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10 / 10
Really Good Experience!!

"This hotel is amazing! Soon as we got there we got a really good welcome... everywhere around the resort there was smiles and high 5's they speak to you all the time, they speak different languages which I think is a really good thing to do because everybody from different countries will feel welcome and will find it easy to speak to them. The animation team... the main group that welcomes you and are always happy and never judge you on anything at all. The cleanness of this hotel is really good, all the time you see the maids cleaning they come to your room everyday with fresh towels, change bedding, toilet role even a full packet, and mop the floor. The rooms are really big the beds are comfy and you have your own balcony and bathroom its so nice. The food in the hotel well its up to you if you like to try new things... I heard people say they didn't like it, they did or its boring... well personally I think the food was good its part of the experience anyway.. what's the point in going abroad if you want the same as what you normally eat. I enjoyed the entertainment, there was a show on every night and well trust me to be in one of the shows... yes I got pulled up on stage and was so embarrassed but it was funny and was a really enjoyable experience also if you have kids they have a mini disco what they do every night before the show, which also they have the kids entertainers for which are brilliant with kids!The Rep of the hotel was really good with everyone he always tried to make sure everyone was Good and enjoying themselves. Overall I think it was really good and I enjoyed it and every minute of it!!! xx"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: More shopping centres + More restaurants
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Be carefull when booking this hotel !!

"On arrival to this hotel me and my best friend had been looking forward to this holiday All year and when the coach first pulled up at 11.30pm we both looked at each other and thought don't look to bad ..remembering it is only 3* so we went to check in the guy behind desk spoke very little English a guy then came and took our suitcases and walked us round and round up and down loads of stairs my friend has not long had 2 knee replacements so this was not good she also suffers with sleep disorder which requires her to sleep with a machine on entering our room all you could smell was damp fusty and chlorine as we was above the indoor pool the guy then put his hand out wanting a tip which we did about 2 diner =80p we opened the balcony doors to let a bit of fresh air into the room then realizing we had a shared balcony and there was a piece of paper on the floor which looked like bird droppings ..but we said to each other we are both tired it might look better in the morning ..so started to get ready for bed that's when we noticed that the room only had 1 plug socket which was over the other side of the room to where the beds were ..we then went bk down to reception to complain after a lot of confusion the entertainment team lent my friend a extension cable and after reporting the bird mess we was then told no its not birds its probably a Bats nest .....at this point I could of cried so we went bk to the room and tried our hardest to sleep because we wanted to be outside waiting for our Rep the next morning ...on arrival to meet the rep there was a lot of people also waiting to make a complaint ..Donna the rep bless her had her work cut out for her and giving her a great report because she did get us moved into a ground floor room over looking the pool ...over the course of the 2weeks holiday I had to see the hotel doctor 3 times for different lotion potions and pills I got bitten so much that my legs got infected I spent 2days in bed doubled up with stomach cramps sickness and diarrhea and then to put a complete end to the story 1 afternoon while eating lunch there was a horrific scream and a little toddler of 3yrs was being dragged out the swimming pool this was the most horrific event of my life watching and hoping this little lad was going to be ok ..after a terrible 25 minutes of the pool attendants doing CPR the medical team turned up and rushed him away we later found out that he didn't make it this will scar me for life so please please please if you do go to this hotel please be aware of the swimming pool markings and depths as there are NO lifeguards ."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: try and do the Sahara trip ..well worth the £90 2 dinners 1 breakfast 1 evening meal camel ride at sunset over nite in a hotel and 3 hours in 4x4 over the dunes
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"This is the worst hotel i have ever stayed in, please believe all the bad reviews and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket. I stayed here for one week in August 2013 and what a disappointment. It is dirty, the food is inedible and everything is covered in flies and i don't mean just a couple i mean there are hundreds everywhere. The beach has a sewage pipe running down it from the hotel and it feeds raw sewage straight into the sea, this is what all the jellyfish must feed off as there are lots of them. The staff are rude and will only help you if you tip them, although saying that the entertainment staff will treat you very well if your a woman or a young girl as they cant keep there hands off anything with a skirt on and age is not an issue....this is why some people are writing good reviews about this place as the entire staff butter them up so when they get home they will rave about this place, when really it is hell on earth. There is a lot of illness from bad food, a lot of stealing from staff, a lot of queing and pushing and shoving to get any food as the other guests have no manners and will just push you out the way. Oh i could go on and on and on but if you take a look at more reviews on "TRIPADVISOR" you will see more people like me ranting about this place....PLEASE DON'T DO IT YOU WILL REGRET IT ."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Lastminute
  • Advice: Just don't go - simples.

