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4 / 10
ok but needs entertainment

"We stayed at the Nozha in October and the weather was lovely for the time of year , The transfer time would put me off staying there again. The hotel was clean and updated but dont go walking around after dark as all the lights go off. The rooms was fine but apparently family rooms dont warrant a nice view ! our room was right above reception and the bar and next to the lifts and boy didnt we know it i hate to think what that would be like in the height of season. The food was adequate but dont be suprised if small sharp pieces of bone end up in your meat dishes and cut the roof of your mouth ! The flies may also put you off they are every where. We were disappointed that there were no ice creams for the children and only one very small very expensive shop. We did not like being harrassed every day by sellers walking round the pool trying to sell you trips. The pool and area is really lovely but the pool was very cold. i imagine in the summer the pool and beach would be amazing. The staff were lovely and made our childrens birthdays very special, the only member of staff that we didnt like was a barmaid who ignores our children every time they went up for a drink. The entertainment was the most disappointing thing about the holiday there wasnt any unless you can count the very strange short shows that were put on twice in a dark depressing room that you can only describe as a very old church hall. There was 2 pool tables which were fine if you like playing pool in the dark. The main source of entertainment was what can only be described as ball room dancing not exactly appropriate for a family. We were meant to stay at Les Oranges but Thompson changed us we do have some major issues with them but that is not the hotels fault. We do feel however that the hotel does not cater to English or children . I would recommend Tunisia but check out reveiws and hotel operators before you go."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009

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6 / 10
I have a slightly different view to most.

"My boyfriend and i have been back from Nozha Beach a day and it has put us off food. We only stayed for the week and Thomson told us the coach transfer was about half an hour to discover when we got on the coach it was 2hours and after a 3hour flight at midnight to be told you had a 2 hour coach journey was tiring even thinking about it. When we arrived it looked small, we had no dinner (and my Matt my boyfriend is diabetic so it will make him poorly if he doesnt have all 3 meals) luckily the hotel had just cleared up and the food and left us some food out which we thought was lovely. We then checked in and they gave us cocktails to start out holiday! We were very impressed, we were then shown to our rooms and we were very very happy with the room. We had a twin room and considering it was two single beds they are quite large single beds. The bathroom was lovely everything was so clean and tidy. The only thing we noticed was our towel rail above the bath was broken so we left it and took the towels off. I looed out to the balcony and noticed how dark it was the whole hotel was rather dark, so dark i didnt even notice the pool, the corridors after 11ish can be very dark so be warned.

We woke the next day to a gorgeous view i would definetly recommend getting a sea view because it is stunnning. We went to breakfast and was impressed with the food, there was bread for toasting, eggs, potatoes, crepes, salad, fruit, cereals etc. The waiters are very helpful and you do not see one member of staff doing nothing, they are constantly cleaning. Make sure there is always a bottle of water on your table, also make sure you stock up on bottles of water because, the restaraunt wont give you any so you have to wait until the bars are open.

We then set out to the pool where it began to rain so like everyone else we sat in the bar by the pool, the barman with the moustache at this bar was very nice and polite. Matt and I didnt mind the Tunisian beer, the wine wasnt too bad either, the Fanta is very orange and they dont do diet coke!!! We then spent the day by the pool like most of the holiday. It soon brightened up. That night, Matt started to feel ill, a cough like illness. Next day he was worse for wear from feeling ill, he dosed up on paracetamol allday. It also started to brighten up but there was a strong wind. We found mostly through the holiday there was a nice heat from the sun but a chilly cold from the wind.

That night Matt wasnt getting any better. We decided to book the Italian for the next night.

Saturday was again hot but windy and we ventured into the bitterley cold swimming pool, the depth of the pool is perfect it was shallow then waist height but never far too deep. Sadly not many people went on the slides because they are situated in the constant shade so the pool is freezing. We were running out of paracetamol and didnt want to go into the town because we didnt know where we were going. The man in the shop in the hotel was very helpful and he went and got us some paracetamol.

