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"This is by far the best vacation I have ever taken and Yes, I have traveled, all over the world. the negative comments written by the people here bought a cheap ticket and were angry that they did't get the top shelf areas. You get what you pay for. If you want the Ritz, you pay for the Ritz. Not the Days Inn rate for the Ritz accommodations and service.

This place is heaven sent, all of it, accommodations, beaches, restaurants, excursions, etc. Exceptional! I will return many more times and for lengthy periods of time.

Contact me at

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: enjoy
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by LGeorge1
10 / 10

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"I can't believe this place has been given 4 out of 5 stars! I went with my family and our family friend July 4-July 12. I wish we hadn't...I wish I could get that week of my life/leave at work back. Lifestyle Holidays Resort and Spa has the WORST customer service. It took us an hour just to check in...the staff were EXTREMELY rude and acted like they didn't understand any english at all when you asked them a question. With that aside, let me tell you about the rest of our experience. You have to pay $25 dollars upfront to have SAFE KEY and it is not reimbursed at the end of your stay. WHY??? In order to keep the power on in your room, you have to stick a card in this little slot right inside the door to your room. My sister and I shared a room (we requested 2 beds, got one) In our room we had a terrible ant problem and cockroaches in the bathroom. The shower has no shower door/curtain and the drain barely drains.The maids are NOT CONSISTANT with the times they come in. They only provide you with 2 small water bottles A DAY; don't change the sheets; take your towels and don't replace them for a couple hours, so much for being able to nap or take at shower at your convenience. I was informed by another traveler there that on the weekends many of the locals (families of the oh-so-friendly staff) get discounted rates. That would explain why the buffet RAN OUT OF FOOD. Breakfast starts at 7, we would get there at 8-8:30 and there was barely anything left. One egg station for the whole resort who want cooked eggs/omelets. People would take to go boxes of food stacked so high they could barely close the lids. THE FOOD WAS AWFUL; buffet consistantly smelled like fish at all hours of the day. VIP only gets you into the resort ---nothing more---so don't be deceived. No access to the 24 hour beach bar; no access to the adult only pools etc.The pools were filled with huge families and children. The pools also close at 7pm, so relaxing in the pool at night is not an option. There is a helicopter landing pad basically on the roof of the resort, it's extremely loud. The bartenders are SO RUDE and clearly do not want to be there. I guess they expect you to tip them after every drink they give you, this is if they even GET THE TIPS or if management does, that could explain why they are so rude, I'm not sure. This is by far the WORST vacation I (and many others staying there) have ever been on. By the second/third day we were all ready to come home. I spoke to others there two of which got stomach viruses, either the food or the fact this place is really dirty. There are CONSTANTLY people that are tring to sell excursions, do henna tattoos, "photographers" harassing you all hours of the day. It gets really old, really fast, trust me. THE BEACH is about a mile long or so...and it is in a "cove" with coral reefs so the waves are really rough. THERE ARE NO BEACH CHAIRS ON THE BEACH. It gets extremely dark/creepy at night, so don't plan on any romantic strolls. We left the resorts most nights to find dinner elsewhere than the resort. My sister and I paid $65 dollars each at the "SPA" for a deep tissue massage, which consisted of a hard bed and baby oil being gently rubbed all over you and your hair. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE DOMINICAN AND DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE STAY AT THIS AWFUL PLACE. AVOID AVOID AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

by steeelme43
1 / 10

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Don't believe what you see online

"I have just returned from Lifestyle Resort in Puerto Plata and I am sorry to say that it was the most horrible experience I have ever had in my life. When we arrived at the resort, we were lied to and told that the 4 penthouses and 4 bedroom suites that we had reserved through a VIP member had all sprung a leak in unison and were not available. Huh?? (I know it was a lie as I will explain later) and all put in the Tropical rooms for the night. This is where the horror begins. The Tropical Rooms are basically 2 filthy cots in one tiny room with a tiny bathroom. Along with that, the rooms were filthy, in one of the rooms, there was urine and feces stains on the toilet!!! I have been to various poverty-stricken parts of Africa and stayed in cleaner rooms. The sheets were stained and dirty, the thermostat didn't work; it was like a horrible hostel in Europe. One of my friends said he couldn't handle the filth and left. Yes, left/turned around/caught the next flight out in the morning, because it was so disgusting. We were all so tired from fighting that night that we decided to handle it in the morning when the day manager arrived. We woke up right away in the morning (how can one sleep well in such conditions) and went to the Vacation Club customer service. There we met Jackie who proceeded to continue the lie that all 8 rooms had a leak and thus we could not stay in our reserved rooms. Her solution, let's cram all 8 people in a 3 bedroom villa. I'm sure you're thinking, well a villa's not so bad. WRONG! The villa had bugs everywhere (huge spiders, little roaches in the bathroom, little bugs that I don't know the terms for, etc.), cracks in the ceiling, toilets that didn't flush, one of the bathrooms started leaking, dirty floors, etc. It was later explained to us that the villa we were in was a non-member villa (hence, the disgusting state) and that the nice, clean villas were the members only villas. Again, huh? But wait, I thought, we booked through a VIP member - why don't we have a member villa! I went back to customer service and was basically told by Jackie that if I was dissatisfied, it was something I had to take up with the VIP owner or take a free week in the future as compensation. I'm thinking, are you kidding??? I would never return her again in my life. Then, Jackie was like, "well, what about Sosua; I can see if there is availability at our property in Sosua?" Sosua! I haven't even been anywhere in Puerto Plata b/c I've been fighting to get what I paid for all day. I was thoroughly disgusted. I told her that I wanted what I paid for and that a 3 bedroom villa for 8 people is not an even trade for four 2 bedroom penthouses and four one bedroom suites. She insisted that she was going to call Sosua just in case to see what they had, I'm like whatever at this point. She told me to come back later.

I ran into some other people who were having similar horrible experiences and they were the ones who gave me the idea to go check the rooms that they claimed were "flooded". I knocked on the door to all four 2 bedroom penthouses and guess what...someone answered the door at each one (except for one) and said there was no such leak. At this point, I'm outraged b/c I've been blatantly lied to in my face. A sweet couple from Canada who had a similar experience told me to camp out in the reception area and refuse to leave until I got a resolution to the situation. The issue with that was that we were only there for 4 days and had been fighting for 2 days and had really only one more day to go out and see the city.

I paid for 8 (EIGHT!!!!) separate rooms and got 3 beds instead (in case you're wondering, we fit in there the last night b/c one person slept in a chair and the other on the couch; the rest of us cuddled in the little beds). Maybe if I were back in my college days and had paid $50/night I would figure "hey you get what you pay for"; but considering what we paid the VIP member and the conditions of the property it was completely unacceptable. By the way, the "VIP member" said she would refund part of my money b/c I didn't receive what I paid for and I have yet to see the money and it has been almost a month. After all the stress and arguments I really don't feel like pursuing a legal process with this person (we had a contract, which has clearly been breached) but apparently it's looking like that is where we're headed.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, out of my group, 7 of us are attorneys and 1 an engineer. We went to Puerto Plata to get away from the everyday stress of our lives and jobs but instead got more headaches and stress.

I understand that if you get to stay in the villas you will have a much better experience. However, that is a big "if" and the rest of the property is just filthy, unkempt and in need of a complete renovation. I won't gamble again on such a deal b/c it was a waste of precious and rare vacation time.

Also, think twice before "investing" in these properties (they have something similar to a "timeshare" that they try to shove down your throat). Yes, there are some nice parts to the resort, i.e. the rooms that I paid for but didn't get, however, you can only judge a property by the value of averaging the worst aspects with the best and trust me, the bad definitely outweighs the good.

by Lotusblossom3
2 / 10

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loved it a lot

"we were in 1 bedroom suite and loved every minute we were there and will go back for sure the staff was great the food was ok we were treated like vip's we had good time at the beach with Pedro the bartender!can't wait to go back ps /dont forget to tip them once in a while and you will be surprised by there reaction and the way they treat you."

by lourufus
8 / 10

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One of My Least Favorites!!!

"I went to the Lifestyle Resort with 6 other friends. The person who booked the vacation booked four two-bedroom penthouse suites and four one-bedroom suites through one of the owners, and we saw gorgeous pictures from her of what our rooms would look like. When we arrived at 11:30pm on Thursday, January 17, we were ushered into Lifestyle Tropical Resort (which is the hotel). The rooms looked nothing like the picture and we didn't want to sleep in them or use the bathroom in them. They were horrendous.

Needless to say, me and my friend who booked the vacation woke up around 8:30am the next morning to go talk with someone about our accommodations. When we did talk to Jackie at the VIP Customer Service, we were told we should have put in a Villa. Thinking the villa would be nicer than what we had previously stayed in the night before, we accepted. When we made it to the three-bedroom villa, we were disappointed. We were told that the villa we were staying in was a guest villa, which is code for not as nice as for our members.

The villa had three and one half bathrooms, but only one toilet flushed properly out of the three full bathrooms and the half bath had water coming from under the floor.

When they did the tour of the properties, showing us the suites and villas to sell us on a membership, we were able to see more pristine accommodations. We even asked if we could move back to our original reservation of four two-bedroom penthouse suites and four one-bedroom suites. We were told that our original suites were damaged because of a leak, but when we visited the suite numbers given, we saw other people were staying in them.

All of said there was no way we would purchase a membership at this resort and given the fact that the half the resort looked horrible (Tropical Resort), we felt that if we should buy one, the value would be diminished because the property was not consistently nice overall.

We spent as little time as possible in our villa, visiting the beach and Puerto Plata city. I will not go here again, and I do not recommend anyone else go here because it's a crapshoot as to if you will get a nice villa or suite especially if you are not a member of the resort.

by trjacksn
2 / 10

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Tourists Beware

"From the very beginning this resort was a disappointment, the shuttle from the resort pick up 5 of us to bring to the resort and it was in a accident, driver could not speak a word of english, in fact we had to call the resort to get another shuttle to pick us up. You would think the resort would assist because it was there shuttle, zero help, we were hurt with back injuries and spent most of the trip nursing my back. The other family on the shuttle was so upset with how me were treated that they didn't check into the resort. They refused to send resort Doctor upon our arrival and was very rude, promising to deal with the next day, didn't happen, after many requests, I finally met with the manager and again refused to help any way. They put me on the top floor condo which is 3 stories, ask to go to lower floor and again they refused. I told other kind guests about my experience and they were threaten by a sales rep named Nino, that they would be kick off the resort and that the owner was a powerful man. How is that for customer service. When I was approached by VIPsales, they had nothing good to say about RCI which I am member and is how I came to this resort.

This is the worst resort that I have ever stayed at. My condo over looked garbage in the back and there was no gardens in the front. The food was big let down, if you have allegries this is not the place to eat, they put sea food beside other dishes which made it impossible for me to eat. Other restaurants required reservation which were next to impossible to get because you had to get up early and go to another part of the resort to book and only 1 day in advance.

There was the smell of sewer in different areas through out the resort, power went out many times, many days no hot water for shower, other units lost water competely.

The resort has a logo that said "To Tell Your Friends". Well I am telling. From the point you enter this country and have to get to your resort is a threat to your life, they have no laws for the driving and you and your family are at risk. The biggest disappointment was how this resort did nothing, lack of customer service and the food was awful. Stay away from this resort. Sales more important then there guests.

by Angie20
2 / 10

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Terrible Customer Service!! Agressive Sales Staff and Prevalent Sewer Smell