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10 / 10

"Hey I'm Abi.

Tunisia is a lovely country. the Houda Golf and Beach Club hotel is a very fun and cheerful place the staff are amazing the food is good and the hotel is clean .I had a lovely time here and would go back tomorrow if I could.

I think the only bad part of my holiday was the German , Russian people won think they are the most important people.

our waiter was fantastic he always served us with a smile and politeness.

a waiter named Ali loves to have a laugh and a joke with every one and he made me laugh a lot on my trip there .

in the hotel there are lots to do like: camel riding, quad biking, looking around pirate ships, water games and most nights there a fun shows. finally some of the people try to chat you up there so be careful and if you do go out the complex be warned you get hounded buy people asking you to buy different things . But in all it was one of my best holidays I've had.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: join in as much as possable

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1 / 10
The most dirtiest hotel I have ever stayed in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"We have been to Tunisia about 7 times previously staying in a 4* Maharba Palace in Port El Kantoui and Sahara Beach 3* which are first class compared to where we have just come back from! I had booked two rooms for 6 people (3 children/3 adults) on arrival we were given two separate rooms in two different blocks with a million stairs to climb! One room was like a prison, with a massive wall outside the window! My dad cannot walk very far so this proved a problem straight away! We managed to swap the rooms for a 2 bedroom joining what you would call a box room with 3 put u up beds in. The room was very dirty with squashed flies everywhere, a/c not working properly etc.

We went down to dinner which were joined by a million flies!!!!! the dirty plates were not cleaned away, therefore they attracted the flying visitors!!!!! There was 30 people waiting for one chef to cook an omelet!!!!! the food looked like mush and very cheap!!! the meat casseroles consisted mostly of bones!!!!! It was absolutely disgusting. The hotel does not employ enough staff. Lunch snack bar consisted of pizza, chips or a sandwich for which you had to go up 5 stairs and yet again gave up. This hotel management needs to re-look at how they treat and employ more staff. Most of the staff were friendly with the exception of a few!!!! This has completely put me off traveling to Tunisia every again, yet in the past we have loved this country. Thomson and Low Cost Rooms must be mad having this hotel on their website!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: nothing

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1 / 10
Just Dont Go

"Zero night life, Only one poor larger on offer, dirty, smelly, rip you off.

poor rooms. really bad poor service.

Guaranteed bad guts


  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: DONT GO

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5 / 10

"our cash was taken from our room

our sons was to in total £185

told ther was no safe left

humourd by maneger to keep us stum saying he will get our cash back

manager told us it has happend a lot and he had to under cover police

police came to the hotel but never spoke to us

they all have the atitude the english are rich and think we can just claim it back

we never got our cash back and there coments back will be just them trying to make them look better

so make your own mind up

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013
  • Advice: change the manager

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9 / 10
Awful weather but lovely hotel

"Traveled to Tunisia in May 2011 with my boyfriend for 1 week. The first day we arrived was lovely weather. our bags were carried up to our room by one of the staff there who was lovely (tipping the staff does pay off). For the next 4 days the weather was awful torrential rain, wind, thunder etc. Despite the weather, the staff and the animation team made the holiday enjoyable. (When the sun did come out though it was lovely and hot)

There isn't much around the hotel to do but there seemed to be enough trips - we would have done these but unable to due to the bad weather - the good thing is it had an indoor pool. It is in the ideal location being right on the beach though

The room was basic but everything you need for a weeks stay, cleaned every day and towels changed

The pool areas and the water slides were fab and the disco was great at a night time.

