Coma Gran Aparthotel

Cards, s/n, Majorca 07560, Spain
8.5  / 10
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8 / 10

"Have been here three times in the last four years. I can say that I have had no major complaints. The rooms are pretty adequate and clean with air con and the facilities are good. I see that some of the bad reviews were written a few years ago. I can say that the food is pretty good with lots of choice. Would recommend bed and breakfast as contrary to previous comments there are some good restaurants about including Spanish ones, if you take your time to wander about and also maybe get a taxi to Porto Christo down the road. It is not just steak, chips and burgers although you can have that as well. The resort is very family orientated and I have never seen any idiocy or drunks wandering around. The place basically finishes around midnight, so you don't get rowdy behavior or noise in the early hours which is great all round. although you can still get a drink in some of the bars. Yes! The swimming pool area can be very busy but it is safe and friendly for the kids and if you want to stay by the pool all day then you can relax. As at all hotels in the Med you maybe won't get a poolside bed unless you go down quite early. Nothing new there. I prefer the beach which is very long and sandy. Can get a bit busy but you will always find a spot. Don't bother with the beach beds or shades. you do get charged quite a bit. instead get some lilos and parasols from a local shop for around 15euros and that will last all the holiday. Plenty of local shops and a hypermarket which is fun to wander around in. The only thing that may annoy you is if you get noisy neighbors in the rooms next to you which I had. I asked at the desk for a room move and they gave me it in a few hours which was really reassuring. I would certainly recommend the Coma Gran and I know of people who come back there year after year. You now what you are going to get. So no surprises. Just a really good break."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: No tips really just enjoy it as it is OK.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Great family holiday!

"Lovely hotel, extremely clean, amazing food, wish we had been fully exclusive. Great for young children due to pools and entertainment. Just be prepared to set your alarm if you want a sunbed! Recommend the pirate show for a trip out, seen it twice now and loved it both times. Kate and Glen."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014
  • Advice: pirate show just amazing, seen it twice now!
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fantastic family holiday!

"We went for a weeks stay at the coma gran in oct. First time we have been at this time of year but weather was great. I don't usually leave reviews although i always read loads before booking my holiday. I just had to praise this hotel and all the staff, we got a good price so weren't expecting too much, i was so happy to find a really good sized room, loads of space for 4 of us even with a cot in the room, and everything you could want in the kitchen, extra pillow and blankets and very clean! The staff were all lovely and with an indoor pool, outdoor pool, playground and clubs my daughter didn't know where to start. We never saw any strangers walking around the hotel, all the guests said how safe they found it! The resort itself is really nice, shops and bars and so near the beach. The next resort is just a little train ride away or quick taxi and has a great park for the kids and more shops to explore. The highlight could have been when we found out the evening club would look after my 2 year old from 7 until 10, after feeding them hotdogs in the room i think we ran out out of the hotel to enjoy a relaxing dinner knowing they were safe and being entertained while we were just a call away. Fantastic hotel, lovely staff, great reps, entertainment all day and night. Book now, you wont be disappointed!!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson

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6 / 10
Nice but no better than your average

"Myself, my partner and our 1 year old daughter have just been to the Coma Gran for one weeks holiday, self catering.

1. Resort

Sa Coma, in my opinion, is not the greatest place in the world. There is no choice with regards to restaurants, its British or nothing... I enjoy Spanish food and the few restaurants that do Spanish food shouldn't! The bars and entertainment are awful, no life to the place at all!

Beach is really overcrowded, real nice clean beach if you can get on it! 13.50 Euros for 2 beds and a parasol was quite expensive too. Just generally a drab, dull resort.

Cala Millor has better restaurants and more of a vibe, but is a German resort and geared up for that.

2. Hotel

We liked the hotel. Only bad points were that a. our beds were 2 single sofa beds, dead uncomfortable and b. the drinks are way overpriced. But we didnt see the well documented problems with the sunbeds... I went down at 7.30am every morning and got the beds we wanted. The kitchen is small but we never ate at the apartment so it didnt cause a problem. Cleaners are in every day bar 1, she even tidied up my baby's toys! We only had one breakfast at the hotel restaurant, wasnt the best but no different to any other spanish hotel breakfast.

