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1 / 10
Confirmed case of Salmonella on return

"To be fair the gardens and beach are lovely but unfortunately out of 22 of the group I traveled with, 9 became ill and 4 of those very ill. My husband spent most of the holiday in our room and vomited the whole way home on the flight. He was confirmed to have contracted Salmonella. I did write to the Hotel manager regarding the matter and didn't hear anything back. Very disappointing!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: don't go to Dominican Republic as googling I have found that this is a big problem
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Loved it!

"Amazing food with a huge variety. Rooms immaculate. Staff very friendly except for a couple of moody waiters. It's the only hotel I've stayed at which I'd like to go back to. Beautiful hotel & gardens."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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8 / 10
Great place - planning our return already.

"This was our 4th visit to DomRep and the best so far despite the unexpected from late hurricane Olga which really only us affect us for 2 days. However, the entertainment still continued indoors.

Facilities of the hotels were fabulous, best of all were the pool and explorer's club for children.

Pool was enormous and it was easy to find a peaceful area because of it's size and design - best ever.

Explorer's club was THE best ever. The team do a fantastic job from morning till night. They have their own pirate ship and pool to play on situated within a confine which only kids and the 'team' are allowed. This was the first time our daughter went to a club from day one till the last.

The entertainment team did a great job including getting you involved in games and activities during the day to participating in shows in the evening. The dancing was very at a professional level, but we thought the shows were a bit dated and in need of some change. Despite all the activities available, at no time did we feel pressured to get involved, however, the team's enthusiasm makes you at times.

Negative points:

1) Rooms a bit dated but these are now being renovated. In fact works had now started on blocks 6,7,8 & 9 which did bother us at times

2) Extensive work was being done on re-tiling walk ways. Gardens were also being re-planted.

The works were being done followed the recent changes from Sunscape to Dreams ownership. Our agent Thomsons told us before traveling of the ownership change, however, at no point were we made aware of the work. In fact our experience with Thomsons was poor and their rep. told us nothing of the hotel when we arrived.

Overall our stay at Sunscape (Dreams) was great and we look forward to going back after all the work is complete. The improvements will make a improvement on apperance but we still thought everything about the hotel from design and service was exceptional.

We would like to thank especially Aris on reception for his help and also Marilyn and Claribel from the Explorer's Club for the dedication and hard work.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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10 / 10
Fun in the Sun

"My family stayed at Dreams Punta Cana (then Sunscape the Beach) from 30 Nov - 7 Dec 07. We had 8 people staying in 3 rooms and ranged in age from 6 to 80. The adults have all travelled throughout the world and have stayed at other all- inclusives and have enjoyed cruises.

Everyone had a fantastic time. The facility, grounds, pool, and beach were extremely well maintained and every staff member we met went out of their way to ensure we enjoyed our stay. The kids loved the animals, to include the tarantulas, that are roaming the grounds.

Everyone found plenty of good food to eat. The kids enjoyed the World Buffet and Italian the best and the adults enjoyed the Ala Carts. The variety ensured everyone got to taste and enjoy foods they were not familiar with.

Everyone, to include my 80 year old fahter, enjoyed playing in the surf, kayaking, snorkelling, and riding the banana boat. My daughters loved the SCUBA class in the pool and the kids and I also had a great time para-sailing.

The resort exceeded our expectations and we hope to return in the near future. We would highly recommend this resort.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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10 / 10
The real review of Sunscape the Beach/Dreams

"Ok here it comes the real review. My husband and I and 2 other couples arrived in Punta Cana Friday only for a long weekend.

We were there to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Weather - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - the forcast called for raim yes it rained every day for about 3 minutes.

Ride to the airport - you just have the laugh the whole way, there are NO rules on the road - your driver just passes everyone and they pass you. Lots of people on mopeds with 3 people riding on them. You will appreciate your home when you get back looking at what some people live in. Lots of cows, chickens and Donkeys on the side of the road - also police on side some of the roads with machine guns!