Food was a little repetitive but just like any all inclusive to be honest. The staff at meal times are really lovely and they go out of their way to get you drinks when you want them, and get to know you while you're there. We had our table decorated twice by waiters while we were there and it was a lovely touch.

All in all was a lovely holiday - would definitely go back just hope the weather is better next time.

Would definitely recommend this hotel to couples and families with young children - the animation team are brilliant with them.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
houda beach and golf resort

"This was the second time we visited the Houda and once again we were delighted with the hotel,, the service is outstanding, all staff were very friendly , the food was excellent, alway's something there for everyone, the hotel was very clean,excellent beach, entertainment was very good,the animation team work very hard,Nino looked after the kids club and always kept the children entertained, one of the manager Ben was very attentive and always asked if everything was ok, if there was a problem he would fix this for you,we had no issues and did not hear anyone complaining, all in all we would recommend this hotel for anyone, we hope to go back for two weeks in September"

  • Holiday details: May 2013, booked with Skytours
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
good holiday love to go back xx

"This holiday was the best the only thing that spoiled it was the cleanness of the rooms but the rest was fab the staff were really kind and they love children they didn't leave my daughter alone. The entertainment was shocking in a good was is was so funny I was nearly peeing myself. I have been to loads of holidays and this is the best one yet and the pools are awesome there is a pool for the children and a pool for the rest of the family there is 2 separate pools the littler pool got 1 slide and the other pool got 3 slides and the slides we wicked so I hope u think the same about this holiday."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont stay in bed 2 late because if you want a sun bed u bet to hurry up because they are gone quick!

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10 / 10
great great great best holiday

"This hotel is good for the family with a wonderful pool and a kid pool for the littler children and there is clean room and lovely food that u would enjoy and the staff well where to start the are wonderfull but most of all that thrilled me was the entertament it was fab I really enjoyed it so if ur planning on booking a holiday choose this holiday it is so great oh and I forgot to say that they had a kids club for ur children so u can relax and enjoy."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: here is a tip. If u be polite and nice to all members of staff and guests u will really enjoy nothing will go wrong
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Holiday from hell !!

"After arriving in the early hours of the morning, our first experience of this hotel was not good. I was taken to a room with one bed and told it was ok to share with my sons of 15 and 10 ! 2 HOURS later it was finally sorted after lots of arguing. I am a single mum and saved all year to take my children away for the summer holidays. How i wish i had not . I worked extra shifts to go to this hell hole. The room had an overpowering smell of damp and was filthy. The pool bar stunk and the whole place was generally a mess. The only good thing was the pools. Our hell started on the last day . My 10 year old son started to feel unwell on the last day. On return to England my Son became so unwell that he was admitted to hospital . He was later transferred to Birminghams Childrens Hospital as he was so ill. It was confirmed he had Salmonella and he spent 3 weeks in hospital ! He is still recieving treatment 3 months later. PLEASE think very hard before booking this hell hole."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Dont go.

9 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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Top traveller tips for Houda Golf & Beach Club Hotel

  • by cassie9999

    " Going to Safari Bar "

  • by Bradsfamily

    " Must do the 2 day safari- camel ride, train ride, oasis visit, star wars film location Tattaouine. "

  • by AdrianB

    " Ideal for golf "

  • by Anna Howard

    " I wouldnt bother going on any trips, waste of money! Stay on complex "

  • by Karen

    " If you can get a cheap deal to relax for a week then its good. "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " The Safari shop is by far the cheapest "

  • by Elaine Daisley

    " Join in with everything going on and you will have a lot of fun. "

  • by Wayne Mark Anthony Hearne

    " Get involved with activities.the animation team are excellent and a lot off fun. "

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