3. Entertainment

The entertainment is basic at best and not our cup of tea. BUT!!!! The Thompson reps are brilliant, they really try hard, get everyone doing things, great with the kids. Creche (I suppose this can come under entertainment) was good, only gripe was they didnt change baby's nappy a couple of times but she was generally happy in there, its clean and has loads of toys.

There is a button on here for would you recommend. Its hard to say yes or no (have gone with yes to be kind!). Really depends what you want from your holiday. If you want to get drunk, laze around a pool all day and eat steak and chips at night then I would recommend it. If you like different foods, bit of decent entertainment, drink in nice bars and be in a resort with something about it, then I wouldnt recommend it. We never go back to a resort we've been to, so wont be going again regardless, but overall it was a nice holiday but nothing blew our socks off.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
Fabulous Family Holiday!!

"Spent two weeks at the Coma Gran this summer (2 adults and 2 children - 4 and 8 years old) and had a truly fabulous time. This was our first "family resort" holiday and having read numerous reviews about the hotel and resort, we were convinced this would be the ideal place for us. And it was.

Our kids loved the day clubs (well organised with varied activities) and really enjoyed the entertainment from 8.15pm - they went to bed exhausted every night and bounced to life every morning eagerly awaiting the events. We thought the entertainment team was particularly hardworking and energetic, and we quite liked the programme they provided throughout the day and evening. (Davey B deserves special mention here as he set the standard through his organisation, his positive manner with the holiday makers and for just being great fun with the kids. Kate and Sarah were also popular with the holidaymakers).

The apartment was clean, spacious and well maintained. The pool was on the small size considering the numbers using it but it was more than adequate because most people used it for cooling off and water activities. The food at the bar pool was satisfactory at best however and this is a pity because the reps managed to get huge numbers to the poolside daily – an improvement in this area would reap rewards for the hotel.

We took the self-catering option and found Eroski to be an ideal place for bulk shopping. The local restaurants, by-and-large, were very good and we found Cafe de le Mar, El Sol, BIA (little bit more expensive and longer waiting time for food) and JJ's to be our favoured eating places. The beach was close and genuinely beautiful and we tended to alternate our days between the hotel's pool and local beach. Worth mentioning is the sale of fruit on the beach - be weary of their sales techniques as we were charged an incredible 9 euro for a slice of melon (we didn't pay this of course!). Overall, this was an excellent family holiday and we would endeavour to go with a similar holiday package in the near future.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10

"Perfect Hotel for families and for Kids. We've just returned and wished we had booked longer. The staff are efficient and friendly. The rooms are clean and the air conditioning is so quiet! The studio apartments are quite small and the beds are not the greatest, but much better than the king size we had in a top name chain recently.

We went half board and the food on offer is amazing. A huge variety at Breakfast and an even better variety at evenings. Always a selection of "plain" English food and something a little more exotic. The puddings!!! There is so much on offer you really don't need to bother with lunch.

Yes, in peak season the sunbeds go quickly. We left at 6.15 and they were queueing to get the towels out, so that could be fixed. I did hear a rumour that the hotel is being remodelled? The pool does get crowded, but the beach is only 5 minutes walk away and that also gets packed.

I cannot praise the Thomson staff enough, especially Cuckoo Katie and Davey. They slave their guts out working to keep everyone entertained. Yes it can be cheesy BUT if you actually remember you are on holiday and no one knows who you are then you can let down your hair and join in. Not that I have any hair to let down.

Loads of clubs and activities for kids, clubs for toddlers in the morning and plenty for the older ones in the afternoon. Teenagers will end up making their own entertainment with each other! Football courses, Swimming Lessons and Theatre school all come at a cost but if it keeps the kids out of your hair....

The entertainment in the evening does go on a little too late, that's why it's not a perfect ten.

My family really enjoyed it and after all, that's why we go on holiday isn't it?

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Half-board, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: If you don't go half board then go for the Gala night on Wednesdays.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fabulous Holiday

"One of the best hotels we have ever stayed in! Clean and very spacious, we were lucky enough to have an end room that had 2 balconies and one of them was absolutely huge and overlooked the sea and part of the pool.I must admit the pool wasnt huge as described and was a bit on the small side, so dont be fooled by the huge description as it isnt huge, but other than that it was absolutely fine. The Thomson entertainment staff really do have to be highly praised for their efforts, Davey B, Cuckoo Katie and Sunny Sarah were absolutely brilliant, the best reps i have ever come accross and they work sooo hard and the holiday definately wouldnt have been as good without them!!! Also Happy Larry and Hip Hop Helen from Razmataz were fantastic too, my daughter had a 3 day session with them and loved every minute of it and cried when it was all over, so a big thank you to them for making her holiday so great too!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
brill hotel,staff,resort

"Just got back from coma gran on 21 july 2011. 2 adults and 2 children aged 17 and 14. What a great hotel! very clean, spacious rooms and the air conditioning was lush! The staff where all brilliant and very friendly, especially waiters and reps. Both teenagers loved this place even though there was an awful lot of children under the age of 12 which where constantly kept entertained by the fab reps who worked very hard from morning till evening, Cuckoo Katie and Davey B where exceptionally brilliant and happy and were always enthusiastic and smiling. Activities all day including volleyball, football, table tennis, quizzes and music. States in brochure and online that the pool is huge, don't be fooled it is not a huge pool, but it was decent for the amount of people there but not huge. Plenty of sunbeds but if you want a brolly you would have to be down there at 8. The food was reasonably priced in the hotel and so were the drinks, 3 euros a pint. Lush beach just 5 minutes away, if self catering; use Eroski supermarket only a couple of minutes away as the Spar was quite expensive. Also lovely meals in the Royal Oak, huge portions, i recommend you try to find this place. Good entertainment in the Britannia which is just around the corner from the hotel, shows on most nights including tribute bands. The entertainment in the hotel wasn't great, but the reps shows and there own entertainment was alot better. Basic kitchen but it was what you would expect, small grill would be an improvement but we ate out most nights anyway. We had a problem with our kettle on one day, and by the next day, before we had even woke up, there was a replacement kettle. Clean towels provided 6 times a week.We all would definately go back to this hotel next year!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: improve the kitcken area by more kitchen facilities.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
scarred me for life!

"we arrived at the coma gran on the 2nd june. we had a late flight and was pleased with the fast check in process we had. the rooms were pleasent, plenty of storage space for clothes. the sofa beds were a nightmare to sleep on not comfortable at all!

on our first day we sat beside the pool and unfortunately my 5 year old daughter had an accident and drowned in the pool (shes ok now) after a crowd of people surrounding my daughter and helping her to breathe the lifeguard FINALLY showed his face. not that he was any use at all. he couldnt speak a word of english and didnt do a thing to help her. luckily a holiday maker was an A&E assistant who requested some oxygen for her. the thompson reps were absolutly amazing. they managed to keep my daughter calm and responsive whilst i was collecting passports and holiday issurance to take to the hospital. we returned to the hotel the next day after spending the night in hospital. throughout the holiday the thompson reps continuously asked about my daughter making sure she was ok and posted notes through our door to say hello to my daughter.

we decided that we would take her back into the pool so she wouldnt be scared of the water but each day i would notice the lifeguard sat at his post playing with his phone. i have never been so angry in my life, i wanted to punch him in the face. clearly he was playing on his phone not paying any attention to my daughter whilst she was drowning. i tried to make a complaint to the manager but he dismissed me and said the lifeguards are not employed by the hotel they are through an agency. i will be taking this futher now i am back in the UK!!

the reception and entertain room is one big open space which meant that children had access to leave the hotel as and when they pleased. there was also a door that lead to the swimming pool which was not locked so the children could go out there too. i was constanly on edge and could not relax because i knew the children could get outside if they wanted too.

also one of the lift doors was slightly broken. the doors closed on my two year old son whilst he was sat in his pram and i had to drag my 5 year old daughter back into the lift as they were closing on her too.

it rain quite a lot whlist we were there and we found there wasnt really anything to do in or around the hotel whilst it was raining. thank god for the kids club!

there is a horse riding place just down the road from the hotel. i took my daughter on a pony ride. only 6 euro for half an hour brilliant!

most of the staff were lovely. the thompson reps were brillaint. the children had great fun thanks to the reps.

i wouldnt go back to this hotel as i dont think it is that safe for small children and tbh the place has scarred me for life.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, self catering, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
loved this hotel

"just got back two days ago and already searching for another holiday back there! the hotel is beautiful very clean and the staff are friendly. Our room was great, pool view, great little kitchen area, nice sized bathroom and bedroom with very comfy beds. Even got channels 1-5, film four and sky sports news on the TV. The pool area is hive of activities all day and by the end of your holiday youll know all the dance routines...... Reading over the past reviews some people made comments on the lack of sun beds and to be honest we didnt get up til after 8am and never had a problem with getting sunbeds or brollys and that was in june........ the thomson staff are amazing couldnt fault them a tall. We were self catering so didnt try the food on offer but a family we meet said they enjoyed the choices. I would question what the house keepers do each day mind you, apart from make the beds i didnt really notice much else and we suprised our cleaner one day when we came back to put my son down for nap she looked a little put out i think she had seen my OK magazine on the table and fancied lookin at the pics. The beach is a two minute walk away and is beautiful and clean we didnt hire sunbeds mind you cause they were expensive so we brought lilos instead seems everybody does it. Pleanty of lovely pubs veryclose by and several have great menus for the little ones"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, self catering, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Excellent Holiday

"Just got home from a brilliant holiday at the Coma Gran hotel, would deffinately book to go back. My 4yr old daughter spent 2hrs a day in the Thomson tots kids club which is free and she absolutely loved it, she was given a tshirt and sun hat to wear and a water bottle. The entertainment staff are lovely and welcomed us with lots of fun and games. Hotel was very clean and room was very spacious and we requested a poolview which we got. We booked for selfcatering but when we arrived we were able to pay for half board which was cheaper than booking with the travel agents - so this i would recommend! The restaurant was lovely and catered for my daughter and had a childrens buffet area where the kids could help themselves and mickey mouse plates and cups. Thomson the dog was the star of the holiday and my daughter fell in love with him - he made an apperance every day and night and always got cuddles from him. I would deffinately go back and think the thomson reps and entertainers do an amazing job from day to night and are so much fun. The beach is only a 5min walk away and was lovely and clean and plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. We had an excellent holiday."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, self catering, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Loved it, will return

"Just returned after a week at the coma gran. Previously stayed in cala millor and always walked into sa coma. First time at this hotel(went on the reviews), which we cannot fault. Good last minute deal self catering. Great rooms adequate with kitchen area, very clean with maid service 6 days a week.. Staff all pleasant and helpful. Had a room on the 6th floor overlooking the pool and the sea. Swimming pool only small and maybe will get too crowded at peak times but we prefer the beach so did not bother us. We wish we had booked 2 weeks!!!! when we returned home we discovered we had left an jacket in the wardrobe in our room, after a quick phone call to the hotel to explain, we left it that we wouldn't hear anything. I was so pleased when a week later we received a parcel containing the jacket and also a brand new t-shirt that we hadn't even realised we left. How many places would you expect to give you that service and honesty."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by sueash

    " Market on wednesday "

  • by thatcham

    " would recommend Juan's Steakhouse "

  • by Fleabag

    " If you want a sunbed you need to be an early riser "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " An absolutely lovely little place close top Sillot and Calla Millor with a nice beach. "

  • by laydeej

    " find jjs pub the value for money is unbelievable and the kids menu (with free ice cream) is varied and healthy...... "

  • by Jayne, John and Charlotte Searle

    " Definately go to the Brittania for food and entertainment, brilliant! "

  • by Carlos85

    " Any drinks like Fruit shoots, Cokes etc get from Eroski or Spar. Go for sunbeds at the front nearest pool, others get covered... "

  • by scots family

    " well worth a walk the the castle for the view but don't go in the heat of the day or take a donkey up! "

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