay him again. In cash. THEN he said he had to "move a few things"....he showed us the house we had rented, which in fact was HIS OWN HOUSE. How gross. It hadn't been cleaned, the "hot tub" was broken and holding junk, and his personal effects were all over. Needless to say, we did not even stay one night. We met a couple leaving who said there were fleas in their beds and they were miserable as well. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STAY AT THIS PLACE!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006
2 / 10

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Map for Chippewa Village Closest airport: Montego Bay Sangster (MBJ) 31 miles

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Chippewa Village is also called:

  • chippewa village hotel negril
  • chippewa village negril

Address: Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, Jamaica