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Calle Carabelas 4, Majorca 07560, Spain
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"Arrived after a 3hr transfer from airport,tired hungry and dehydrated,young lady at reception was unwelcoming and showed us 2 flights of concrete steps"your room is up there on 2nd floor"

We had to drag our heavy suitcases up 2 flights,we are both in our 50's!!!

Shower just dribbled out,sheets are only changed Once a Week!!!!

We had to keep asking for toilet roll

We complained about the room as this is not what we paid for

didn't get another room

Food is terrible


  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: revamp rooms,dont make people drag suitcases up flights of stairs
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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"Hotel is very clean beds seemed new but were hard, pillows like biscuits , had to ask for another one . Food terrible burned scrambled eggs , chips every night no potatoes at all not even jacket potatoes, menu not great most times recurring the same things .Bacon half cooked, fried eggs swimming in grease , beans were cold we eat out most of time . No kettles in rooms so no tea or coffee, couldn't even hire kettle from them they didn't keep them . Drinks for dinner to be paid for even water, and you weren't allowed to bring any in, geared to buy everything from them joke. Cala Millor full of Germans they come first in everything . Wouldn't go there again and certainly not to this hotel and never saw entertainment the whole time we were there we were eight all family disappointed ."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with sunmaster
  • Advice: Better varity of food, cooked better, kettles in rooms , entertainment all season , allow guests to bring in own drinks for dinner ,better facilites for Englsh & Irish we like tea in mornings more pillows in rooms
  • Good For: Beach
3 / 10

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Not all bad but some concerns

"My daughter and I have just returned from a week's stay at La Pinta. We arrived late as our flight had been delayed. On arrival we were greeted by a night porter who was very friendly. He booked us in then told us to come back to reception where we could eat. The hotel had laid out cold meats, eggs, bread and fruit which was a pleasant surprise. I have read reviews about the hotel from individuals who state that the staff are not friendly and cater more for the German clients. I have to disagree, the staff are one of the positive aspects of this hotel. We found them to be extremely attentive and fun and certainly tried to make our stay a happy one.

The room was basic but very clean, with good air conditioning, which was a bonus as it was very hot. The towels were changed daily and the bedding after four days. The outlook we had from our room was disappointing (overlooking the roof of the dining room), the balcony was dull and not very well maintained. The sound proofing between the rooms had to be the worst I have ever known. We could clearly hear the people in the adjoining rooms, talking, going to the toilet, opening the wardropes etc., The cleaners started around 8am every morning. The noise from their cupboard banging repeatedly (where they kept their cleaning materials and where the sink was to fill their buckets), woke us every morning. The noise carried throughout the whole hotel.

Initially we thought the food was good, as we had read so many bad reviews about this. However it became very clear after the second day that the food was very repetative and, although we ate something every day, it mainly involved chips and salad. The breakfast is good with all the main ingredients you would expect, eggs (boiled, fried, scrambled), bacon (very fatty) sausages, continental breakfast, cereals, breads, fresh and dried fruits, juices, tea and coffee. This was really the best meal of the day. There were always salads at lunch and dinner but the meat dishes did leave a lot to be desired. The wine in the restaurant was extrememly watered, and really not the quality you would want to drink however you could have sangria at the bar (all drinks, other than the wine in the dining room, have to be collected from either the poolside bar - during the day, or the main bar - in the evening. No drinks can be brought by the waiters. The drinks were fine (local brands only). If you wanted something from the bar that was not included it was expensive e,g, £4.00 for a spirit). There are sandwiches at the pool for throughout the day also ice-cream. Coffee and tea also thoughout the day and cakes at around 3.30 - 4pm.

There was no entertainment apart from the Friday night when there was a female singer. She did her best. There were no children's facilities (e.g. pool, play area) and I know from talking to some people, they had be promised this.

The pool was kept very clean and there were plenty of sunbeds. The beach is merely a stroll away and was beatiful and clean. The surrounding area was lovely with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. The walk along the beach front was great. I certaily would recommend the area. I have been to Majorca several times and Cala Millor certainly does not disappoint.

My daughter and I will probably not return to this hotel however feel sad at saying this as the staff were great. They have no mechanism (e.g. client questionnaires) to get feedback from the clients. I think if they did this it would benefit them as they would get a great deal of constructive feedback. There were German people staying at the hotel and as previous people have stated the Hotel does appear initially to cater mainly for the Germans however I certainly did not feel that the staff made any difference. They were friendly and helpful to everyone.

If you are going to La Pinta, please don't worry too much (I know I worried before we went as I had read some really bad reviews), it is clean, freindly, well situated with very basic food to eat, Just enjoy.

4 / 10

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A fab holiday!!