"BEWARE!! We have just returned today from spending a week at the Lifestyle Crown Suites in Cofresi, DR. We were booked into VIP services in a 2 bedroom suite overlooking Italian Restaurant. At first glance this resort looks impressive and the gardens are well maintained. However......the staff here really DON"T care about their guests. As VIP's we had real trouble having to book into the specialty restaurants every had to arise early enough to be a the Guest Service desk by 7:30 am to book a table in one of the restaurants....and they REALLY oversold all their packages...too many people and too few services. Guest Services wouldn't answer the the phone and there were many complaints. Food was mediocre at best. Gourmet restaurant meal was delicious. The smell of sewer was the beach, in the VIP world, at the VIP beach area and on the streets. Another Canadian couple was on their way to the resort in the resort shuttle from the airport, when the van was hit by a truck. The couple were hurt and the back of the van smashed in.....back injuries and suitcases smashed. Another resort van had to be sent to pick them up. When the arrived at the resort, the staff DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help these offering of hot tea, getting a doctor to their room (they were right in bed), some message therapy or perhaps bring food to the room......we, along with everyone in that area of the resort just couldn't believe it!! The resort did NOTHING OVER A WHOLE WEEK for these folks and all of us were trying to support them to having a decision-maker, come and deal with them. It was pathetic.They only want sales....they just don't care about their guests. Nino, one of their sales rep's threatened us to 'stop can't talk about complaints...or the 'big owner' who is a 'powerful man' will send you out of the resort!! Now how's that for customer service? We told Nino if he continues to threaten us, we would contact the Canadian Embassy. Nino came into the restaurant while we were eating breakfast to tell us we were 'not allowed' to talk about complaints.....obviously it was affecting his sales. I would never buy somewhere where it's obvious they only care about your money but not your welfare. The pool areas were very nice, but there were many mosquitos and a group of us had multiple bites up our legs. We were without water a few times in the week and the power went out as well.......on Friday, the transformer behind the resort was on fire. In our bathroom, we had sewer water leaking from the ceiling...smell was got fixed within 4 hours, but we our bathroom was out of commission.

My advice? Pix look great...but believe you me, they don't tell the story. Pick another resort where they really CARE about people.

by Bugsy56
4 / 10

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Wouldn't go back--EVER

"I booked 4th of July week for a family reunion through RCI timeshares. There was 8 of us going. I researched the property and was impressed with the website and the photos of the Lifestyles Property. Mainly the Villas. There was also good reviews on Trip Advisor. It didn't turn out this way......the shuttle from the airport was one scary ride. There is very little, if any traffic laws. There is NO WAY I would rent a car or try to drive there. We would not have left the Property without a guide.

Once we arrived at the lifestyle properties we were greeted at the front desk by representatives who couldn't speak English. It took forever to check in..

Our Villa was the highlight of the trip. It was a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, villa with our own private pool. It was spacious and had everything we needed. I have no complaint about our accomodations. But, I still wasn't happy because the ocean was a good 1/2 mile away and not in view. I go to the Caribbean to enjoy the Sea. At the Lifestyles it's like you have to pack the car for a trip to the beach

we were all VIP status and had the run of the resort. There's one restaurant called the VIP lounge that requires long pants on the male guests. We didn't bring pants since the low temp was going to be 93. We were promised that we could get in, With shorts , by a timeshare representative. When we Arrived at the restaurant we were rudely turned away. I mean Rudely. He treated us like dirt.

We were badgered to buy one of their timeshares. We went on a tour of the grounds, with the Same guy who promised us he'd get us into the VIP Lounge with Shorts. An hour into the presentation we asked him to give us the price. An Hour and a half after that he finally told us the price was $90,000.00. We told him we were not interested and were told to find our own way back to our Villa. Again RUDE.

We paid $600.00 plus per person for the all inclusive. What a rip off. The bars would serve the local beer, or one of the 6 tropical drinks they had pre-made, but if you asked for something other than those, again they couldn't speak English. The food was SO SO at best. The Buffets were o.k. with very little variety day to day. There is 7 restaurants on site. We tried them all. The restaurants that were not buffet style had no more than 3 choices on the menu for an entree. And the food was very bland. With all 8 of us eating 2-3 meals a day, I can easily say that I only heard 3 to 4 times that someone really enjoyed their meal.

If you want to enjoy the Caribbean, DO NOT go To the Lifestyles Crown Villas

by caribtom
4 / 10

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Lifestyles, a good surprise

"I just got back from the Lifestyle Resort. The first thing I would tell you is DO NOT RENT A CAR. The people drive like crazy people. I would take a couple tours where someone else drives because it is fun to watch.

We stayed Aug. 4-11 in the Penthouse section of the resort. It was very nice. We had a top level so we would get a better breeze. The only proplem was a lack of water pressure for the shower. It really was no more than a little drizzle. The good news was that is really the only bad part.

The staff was really nice, friendly, and professional. The resort was very nice as a whole. There was one area that just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the theme.

Food was plentyful and was okay. Not great not bad but okay.

