Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort

Al Aqqa PO Box 659, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
5.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Great Service, Good Value, Beautiful bay

"I think a lot of the reviews on this site are out of date. When i stayed at the hotel i found the staff to be really polite and friendly. I got a good discount for staying mid-week and i enjoyed excellent food whilst staying there.

OK, so it's not the Le Meridean 5 star, but for me a solo traveler it was ideal. The room rate is 600 Dihram a night, but i negotiated it to 450 including breakfast - excellent considering the others nearby charge at least 1350 Dihram Very clean room, good shower, beautiful gardens - what more can i say?

The downside is that the bar price is the same as the Le Meridean - it doesn't need to be as it's not competing directly and it should realize that.

The pool is lovely, but the beach can be let down by the Oil tankers that clean their tanks - but that affects everyone.

I would recommend this to my friends and everyone i know in what can be a real rip off area.

I would say that the other reviewers are staying in the wrong hotel - if you want 5 star - spend the cash and stay in one of the over priced faceless 5 star places.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2008

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4 / 10
Basic and Budget

"Old premises look absolutely awful, however newly built rooms are ok. The motel has got nice beach with snoopy island. Staff with basics skill and not very helpful."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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2 / 10
Shady, Shady

"I didn't even get to stay in the hotel. After making a reservation on their website, I had to chase them up for a confirmation. When the confirmation came through the price was 40% more per night than the reservation price on the website. I rang to question and was told they had changed the prices. I tried to make them understand the "false advertising" implications only to be told they had my credit card details and could charge me what they liked. I said I no longer wanted the booking. I then received a call from the reservation department asking again if I wanted to keep my booking. I said no, to which the gentleman responded - you cancel now you dont call again. I am still fighting them for a cancellation confirmation.

Shady, rude, unprofessional rip off merchants.

I will take his advice - and never call again.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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10 / 10
Beat Value

"WE always land up here for all our trips, but you have to be careful that you get lower floor rooms, these open right out into the ocean, fantastic view for the money. The loos are outdated but this isnt a luxury resort, this is for backpackers or families who are looking for a nice family resort, for less money but good value. The beach is private , the service good, and right infront of snoopy island. It has a good PADI dive center.The resort has had a face lift the past few months, with new wings, restaurant and general sprucing up..excellent service by the way."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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2 / 10
Don't waste your money

"Just got back from the Sandy Beach resort. Luckily we had only booked 1 night but on checking in, we found it so awful that we headed straight off to the Meridien next door & stayed there until it was time to go to bed & checked out early next morning, even though we didn't have to check out until 2pm.

We stayed in a hotel room whilst our friends were given a chalet. Even the hotel management agreed that the chalets are in a terrible condition. It's not just that everything is old, it is so dirty & smelly. Our room was slightly better. The bathroom was larger & more modern but again, the floor was dirty & the towells were old. Our bedding was horribly stained & the curtains were ripped. The pillows smelt awful & we could hardly open the fridge because it was so rusty. The chalets are supposed to be for self catering but there was nothing provided in the kitchen - no plates or cutlery & the outside table & chairs were falling apart.

It could be so nice because the setting is great - right opposite Snoopy Island. Unfortunately, even the public areas are not that great. The pool is old & small surrounded by concrete & broken tiles & the pool towels were really tatty.

We had originally planned to stay at the Meridien but it was full so we thought we'd take a chance at the Sany Beach & if the quality of the place had been reflected in the price, then we would not have complained but at £120 a night (no breakfast) for the awful chalet rooms, it is a complete rip off. Despite lots of people complaining, this hotel is nearly always full which goes to show the shortage of rooms in Fujeirah. The management said they are adding new facilities shortly but they really just need to close the hotel to upgrade it. We'd rather sleep on the public beach next door than stay at the Sandy Beach again.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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6 / 10
Great Beach, 'Vintage' Resort

"Located in the lovely, mountainous region of Fujairah (United Arab Emirates), The Sandy Beach resort does have a beautiful, big, sandy beach. My husband and I arrived after a gorgeous drive from Al Ain, where we found what is clearly one of the first resorts of the area. Sandy Beach comprises a large property landscaped with "rustic" gardens (fitting for this part of the world and the climate/geography). There are standard hotel rooms (we stayed in one of these) and bungalows and what appeared to be newer "townhouse" type rooms. The standard hotel rooms are clean, all with a nice view of the ocean. Those on the ground floor have a sliding glass door with patio. The bathrooms are small with very small standing shower base and a clean curtain that might stick to you if you are large. Most rooms seemed to have a 13-inch t.v. with 2-3 English stations - some rooms might have larger televisions. There is a "gift shop" with goofy souvenirs, sunscreen and toiletries and internet access which costs approximately $3 for 15 minutes. The pool is very small and overrun with children. The beach is large with lots of palm frond shade umbrellas and beach chairs. The towels at the beach and in the rooms are a bit threadbare, but the hotel will give you as many as you request. The food in the restaurant is missable. Stick with Arabic food - this was good, all other was not. At least it was cheap. UAE is expensive so for about $135 a night it didn't feel like we were getting a deal or being ripped off - the beach is really nice. It could use with some updating - new towels, better food quality....I wouldn't encourage anyone to stay here, but I wouldn't discourage them either."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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4 / 10
Not recommended!!!

"So after I was told to stay away from this hotel, we did end up going to SANDY BEACH, Fujairah anyways, because my husband and I live in Abu Dhabi and the site of an endless ocean, a little island and rocky mountains sounded great. If you are reading this and deciding to go to this hotel, then it all depends to you, and what you like. I am not a picky traveler, but I sure appreciate a room that’s clean.

We stayed at sSandy Beach Hotel for one night, initially booked for 2 nights. We had booked 2 chalets with our friends, and drove from Abu Dhabi to Al Al Aqah Beach. The hotel is the oldest hotel in that area and it’s built right across a little island that looks like Snoopy so it’s called the Snoopy Island. The hotel attracts lots of Russian Tourists and families. There are two other hotels just about few minutes away. Le Meridian and Rotana that just opened this week.

So why did I choose Sandy Beach after I was told not to go there, because we could BBQ. Would I go there again? Absolutely not, as a matter of fact we came up with an excuse and left a day early. It’s not worth the price you pay! We paid $170 USD per night for one bedroom chalet. I believe pictures speak a thousand words, so to help you decide…here are some pictures I took this morning. This review is based on two chalets because we went with our friends and they were in a chalet next to us.


•Old rooms, built in mid 80’s, kept poorly

•Rooms smelled awful because of bathroom sewage problem and smokers (note there are no none-smoking rooms).

•Old bed, old bed sheets, a thin layr of something called a blanket, very old and dirty towels. Small TV, no remote control, lamp in room didn’t work, moldy sink, loud AC…and the list can go on.

•Lot’s of flies and many hungry stray cats, like all over UAE.

•EXPNESIVE for the price…

•Be wary of the JELLYFISH….OUCH! (I know that has nothing to do with the hotel, but just wanted you to know)


•Staffs are friendly.

•Gorgeous view.

•Good for scuba diving and snorkeling.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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Address: Al Aqqa PO Box 659, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates