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Beautiful hotel, a few issues

"My wife and I just returned from 3 nights at the Cove and it is a beautiful hotel with a couple of issues. We have stayed at 5 star hotels around the world and this would rate right up there. They do have a couple of issues, the open walkway between the check in area and the tower that has all the rooms is very nice but at this time of year extreemly windy ( you can almost get blown away) and when it rained the entire walk between you room and the front entrance was very dangerous due to the tiles on the floor become very slippery when wet. We say a couple of people slip and fall. The staff (around 15 of them) tried to keep it dry but it was a losing battle with the very tall ceilings and no side walls.

Security is good, they don't allow the guests from other parts of Atlantis away from the pools and beach outside of the cove.

Food and drinks are very expensive but the liquor is all top shelf and I guess I expected to pay $13 - 16 for a martini there.

Other sections of the resort did not have as expensive drink prices.

Ate at Mesa Grill, it was fantastic. My wife had the crab and corn chowder (best I every tasted) and I had spicy tuna tatare (good, but I would try something else next time or have the chowder). For main courses my wife had the grilled salmon which was perfect and I had the rib eye with a couple of different sauces which was fantastic. Service was good but you need to be ready to drop $150 - $200 per couple depending on what you drink once they add their standard 15% gratuity. We have eaten at other "big name" restaurants with high hopes and had so so meals but this one lived up to its reputation.

Good shuttle service between the Cove and the Royal Towers or you can walk it outside in about 10-15 minutes depending on your speed.

Enjoyed the tubes on the lazy river, rapids and the tower thing they have, it was really interesting seeing how they put you in your tube onto a big conveyor belt to get you up to the high point of the river for the ride down.

Casino was not very friendly giving us money and no complimentary cocktails when you are gambling.

I was glad we were at the resort for a meeting and a number of the food events were hosted or you could really spend some money while at the Atlantis resort.

Rooms were great with a king bed at a upper level of your room and a living room down a couple of steps. Decent size walk in closest. Bathroom was huge with 2 sinks areas seperated by a huge tub. Nice shower stall and seperate toilet area.

Maid service was great, we found that if we left the room for an hour or so and came back to the room it was made up and turn down was ok.

It was much calmer than the other sections of the hotel.

I would go there again, hopefully to another meeting on someone elses nickle.

8 / 10

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The Cove, Not Ready for people!

"I have been to Atlantis in the Coral Tower, Royal Tower and Harborside. I stepped it up and stayed in the HIGH end section The Cove. What a mistake. It did not matter where we got food in the Cove

area it was wrong. Ever get lox and a begal for breakfast with no begal? We did 2 different times, wrong eggs, wrong salad, wrong drinks happened often, incorrect food almost ever meal in the cove area. In the Cove pool area a waitress would stop and ask if we wanted a drink I tried to order a mudslide at $25.00 the Cove price for frozen drinks. Sorry, bar is not open until 11:00, it was 10:00. 2 min later another watress came no problem. Here is the confusing part when you go to the cove pool you give up your room key to hold your tab open. (no other choice we were told) then you can go back to

your room, good system. The Limo service to and from the airport was a Honda SUV. When you are told it would be a limo thats rough. The new slides are great a belt take you up as your sitting, it broke down a few times. We got trapped on the belt in the sun after 15 min we started to walk out and were were yelled at saying the ride was closed and we could not walk on the belt. I guess if we stayed a few hours we and a few blisters later we would have made it out.

Our deluxe Ocean view room was facing another new Atlantis building 25 plus floors of cranes, jack hammers, you could here the voices, looking for a nice night on the balcony after dinner? Still working crane lights shining in your face so you cant see, Nice....

If you like your room clear prior to 2:00, dont go here! if you like $18.00 Jelly Beans, $12.00 M&Ms or $12.00 peanuts this is the place for you. I loved the room and hated the service. For $500.00 a night you can do better. High class look, LOW class service.

This was all in 4 Nights!

Mark Pustizzi, Hollis, NH

4 / 10

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Like a dream...

"My girlfriends and I stayed four nights at The Cove the week before the "grand opening" festivities began.

What a beautiful hotel. Everything about it was so beautiful and luxurious. The details put into the design of The Cove's lobby and corridors are like nothing I've seen before. Absolutely spectacular.

The staff was incredibly friendly, gracious, and accomodating.

Dinner at Mesa was the best we had the whole weekend.

The "adult" pool looked like a scene straight out of South Beach. We enjoyed the music (live dj!) and the atmosphere. By atmosphere I mean watching a drunk or high, nipped and tucked, middle aged woman fall into the pool with her mp3 players still attached to her bikini at 10 a.m. and get scolded by her boyfriend/husband. Awesome!

We would have hung out at the adult pool longer, but I'm just not going to sit there and buy $25 cocktails and $12 bottles of water when we're already paying more than $800/night for a hotel room. Frankly, I just found the prices at the adult pool insulting.

This hotel just wasn't my idea of a good time. Way too pretensious, but at the same time, whenever we wandered over to Atlantis, we were always glad to be back in the relative quiet of The Cove.

For my money, on my next trip to the Bahamas, I'll stay at the Beach Club.

10 / 10

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A breeze in the Cove!

"I missed all the celebrities the weekend before, but the staff was still star struck! with Stevie Wonder and Tyra Banks! The staff at The Cove still treated me like a star when I arrived and make the Bahamian hospitality seem so natural with "my pleasure". The lobby is open air and beautiful. The first day with rain was maybe too open and wet. (Don't know what they will do in a hurricane?) The next day was clear and sunny. But yes it is a stunning hotel and rooms are awesome! I had a 17th floor view overlooking ocean and Aquaventure. The service is friendly and accomodating, but it's the Bahamas so some things are still a work in progress. The Mandara Spa is pretty inside but not quite up to standard but I needed the massage. I walked the Atlantis side and The Dig is worth the visit but the casino and hallways made me appreciate the peace of returning to the Cove. With the Grand Opening, they have managed to get the Cove Hotel running well. The Cain pool area has a refreshing, cool vibe. Mosaic and Mesa Grill were superb and pricey. The Cascades beach area set me up steps from the ocean. I felt like a kid in the Aquaventure Current and the slides. The Dolphin Cay seems like it is in training mode but still you can't help but be captured by the faces at the interactive site. Just make sure to go with an open mind and heart and you will have an enjoyable time to remember. I can still here the waves and feel the breeze......"

8 / 10

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What a great job they did

"As a frequent visitor to the Ocean Club for it's peaceful atmosphere I cheated on them and came to the Cove. With the Adult pool you don't get any "Mommy, Mommy Look Look you're not Looking" like you get at the Myan temple pool at Atlantis. This was great. The pool is shallow and they play club music it's great. I recommend a cabana but make sure you don't get Julie as your host. She basically moved in with us and never left. She took a break, went and got her lunch and came back to our cabana to eat. So much for privacy. One side of the cabana is on the beach the other on the pool so you get the best of both with a shower and bathroom.

The rooms were nice with a little living room, 2 flat screen TVs and a large bath room with a sink on either side of the room so I didn't have to fight for space to get ready for dinner. The view from the room of the beach headed towrds the adult pool was very nice. The old "cove beach" looks totally different now!

The not so lazy river and the water slides are lots of fun.

Mesa is as good as in NY. We will be returning to The Cove in November. Hope to see you there!

6 / 10

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Amazing - wouldn't go anywhere else

"My wife, brother, brother-in-law, ans sister went to the Cove this past weekend and we had the best family vacation that we have ever had - the energy, even before all the celebrities arrived, was amazing. From check-in to check-out, there was not one service flaw. The pool had top-notch service and great music.

The new slides at the water park are great, and the new night club is out of this world.

I highly recommend The Cove, I'll most likely see you there!

10 / 10

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"Was fortunate enough to be one of the invited guests at the big opening this weekend, where it was easy to trip on a celebrity if you weren't looking, which of course I was. I realize Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder won't be playing every night, but the place was simply amazing. I wanted to hate it, because I don't like big hotels and "scenes," but the Cove was off the hook. No, the service isn't great, but the staff is unusually friendly, and they at least try to accomodate. The rooms are gorgeous, although missing some of the amenities I've come to depend on, like Q-tips and cotton balls. The walls aren't thick, so be aware if you're making love or making war - your neighbor WILL hear you. The water park is not to be believed. I thought it would be cheesy, Disney fare, but it was exiciting and scary and there were surprises at every wet and wild turn. I only visited the dolphin cay, but was told I would have to pay$25 just to stand on the beach in the 90-degree heat and watch. No thanks. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd go back in a flash."

10 / 10

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Amazing Resort

"Stayed at the Cove May 4-8. Had a fantastic time! Went to the Dolphin Cay, ate at Cafe Martinique, Mesa Grill, Nobu and Fathoms! EVerything was great. And the staff is amazing. Don't believe everything you read. The only problem I encountered was the maid didn't come clean the room the first night we were there, and that turned out to be beacuse the "Make up room" button on the panel was shorting out. They apologized and had the room cleaned without an hour. I would definetly go back to this resort. BTW there are nude sunbathers at the CAIN pool. $25 Pina Coladas."

10 / 10

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True Paradise! Worth the Splurge.

"I normally am too lazy to write reviews when I get back from a trip, but I feel very strongly that the Cove has, so far, gotten a bad rap.

We just returned from a three night stay, and I have almost nothing but positive to say about our stay at the Cove.

From the moment we pulled up, we found the staff kind and friendly; everyone seemed interested in making us feel welcomed and comfortable. We were told that the sort of room we were requesting was not ready ( we wanted a room overlooking the resort, rather than the construction next door), but we were able to change clothes in the very nice transit lounge and enjoy the pool until we checked in: they gave us room keys so we could charge and get around the property. We went back to check-in and the bellman took us upstairs. Our keys were not working when we got to our room - however, the bellman rushed back to the lobby to get them corrected, and just a moment after he left, a maid walked by and offered to let us in, and another young man who worked for housekeeping carried our bags in the room for us. Soon we had our fixed keys. For me, this was emblematic of our entire experience: when there was a problem, there was tons of staff around eager to fix it.

It was obvious that the property was brand-new; everything was in immaculate condition. The Cove design is incredible: I figured the pictures on the website were probably flattering, but I think it is even more incredible in the pictures. It's just a beautiful atmosphere: the covered walk from the lobby to where the elevators are is totally unforgettable, with fountains, ponds, and candle-lit lanterns at night.

We stayed in a Deluxe Ocean Suite, and it was simply amazing - well-furnished, incredibly comfortable bed, and the best hotel bathroom I've ever seen, by far. Housekeeping was also fabulous: we left everyday late morning, and returned around 5 to find our room perfectly made-up. Every evening we also got turn-down service while we were at dinner, and they also cleaned, tidied, and replenished our toiletries during turn-down -- so, we essentially had twice-daily room-cleaning.

Also, the adult pool, Cain, was amazing. It was a total tropical paradise. We loved setting up there as homebase and venturing out to the slides and coming back to a quiet, more adult atmosphere. But, do beware, the fruity drinks are $25!! And, they don't seem any more special than what you can get for half that on the grounds at the resort. Our advice: buy a big bottle of water for $4 or $5 at the sundry shop at the Cove, and get your fruity drinks at the resort and carry them back to Cain. The beers, however, are $8, about what they cost out at the resort.

We had continental breakfast most days from Seaglass... it was nice to get a few things and take them to the room and enjoy with the free Starbucks in the room. We did have the buffet at Mosaic for breakfast our last day: at $25/person it was still a good deal because the spread was unbelievable, and the food all tasted fresh and high quality. Also, we appreciated that the waitress came around frequently to refill coffee, juice and soda.

We ate at Mesa Grill one night, which was excellent although we thought the service was a little weak. Our favorite meal was at Dune, the restaurant at the One and Only Club - also owned by Atlantis and accessible by a free shuttle from the Cove. We ate there our first night and loved it so much we went back the last night. Very sexy atmosphere, and the food and service was great. The bar is also wonderful - try to sit and have a cocktail before dinner around sunset if you can, the view is fantastic.

Overall, it was no question the most lovely place I've ever stayed - for $600 or more a night, we had very high expectations, and we were just thrilled with the entire experience.

One piece of advice: request a suite overlooking the resort, the view is better than the other side, where you stare at a construction site.

6 / 10

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We Must Have Been Lucky

"My husband and I spent four nights at the Cove, despite the previous reviews posted here! We are relatively frequent travelers and usually stay in properties recommended by Andrew Harpers Q Club, so we have fairly high expectations. Yes, it's expensive; yes, they have some bugs to work out; yes, there is some construction going on; but we didn't have the awful experience that some others have described.

The location was lovely, the weather fine. The staff was very friendly including the gentleman who met us at the airport and found our driver and car, the bellman who always remembered our name, restaurant staff, concierge. Some complained about not enough staff or untrained staff. We saw lots of staff wherever we were (pool, restaurants, passageways) who always greeted us and inquired as to our needs. Unfortunately, the most staff-starved locale was the front desk. When we arrived, the poor bell captain was enlisted to complete our checkin; he was not very proficient on the computer system, nor should he be expected to be. Although there were five terminals at the front desk, only two regular desk staff were there, helping others, so he was pressed into action. At least the gentleman who was helping us with our luggage had the presence of mind to talk to him, instead of letting us languish in line.

Our room was lovely and on a higher floor which lessened construction issues. They are building a high-rise condo building next door, so we occasionally heard noises, but nothing out of hand. A couple of the pools were still under construction and so we found water on the Atlantis side. We most enjoyed the Current water ride, something like a Lazy River ride, but with the option of shooting the Rapids, a mildly exciting, bumpy ride. We also braved a slide from the top of a pyramid which lets you out into a plexiglass tunnel through an aquarium housing sharks and other fish. Very neat! We were lucky to be able to take advantage of the adults-only pool at the Cove. Very chic, DJ mixing fun music (not your standard Jimmy Buffet island tunes), beautiful people to watch, nice pool, friendly (but $$$) drinks and food service. Our only pool issue was sometimes waiting for towel service. But all you had to do was ask, and someone would bring them.

The food quality was uneven. I liked Mosaic mostly for lunch, but not for breakfast or dinner. Continental breakfast is much better and less expensive in Seaglass, where you can get a la carte items; muffins, croissants, yogurt, fruit, juice, tea, coffee. We had dinner at Mesa on two nights and loved it - but then we both love spicy Southwestern food. Service at Mesa was friendly and prompt. We were disappointed with the dinner we had at the Bahamian Club at Atlantis. We felt so rushed - we had a reservation at 8:30 and we were out the door by 9:20. The capuccino machine was not working, my husband's decaf was burned, the white wine was warm; overall a disappointing and expensive meal. Stick to Mesa if you can, although there are lots of other options we didn't have the chance to try. For a quick lunch one day when we went into town (on the water taxi, from the marina), we ate at a cute, casual place called The Poop Deck. Tasty! I had the catch of the day, yellow snapper (so fresh I got to pick the actual fish) blackened.

The spa was very disorganized. My husband had one service, and we had also scheduled two massages, which we cancelled because we were unsure about the quality of service. Cancelling the services was very difficult as noone would answer the phone, then they couldn't find the reservations; the right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing in the spa. The spa's computer scheduling does not work well yet.

You are supposed to be able to review your bill and check out on the television, but that was not working when we wanted to leave. Maid service was fine.

Overall, we think we might give the Cove another try next year for spring break with our teenagers and perhaps my husband's parents. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy and lots of activities from sitting in the sun to taking an aerobics class in the fitness center, swimming with dolphins, lots of large aquariums with sealife. By that time, everything should be open and hopefully the staffing bugs will be ironed out.

6 / 10

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