Bali Rich Luxury Villa

Jalan Kerobokan No. 107, Bali 80361, Indonesia
7.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Seminyak Location, Great Pool Villas, Great Value

"We stayed here during the easter period for 9 days. The location is great if you want to be in and around Semiyak and Jl Laskmana/Oberoi - its a short walk and you are there. All the great restaurants are within easy reach, and with the shuttle service provided to drop you anywhere, nothing is too far away. The service and courtesy of the staff was very good, and teh Thai restaurant recommended for great Thai food. Breakfast is a simple affair, and most mornings we chose to go out for our breakfast. Having a private pool means you stay in the villa a lot, and as such room service was very good, and the food very substantial and good quality. I would highly recommend these villas, they are quiet, private, have pools, and are perfectly located. Considering all of this the price great value for what you get. Go There !!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009

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4 / 10
This Place Is Nothing Like The Website Photos Shown!

"The hotel "lobby" was a space in an extended portion of it's tiny restaurant, shared with the concierge desk and waiting area. Checking in was not pleasant as the space was tight and we fought with our luggage to find a space to stand. A couple of men were smoking and that didn't make the front desk any more pleasant.

They placed us in the FURTHEST rooms possible which involved a walk over rundown bridges and uneven stone floors which were not sheltered in any way.We passed a moss-ridden water feature/pond of an evil green colour that spoke more for the level of service here than the false smiles of welcome. The worn out and slightly rusty children's swing and slide reinforced my gut instinct that I should run while I could,

When we finally arrived at our "two bedroom - private pool" villa, my husband, my friend and I were less than impressed by the rickety villa door, the pool of dirty water on our front doorstep and the musky smell that greeted us.

To our left, the "pool" was maybe the size of 3 average bathtubs in a row and was white tiled and looked "sort-of" clean. The pump area next to it was rusty and surrounding it was a bunch of dirty grey rocks over which 2 precariously balanced rickety deckchairs were placed.

To our right, was the "living area" which was made up of a dusty old fashion sofa set, a granite bar table and kitchen area, a fridge and water dispenser. The floor was made of tile and was sticky.

The most surprising thing was that although it was a 2 bedroom villa, the hotel failed to clearly state that one of the rooms was not ENSUITE! No, in fact, the 2nd bedroom, which our single friend took (it had twin beds) had a bathroom attached but the MASTER bedroom had no bathroom attached to it but in fact, we were to use an Unattached bathroom NEXT to the 2nd bathroom which had a mouldy CURTAIN as a door! This was not the shower curtain...this was actually what they used as the Bathroom Door!

The bathrooms were old and sticky and we used the amenities very gingerly. It was quite unacceptable but since it was an internet transaction as well as a one night stay, we decided to spend as little time as possible in the rooms.

Master bedroom: the 4-poster bed was too big for the room and sat against the aircondition unit blocking the ventilator so there was no air in the room.

The wardrobe was in the unattached bathroom. There was no mirror!

I really could go on but suffice it to say that a rehash of my experience here has already brought up such unpleasant feelings that I now feel it necessary to have a cleansing shower in my (attached) bathroom at home!

Oh, and it rained cats and dogs that evening and the next day. We got more wet trying to manouevre the oversized umbrellas supplied by the hotel through the too-narrow pathways and the uneven stone floors caused us to slip many a time and of course, find our feet sloshing through huge puddles of muddy water.

I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009

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10 / 10
Bali Hideaway

"We recently stayed at Bali Rich Luxury Villas last December 2008, and we truly enjoyed our vacation on this little boutique hotel offering excellent quality private villas including a private swimming pool, large bathroom, functional kitchenette & petit salon.

Our bedroom was immaculate , airy and the king size bed ultra comfortable.

From here we really discovered the real Balinese hospitality and met a professional and helpful staff , and efficient maid, and delicious meals from the Thai restaurant adjoined to

the villas lots. A friendly reception always ready to help you and answer to any question you may have, and providing nice recommendation on restaurants, sightseeing, cultural activities, or ordering a taxi. They also have a parking for guests use and a 24 hours security staff at the entrance.

We highly recommend this place in Bali, discovered by chance, very well located in Seminyak, away from the huge touristic and impersonal hotels on the beaches.

This piece of heaven mostly contributed to the success our holidays.

We met our Bali Hideaway. We specially thank the cheerful welcome from the manager Wayan who is a very nice host, always ready to help you on any circumstances.

We know now where to go and stay in Bali and we already planed to return for next Spring 2009 .

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009

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2 / 10
Bali Horror!! Checked Our After 2 Hours

"The Bali Rich Luxury Villa is run down and horrible.

We were booked to stay in a bedroom villa during the easter peak season for 2 nights. We checked out after 2 hours.

They gave us a villa with no water, the bathrooms were filthy and mouldy. The grass was muddy. The public area was so small they could only fit 2 deck chairs (just enough room) next to the pool. The other 2 deck chairs were on the other side of the villa on the muddy grass. The deck chair umbrella had mould all through it.

In one of the rooms, the King bed is actually 2 twin put together.

My experience certainly tells you about the upkeep of the property. The no water obviously shows no one has stayed in the villa for a very long time.

The staff obviously knew about the problems as they were happy for us to leave and our travel agent was able to get a full refund and put us at another villa.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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8 / 10
Great Bali Villas

"My wife and I just got back form a week at the Rich Bali Villas. It was our 20th wedding anniversary and we wanted a special place to celebrate and were recommend the Rich Bali Villas by a friend. I am very glad that they did, the place and the staff are fantastic. The villa was beautiful and the private pool was great, the onsite spa is excellent and the ability to also have them come to Villa is an added bonus. We have an hour message at the spa complex then my wife and a pedicure and foot message back beside the pool in the villa.

The Villa’s are a little way out of the main area of Seminyak but the Villa’s have drivers who will drop you off wherever you want to go and you get a taxi back. This is no big deal as the most we paid for a taxi was 30,000 Rp or about $4 Australian and the was from the other side of Kuta back to the Villa. The really good night spots and restaurants of Seminkay like the La Luciola, Living Room, Kudeta are about a 10,000 Rp taxi ride home ($1.20 AUD)

Nothing is too much trouble for the staff, the facilities are excellent and the cost is very affordable

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007

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10 / 10
good modern villa with its own swimming pool and kitchen...

"Stayed in Bali Rich for 7 nights, the hotel was good. Its swimming pool and garden are both nice and are of very good size. You can have breakfast eith in the restaurant or in the villa. We had it in our villa every day. They came on time every single day and cooked it in front of us. It was good portion and they finish breakfast at 11am so if you have it late you won't even want lunch!

The hotel provides free shuttle to Kuta, Semiyak and other parts. It's free drop but no pick up but that's really fine I think. It's not expensive to travel back by taxi anyway, always under £3.

Hotel staff were all so friendly and welcoming. If you decide to walk to nearby town then it's only 15 minutes walk....

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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Address: Jalan Kerobokan No. 107, Bali 80361, Indonesia