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Aura Unbelievable!

"My husband and I were upgraded to the Aura after one night at the Wyndham Sabor March 28-April 4. The upgrade was all due to the effort and excellent service provided by Enrique, the concierge at the Sabor, and Daniel, the manager at the Aura. When we arrived at the Aura we were greeted by Daniel. He made us feel very welcome and when we ran in to him during the course of our stay he was always very friendly and asked each time how our stay was going and if we had everything we needed. Like all of the staff we encountered at the Aura, Daniel was great. Also excellent was Jesus at the front desk, and every other individual who was working at the front desk when we needed anything. While we had access to all the restaurants at the Sabor and the Wyndham, after a couple meals at the Hava Grill and the Isola Restaurant the food and experience was so fabulous that we cancelled our reservations we had made upon arrival and ate exclusively at the Aura's restaurants. The staff at the Hava Grill during the day always exceeded our expecations. Angie, the chef, went out of her way to make my husband's steak each day just the way he liked it. Margarito and Leslie took very good care of us - even at the pool. They were all so pleasant and eager to please. The entire staff at the Isola Restaurant were top notch. Rebeca, Miguel, Waldo, and each and every staff member were so eager to make sure our dining experiences were positive and memorable. I wish I could remember all of their names. I celebrated my 50th birthday on the last night we were there. They had a guitar player for entertainment, an unbelievable five-course dinner, and at my husband's request, the wait staff all came out and sang Happy Birthday to me and presented me with a beautiful dessert with Happy Birthday written in chocolate on the plate. How special! They made my 50th so memorable! The presentation of the food all week was equal to a five-star restaurant in most cases. Special thanks to Gabriella for making my crepes every morning. This resort has the best food we've ever experienced - and we've been to many resorts in mexico. Lastly, want to give credit to Dalel, Adrianna, and Nick of the Activities staff. They went out of their way to make make sure we were entertained (when/if we wanted to be), and were very friendly and outgoing.

This resort is beautiful. The grounds, accomodations, room furnishings are beautiful. The king-size bed is so comfortable. The fitness center overlooks the ocean, and has beautiful equipment and splenty of it. Like the rest of the resort, it was very clean at all times.

I would highly recommend this resort for a wonderful vacation with lots of attention from the staff, great food and drinks and an awesome view of the ocean no matter where in the resort you are.

10 / 10

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Excellent!!!! Can't wait to go back!!!

"We just got back from Aura, aka Paradise. I have no idea what the prior person was talking about with a buffet. The only buffet we had was one morning at the resturant. The meals were great.

The staff - awesome. We were upgraded to a swim up room - fantastic. Pools - wonderful. Beach - quiet although rocky upon entering water. Room service - on time and hot. View - awesome to be out of town so a cruise ship is not parked in front blocking the views of the ocean. Spa - very good and priced reasonably.

Our only complaint is you could hear the noise from the hallway...really, not a big deal.

We had brought a $100 in ones and tipped throughout - thus no problems with service, water, cleaning, anything...

We can't wait to come back next year as we are hooked on the Aura!

10 / 10

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5-Star Hotel with 2-Star Service

"On the last night of our vacation, my wife and agreed that, while waiting for dinner on the beautfiul Cozumel coastline, we were actually looking forward to returning to our cold hometown. The Aura offerred great promise, but our experience fell unbelievably flat.

To be fair, I will say that the hotel itself was truly remarkable. It looks like it just opened yesterday, with beautiful rooms, a great open-air lobby, and spacious pools. Our food, once we were served, was excellent. The room service was fast and the food was great.

But a hotel cannot expect to be judged solely by its appearance and the taste of its food. Food has to be served, rooms have to be cleaned, drinks have to be served - and to be honest, all of those on the service end seemed like either they didn't care or had no idea what they were doing. It appears that they are greatly understaffed and don't have time to offer the best possible service.

Our first meal after checking in was at the outdoor restaurant, Hava Grill. My wife and I waited, literally, an hour for a cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich. We chalked that up to an anomoly in what we perceived as an excellent resort for food. We later discovered that the waitstaff at this restaurant also waited on poolside patrons at the same time they were serving lunch at the restaurant. It wasn't that they didn't work hard, but you can't be everywhere at once.