We went to the Italian that night and it was awful, our first course was ok, it was like a cheese soup. The next course was a very wet, sloppy fruit, veg and chicken salad. Third course was a carbonara with spam/luncheon meat instead of bacon! It again was watery. i was full up by this point and the next course was a bread crumbed then battered chicken breast covered in lemon, it was very sour. Lastly was a tiny cheesecake. I felt bad because Matt couldnt eat a thing.

By this night i wanted to call a doctor which would cost 60 Dina just for him to come out. We would then get charged for medication. I went back to the shop with the manager and he read out the arabic paracetamol was fine for diabetics.

In Tunisia they dont seem to have the same equipment we do for diabetics, so when my boyfriend injected before every meal he would get a nasty, funny look from the waiters.

We felt very intimidated.

Something we began to notice was the amount of flies that love Nozha Beach. It was disgusting, they were everywhere, the worst thing is they would sit on the food, we stopped eating the poolside bar and in the last two days we just stopped eating altogether. They were on the food, in the food, on you, on other people, Everywhere.

All in all the good things are that the place is very tidy, nice bar, good that they let you use a shower room in between checking out your room and getting on the coach home. The weather was ok, but they arent prepared for rain, there was nothing to do when it did rain.

The bad things are that there were too many flies, the pool was freezing, there are hagglers IN the hotel every morning (ignore them and they end up ignoring you) there wasnt much variety in food, the cleaner WILL just walk into your room when like me you have just got out the shower, there was a shortage on toilet roll and something that really annoyed me was the beach bar wasnt open once not even for a drink, also it was a dead quiet hotel.

I would say go in the summer for this hotel because it is designed for the hot summer sun.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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8 / 10

"Vincci Nozha Beach

7/10 Good, but could do better.


Vinicci Nozha Beach is 90 minutes from Monastir airport in a taxi ( a new airport is due to open in late Nov 2009 and this is 50 minutes from the hotel).


First impressions of the hotel a good, reception is modern and spotless and the reception desk is very efficient getting my wife and I drinks while we registered.

The hotel is a large horseshoe shape with the open end facing the beach and three swimming pools in the centre along with plenty of sun beds and umbrellas; the main pool is kidney shaped going from a couple of inches deep to 4 feet deep at the pool bar end, a smaller oval shaped pool is off to the left of the main pool (12” deep) and a slightly larger pool with 3 small water slides further down towards the beach on the right, when we where their in October the slides were on about 20 minutes per hour.

The beach is a reasonable size with plenty of umbrellas and sun beds.

The rooms are a reasonable size with a balcony and are tastefully furnished with a smart bathroom with a shower above the bath as well a as the obvious:- (note the bath sides are quite high and the sink basin set quite far back in the worktop which may be a small problem for the less mobile)

The hotel has 265 rooms, with about half facing in-over with great views towards the pool and sea and the rest look out-over with awful views over the car park and the back of other hotels we had a view overlooking the back of a hotel and paid £130 to upgrade to a pool view for our 2 week stay.

All rooms have a safe (to be paid for) and air conditioning which is only switched on between June 15 and Sept 15.


There are 3 restaurants (main) all meals (Italian, Tunisian) evenings booked 24hrs in advance, as well as food being available during the day at the pool and beach bar.

The food in the main restaurant (buffet) was fine if a little repetitive with nice soups, salads and sweets but the meat dishes were always the cheapest cuts of meats like liver fatty and tough beef etc.

During lunch at the pool and beach bar, flies where a big problem swarming over the food the staff did try to keep things covered but to no avail my wife and I chose not to eat here unless we went as soon as it opened.

We tried the Italian and were very disappointed that it was a set menu with no choice and the food was less than average if there had of been a quiz after the meals to guess the country of origin we both would have been stumped.

We did not try the Tunisian restaurant but that to had a set menu and the reviews I heard were poor.


The hotel served afternoon tea out-side the main bar at 4.30 serving tea, coffee, crêpes and small cakes; unfortunately they seamed unable to have hot water or regular breakfast tea which is the very least I expect of a 4 star hotel very disappointing.


The service we received in the first couple of days at the bars was disgusting with rude, lazy and arrogant waiters making my blood boil, in the past I have always tipped the staff even in all inclusive hotels but the service was so bad I absolutely refused to, after receiving average service one day I tipped the waiter and the rest of the holiday (tipping only 1 dollar a day) the service was like night and day so much so that never had to order a drink as the waiters saw me and brought my drinks to the table (ignoring all the none tippers).