"Well,despite some of the rubbish reviews we had a fab holiday! Found the staff all to be very friendly & helpful. Had problems when we arrived at 11.00pm as lowcost holidays hadn't booked us in!! No fault of the hotels. The staff found us a room,got us all a drink from the bar(which was closed) & couldn't have done enough for us. 3 of us slept in 2 single beds that night but by the time we'd returned from breakfast the following morning our room had been cleaned & an extra bed put in there for our son. Food was great,plenty of choice for everyone...even our fussy 7 year old was happy!! No complaints from any of us. Thought we might eat out a couple of nights but really didn't feel the need to. Met some lovely people there,had a really enjoyable holiday,so much so that we're thinking of going back next year with friends!!"

10 / 10

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good value for money, clean and friendly but not for kids

"17-25th June 2010, all inclusive.


hotel-basic, but clean.rooms cleaned every day and clean towels every day also. are room was quiet small and the beds wernt very comfortable,but agin it was clean and done the job. no english channels ont he TV which was a pitty, but it is a german area!

food-basic, but fresh rolls and salad every meal, im a vegetarian, so there wasnt much for me, but there never is!! ,my mum however found the food good and plenty of variety.nothing was labelled, which made it hard to know what you were eating!! watch out for onion rings!!they are squid i think!! not onion! inbetween meal times there are sandwiches,fruit and ice cream, sandwiches arent great, but handy if you head away for the day!

drinks-you can get as many as you want all day, wine,beer,soft drinks,spirits and the slush puppies are amazing!!

Pool-small and not good for children as the shallow end is 1m deep! but clean and the area around it is cleaned regulary!

loungers-there were just about enough sun loungers and the hotel was no where near full,so i would say in peak times it would be difficult to get a lounger. the germans all head to the beach so its only the brits who get up early to keep them!! they are very thin, im only a size 10, but just about managed to fit on them!!

sleeping- could be loud at time, had to bang the walls a few times, but this was due to inconsiderate guests, not the hotels fault!!

entertainment- lousy!!! worst thing about the hotel!nothing for kids at all. on a friday there is a terrible women who sings, but thats it. i dont think they want you to stay in the evenings drinking the free drinks so they dont put anything on!!

beach- you have to go early(very!!) to get a lounger,but is a gorgeous beach and literally 2 min from hotel!

the area- we stayed to the main street, plenty of shops and a good area for kids! literally 1min from hotel and you are in the main street!!! we only ate out once (mums bday!!) and found the food reasonably cheap and good!

You get what you pay for, i wouldnt spend a fortune on this hotel, but if its cheap and you are not fussy it is a nice clean hotel, with friendly staff and edible food!! my mum and i have said we would return as it is a lovely area and nice hotel!!

10 / 10

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Hotel was nice, but let down by food and staff

"The resort is nice, but most signage is in german. Hotel was clean as was our room, although there was no fridge to keep drinks cool. It is situated close to shops and to the long beach and all walking is level so good for disabled people. However the staff were rude, and unless you were german they were'nt interested in you. Meals were the same every day with maybe one different dish a day, when some of the food ran out you had to wait ages before it was refilled, the juice machine often ran out of colouring/flavouring so you ended up with a glass of water. the all day snacks turned out to be sandwiches either ham or cheese (no butter) fruit and small ice cream tubs, all the drinks were free but you were given them in a small plastic tumbler, that probably was less than a pint. We think the hotel could be improved for little outlay by having more choice at meal times, and the provision of a fridge and kettle in the room,"

6 / 10

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"This hotel overbooks people when you arrive there is no room for you food is terrible and staff are rude especially in reception my advice DONT GO THERE"

2 / 10

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"We booked a four night Mon-Fri stay at La Pinta Hotel online via Teletext Holidays. We arrived at midday along with another couple on our transfer (Resort Hoppa). At the reception desk they were in front of us and were told that there were no rooms for 2 weeks and they would be going to another hotel...they were then pushed aside and we handed in our paperwork and were told the same. After making a fuss they were told that they could move back the next day but we would be staying. We were ushered outside and given a drink whilst waiting for a taxi then shipped out to another hotel - The Vistamar 6 streets away. This was full of either very geriatric Germans who appeared to have been let out of their care homes or other English people that had been shipped out from La Pinta. It wasn't bad for a three star and the food was bearable. The restrictions at the bar on the all inclusive drinks was ridiculous - the barman was very miserable and would not give you another drink until you had an empty (plastic!) cup. We tried to get a 'round' of drinks and got told off!! Also I booked at La Pinta as all the rooms were supposed to have a balcony and sea view. Our room at the Vistamer had a lovely view of the carpark and the back of some buildings!!

We had to reconfirm the transfer with ResortHoppa which is a bit of a faff. When we asked at the hotel we were staying in and they said they could not change the transfer and it was nothing to do with them. We went back to La Pinta and the bloke on reception had a horrendous attitude. He said it was nothing to do with him and refused to phone to ensure we were getting picked up. He was very rude and bordering on in retaliation we stayed at that bar all night and the drinks there are free flowing. We had a good time with the other couples we met but this was not down to the hotel, its staff or its ambience!