Our first dinner that night was at the Isola restaurant, which is half inside and half outside. I think the concept of this restaurant underscores exactly what is wrong with this hotel. It's a beautiful restaurant that looked just like the website picture, but it has a buffet 5 nights a week. If buffets are your thing, fine, but in my opinion, a luxury hotel offers sit-down service. Not to mention that the buffet was out of half of the items and we had to settle for old pasta with marinara. One of the nights that they did offer a set menu, we had to wait for a table, along with 5 other couples, even though the restaurant was only a third full. While we waited, I asked for two glasses of wine at the bar. I was told that they were out of all white wine. I walked over to the bar at the nearside Hava Grill and was promptly served 2 glasses of wine in 2 soda glasses. Again the food was great, but it takes about 45 minutes for the service, and while you wait, no one stops by to refill your water or wine.

The website describe the hotel as "An all-inclusive adult couples only resort". We saw about 4 or 5 families at the Aura with kids, ranging from middle school to high school. I asked the front desk about this, and they told me that these were families bumped over from the adjacent Sabor and that in Mexico adults are over 13. They also said it's going to 18 and over in May, but I wouldn't believe that. There are two hot tubs at the top-floor Brisas bar, and while we were up there to watch the sunset one night, one was full; the other was full of kids.

The rooms generally were clean. One night we got back from to our room at 5:30pm and it wasn't cleaned. I called the front desk to ask for it to be cleaned. At 8:30, I walked to the front desk and asked again for it to be cleaned. I was told that they were going to clean it right away and was given several towels so my wife and I could at least shower before dinner. After they cleaned the room and we showered, we finally arrived at the Hava Grill at 9:45pm. We were told that the restaurant closed in 15 minutes and we were denied service. That led us to the only other option, a night at the Isola buffet. On a separate note, the floor in our room clearly wasn't cleaned, because we had a swarm of ants in the room on our last night.

If you do decide to stay at the Aura, my one piece of advice would be to hoard as many water bottles as you possibly can. They say it's "All-Inclusive", but they won't give you water bottles at any of the restaurants or bars. The mini-bar in the room is stocked with 2-3 bottles for an entire day and you cannot ask for more; not to mention that ours wasn't re-stocked on 3 of the days. My wife and I both got sick for 2 days, and I don't know it was from the lack of water, bad water, or bad food.

I completely understand if this review sounds like it's coming from a snubby, up-tight traveler. But I can promise that my wife and I have never complained about a hotel before. The thing you have to consider is that many of the positive comments we heard we from those upgraded from the Sabor side. Once the hotel actually starts to fill up with those that actually book the Aura with the regular rates, the hotel is in for a rude awakening. There are about 100 luxury resorts throught Cozumel and Riviera Maya that all cost around that same price, and this particular hotel is not worth the price of admission, at least not yet.

4 / 10

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The Aura's aura

"My wife and I stayed at the Aura from March 27- 31 2008. We were upgraded from the Sabor by Daniel Sorio who was a great help in our stay at the Aura Grand Resort. The staff was very helpful and tried to accomodate us in every way they could.

The rooms are very nice, beds, baths, and overall comfort was enjoyable. The grounds are pleasant and relaxing.

My wife enjoyed the food from the Isola restaurant, she liked the presentation and the flavor was adequate. We did not dine at the other Wyndham eateries available to us. I prefered the Hava snack bar for an afternoon snack and cocktail, the pollo bruchetta was nice and light.

However we did encounter a few glitches in our stay, you must take into account the resort is three months old at the time of our stay.

The room doors are very loud when they close, so at night they sound like doors are slamming shut.

The resort I believe is under staffed at times and gets in the weeds from time to time, especially around dinner time.

There is no car rental on sight, so I had some difficulty arranging for a jeep, but Daniel help work that out.

The beach is mostly shell, and rocky, so do not expext pristine sillica sand.

We stayed in room #2214 which the shower head is to close to the wall, so you feel like your up against that wall while showering, I sure this can be resolved.

Overall my wife and I give this resort a high B rating for comfort, and a low C for not enough staff. (my wife and I also tipped the servers well during our stay, which may of helped the rating.

The Aura we believe has grand potential.

In closing the Sunsets were Bonita!

8 / 10

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Awesome..awesome.. Awesome

"We arrived at the Wyndham Sabor on Friday 21st and our room was nice and we loved the pool area, But the air conditioner in our room did not work.. after 2 days of complaining and having the hotel try to fix it they moved us to the Aura.

Our room was breathe taking.. the ocean right out my balcony doors. The room was beautiful and we had robes, iron & ironing board, hair dryer, and a wonderful view. The only negatives about the Aura...

1. They don't clean your room until late in the day. They forgot to clean our room the first day.

2. The bar on the rooftop should stay open longer.. it closes at 10pm

3. The food portions are very small.. so order many different things.

4. They forget to stock your refrigerator after the first day.

5. You can hear everything that goes on outside of your room. The hallway has an echo.

We loved playing volleyball over at the Sabor pool and made a lot of friends while we stayed in Cozumel. The beach is rocky but sitting in a lounge chair looking out over the ocean was worth every penny we spent for this vacation. I would recommend the Aura.. but they do need to fine tune a lot of different things before they can truly call it a 5 star resort.

10 / 10

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we are in love!

"My boy friend and I stay at the Aura Grand Bay in Cozumel from Thur through Sun in March 2008 for spring break and we fell in love! We just coudn't stop laughing when we arrived because it was so beautiful and the people were so genuine. Day by day we felt bonded to the employees and the island. Aura was around 15 min from downtown but 100% completely worth it! The taxi fares were usually around $12. Every person at the hotel was so nice, considerate, friendly, and helpful. Every time we would leave the hotel to see the island we just wanted to go back to the hotel because it was so much fun and they cater to your ever need and want any where, any time. I would definely recommend this hotel to any one, trust me you won't go wrong its perfect! BUT there is one thing.... The food is very chef gourmet style so stock up on food downtown or bring some because the only things we ate the whole trip were shrimp pizza, chips/salsa, and breakfast was great (don't ask for enchiladas or a salad trust me lol). I couldn't complain though because the people were so nice and genuine unlike most American places. Make your reservations now :)"

10 / 10

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Welcome Upgrade!

"We stayed at the Aura 3/1/08 thru 3/8/08 after being upgraded from the Sabor section of Wyndam, when we first got to the Aura we asked to be shown our room prior to checking in since we knew nothing about the hotel and the manager (I think his name was Daniel, skinny tall dark hair) he was fairly rude but a bellhop named OSWALDO came to the rescue and went WAY above and beyond (the whole 8 days we were there) The ONLY time we had a problem with staff it was the hotel manager at Aura, everyone else including on the Sabor side were GREAT! The Aura is very quiet and clean, great food and ALL the rooms are ocean view, 24 hour room service and top shelf booze ( but both Sabor and Aura bars would frequently run out of whatever I was drinking and would not restock ontill the following day) Marcial was always nice at breakfast at the Aura,other outstanding staff were Hilario in the evening over at the Sabor bar, Christian at the Sabor swim-up bar and the gentleman on the roof bar at Aura (I'm sorry I forgot his name but he would always bring me drinks in the hot tub) Overall it was a great time at the Aura and Cozumel as a whole and would recommend it to friends, like I said we only had a few problems i.e, rude hotel manager, our rental jeep broke down, running out of booze daily, but I have traveled extensively and no vacation is without some minor flaws and the the minor flaws we had at Aura were just that, minor! The Aura and the Sabor are great but I definetly would not stay at the Reef Club section, it stinks like septic, to noisy and long lines for food and drinks. Have Fun!"

8 / 10

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Excellent Service- Better than the Cozumel Palace

"We have stayed at several hotels in Riviera Maya, and Cozumel, and by far, this is hte best hotel we have stayed at in Cozumel. The hotel was extremely clean, very well maintained, well staffed.

We stayed there 3/1/08-3/5/08, and were impressed with the level of service quality. There are several "pretty" hotels, but what sets the experience apart is the level of service.

We have been sold on the idea that the Palace resorts were "hands down" the top of the line, best hotels, and unbeatable service and facilities.

Not only was the Aura $100 less per night ($400 for our trip), but the level of service was better than we previously received at the Cozumel Palace.

The other advantage to staying at the Aura was the pier that is directly in front of the hotel on the beach. There are multiple dive operators that will pick you up at the pier, and then your boat ride to the scuba dive spots is cut in half. As a benefit, one of the best dve spots, the San Fransisco wall is located witin visual range of the hotel (you can literally see where the wall drops off into the abyss from the beach!)

