Holiday Village Rhodes

Kolymbia, Rhodes, Greece
7  / 10
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9 / 10
Fantastic Holiday & Wedding. (photo album & dvd video terrible quality)

"hi all

me my wife and 2 children had a lovely holiday. food is fantastic and I don't think they could of offered more of a choice if they tried, it was fantastic quality. Drinks could be of a better quality, only VAP local larger on draught and no cider or bitter or beer. spirits seemed ok ish taste wise. we had a swim up room in relax area. beautiful room and pool. the only complaint about the pool was that there was a few small tiles coming away from pool floor which were sharp if you stood on them, but apart from that brilliant.

our wedding was also brilliant!! I could really go into detail but I cant be bothered. it was a fantastic day and well looked after by charlotte & Jamie(wedding coordinators). Thank You!X

the only big disappointment is the wedding photos and dvd video. it was well presented (very cleaver) and looked the part. the photos most of which were not 100% in focus. pictures in the album were on the small side and only realised why when we came home!!! each picture was taken in a small pixel count making each picture not usable over 8 inches in size. I was told that I would have all photos on disc so I can process them myself and edit them if I wish too. this is true BUT the pictures are no more than 350kb each. if I wanted a picture for enlarging I would need at least 2MB. photographer and camera man cost £1000 and I know ive been ripped off(will be visiting my local first choice asap). we watched the DVD 2 days after coming home and was shocked to see how poor the quality was and contents of the film. it certainly isn't HD quality more like 1975's first video recorders or worse. Also half of the film is about Rhodes its self not our wedding! not very happy but this review is for the complex its self not our wedding. feel sorry for the wedding coordinators Jamie & charlotte because they work there socks off and do long hours to make it a great experience and then to be let down by rip off merchants who look the part but are obviously using poor equipment or faulty!

overall holiday village is lovely and highly recommended. as long as its maintained in shut down times it will stay lovely.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: none.they will love it!

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10 / 10
A wonderful holiday.

"Our family had a wonderful time during our 7 day break at the holiday village. I believe this really is a '5 sun' location (they have not claimed to be a 5 star so we didn't expect that) We went Deluxe swim-up and definately felt the 'wow-factor'. The rooms and resort were very clean and we felt well looked after by the very friendly and professional staff who clearly enjoyed and took their job seriously. The room was cleaned daily and we were always very happy with the room when we arrived back from the pool. The restaurant staff at the Cosmopolitan were always so friendly and pampered our 4 year old daughter making meal times a real highlight. The service here was exceptional and we still compare places we have eaten at since to the high standrs the staff at the Cosmopolitan have set. The food was always first class and much better then we had hoped for. The only negative was the wine, particularly the red, that could have been of a higher standard. There were always more than enough sunbeds at all the pools with inflatable pool toys left by previous guests. Our daughter loved the little stars kids club and really enjoyed the 90minute clubs they held - she went to about 1 or 2 a day. The active area was amazing and the lazy river was a great idea. After our meal we went to the kids stage shows which I must admit were very good and fun for everyone. It was a great environment to be apart of. We didn't stray far other than a walk to the local beach. We have already re-booked for next October '13 as it was perfect. We may sacrifice a half day to visit Rhodes next visit."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
I think we were luckier than alot of people!

"We stayed from 22/5/10 to 5/6/10 and we were on the relax side. I'll do this no particular order so sorry if i ramble..

I do agree that this is not a 5* resort. I expected more than what we got. For e.g 35 euro to hire the safe in your room for 2 weeks? all you need is 4xaa batteries and it'll work!

you also pay 10 euros per towel you hire, well worth it my opinion, you get it back and they're good quality and really big. and you can change them in up to 3 times in one week.

We met a couple of families that had a really appalling time and i felt quite sorry for them. On our arrival check-in was chaotic, but we got to our room to discover a) we were at the wrong one and when we got to the right one b) there was no mini bar which i clearly remember being in the brochure when we booked! (2009).

BUT it wasn't any hassle to be honest, i did complain and i got the money back for the safe, so i was happy about that. Mainly the staff are all ok. Katterina in the activity side bar works really hard and some people are just plain rude to her. I was amazed how many children dont say please or thank-you.

The food wasn't that bad and it was edible. I just dont like queueing for food i felt like i was back at school, that food area needs to be bigger. The seating area i thought was lovely though. We enjoyed the entertainment and yes it is kids focused, but we were happy because it was plainly obvious that our kids were happy and so were all the others. After about 9.30pm other stuff is laid on. The kids clubs are brilliant!! the last time we could put our 3 yr old in was 21.30 to 23.00, so really good, we just got some drinks from the bar and carried them back to the room, we took a few dvd's so used the ps3 for that.

We went because we needed to relax as we both work and have really stressful jobs and thats excatly what we did.

DO take mozzy repellant, they're everywhere and you'll be chomped on every night. I didnt and second night in i had 31 bites on one leg!

We had a swim up room on the relax side and my main grumble was that we were the only ones without a pool bar!? I felt penalised for upgrading. We paid £4500 for our 2 weeks -one week was in the half term though.

Our room was really nice though. The beds are really comfortable. Our shower etc was all ok and we didnt have any problems with it and it was big!

As i said i think we were luckier than alot of ppl as all our stuff worked ok. We didnt use the clubhouse for much as after the first week at breakfast the staff were in a daze as the numbers went up. I just felt like jumping in and helping out or at least pointing them in the right direction, they just need a good motivational restaurant manager over there. The food in the evening wasn't really to our taste either so we left it.

We hired a car for 2 days, a convertible from Lee in reception, lovely guy! 10 euro deposit and absolutely no hassle!

As i said some ppl did moan but then you could see some people just wanted to i felt. We met sooo many nice people while we were there and i believe made some good friends. It was really great being all brits too..

If you've booked and you're reading all of these do not be filled with horror, really do not. The improvements made in the 2 weeks we were there was obvious, it'll just get better in my opinion. Please dont worry and have a good time. The entertainment in the evening wasnt to everyones taste i know but (i'm an ex party animal) we really enjoyed it. The reps are BRILLIANT watch out for matty-dead funny and young cameron, really knows his stuff. The high ropes is a must also.

Just join in and relax and prepare to make friends.

Oh and the bingo is 2 euros per small square thingy so 12 euros per strip but prizes are approx 400 euros per night, so worth it to join in!

All in all we had a good time. My husband wants to go back and that says alot! Especially as he was hoping to play golf and the only course is rubbish.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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6 / 10

"Stayed for one week in May. This review is based on the activity side of the complex.

The location of the room was ideal. Close to the resturant and the splash pool. The room itself was very nice, although we did hear of others not being as lucky. The family room was spacious enough. There was a window right next to the main bed that looked into the bathroom. A bit of a pointless novelty and slightly annoying in the middle of the night as the small holes in the sides of the blinds let in light from outside of the room, from the bathroom window. The safe was not free which is pretty disgusting for a 5 star hotel. BE AWARE A LOT OF SWIM UP ROOMS ARE IN THE SHADE FOR MOST OF THE DAY!! Another slight niggle was that fact you had to put a deposit down for the beach towels. 10 euros per towel. Should only have to put any money down if towels are lost.

There was a lack of sun loungers available, as a number of people were getting up exceptionally early to put towels down, and then going back to bed. (These were all Engilsh people no Germans). The splash pool was bit disapointing. My kids are aged 5 and 6, but are happy to ride on big slides. There was a toddler area that had one slide closed until our last day. There was on slide for aged 6 and over and ther four big slides were strictly for over 12's. There were a number of unhappy kids who were very disapointed. Surely it should be based on height and ability to be able to swim.

The resturant was ok. The full English breakfast was available every day, plus the usual fruits cereal etc. Be aware if eating inside the restuarant and you have young children who cant sit still, the chairs were very slippery and a number of kids were tipping off the chairs. Main meals had a wide selection and the food was actually good. The only thing is a lot of time its a mix and match to get what you like. Best advise is get to the evening meal as early as possible to avoid the rush!!

Self service soft drinks, wines and beer were available in a number of places . The bar around the night entertainment area did get a bit busy, best advice is to go to the sports bar and bring drinks down.

The entertainment staff were excellent with the children during the day and night. With all holiday villages they are all for kids, be aware of this if you are planning on going as a couple. The kids club was excellent. We only used it a handful of times as we believe that kids should be with parents not dumped in clubs all day and night. The girls in the club were excellent with the kids

In summary the place is nice, but then again it should be its only a month old. The road that separates the relax side to the activity side makes the complex feel small. The beach wasn't great, but was informed a nice beach is only a 20 minute taxi ride away. The place justed seemed to be lacking something. It didnt have the wow factor that the artist impressions gave that were on the first choice website.

At the end of the day my kids loved it, and we had a good time. The day b4 we left a new batch of sun loungers and rings for the lazy river were delivered. Hopefully this will help the situation.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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6 / 10
Holiday Village Rhodes 5Stars Ummm Think NOT!!!

"Lots of potential is what comes to mind but not there yet is the reality !!

Lovely on the eye but all fur coat and no knickers!!! The cleaners are lazy and going to spoil the beautful rooms/bathrooms. They dont mop or change bedding regularly. They actually spend more time hidding in their stock room smoking :-(

We enjoyed Rhodes and the HV was a good base but if I stayed in there the whold duration I would of gone bonkers. Typical brits abroad with some cleintel that you would avoid like the plague. Not to say their kids as well!!! RODOS hire cars maybe your saviour too

There is a beatiful beach that id fab called TSAMBIKA Beach towards LINDOS just 10 mins from the HV well worth a few days trip if you lke the sun, sand and beach. Even the Prince of Saudi loved it that much he docked there to PARTY for 2 days on his private cruise liner (very novel and something to watch lol)

We hired the car for 5 days cost us 130 EUROS we did the beaches Lindos and Rhodes town and more besides and well saved on paying for trips

Dont Buy kids lilos and inflatables in the hotel. Go out of main reception and turn left about 200 yards on right a supermarket very reasonable priced there. Also cheaper for water and cans of pop or beer if you require a substantial drink. This was an issue in the HV as the drinks were poor tasted watered down at one point

Oh and when the Rose runs put they trade red wine as Rose???

All in all We made a good holiday for ourselves and used the Hv as our base, so dont be disheartened by some of the reviews. The kids are entertained on a regular basis the water park is good too but watch out for the kids getting wire stuck inthem and cutting their feet on the rough finished pool and sides (thats all pools)

Oh if you like a sunbed to lie on -- set your alarm for 6.00am or forget it!!!! Cos it wont be happening. I take back all I have ever said about the Germans and their sunbed claiming.

I would not leave your towels on all night cos the local skanky cats enjoy using them as a casual WC and wiping themselves on Urghhh but funny to see hahhaa

I have lots more to say but too much to do so bye for now.

If you have any questions just get back to me

Hope you enjoy

Management response from FC_Holiday_Village, 06 Jul 2010

Thanks for your comments. The sun bed situation has been addressed and we added in 30 sunbeds last week with 100 more due to arrive shortly Tracey - Holiday Village Manager

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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8 / 10
We had a great time...!

"We have just returned and overall had a great time. I think we where the lucky ones or it could be that we went with an open mind and have never been to a HV before so did not have anything to compare to.

Our room was a standard on the activity side, lovely, clean, and very well located. I am glad we did not pay extra for a swim up, a lot of them on the activity side did not get much sun. I was pleased that we could literally step out from our balcony to the sunbed to the pool! The relax side did seem nicer but we where happy to be on the activity side. The daily quiz and aqua aerobics where good fun.