Both my wife and I had upset stomachs for 2/3 days and were bitten by mosquitoes.

Things that we didn’t like

The hotel allows reps from a company that sells camel rides, quad biking etc to operate in the hotel and they pounce on every new arrival as soon as you walk through the door and are constantly trying to sell more and more trips.

They also allow a photographer to walk around the hotel taking picture and trying to sell them to you, this is ok once or twice but they won’t give up and in the end I had a small taste of what it must be like to be famous having to tell him to go away 20/30 times.

Flies are a big problem swarming all over sun beds, food and bedrooms if you leave your door open for more than a couple of minutes.


I probably wouldn’t go back to this hotel it was average and I would have no problem recommending it for the price I paid but with so many places/hotels to choose from it isn’t good enough to warrant another visit.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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6 / 10
this is not a 4star hotel

"we were allocated this hotel by Thomson three days prior to departure as, [they said ], our original selection, Les Orangers, had overbooked! Strange that the british people staying in the Nozha had virtually to a man[or woman] originally booked via thomson into the Orangers.

THE NOZHA BEACH HOTEL DOES NOT CATER FOR BRITISH GUESTS, some locals we spoke to were astounded when they found out where we were staying.

The staff were generally very helpful with the notable exception of the barman in the main bar who was very slow resulting in ,quite often, a wait of 15 mins to get served. I suppose being a free bar the longer you wait the less you can drink and the less it costs the hotel!!!

The food in the buffet restaurant was invariably luke warm and sloppily presented, NO EFFORT WAS MADE TO PREVENT FLIES CRAWLING OVER SALADS, COLD MEATS CAKES OR EVEN THE COOKED DISHES.

Choice of warm breakfast was basically fried egg,omelette or pancake, bacon appeared once in our two weeks.

Fruit juice was actually very sweet watered cordial, disgusting!

I understand Thomson are marketing this hotel as a 4star next year, if so they need to tell the management they need to try and cater for brits as well as the Germans French Italians and Russians etc

The animation team worked very hard and most of the evening entertainment was provided by them and was ,generally ,of a good standard.

Basic needs to improve

1] the menu,

2], eradicate the flies from the restaurant

3] improve service at the bar

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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10 / 10
great value holiday

"this hotel was reopened after a refurbishment this year .It is spacious,modern and clean with a lovely reception area . Staff efficient and uniformed.pool clean.All inclusive was everything free including water ,soft drinks and many different types alcohol.Towels provided for beach/pool and changed daily all free.The food was varied and plentiful.Generous amounts of sunbeds and sitting areas.Many different nationalities use the hotel.Room was a good size with balcony with a tv with 1 english channel.The Animation team worked hard to coax you to do archery ,darts,Aquagym,dancing lessons,volleyball bowling etc.Never too pushy however.Every evening there was some form of show to watch. All in all a great holiday. Only moan is the many flies everywhere which the manager did his best to control and the lack of dancing."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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6 / 10
Nice and in a good atmosphere, but not for high expectations

"I stayed at Nozha for a week time. I was really positively amazed with well chosen staff of cheerful and energetic people. I felt it was natural not a plastic smile with a hidden agenda - a tip would be welcome. I felt like in Europe and for smb not leaving hotel it could be placed anywhere in the world. A swimmingpool is big enough but not huge. Beach - stones in water and restricted area at the hotel beach but a few meteres away the sea is sandy already and not restricted. Drinks- not the highest standard, some rum and wodka for drinks missing sometimes, didn't buy additionally paid ones, so can't tell. For those coming for spa - I don't recommend it , not a spa relaxing atmosphere, quite rough treatment, when I 've done a scene than I had a prefect treatment. Generally you go there to get relaxation , not to make scenes and get annoyed, so ....