In addition, te hotel offers free Hobie Cat (sailboats) use and instruction each day. The Hobie Cats looked like a lot of fun, unfortunately the weather turned rough on us on the last day.

The General Manger Raul, was standing nearby when he overheard the staff at one of the restaurants inform us that we missed our time to make reservations. The Manager, went to his office, made a phone call, and within less than 2 minutes we had reservations at the overbooked restaurant. It happened to be our last night a the hotel, and also our anniversary. Had we not been able to make reservations, we would have been set to enjoy nachos and hamburgers at the grill for our anniversary dinner. It would have been very dissapointing to say the least.

Thanks for making our anniversary a great experience!!! We definately recommend the Aura Wyndham Cozumel. It is a $15 taxi ride from the ferry area, and they also have on site car rental available for hotel guests.

10 / 10

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Needs some fine tuning!

"We were bumped up into the Aura from the Sabor resort, everyone but one couple, we did finally get them bumped up the following day. The rooms were beautiful, we had the king size bed with a terrace. We found we did not have robes, iron, or hair dryers in the room, requested these from the reception staff and waited and waited and waited, finally we asked one of the bell-hops and it was handled right away. Both pool areas are very nice service excellent till lunch time then we noticed a 2hr period that it was "get your own drink". For an all inclusive we all agreed that the food at the Vista Del Mar was very good but listening to several children out of control dampened the experience. The Mosaique was good, but we tended to eat at the Isola most of the time. The buffet needed huge improvement, cold partially cooked food, replenishing was slow.

There was a nasty sewer smell that never let up in the walk way areas between the Main lobby and the Sabor Resort. We have stayed at several all inclusive resorts in Mexico this was not the best.

8 / 10

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"My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Wyndham Resort and Spa-Sabor side but when we arrived we were told we had been upgraded to the new "Aura'. I'm assuming because Aura is almost brand new the upgrade was a way to introduce folks to the hotel and generate business. Well it worked because we have my boyfriend's parents ready to book a trip to Aura. We couldn't be more grateful for our upgrade; Aura is absolutely wonderful! As a guest, you have access to all the amenities that Wyndham provides on the family side and the Sabor side but we were so content with Aura, we rarely ventured over there. The other side of Wyndham is nice don't get me wrong, but it was very busy the week were there and going back to Aura was a nice relief from the noise and bussle. The staff is first rate, they are so accomodating and courteous, I didn't come across a single bad attitude or lazy service once. Aura has 2 activities girls that were very helpful and friendly and always got guests involved, they did a nice job. The front desk folks were very helpful with us when the airline lost our luggage, we asked them to get on the phone about it to someone at the Cozumel airport and they were more than helpful and got our luggage there a day later.

The food is excellent at both the restaurant and the grill and the drinks are good and very plentiful. I'm not a big liquor drinker myself but I did happen to notice they had top shelf liquors available, tanqueray, snazzy scotches, absolut, captain morgan, etc. The wine that was served was bottled in Mexico and I really enjoyed it! I'm not a huge wine snob but I know whats good and whats not, I was happy drinking a glass with my dinner every night. We also ate at Mosaique one evening, located on the Sabor side. That restaurant was also very nice and so was the bar/lounge adjacent to it, I can't remember the name of that though.

The room was absolutely spotless and it was very nicely decorated. The bathroom has a seperate soaking tub and a stand up shower, and there was enough room for two people to get themselves ready in front of the mirror at the same time.

The beach is spacious and the lounge chairs are nicely spread apart so you can take a peaceful nap and not have to listen to other conversations. There are two pools to choose from with plenty of chairs and there are 3 hot tubs, 2 are located on the roof of the building along with a bar. That's a great place to watch the sunset, I definitely reccommend seeing the sunset from that view.

Anyone looking to get married in Cozumel, I would highly suggest you look into Aura, the dock and the beach and the restaurant is perfect for an intimate beach wedding.

The only complaint I have of the hotel is that we felt a little lost when we first arrived, we had studied Sabor on the internet before we arrived so when we were sent to Aura instead we had no idea where anything was and how to get around. We could have used a map or a quick tour of the grounds, I suppose if we had asked they would have obliged but I try not to be a pain in the butt so I would have loved an overview map. That's not a big deal, it just took us a little while to get oriented.

Other than that, the hotel was very nice and we will definitely return.

8 / 10

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