Dubrovnik Bed and Breakfast

1 Frana Supila, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia
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Loved the place

"We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our stay in Dubrovnik. Out of the 3 hotels we stayed in during our visit, Dubrovnik b&b was by far the nicest, the most spacious and the best located! Free guided tour of the city on arrival was much appreciated; most of the places we ate or drank at were amongst your personal recommendations, and were definately worthy - especially the Taj Mahal!

I have already recommended the Dubrovnik B&B to 2 friends and we very much hope to return ourselves one day in the not to distanant future ourselves.

10 / 10

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I hate to rain on the parade...

"The other travelers who have written positive reviews about this property are right about the good things: amazing location (200 feet from the entrance to the old city), clean rooms, air conditioning, ample hot water, quiet at night.

Nonetheless I found my stay here to be unenjoyable, mostly because of the overbearing and unwelcoming personality of the proprietor, Mr. Srdjan Gizdic. (The remainder of my complaint goes toward having to pay for breakfast at a bed AND BREAKFAST.) Mr. Gizdic was nice enough to arrange a cab for me from the airport, but from there things went downhill. First, despite having traveled all night, and wanting nothing more than a shower and some food, Mr. Gizdic insisted on giving me a tour of the old city, during which he gave me "recommendations" about where to eat and shop. These "recommendations" turned out to be plugs for businesses whose owners he knew. Second, Mr. Gizdic became upset when my friends asked to store their luggage in my room for an HOUR while they found a place of their own to stay. Third, Mr. Gizdic told us that check out time was 10 am (!!!), and then sat in the same cafe my friends and I attended and stared us until we departed to go check out. Fourth, when I returned to Dubrovnik after ten days in other parts of Croatia, Mr. Gizdic was cross that I did not arrive at the approximate time I said I would (my bus was delayed in Bosnia and my US-based cell phone does not work in Europe).

These may seem like small things but they lended a most unwelcome air to my stay in Dubrovnik. Every small request or deviation (and I am an easy guest) was greeted with annoyance. The proprietor was overbearing and particular about everything, and I was not made to feel that my business was appreciated. Each of my three friends who stayed there, either during the same period or shortly thereafter, had the exact same experience.

Mr. Gizdic said he was selling the place; if so, that might obviate my complaints. If that has not happened and you decide to stay here nonetheless, I recommend: (1) ignoring any recommendations you are given for restaurants (I tried them; they were all mediocre at best), and (2) avoiding the proprietor as much as possible. Arrange your own transportation and try to pick times for your arrivals and departures that you know you can meet.

4 / 10

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location, location, location

"We spent three nights at this bed and breakfast, which does not serve breakfast, and we were extremely satisfied. The owner started our stay with a 20 minute tour of the old town inside the ancient walls, giving us tips for eating and entertainment. It was a great way to get oriented. The room was clean and the bed fine. The only drawback was the cafe on the first floor, which sometimes had thumping bass music going int o the wee hours. Thankfully, we were not directly above it, so it was not very bothersome. But the location to the old town was the best feature. You are literally across the street from the drawbridge that takes you into the fortified city. And it may be too late now, but the property is very close to a very nice beach used by the locals. The swimming was delightful in early October but it may be too cold by the end of the month. This is a great deal for a perfect location when visiting Dubrovnik."

8 / 10

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amazing location, lovely stay

"The location is incredible and the view from the top floor unbeatable. We stayed in the "holiday apartment" on the top floor, which has a TV, little kitchen, and lounge. The view of the Old City from there takes your breath away. I could not agree more about the owner, he was exteremely helpful, took us on a wlaking tour around the Old City and pointed out where to eat.

We would definitely return to this perfect spot.

10 / 10

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Great location, clean, but thin walls

"I agree with much of what the other reviewers said on this place...

Positives: (1) Great location - couldn't have been better, right on the gate to the old city of Dubrovnik, only a short walk to the beach. (2) Nice owner - free city tour he gave of Dubrovnik was very helpful in orientating ourselves to the city. He was available whenever we had any questions. (3) Clean - rooms were spotless. (4) A/C - very strong.

Negatives: (1) Thin walls - you could hear everything both outside your room in the hallway and in the room next door. This was especially true with the bathrooms, where the shower from next door sounded like it was from in your own bathroom. This definitely got very annoying at times. (2) No breakfast - but honestly, not a huge deal. Just should reconsider changing the name of the hotel.

My overall experience is more like 3.5 stars. It was a pretty good value for the money in Dubrovnik, which is an expensive city in the summer. The location was perfect, but the sound issues in the rooms really prevented this from being called a "great find".

6 / 10

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terrific location! but.....

"The Dubrovnik Bed & Breakfast has the best location... hands down. You are directly across the street from the Old Town gate (Pile).. the beach is a few steps in the other direction (although we recommend swimming off the cliffs in the Old Town - it's fantastic fun!)

The place is run by a very nice (terrific english) man who will give you a quick - but essential - tour of the city before you crash.

The rooms are very clean and modest - two folding chairs.. a table.. a dresser.. no frills.

But the bed was comfortable eventhough the bathroom is small.

There is plenty of activity outside, but there are new windows installed and it cuts the noise down to nothing.

The airconditioning is terrific - thank godness! it was hot while we were there.

Now the only major downside is you will hear EVERY MOVEMENT of everyone else staying in this place.

The hallway noise and closing and opening of doors will seem like it's in your eardrums.. it's very loud.

This is a problem if you are a light sleeper or like to sleep in... BUT.. if you can get past that - and we did for many days - it is great. The price is fair (90 euros) but there is no breakfast! But if you are looking to save some pennies (dubrovnik is expensive) there is a grocery store right across the street and a bakery, too.

A cheap breakfast there and then you can get good sandwiches at decent prices in town.

My husband and I loved Dubrovnik.. we hope you get a chance to see it cause it really is a different city.

*if you are going in the summer... try to get their during the week -- the weekend was too packed with cruiseships dropping off mass loads of people.


8 / 10

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Highly recommended

"We were delighted when we stayed here. The rooms are basic, e.g. no Tv or kettle, but pretty in a simple way and extremely clean. Our room also had fabulous views over the harbour. It's minutes walk to the old town and the owner's guide was a great help. The only reason this isn't getting 100% approval rating is it wouldn't be suitable for anyone with walking difficulties as there's no life and the steps are quite steep."

8 / 10

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Great budget rooms

"This is a great place to stay in Dubrovnik if you want a cheap, spotlessly clean room in just about the best location. This is more like a small converted apartment building than a bed and breakfast. The location is ideal (right outside the main gate to the old city center). Great views of the city and harbor.

The rooms are modern, simple and very clean.

The owner is very friendly and available to answer questions and show you around town. Many of the recommendations he gave us were also in our Rick Steves book.

10 / 10

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Great Location! Friendly owner! but be forwarned...

"Simply put, you can't be the location, steps from the old city. The rooms are simple and very small, no radio or TV, no frills, but very clean. I would return, but next time I would take the upstairs, much larger apartment, it's only 30 euros more, has a kitchen, TV and some character.

Our only problem was, there was no breakfast. The name is missleading.

We were told that breakfast is only offered at certain times of the year.

He said, it was in our corespondence, but I came home and checked, he never informed us. so make sure and ask if breakfast is included. Also,

not sure where the breakfast would have taken place, there is no dinning area or reception area.

6 / 10

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Excellent accommodation

"We stayed for two weeks in September 2003 and could not have found better accommodation. Very central, just a two-minute walk in either direction to the city beach and Old-town,which meant no need at all for taxis. The B&B itself is very clean and reasonably priced."

10 / 10

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Address: 1 Frana Supila, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia