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Closest airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI) (1.7 miles)

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Traveller reviews

Appalling customer services

"We were so disgusted and appalled with the restaurant staffs at the Palma bay club hotel.

During our stay at the dining room it was like Halloween every single dining day.Nobody looking after us but we understood that there was so many customer at the dining area and the staff got no time to smile. Only work work and work.

We were so annoyed about their attitude towards us and they don't understand English therefore don't know our needs.They only talk with their own language annoying other people including us.

MR.M came to us and he told us that we are not allowed to sit on the table for four as we are five in the family, but he did not understand that the restaurant was full and there was nothing to sit, then he was talking and told his colleague on his own language not to clear the table for us which we find it very rude and he did not know that we understood what he said in Spanish and that he should not do that in front of us rude.WE told our concern , complaints to the manager of the hotel and he just IGNORED US.

Another lady which has no name or badge on her uniform. Very very rude to most of the customer and don't know how to speak English.She always interrupt customers who were peacefully eating , she always cut queues and never apologized.

I was doing my toast and without any talking or apology she took away my toast from the toaster and turned her back away from me..I did not understand what she said in Spanish perhaps she swore at me and look at me like an idiot. It was so horrifying attitude.

This were all unacceptable knowing that we pay for our holiday and expected good customer services and not to be discriminated.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2015
  • Advice: Dont stay at Palma
1 / 10

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Fantastic place excellent value for money :)

"My husband and our 3 boys (13,5 and 21 months) have just returned from an all inclusive week this Easter and was really pleased we didn't take notice of the bad reviews! We thought it was a fantastic place. We couldn't believe how modern, clean and friendly it was! We must have saved a fortune on food and alcohol, it was a bargain.. how do they do it? Loads of entertainment for kids, pools and bars to sit at! A huge place that we thought worked really well! We didn't want to leave and would definitely return again:)"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
10 / 10

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Extremely clean and affordable

"Having read reviews before I went was very apprehensive,but the place is clean,staff pleasant and helpful the food is more than acceptable with good choices.I don't understand why people go on about Germans and Spanish people,everyone I met was friendly and pleasant.Well, until the day before we left when the foul mouth English drunks arrived,a party of 10 mostly drunk foul mouthed and aggressive,hope the management dealt with this.

A classic example of the staff is,I left my phone in the room when checking out only remembered 5 hours later it was behind the reception desk,handed in by the cleaner well done that woman *****

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014
  • Advice: Expect to get what you pay for,if you want five star pay for it.
  • Good For: Beach
6 / 10

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Dont Go

"My husband and i stayed here in June 2012 a complete Nightmare young people every where no sleep due to the noise of them going out at 12 o'clock returning from 5am onwards.No one prepared to do anything security don't want to know. We cut our holiday short !!!! This is a True review the only folk to enjoy this holiday is the young ignorant drunks that stay here you have been warned ."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012
1 / 10

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Not good

"I arrived ay this hotel @10 pm .was given a map ,and told to go down 2/3streets !! Room was tiny ,right on the street and window would not open .i upgraded next day ,which cost me 75 euros extra .second room was ok .wardrobe was dusty n patio had not been spept in years .

Asked foe water at the bar to be told get it from the machine which cost 1euro 90 .

So much for all inclusive .JOKE !never again

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, booked with Ice
  • Advice: Dancing
1 / 10

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"Very misleading advert on was very clean ,food awful. reception attitude appalling ,booked for Christmas break.nothing to do .nowhere to sit,very over crowded.had to walk from another part of the hotel to have meals and facilities..not cafe,only one bar,the drinks were served in plastic cups ,had to stand up to drink.poor entertainment .cut short the holiday flew home after 4 days.don't go there."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: nothing
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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worst holiday ever

"this hotel shouldnt be a 3* it should be rated at a 2* they are all so ignorant when you arrive them send u down the road to another hotel with no one on reception the whole intire stay i felt very scared of the noises every night then when i complained about it they wanted me to pay more money to stay in main hotel lol complete joke food is discusting they catered the whole holiday for germans no english entertainment, alcohol is like drinking water cannot believe i wasted money and time on this hotel,booked a room for 2 and got 3 single beds the highlight of holiday was that the room was clean i wouldnt reccoment this hotel to any english people and its not for kids either"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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Bedbugs included

"Title says it all. Informed reception of bedbugs in beds but nothing was done. 8 yr old daughter had to see dr as soon as we got home , she is literally covered in infected bedbug bites and been put on multiple medications. Take care of going here ( stayed in Sahara annexe 30/10/12 )


  • Holiday details: Oct 2012
  • Advice: Take strong insecticide and anti bite cream
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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Great place to stay BUT..!!

"We were a party of four that booked an all inclusive holiday to the Palma Bay Club Hotel. On arrival to the Hotel Reception about 23.30 ish we were told that we were not booked in at that hotel. So we got told to wait in the reception area and wait until all the other people had been booked in first. After an hour or so went by, the last couple got booked in from off of our coach all four of us went up to the check inn desk to DEMAND an answer. After a few flustered phone calls made by the reception staff to a number of different people they said that they wouldn't be able to sort it out until 10.30 the NEXT MORNING. So they were going to put us up in a 4* sister hotel down the road with them paying the taxi fares themselves. After getting all our luggage to the other hotel we asked if there was anywhere to get anything to eat or a drink the man at the hotel said no not here , but there is a local bar/restaurant just up the road that should still be open. After a short walk over the road yes it was still open so we had a round of coffees and a plate of chips to see us through.But after booking a fully inclusive holiday the last thing we expected to be doing was to be paying for our own food and drink.However we got all our luggage together again and the hotel staff called for our taxi and we got back to the Palma Bay Hotel at 10.30 Sharp. Then to be told oh yes we do now appear to be on their guest list.But you cannot have your rooms until 12.30. After the rooms have been cleaned from previous guests. As you can imagine we were not impressed to say the least because it was a classic example of being OVERBOOKED.It just felt that we had been robbed of a days holiday before it had even started. However once we finally got settled in. The accommodation was good value for money and we found that all the food breakfast,snacks,and all the meals were all very good well cooked,and hot etc and plenty of choice for all. Just one other thing i have to mention i dont know if it was because it was near the end of the season ie first week in october but, even though it was still quite hot during the day there was no parasols available for you to shield under from the sun unless you moved to one of the other pools that was continuously shaded with no sun at all behind another accommodation block. Also if you wanted a day at the beech which is only a five minute walk DOWN the hill if you dont want to lye on just your own beech towel or your own lilo it will cost you 5 euro EACH for a sun bed, and 5 euro for a sun shade for the day. ie for two of you it will cost 15 euro per day to lie on the beech each day about £13.50 in english money. Mr.A.Long from Portsmouth Hampshire."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with On the Beech
  • Advice: Take your own beech towels none available at this hotel to hire
  • Good For: Beach
8 / 10

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Disaster and not suitable for any human

"I came to this hotel with my partner on the 12/10/12 and were told its a nice place. When we got here we was sent to another hotel for 2 nights because there was no room when we arrived Palma bay resort. When we asked for an holiday rep I was asked by deputy manager Maria what that was and she as never heard off one. This place is a total disgrace and they don't care about Brits. Myself was approach by a prostitude in the complex and when I told security they was not bothered i then phoned reception who had told me they don't care and put the phone down on me.. It's a very bad experience coming here and and unless we speak a different language the don't care so please don't ever book here if you are looking for. A nice holiday... And if you do book here good luck"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: British bar on the sea front
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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Worse Experience Of My Life In Spain

"On booking this holiday to the palma Bay Beach c i noticed on your website that you had two prices one was for a 2* the other 3* I made my booking with someone called leo and he assured me i would be on the hotel complex at the palma Bay Beach hotel and was assured I was getting a 3* holiday.

On arriving at the palma bay hotel at 3.15am I was told by rather a rude man behind the reception area that the hotel was fully booked and there had been a problem with there booking system and that it was accepting bookings even though they had no rooms,I asked how long this had been going on and he replied about a week? I said why had they not informed any travel agents and he said we would have to ask the manager tomorrow,he then said there was a taxi outside to take us to another hotel for the night,and that we would have to come back in the morning,I was very tired and travelling alone with my 7year old daughter who you can imagine was exhausted!! so thought we would just go so she could sleep,and come back first thing I was not at all happy.

We arrived at a place around some dodgy looking back streets and pulled up outside a very shabby 1 star hotel that resembled a YMCA called the SAGA i was shocked and a bit wary of entering it as the place was dimly lit,i met the manager who gave us a key and told me i was on the ninth floor i was rally unhappy as i don’t get in lifts as i suffer panic attacks which i have medication for.

On opening the door to the room the smell hit you straight away it stunk of urine the sheets hadn’t been changed and there were bottles and glasses left in there from the previous occupants,it was disgusting and i would not put a cat or dog in it let alone myself & my daughter, i went back downstairs and told the manager to telephone me a taxi back to the palma bay hotel,he said you have to stay here tonight the palma bay is full,after telling him there was no way i was staying here,he reluctantly phoned me a taxi.

On arriving back I told the receptionist who was a male why he had sent us to this 1* hotel and that it was dirty and disgusting,he said it was only for 1 night and we shouldve stayed there,i was absolutely fuming,he wasn’t bothered in the slightest and didn’t want to know,by this time there were three other couples who had arrived with myself and my daughter and had also been sent to the saga hotel all arriving back from there to complain and wouldn’t stay there either,he told us all the manager would be in at 8.30am and we would have to take it up with him,he also told us we couldn’t wait in the reception area as other guests we’re arriving and we would have to go and wait in another reception area called the acapolca by this time it was raining heavily outside with lightening thrown in for good measure,they wouldn’t even give me a pillow or a blanket for my 7 year old daughter it was disgraceful!!!!.

We all left and went to the acapolca reception and there were chairs there to sit on and that was it i had to pull a couple of chairs together for my daughter to sleep on as by now it was past 4.30am and she was exhausted,and we had been awake from 6am ,the rest of us stayed awake.

At 8.30 we went back to the reception and was told that we would now have to wait until 11am , everyone including myself was very cross and wondered what the hell was going on, we were told again we would have to speak to the manager,we also noticed that German guests were arriving and getting there room keys straight away,I wondered why this was if the hotel was meant to be full!!?

When the manager finally arrived at 9.30am he said again there was a problem with the bookings and said we would now have to wait until 11.30 to get a room,as the rooms needed cleaning?and to all go away and have Breakfast or something and come back,which we all did as everyone was now feeling the pinch and I also wanted to make sure my daughter had something to eat,as she was weepy cold tired and hungry and complaining that her neck was aching after having to sleep on 2 uncomfortable hard chairs,I was now starting to regret coming here,and only booked the holiday as we had illness in the family all over the 6 week school holidays and i was looking after my sick mum& dad and needed a break!

When we went back to the reception at 11.30 we were then told we were all getting rooms but NOT on the complex in one of there three HOSTELS (nubia,sahara,gobi) these hostels were situated a 8-10 minute walk from the hotel complex,you had to walk out of the complex across a main road and round two very dodgy back streets this is definitely not the holiday i signed up for!! they gave me the key to sahara room 204 and on doing some research since have noticed this is not even a 2 star accommodation but a 1 star!!! by this time we just needed a bed I was exhausted and all the stress was now starting to take its toll the room was small but it was cleaner then the other place so we stayed there even though the view was overlooking some shabby back street houses,I thought after i have some sleep would go back to reception and see about getting moved onto the complex.

The next day i was told in no uncertain terms that we wouldn't be getting moved onto the complex,as there were no rooms available for the time we had booked,i also noticed all the other British Guests had been put into the hostels also,in fact everyone in my hostel was British , but still the German guests kept checking in and were being put in the hotel grounds? why was this? i did notice there were no British reps there from any travel company,but there were plenty of German ones???.

I have worked in the travel industry in the past and flown round the world i have even wrote a holiday review for a national newspaper and stayed in third world countries,but have never ever experienced anything like this before in my entire life!!!

I phoned my agent in the UK called angela who i communicated with on a daily basis about my situation,she even phoned the hotel,and she wasn’t getting anywhere with them at all,at one point they put the telephone down on her and let on they couldn’t speak English,we just wasn't getting anywhere so she told me to send in a complaint when i got back home and that is what i have done.

As for the rest of the hotel, well starting with the food it was disgusting i found at least four hairs in my food on different occasions and hardly touched a thing while there infact we opted out of it completely and ate out instead,as for the all inclusive drinks well they were also disgusting and gave me a bad stomach,so use to buy myself drinks at the supermarket around the corner on a daily basis,the entertainment was also poor and you could never get a seat anyway on the one occasion we did they had a snake show on and my daughter wanted her picture taken they wanted 40 euros there and then for the picture without even seeing it? and I told them i didn’t want it,even when i left to go home the woman chased us down the round saying you have to pay 40 euros for your picture to which i replied again I don’t want it,and she tutted and ran off.

There was also a gym there so i thought i would check it out, on going down there i opened the door and there were two people in the jacuzzi having *** !! i,m just glad my 7 year old daughter hadn’t walked in first, i was totally gob smacked.

On the day we were leaving i went to the reception and asked what time we had to check out of our rooms she said 11am i told them i had a late check out on my booking she said that it didn’t matter and that was the check out time, i said that we wasn’t being picked up until 12.30 that NIGHT she said that was too bad and there were no rooms i even offered to pay and she still said NO, her name was maria and she didn't even check the screen on her computer,she just couldn't be bothered, she was meant to be customer care?? she definitely needed a course in it, she told me there was a courtesy room where we would be able to shower and change before we left in the evening, I was once again disappointed,but this was a normal occurrence by now,so i walked away and took my daughter to the beach again for the last time,on returning at 6pm from the beach i went to reception and asked for the Key to the courtesy room i was told by another rude little man i couldn't have the key as the courtesy room was closed and it was only available until 6pm?? how can you have a courtesy room only available until 6pm and why did nobody tell me this on inquiring about it that morning,i said to him but we are not being picked up until 12.30 tonight and we are covered in sand,he said i told you it’s closed and you need to book it in the mornings so it’s to bad!! my daughter was really upset and i had to take her to the shower at the swimming pool to try and clean her up and myself,to say we left there looking the worst for wear is an understatement,I was just so pleased when we left there and got on the plane home

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay clear
1 / 10

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"IF people are actually lucky enough to get a room inside the hotel complex then food is not bad entertainment is good for children and pools are nice. However my family has just returned from a week at palma bay resort, on arrival we were told that we were to stay 2 nights at a different hotel Riutort then on monday there would be rooms back there. Hotel was quite nice but was a german 18/30 with them keeping you up all night. we then had to check out at 11am and leave our luggage in rooms until other ready at 2pm,i paid for security box there for 2nights.

we had booked 2 adult rooms in what we had believed to be the complex, we were put in Nubia which was down the road and with no reception, i had to pay again for security box which i was told a full week cheaper than 5 days! we had lost a day of our weeks holiday moving rooms!

as we were not leaving till later on in the day, i thought it only right of them to let us keep our room on until we left as compensation for losing a day, but NO WAY. They were just totally overbooking. lots of other families had been shipped off for 2 days!

There were very few English people there you felt Quite out of place!

Although we made the best of it we would not return and i would not recommend it to anyone else.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
5 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Top traveller tips for Palma Bay Club Hotel

  • by jdsf

    " Lots of Germans n Spanish but the resort is good. look inside Megga Park and drink in the Beer Koing "

  • by jillyd1981

    " Marineland, get a coach booked at hotel reception, dolphin shows, parrot shows, aquarium, etc "

  • by Kimberley Assirati

    " Me and my partner enjoyed going to the Stunning Beach (blue sea) and going to the Hole in the wallxx "

  • by jonathon1

    " Beach, Q lounge for Paella. "

  • by scarlettohara

    " A trip into Palma to the Cathedral "

  • by lucky28074

    " eat at the Hole in the Wall pub 2 mins from the Hotel "

  • by magicmaycock

    " travel back to airport on local bus cost only 2 euros "

  • by angie

    " the aqualand water park, which you can a get the bus there "

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