Food was fine, variety was good, we did not have a problem with it. However the restaurant is not big enough and they need more than two toasters! We did not go to the Italian as heard poor reviews and it seems bizarre you have to pay for wine there.

Kids clubs where great, lovely staff, and my 3 year old son really enjoyed it. My 7 year old daughter was happier at the pool with her friends. My son is a huge fan of Fireman Sam and they got him out especially for him. The security was spot on in the kids club, yes it meant you had to que but at least they where secure.

Sunbeds where an issue on the first week but seemed to get better in the second, they do need more. The pools could have been cleaner, especially the lazy river which was very dirty.

The evening entertainment was good, made so by the team Craig, Gavin, Dave etc. Some adult shows, prob could do with more adult entertainment but the kids where happy! The park needs to be more secure and there needs to be a fence around the pool next to it. Two girls broke their arms on the monkey bars while we where there but thats not FC fault but awful for them and their families. My husband loved the adult football.

Mozzies are a problem, my son was very badly bitten one night, thank goodness the local chemist can give out anti b's. The local on to the hotel is very good.

We hired a car for three days, great rates with Rodos Cars. Lindos and Rhodes Town lovely and it was nice to see the island and get out and about. Tsmabika beach lovely and well worth a visit, the local beach isn't great.

We met some great people, had a fab time and the kids loved it. Would go back to another holiday village, this was my first time and was sceptical but loved it. The FC reps and Carl where very helpful.

I think as long as your room is well located and has no problems you will have a great time, just go with an open mind, it is a new hotel so it needs time to bed in. Enjoy!

Management response from FC_Holiday_Village, 06 Jul 2010

Thanks for your feedback and we are glad that you had a great time. Your comments and suggestions will be forwarded to our staff so that we can look at addressing some of the issues that you have raised. Once again thanks for you review and hope to see you again soon. Tracey - Holiday Village Manager

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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4 / 10
think very carefully about going to this hotel

"we travelled with six adults and 3 kids, and after going to hv cyprus and sensatori ctete had very high hopes,what a let my husband and daughter where put in a room for three immediately above the reception area,we were very dissapointed in this as we where lead to believe that all rooms were bungalow style and not in a hotel complex, the noise was horrendous, the reception area is built round a giant glass dome where kids left to their own devices ran round late at night making real nusiances of themselves up and down in the lift screaming and shouting plus this is where everyone waiting to go home waits and as most of the flights home are late at night it never stops,these rooms are also above the main restaurant and entertainment stage. as alot of people choose to stay sat on the restaurant terrace till very late the poor hardworking staff then had to move all table and chairs back in to place and set them up for breakfast.we asked and asked to be moved even offering to pay but we kept been told they where full as we looked at rooms stood empty for over a week. the bed in our room for the child was a fold down chair that was so hard we all slept in same bed,though we did use it as an ironing board!.as everyone said yes the food is awful the canteen sorry restaurant is not big enough for the volume of people, and not enough sunbeds and i know its awful people reserving them but its a case of if you cant beat them join them,if you dont you wont get one, the central part where the waterpark is, is loverly as are the pools and the holiday club staff and entertainment staff are great and hard working entertainment wes good for kids and the beatles tribute very good. everyone we meet had complaints,basically they were not ready to open, buy suncreams before you go kids factor 50 was 24.50 in hotel shop.if you are a family off 3 and have not yet paid your balance i would seriously consider changing your booking,we have never come back off a holiday so tired.familys of 4 are ok they cant fit in the rooms."