Animation- relevant , but not to compare with 5star Turkish hotels - I mean the money invested in costumes and niveau of jokes.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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8 / 10
A nice place to get away

"I didn´t really know where we were going to, but it was a nice surprise indeed. There were plenty of things to do, so we could never get bored. People were friendly in general and we enjoyed it very much. We do recommend it to everyone. The place was nice, the food too. And those who love sweets and nice bakery... it´s their pace. Plenty of offer"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009

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8 / 10
Great Holiday Great People Great Country

"Don' t confuse Nozha Beach with Royal Nozha they are two different hotels. We spent two weeks at Nozha Beach and had a really good holiday . The room was kept clean and was very spacious. The hotel was refurbished recently to a high standard with stylish furnishings a nice place to be on holiday . The beach is right on your doorstep with plenty of sunbeds and kept clean. There are water sports nearby . As a couple we thought it a good hotel.

Recommend a 2 day trip to the Sahara great value

10 Min in Taxi to the centre of Hammamet 5 Dinar

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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10 / 10
I had an awesome time :)

"I have just come back from a weeks stay at the Nozha Beach Hotel and went with one friend.

The hotel is clean and impressive looking, the rooms are modern, the pool is gorgeous and next to the sea, there are several restaurants including one on the beach, a shisha room, massage centre, indoor pool, pub and several bars that are extremely pleasant to sit in in the evening. This is the kind of hotel that you would not need to leave if you did not want to, all needs are catered for. However, there are 1000+ staying at the hotel, and not 1000+ sunbeds. The trick is to get up early (7am) and leave your towel on a sunbed to claim it.

The food at Nozha beach was always good and cooked well. There were a large variety of dishes to choose from which varied (maybe slightly) every day and meal. After venturing away from the hotel a couple of times and having some bad experiences eating out, it made me further appreciate the meals in this hotel. We spoke with many other toursits about their hotels, and none were so impressed about their hotels food as we were.

The staff are polite and curteous, although at times on reception it was difficult to get them to help with some thing as they were busy answering the phone inbetween assisting with queries, however, with perserverence they were able to help. Word of warning though, the waitors and bar staff were very inappropriate at times, asking continuously if we would meet with them after their shift had finished and one night one of the bar staff knocked on our doors after we had gone to bed to offer us a drink and ask again if we would meet with him. The first few days it was difficult not to get angry and it was slightly intimidating for two young females. We learnt to be firm but friendly in our approach afterall their culture is very different to ours and they seemed harmless. I am sure couples and families do not have much problem with this issue.

Nozha Beach also has an entertainment team called 'animation' which provide activities and sports during the day and entertainment in the evening such as stage shows, karaoke, pool parties etc. I felt a little catious about them coming up to me at first (after experiences with the waitors), but I realised later on in the week, but they are an excellent, friendly team and participating in conversation with them will just make your stay even more fun and comfortable.

The guests there consisted of mainly families and couples and hardly any groups of friends. There seemed to be a lot of German, French and Italian tourists and we were very much in the minority being British. We made friends with the staff and a few of the other tourists but would have been sorely dissappointed had we expected to meet groups of others similar to our age group.

The old and new medina in Hammamet are nearby and if you would like some nightlife, the place to go is Yasmin Hammamet. The taxi's are fairly priced, but always ensure you have asked them to put on the meter when you get in the car, otherwise they might over charge you.

There are many awesome excursions you can do if you have time. Our rep was not very good at explaining them so try and get as much information as possible. We went on a two day Sahara trip, which was amazing, however this entailed 2 days travelling 800 miles in a crampt coach. We did not have an itinery of what to expect or what was going on either. Make sure you quiz your rep while you can still speak with them. On a morning boat trip we had sheduled, the driver picked us up late, got lost and then we missed the boat at the harbour. There was a communication problem and back at the hotel, the staff on reception were happy to translate and help us deal with compensating for the situation. We were assured incidents like this are very rare.

I would particularly reccomend this hotel to couples and families, but if you are a group of friends looking for some time to relax and chill, absorb the culture outside the front gates, then this hotel could be you as well. To us it was totally worth its four stars and I would love to go back and stay there, a week wasn't long enough! :)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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8 / 10
Fantastic Hotel - Brand New! Not Royal Nozha!