4 / 10

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Very Basic

"We would say that this hotel is very clean and the staff friendly and thats it. Bed's was as comfy as sleeping on the floor. Food was very very basic, not much choice on the salad front. Hot food very basic so eat out most of the time. Good point ice cream and fruit available all day long. Sandwiches available also, but very dry as no butter added (but then again the weather is hot), on the subject of butter, you can get it at breakfast, but not for lunch or evening meal, even when ask for, so ended up getting extra at breakfast and hiding it in the freezer with the ice cream for later. would say guests 50% German 50% English, but this is more the German end, you need to goto Cala Bona for the more brit end.

All in all if your not fussy with verty basic food and for the time of year we went in may @ 20 euro each per night what more would you expect for an All Inclusive deal. You could not even get B&B for that price in the UK

Want the best Sangria?

Then head upto Leslie Grand Cafe which is on the sea front towards Cala Bona, about 15 min stroll, and I promise you its well worth it, tried all the other and this is the best, also food that is served is great, try the Mixed Tapas for 9.50 Euro...its wonderful and your sitting by the edge of the sea so what else do you need.

Yates is a good food place and you will find this just before Lesie Grand Cafe, Chillie Con Carni is the best I triend alone this strip. Also if you want Sunday Roast you can get it here (we did not try it, but looked good). Staff really friendly.

Want a burger, then you have got to try the Chef's Special at the Atolon. 3.50 Euro beats all the other and you get an egg, bacon & cheese on it. I don't normally eat burgers but wanted a change, so the wife and I had one each with a portion of chips....We could not eat all the chips as the burger filled us up (plus the Bread and Alioli served free before your meal) and the view is to die for :-) this is just another 3 mins walk from Leslie Grand cafe.

We plan to go back to Mojorca in October this year, but this time we will stay in Cala Bona as the food is far much better, and you've guest it...the first place we will head to is Leslie Grand Cafe for that Sangria.

10 / 10

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Let's Be Fair Now..

"I think we should be fair here: yes, a lot of German people were staying at this hotel, but my family found them to be very friendly. We don't speak German but we managed, and a smile always goes a long way.

The hotel was very clean and was always immaculate. Our towels were changed every day and our room was always spotless. All staff were very helpful and friendly and always ready with a smile. When we checked out at 7AM this morning, although breakfast didn't start until 8AM, the staff let us into the dining room for some food and drink before we left for the airport. They gave us a wake-up call at 6AM and came to fetch us from the dining room when our bus appeared.

Ok, the food wasn't a la carte, but there was always plenty of it. There was always a variety of meat, fish, pasta and salads available. Not top notch, but it was definitely edible. Drink was unlimited, including alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. No restrictions.

The hotel was well situated near many of the shops and taxi rank, but wasn't so close as to hear the noises of the nightlife. Also, no entertainment at the hotel. If this is what you want, then this is not the hotel for you. It was close to the beach as well, so if you wanted to go down to the sea, then it's almost on your doorstep.

You get what you pay for. If you want top notch then you have to pay for it. I found Hotel La Pinta very good value for money. We would go back again tomorrow.

10 / 10

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Not for the English

"hotel was nice.But bedding only changed once a week ,no entertainment .Staff were friendly except manager only saw him smile when he was talking to the germans.Everything is in german no information in english The food is german we stayed all inclusive for 2 weeks and ate salad the food was discusting they only cater for germans who by the way were very ignorant they made you feel unwelcome shoving their way in everywhere.Bar closes at 11 pm.If you dont go down early for breakfast you dont get any bacon when its gone its gone! they dont put anymore out(.well if you can call it bacon)Would never go back there if it was free!!!Calla millor is a lovely place but the stay at they hotel spoilt it my advise ischoose another hotel !!!!!!!!!!"

2 / 10

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Stay here if you are German!!!

"We flew from Southampton with Flybe,everything ok with the flight ,basic no frills and we got it for a good price (I think).The transfer was with Resort hoppa and was about an hour,ok when we arrived but the return abit more difficult,you had to check your return on line or phone (the hotel didn't have any info on returns as they said"as we didn't have a rep with them it was nothing to do with them",we tried on line but couldn't get through that way so had to phone(,we got a local to do it for us on their land line as others had tried and it cost them about a fiver on a mobile)thanks Kevin from Cheers bar for that!.The hotel was clean,bedding ok,staff nice and polite,the problem was everything was in German( signs, tele, food ect.) and geared up for them only.We went all inclusive the food was sparse and you had to get up early to beat the German guests!!,all food was processed and cheap,the drink just the same as all allinclusive plastic glasses day and night. The pool was average but no childrens pool, no mattresses on sunbeds not enough brollies.would I go there again? no way!!!."

6 / 10

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