Management response from FC_Holiday_Village, 06 Jul 2010

Thanks for your review. We are taking everyone’s comments and suggestions on board and resolving any problems as a matter of urgency. I’ve grouped together a response which addresses the issues in the reviews that follow, so everything is in one place. As soon as we were aware of the situation with the pool an external specialist was called in and has rectified the problems, which without going into the finer details occurred due to discolouration of the materials used to seal the pool. Please be assured our pools have certainly met all required health & safety standards since opening. With regards to food, our chefs are working hard to amend menus and ensure that the food served is to the standards expected. We’ve added more staff in the restaurants and adapted the layout to ensure guests are greeted, seated and serviced properly. The sun bed situation has been addressed and we added in 30 sunbeds last week with100 more are due to arrive shortly. Finally, I can confirm that fire alarms in all parts of the complex are in place and fully operational. A fire safety check was carried out by an external consultant pre opening Tracey - Holiday Village Manager

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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4 / 10
Don't bother!

"I have never written a review previously but really felt I should on this occasion. I have recently returned from a 14 day holiday with 2 teenagers. I have stayed in holiday villages on 5 previous occasions and have had thoroughly enjoyable times - and have to say this does not live up to either hoilday village standards nor is it a five star. If I was being generous - at most it will ever be is a 4.

Without repeating all of the other negative reviews of which are entirely correct in respect of food, cleanliness, sunbeds etc the other points are that the Greek management - whom the reps seem to have no control over - are completely unsympathaetic to anyones problems / issues no matter how valid and fair they are. The general service is NOT 5* - it was appalling.

I need to point out to anyone who has booked a standard room that sleeps up to 3 (as we did - 2 rooms) that all these rooms are above the entertainment area, restaurant, car park and sports bar. They are extremely noisy until after midnight and then again from 7am when the staff arrive to start the days work in the rooms below. Dont worry though - you will need to be up at this time to secure a sun lounger.

Maybe things will improve - safety was a real issue. There was no working fire alarm system in the main rooms / corridors where we were, wires out of ceilings instead where the alarms should be. Fire extinguishers used as door holds for the many workmen finishing the building. No water supply to the hoses. This is amongst other factors such as slippery floors, loose sharp pool tiles, wobbly bannisters coming off in hand etc

We had no hot water for 2 weeks, key fobs intermittenly bleep, huge flood in bathroom which took 3 days for them to come to. The staff seemed generally over worked although interviews were taking place and staff recruited.

The problems which we had will maybe sorted with time - the hotel was NOT ready to open. Shoddy workmanship everywhere. The noise levels in the standard rooms though will always be there and this is not what is expected for a 5* expensive holiday.

Our advice - if you can get this as a cheap last minute deal - its ok - don't go expecting 5* even once the teething problems are sorted - it never will be.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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8 / 10
Relax in the sun with CBeebies!

"No problems with flights or 1 hour transfer other than coach over full and some kids had to sit on knees due to parents letting babies sit on seats. Nice welcome with champagne and orange juice and told to leave suitcases for porter delivery. Cases didn't come so we went to get them ourselves. Stayed in lovely relax area. Room spacious for 3. Comfy bed, sat TV and bathroom with two showers. Walked out onto terrace to gorgeous pool with pool bar. Great service from overworked Georgia and Thomas! (they had no time off during our weeks stay!)

Relax area and Delux area are across a small road from the activity area and buffet restaurant. You can go on the lit underpass to get there. Many of us walked through gate to cut through, management saw this and built a fence to stop this. (probably a good thing to stop little children wondering off)

My child loved Wavelength programme with lots of activities all day and night (areoball, basketball, cricket, raft building, dj workshops and various other sports) Reps were friendly and organised and drafted in others to help when it was busy. You can sign your child in using a card system for 1 1/2 sessions throughout the day.

The water park was great even the three slides for big kids over 12!

Food was varied in busy buffet area, however quality was not 5 star. Orange juice was watered down, no tea pots/coffee pots so had to get hot water each time for a drink at breakfast. No tea or coffee facilities in your room. We liked to eat later at night (after 8) but found that a lot of food had gone.