"Before we booked our holiday, we read extensive reviews on The Royal Nozha, believing that both hotels were one and the same. Even our Sales Advisor at First Choice was fooled by the reviews, which for those of you who have read them, will know that it scores very poorly. Despite the Thomson brochure showing the hotel as a Premier Family venue, we still needed convincing. It was only after further investigation, that we realised that the Vincci Group had recently taken the hotel over, and given it a full refurb, and actually re-opened it in April 2009. This would explain the poor reviews, which when studied revealed that they were from 2007.

When we arrived, we were immediately impressed with the very modern feel of the reception area and lounge/bar area. This theme is present throughout the entire hotel, and made a nice change to the dated hotels that we have stayed in, in the past. The only concern we had on arrival was the apparent lack of information regarding our room (which wasn't ready when we arrived), and how we go about making use of the all-inclusive deal (you don't get wrist bands). They don't get, or hadn't had yet, many English guests and so we were very much in the minority. Most guests are either French, Spanish, Swedish, German or Russian. In fact we were 2 of only 8 Brits (out of a full hotel of 1400ish people) for the 1st week of our trip.

This was our first experience of all-inclusive, and we have been converted. I was always apprehensive of the standard of food/drinks etc, but I have to say both were excellent. Original Coke/Fanta/Sprite was served in every bar. Local Beers/wines were all fine (drank mostly Tunisian Rose wine during our 2 week stay). They even handed out cold bottles of mineral water for you to take to the beach/pool every day, which I thought was a nice touch. Wine & Beers were served at lunch and evening meal by waiters, who after a few days would recognise you and make sure that your glass was always topped up with your favourite tipple. There was a wide selection of food everyday, and a house special cooked fresh by a chef each night (generally on a hotplate). I must warn you though that you will have a nightly battle with greedy foreigners who continue to pile as much on their plate as possible, generally taking 2 or 3 times as much as is necessary, and invariably taking to very last scraps (even though you have waited patiently behind them for 5/10mins while the specials have been cooked). Small gripe, but we nearly lost it a few times! There are also 2 a la carte restaurants which you can book 24hrs in advance (apparently you can go as often as you want - although we only went to each one once). The Tunisian restaurant was great - cosy, romantic, good service, food okay if you like cous-cous. But good to get away from the main canteen. The Italian however was awful. Do not go! The Manager was rude, and the food was disgusting. You have been warned.

On to the rooms. We had a 1st floor room with the balcony facing the pool (you could see the sea as well). Room wasn't massive, but the bed was comfortable (asked for 2 extra pillows on the second night), and had a very modern feel about it. Balcony was big, with table & chairs. The only small issue we had was with the bath/shower. The shower was in the middle of the bath, which made for a very narrow channel in which to have a shower. Shower was powerful and hot though, so not complaining.

One thing you will notice immediately about the hotel, is the number of staff. They are everywhere, and the Tunisians are wonderfully friendly people and seem to have been trained well. A mention must go to the Animation Team (Wily, Mimo, Medhi, Mario, etc) who work tirelessly all day (8am-12am, 6 days a week) making sure that everyone gets the chance to take part in the daily activities - Archery; Water Polo; Aqua Gym; Ping Pong; Pool Games; Volleyball; Football; etc. I tried most things once, and enjoyed them all, although my partner was more than happy to sit by the pool all day. The entertainment is first class, even if the variety shows in the evening in the Amphitheater are a little bizarre sometimes.

Even though we didn't venture outside the hotel much during our stay (there's not much right outside, just tacky souvenir shops), we did go on a pre-arranged 2 day Sahara Explorer trip organised by Thomson. While it was worth the mammoth effort of getting there, and the camel ride during a Saharan sunset was very special, and the 4x4 trip to the Atlas Mountains/Oasis were also special, I must warn you that the journey on day one is horrendous (12hrs - with 3 stops). Something they don't tell you in the brochure. They also don't tell you that the heat can be unbearable at times, even at 9pm.

All in all, we would definitely recommend this hotel, even if there are a severe lack of British guests (maybe not too bad anyway). Please do not be fooled by the very old reviews from The Royal Nozha, as this hotel bares no resemblance to any of the reviews. It is a very clean, modern hotel, with great service, good food/drink, and is situated on it's own section of beach (complete with free kayaks/peddaloes/wind surfing). If you are settled on going to Tunisia for the guaranteed weather, you must consider this hotel!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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