Beach - Very windy when we were there but that is what we have here in Rhode Island at the beaches. Very rocky unless you go to the left. Water was blue/green very pretty.

Pool - Awesome - but there were all these people who were getting up at 5:00 am to leave their towels on the beds/cabanas on the sides of the pool, very rude to just leave there things there and then not use them until the afternoon . Water was very warm and clean. There were plenty of sun chairs and rafts.

Room - we had a deluxe room but were upgraded when we got there to a swim out room - we were in room 3110 - beautiful. Clean, big enough etc...

We had so many flowers outside with palm trees and parrots, butterflies, tiny salamanders,and hummingbirds right outside our room. I did see a tarantula in the walkway near another building.

Staff - fabulous everyone wanted to accomodate you.

Shows - Lousy but what do you expect it is not vegas! Almost not worth going to.

Food - lousy - the only think I found good was breakfast. I was the only one out of 6 of us that got food posioning, I was so, so sick for about 2 hours. Then fine. I would be careful what you eat, chicken was gross, food on the beach at lunch was GROSS.

This is the only think I can say bad was the food really was gross.

Horseback riding - we all went horseback riding at sunset - the van ride over was funny they had 11 people squished in a van made for 7. We just made the best of it laughing all the way, The ride was abou 10 minutes away then then put us all on horses - NO instructions no helmets nothing. I was the only one who had ever ridden before so I found it funny when all my friends were screaming because the horses were running!

I was almost peeing my pants it was so funny - the ride was 75 minutes we piad $65 us for 2 people. The ride takes you on some back roads and then onto the beach. The guys who took us were great - after you get back they try to sell you a bottle of rum with your picture on it - we just said we had no money.

Another thing we did was have couples massages on the beach with Fernando and Mercades - they were beyond fabulous. So relaxing all you hear is the ocean. If you are a prude don't have it done because you are naked and they do massage you almost everwhere! It was the best really!

Overall our trip was great I would go back in a minute - we are thinking about taking the kids with us next year because the kids camp looked like so much fun! enjoy if you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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6 / 10
Not as expected...

"It was our honeymoon...we were told we had our own part of the pool attached to the room. Our "honeymoon suite" didn't mean for honeymooners. All it meant was it was on the lower level with no concrete between you and the pool. The room was DIRTY and had many ants. It took 3 requests to clean the bedsheets. They told us they were, but they just folded the sheet over. The cig burns let us know they were the same sheets. The 3rd and final time, they found them in the hallway! They finally got the point! It just wasn't what we were expecting...

The food was pretty good, there were 7 places to choose from. Dress code (no shorts or bermuda) is required at 3 of them, not including the breakfast buffet. You could go for dinner and literally order 3 meals per person. If you wanted to sample things.

The pool was big, but crowded especially with children. Punta Cana is a great place to visit. It is still being heavily developed. We won't go back for a while, but we will eventually return. Take cash because the front desk only had cash on check in day.

I would recommend tipping with cash 1 or 2 bucks here and there even though it is all included. Your service is much better and they will come pool side to serve you more often.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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10 / 10
Destination Wedding-LOVED IT

"If you are planning a destination wedding in Punta Cana, get ready for a great time. My husband and I just had our wedding and honeymoon at Sunscape Punta Cana (now Dreams) and it was the most wonderful experience. The wedding was beautiful and everyone was so accomidating. The weather was also perfect.

Sunscape's accomidations were wonderful. Our honeymoon suite was very nice. The all-inclusive is excellent there! The drinks and food was pretty good. Everyone had a ball! I recommend that everyone give it a try!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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6 / 10
Not a top notch resort

"I just got back from Sunscape The Beach (now Dreams) this evening. I booked my trip through Apple Vacations and I have to say the resort does not deserve a six golden apple rating. At best it is a 5 apple resort.

The Good:

The beach is great - soft powdery sand, clean beach, no seaweed, plenty of chairs and space.

Restaurants are pretty good. The buffet is weak, but the a la carte restaurants are much better.