The Italian (which was the snack bar during the day) was poor (4 mussels for starters and a square piece of rubber pizza) next to cbeebies entertainment. Service was slow.

Love kids, however the evening entertainment is entirely focused on them every night. Cartoon characters (Widgets, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam) every night from 7 till 11.30. Very repetitive!! I thought I was having to watch C Beebies all over again.

Also shocked that we had to be quiet whilst having our evening meal due to everyone playing Bingo every night at 8 oclock. Again not what you would expect at 5 star hotel. Couldn't get a seat to watch any entertainment after 8 so many a night was spent in the sports bar. Beatles act and comedian were good, however we had to endure Russell the Brussel and dancing Widgets before this!

The village is a stroll to the pebbly beach and small resort which has bars and restaurants and a funky fish spa where you can sit and dangle your feet into a pool with fish in. (relaxing I think!) Quiet place and not very busy.

Towels provided for swimming (10 euros each which is given back at end of hols) bins needed in rooms and grouting in bathrooms need to be finished.

Cleaning was satisfactory but had to clean own shower on arrival.

Had a relaxing time in the sun. This place is great for families with younger children however would not recommend for couples or romantic getaway e.g wedding.

Management response from FC_Holiday_Village, 06 Jul 2010

Hi and thanks for your review. We are glad you had a relaxing holiday and your suggestions will be noted to help us improve. Tracey - Holiday Village Manager

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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10 / 10
Brilliant! A great time had by all the family.

"I've never written a review before, but after reading some of the terrible reviews I wanted to let people know what a wonderful time our family had at the Holiday Village Rhodes. I travelled with my husband, our 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter.

On arrival our son was delighted to be met by Fireman Sam and we were amazed by how lovely the place looked. Check in was ok, but not really 5 star treatment. We stayed in a family room in the relax area, which was great. Very comfortable, with nice patio next to the 'beach pool'. Didn't feel we needed a swim up room as all rooms were close to one of the pools. We spent most of our days by the pool in the relax area. Sun beds were available, but many were taken early. The pool was perfect for young kids with a gently sloping edge round one side. There is a lovely swim up bar at this pool, which is open from 10am to 6pm offering a range of alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, ice-cream and sandwiches.

We ate most of our meals in the main restaurant, which was great. Food was fresh and tasty. There was a varied selection with something different to please all the family every meal time. I really don't understand how people can say it was awful. The soups were tasty and the fish was really good. I was pleased to see a good selection of cold Greek food too. At times it did get quite busy and we did have to make a few trips backwards and forwards from the buffet to the table, but i think this is just the nature of an All Inclusive.

Our daughter had a great time at the little stars kids club. She went nearly every day and there was always space, but we did arrive 5 minutes early so she wasn't disappointed. The staff were lovely and very friendly.

During the evenings the entertainment was great for the kids. Not really our cup of tea, but then we wouldn't have been at the Holiday Village if it was just me and my husband! The entertainment team work hard and the kids loved it, especially the Cinderella panto! It is all on quite late, but this didn't really matter. As there was no bar in the relax area during the evenings we were happy to be over on the Activity side. We were very glad though to have our room on the relax side as it was very noisy at night on the activity side.

Overall we had a super holiday. It's not really a 5 star place, but it is worthy of 4 stars. Great for young families! Hoping to return next year.

Management response from FC_Holiday_Village, 06 Jul 2010

Hi, thanks for your review. I’ll let the team know your comments, we are glad that you enjoyed your stay and are hoping to return. See you again soon! Tracey - Holiday Village Manager

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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4 / 10
Not 5* disappointing

"This is the first time I have ever written a review but after a disappointing 2 weeks I felt it was time to join. Having seen some reviews I wasn't aware it was a forum to knock anyone from north of Watford but you have to sympathise with some individuals ignorance.

Spent 2 weeks here with my wife and 2 year old son 15-29 may well 30 may delayed for a day but more of that later.