We were VIP and those area's were extra nice. Extra waitstaff and a step up from the rest of the resort that we thought was fine in its self. We met a wonderful person from Arkansas and she helped us with how to work the system type things.

We went to the Casino down the road and were the only ones there for a while. It got busier later. Be careful about when the shuttle stops running!!!

by BeachBum9651
8 / 10

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My nephews and I loved it

"I stayed in a two bedroom suite and all inclusive. I had VIP status which meant I could go anywhere within Lifestyles. I brought along my 3 nephews ages: 11, 8 & 6. We had a wonderful time. They did not want to leave. The rooms & grounds were immaculate. The food was okay ( we ate at the buffet the whole time). I wished I had bought my own condiments i.e ketchup, syrup and salad dressing. Theirs was okay, but bland. Although they advertised a kid's club when I went to take the kids there was no staff to take care of the older one so no one wanted to stay. In the game room they had two pool tables, but only equipment for one table and a section for smaller children to play. They also had two ping pong tables pooside. The kids mostly stayed in one of the many pools or on the beach where you could sign out surf boards. I was kind of worried that there would be alot of nude sunbathing on the beach, but we only saw one topless woman. They have a couple of VIP area in each of the different hotels that have canopy like beds with towels and pillows and waitressing service where you can order drinks/ food. That was really nice, but if you want to get a "bed" you have to get there early. The same goes for around the pool areas if you wanted a lounger you had to stake your claim early or you didn't get one. Some people would go down to the pool areas early in the morning to put a towel on a lounger then come down later. Also they do not have night swimming. After 8 p.m. you could not go into the pools. They had bars throughout with endless drinks. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. The only thing I did not agree on was how limited you are at buying souveniers. Since you cannot leave the "complex" because once you left the secured grounds there was nothing around unless you visited another resort, you had to buy what they offered and it wasn't cheap. I also did not like that we had to take a shuttle within the resort to go to where the main action was which is the Tropical which has hotel like rooms instead of suites so with three raunchy boys I wasn't about to downgrade. Although they advertise there is 24hr eating there were times when we were too busy or missed lunch (12:30 -3) and also did not make it to snack (up until 5) so we had to wait until dinner(6:30) to eat. Also at dinner time most of the resteraunts require that you make a reservation and dress casual to eat there, no shorts or bathing suits. We were on vacation the only slacks we brought were when we arrived because we were coming from NY. We had no idea we needed to dress for dinner. I had read in someone else's review that they had alot of mosqitos so I bought three cans of repellent. I didn't need one. I wished I had bought more sun block. The sun is very strong there. All in all we had a wonderful time and if I ever go back I would stay there again. I came via Santiago airport which is an hour drive so next time I would arrive in a closer airport. The taxi to and from cost me $150 american money. Whereas if I had come in via Puerto Plata airport it would have been included."

by shasta37
8 / 10

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We loved it a lot

"We went there for New Year's with our friends who are members. They stayed in a villa and we stayed in a suite. I do not have pictures of my suite, but it was excellent. We loved everything especially new VIP pools, ... the drinks were good. As I read other reviews my friend apparentely is also selling them on e-bay as an all-inclusive villa and 2br packages, not a bad business idea, hmm. VIP is the way to go.... I liked the fact that most amenities are almost brand new and the staff is very friendly and professional. I have to say you should have seen the villas, they were 6*, not even 5*. I will definetely go back , but I will have to be friends with my friends for a while :) I inquired how much Platinum membership and it is a lot of money."

by een111
10 / 10

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Can't wait to go back

"We stayed at the Crown Lifestyle Residence Suites for two weeks in November/December 2006. The welcome when we arrived was first class and our suite had just been refurbished and was pristine. We became VIP members after the first couple of days and things got even better. The VIP areas were totally luxurious, party nights were fantastic and the gourmet restaurant was really good too!

Read reviews before we went and were worried it wouldn't be good but needn't have worried, it was superb. Staff were friendly, the beach was lovely and clean as was the whole resort.

Not too much to do in the resort other than eat, drink and relax but if that's what you're going for, you can't beat it!

I'm off now to book my flights to back again.

by JDScotland
10 / 10

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Call now for great deals on holidays to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Crown Villas

  • Call 020 3733 7423

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