The Bad:

The hotel rooms are tired. They are in need of renovation. The rooms seem like they are pretty old and have seen better days.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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10 / 10
Third vacation in Punta Cana !

"Spent Nov 29 through Dec 7, 2007 at The Beach Punta Cana. Name has changed this week to Dreams..

Flight - Newark to Punta Cana via Contential, flying time 3:14 minutes. Excellent, no problems.

Pierto tours ride from airport to the resort. - easy, no problems.

Road a bit bumpy, but better than previous vists.

Check in - several folks ahead in line, but took about 1/2 hour.

Given drinks, I had el presidenti, kind of like a heiniken beer.

Wife and friends had champagne.

Saw the bell guy gave him 3 bucks and my bags arrived when i got to the room. Bell guy showed my wife and i the room asked questions, perfect..

Room - 1216, maids Magarita and Marasol where great. Room fresh and clean alway's.. Asked for beer and water in fridge to be stocked extra, no problem..

Best view we had in many vacations.

TV, does black out in rain, but it does in US also.. some channels do work in rain.

Pool/Beach - both excellent. beach does have rocks in center, just go to left on beach for no rocks.

Beach is beautiful, I'll post pics.

pool bar, excellent, HAPPY HAPPY DUDE WE SEE U !!!

Pedro, Choclate the rest of the folks are a-ok.

Rest. - Dreams , not great.

Hibatsi, not great.

Chinese hibachi group meal, fun but only ok food.

World cafe, the best of the bunch. they serve breakfast lunch and dinner..

Oceana - better, fun time with waiters.

El Patio Mexican- terrible.

Tratitori - good.

Casano - no vegas, we had fun. did some roullete and poker slots.. fun time, lost a bit.

Shows - very good, folks work hard on performance..

Good time.

Golf - played punta blanca, great time. bit pricey.

We prevoulsy went to Bavaro Palace and Beches, and this was the best so far..

The price is very reasonable,

very good time,

Excellent Value!

Relax & Enjoy,

The Jersey Cowboy.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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8 / 10
Good Hotel

"We stayed at Sunscape the Beach Nov 15th for 2 weeks, we booked this hotel in January and was looking forward to it for nearly a year!

When we arived we were given a drink while we waited to be served at check in, this was quick and easy and were given directions to our room.

Our room was lovely, in the 5th block, over looking the pool and with a king size bed and a bath which we requested as my boyfriend has bad back we cant have a shower! The porter bought our bags up but we had to wait an hour for these,

Although we had loved this room we had to change rooms on the 19th November because this room was inter connecting and a couple from America next door were having a massive argument next door and it really scared us, the front desk were not helpful about this and kept just saying to come back if it happened again but about the 4th time when we said it was getting worse, the changed us and we were given the 3rd block ground floor so we can walk out onto the swimming pool. The only thing was there were no light bulbs, the tap had fallen off the sink, balcony door was locked and the shower wouldn't work! We get this fixed but the safe kept not locking we got this looked at 5 times but in the end we just had to put up with this!

The swimming pool was really nice very big, once we changed rooms we just got two sunbeds and put them outside our room so this was very handy.

The restaurant was nice we only tried the world cafe, chinese and sea side grill. The chinese we didn't like, the sea side grill was nice but most days we went to buffet as this was just easier, most days the food was lovely.

The entertainment was good but they don't really cater for people going away for two weeks as it was all repeated on a weekly basis, we went to the disco twice but it wasn't anything special, See Dave from Jamaica he is really funny we only made it three times as we were so jet lag we were in bed by 11 most nights!!

The only thing that let it down was the service in the resturant we would ask for drink and hardly ever get them this was asking about 6 times and in the morning would give my boyfriend and then we would ask for milk and they never bought it!!

Do the monster truck safari, this was really good, we also did the saona adventure was was good but i was sea sick!!!

Over all we really enjoyed the hotel it was really warm but also rained most days just the service of the staff could have been better and made sure the room we changed to was up to scratch before they told us to move!