This was a substitute for the holiday village Lanzarote as we received the dreaded letter advising us things were not finished so with 2 weeks to go we changed to holiday village Rhodes. We had same issues as most other people, we had no key that worked for 4 days which required constant trips to reception and anyone with young kids knows you will always need trips back to the room!. Only after several explanations and getting guest relations manager ( Carl very helpful guy one of few credits to the place) involved was this resolved. T.V in room didn't work not major issue but there were kids channels which kept the little man amused for 30 minutes whilst getting ready only sorted after 4 days. Food was poor at best, even worse week 2 when place got busy. When my wife heard someone say when you've been round once just grap what you can you get the feeling its not 5*. The restaurant is far too small and can no way cater for as many guests that stay here, food really is hit miss some is o.k but most is greasy and not varied no sign at all of "show cooking" mentioned in the brochure. ok its a buffet and you dont expect Marco Pierre White but chips for breakfast with chirizo sausage!! when some people have paid £4500 (thankfully we didn't, but you expect better)

A La Carte is a joke, Steak house was ok went x2 but you do have to pay so not all inclusive but its ok. Italian is shocking perhaps I was unlucky but possibly worse meal ever had!!!

Entertainment was good to really poor, our son loved pirate show and the space theme show but Tina Turner was freeky!! all on too late for kids too.

Delayed 1 day coming back but was only told by the previously mentioned Carl not our rep who as soon as he found out we knew mysteriously vanished! Not what you need when you have been out of your room from 6pm and its 1am with a 2 year old.

No sun beds and yes people do get up at 6am to put towels down! really couldn't believe it. I have no idea how place will cope in peak season, perhaps it was just teething issues and will improve but I was disappointed we wont be going back 5* this place is not. We stayed at Polynesia Hotel next to Spain Holiday village last year and there is really no comparison. I hope it gets better for future visitors but I cant see how it will live up to 5*

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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4 / 10
I certainly wished for the best....

"but that was not what we got. I have not read everyone's reviews because I have my own complaints, but I will say this first - DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU WANT A ROMANTIC GETAWAY. Apparently, coming from the U.S. and living in the U.K., I was not aware that Holiday Villages are very, very kid focused. Whilst I love children and so does my husband and enjoy them - there is a difference when you see them running around naked, peeing in the pools, etc. - sometimes you just have to be a Mom to deal with that stuff and I'm not a mother yet. So, that's my first issue (not complaint) and to be fair, the picture on the brochure has children on it, so duh is what I say to myself!

Now, onto the good stuff. This is not a 5 star resort by any means. Your fridges are not stocked with water or anything for that matter and we were told they would be. To get water and if you are on the "relax" side, you have to walk clear to the main restaraunt or buy the water yourself. This is supposed to be all-inclusive?

The food is awful. I cannot begin to tell you just how bad. The authentic greek food was okay - nothing wrong with that. But, they served hot dogs in place of sausages for breakfast, their scrambled eggs were in two inches of water - the juice was either watered down or too sweet (was from concentrate), some of the food was either burned or hard from sitting there for so long or undercooked. It was awful.

Second, our room was only cleaned 3 times in a 7 night stay. We did not receive fresh towels the nights we didn't get our room cleaned obviously and that was an issue.

The pool was falling apart - tiles literally coming off under your feet. The pool was freezing cold and unbearable.

The staff were overworked and there were long lines for drinks at the pool bar. The bathrooms in the rooms were not done. I could keep going on and on.

I will say something very positive - the hotel is absolutely beautiful. It has potential with some training and some thinking on their part to become an amazing place. It's stunning to look at.

Other than that, the activities for the men (i.e. football, volleball, etc.) were fun and a nice break from the pool. Bingo at night was fun too.

Sorry to say, I've never complained in my life - but I had to write this. I wish them luck and hope they take in everyone's suggestions/comments.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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