Also if you go to the upper lobby at night were bite spray as i kept getting bitten an then went there towards the end of holiday we went up there and got very badly bitten, 54 times one leg, 50 other leg and one of breast - got infected, the next day was so shocked to see these and then they started looking like blisters.

We really enjoyed it here and would go back. x

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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4 / 10
Definitly not a 6 golden apple resort!

"We went to our travel agent and decided to book a trip for November of this year. Usually we go to Cancun every year the first week of January for 8 days, but were unable to go this January. That is why we decided to go in November.

Our travel agent informed us that there was a "6 golden apple square deal" for a good price. She told us that we would be going to 1 of 4 hotels in Punta Cana. We figured that a "6 golden apple "is the best you can get, so we decided to go that route.

When arriving at the airport our apple representative informed us that we would be going to the "sunscape Beach" now called Dreams. First of all, it was one hour and 5 minutes of a very miserable ride to the hotel. The streets have holes in them at least 2 feet deep. By the time I got to the hotel I was car sick or should i say bus sick. They are working on a new road, but will not be done for a couple of years yet from what we were told.

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted with a welcome drink and a cookie which was very nice. From first glance pulling up on the very short driveway to the hotel, I was disappointed. I travel very often, and to me this just did not look like a 6 golden apple hotel. Upon check in, we were given a room with 2 double beds. We requested a king size bed. We were there for our wedding anniversary, and they had no record of this. This is apparently our travel agents fault. The hotel did switch our room for us.

When entering the room, it was nothing spectacular. It was your average hotle room (about a 4 star) I would say. When looking around the room we noticed ants all over the top of the mini bar and the bathroom sink. We requested someone come and spray, which they did, but we battled these ants the entire 8 days.

Since it rained for 7 of the 8 days, we had plenty of time to watch television. The only problem was that the satellite did not come in many of the days, so we had limited stations to find something on. When we did go down to the beach, the sand was dirty and needed cleaning up, and the water was filthy. I am not sure if the water was so dirty due to the storm there a couple of weeks earlier, but we were very disappointed.

The restaurnats and the entertainment at the hotel definitly was a 6 golden apple. We just felt that the entire hotle should be as good as the restaurants and entertainment. Many of the nights we would come back to our room after the evening turn down service, and we were either missing soap, washclothes, some towels, or even the sheet that they leave in your room for the next days activities and entertainment.

After talking to many people at the hotel, they felt the same way as we did. This is definitly not a 6 golden apple resort. The general feeling was that it was at best a 4-5 regular red apple.

Now that the hotel has changed names to Dreams, it is still being advertised as a 6 golden apple. I noticed the price has gone up, and is very very expensive for what you get. I wish someone would have told me this before I went. I would have picked another hotel. One person said "Cancun blowns this place out". I totally agree. There you have white sand, and blue ocean. That is what you want to see on vacation, along with the hotel quality that you pay for.

One last comment, we booked a trip to go horseback riding for one morning, and after waiting for one half hour, we went to the desk where we booked it, and found out that they never came to pick us up. We mentioned to the hotel manager (Marco) who is a wonderful and exceptional hotel manager, and he called Ruben who was in charge of the people who booked the trip, and we were given a complimentary horseback riding trip.

All in all, I would not go back here again, In august of 2003, I stayed at the sunscape Casa DelMar in La Romona, which was only a 4 apple, it it was spectacular! The hotel was beautiful, the ocean was blue, and the sand was white. I think that maybe it is time that Apple Vacation re-rate the hotels. People work long and hard to go on vacation and spend this kind of money. I think they should get what they have paid for.

Lastly, upon check out they give you a book to fill out regarding your stay. Many of the people from the entertainment team were standing there watching what we were righting, and even telling us there names to put down on the form. I think that this should be private, and no one should be looking at what you write, especially employees of the hotel. I could probally go on and on, but I think that you have the picture. It was not a terrible hotel, but does need to be re-rated at the least, and many issues need to be worked on.

Thank You.

Janet Thompson

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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