Hotel Macedonia

Kalamaki Zakynthos, Zante 29092, Greece
7  / 10
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10 / 10
Well done nickos and family

"Last September was my 3rd visit to this hotel. The accommodation is lovely. Very clean. Cleaning staff come in twice during your stay. Food is excellent coming from a pool bar kitchen. Hot and nice and fresh. Drinks wine etc is cheap. The pool and the pool area is kept spotless. Kids that are not potty trained have to wear waterproof pants. Nikos and staff and his family do anything we ask during our stay. The beach is a few mins from the hotel. Great location. Great family business. Great accommodation. Great pool. I would highly recommend a visit to this turtle island and the great family run business"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2015, booked with
  • Advice: Order bed and breakfast
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Nightmare hotel!

"I have traveled Greece on holidays for over 20 yrs and I also lived on Greece for 7 yrs, I have to say this is the worst experience I have ever had on Greece. This hotel and pool bar do not cater for the clients who have paid to stay in their accomodation! They cater for anyone who is drinking around the pool bar and making as much noise as possible! As anyone can use any pool on Greece, this hotel caters for larger louts and football fanatics. They broke the Greek law on noise between 2pm and 5pm and also after 12 at night. I had to ring the police twice in one week to report the noise after 12 as when I asked them to lower the music one night I was ignored and had a rude gesture made at me! Their is no way you can chill out around the pool as they play loud music and have the football on at the same time all day!The owners and their sons who run this hotel are very arrogant and not at all friendly! The noise from over head planes are not as bad as the noise from the pool bar at this hotel!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: avoid like the plague

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6 / 10
Sun, Sea, and Plane Spotting

"On first arriving at the hotel, me and my partner we quite pleased will what we found. The receptionist was quite friendly and told us how to get to our room which was on the top/3rd floor. The room was basic, but provided everything we needed, and was extremely clean.

A disappointing start was when we wanted the take showers. The shower was at the same height as my waist, and unless you are extremely small, you have to hold the shower in your hand as you wash, which isn't very relaxing.

As we had arrived in the afternoon, we decided to go round the pool to catch some sun. The pool is nice, as is the pool area, however choose your seat carefully, as there is an annoying palm tree that blocks out sun in certain places.

We then went to the pool bar, as you can expect, the Euro as it stands is shocking, so expect to pay a good £1.50 for a coke at the bar. The food is ok, nothing to write home about. The omlette comes with about 8 chips, so not recommended if you're starving hungry.

Then............We come to the planes.............Where do I start?

At first, we found this abit of a novelty. Our room (310) was situated where the aircrafts fly straight over, and as the runway is only a short distance from the hotel, the noise is.........well, Loud. And we're talking meters from the airport, not miles (you could see it from our room).

Now to be fair, I read a previous review (on trip advisor) saying that the planes were an issue, so I was expecting this. However, what the review said was "THE PLANES ONLY FLY UNTIL 10PM". This is correct, but what was failed to be mentioned, is that they start 5AM!.

I counted 7 planes one morning between the hours on 5AM-9AM. Each one making me cringe in bed, and the windows rattle.

This not only disturbed our sleep, but left us completely shattered throughout the entire holiday.

Away from that, another issue we had was with the rooms being cleaned, as the towels were rarely changed, but we put this down to end of season (not that thats any reason to give guests a towel with a TIC-TAC logo on, clearly left by a previous guest).

To sum up, I'd think twice before staying here. It is truely a shame as the hotel itself is nice, and I am disappointed I have to leave a negative review. But the fact that you go on holiday to relax, defeats the object of staying here.

Away from the hotel, the resort, beach, resturant and bars are lovely, and I DO recommend holidaying here.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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4 / 10
Planes, Strains and no tin opener

"Date 15th Sept 2008.

Just arrived back from 14 days at the Macedonia hotel in Kalamaki, Zakynthos.

On arrival which was early in the morning we were checked in and shown to our room which seemed to look okay,being tired from traveling we decided to sleep for a couple of hours. Beds were made and looked inviting till we lay on them and found that the mattresses were as hard as boards! got very little sleep and were awoken with a start when a plane landing at the airport came right across the top of the hotel.

Being almost under the flight path of landing and taking off of the air traffic from Zante airport took a bit of time to get used to.

Awoken for the first time by this aircraft noise we looked at the facilities that had been provided for our 14 day self catering holiday and found that although the brochure had stated "every utensil for your needs provided" there was no tin opener, no toaster,drainer or large knife and cutting board,very few plates and a couple of mugs.

After going to the local Mini Market and purchasing a tin opener and the necessities for a snack we went to reception to hire a safety deposit box and see about getting the Air conditioning turned on. We were informed that Air conditioning was 50 Euros a week and that it was only available from 3pm till 7pm and then from 11pm till 7am unlike most places we have stayed in where you have control of when you want it.

An electric pedestal fan was hired at half the cost, 25 euros for the fortnight.

Going back to our room we decided to have a shower only to find that the water was cold and you had to be quick to get a hot shower in the block we were in before 7 pm as again it seemed the the hot water was only on twice a day.

Having had my moan about the accomodation I must say that the pool was excellent and the pool bar serving drinks and food was also very good.

The location of the Macedonia hotel is 400 metres from an excellent beach but to get a sun lounger there you would have to be on the beach just about sun up.

In the other direction you have to walk to the main Laganos to Kalamaki road and then walk 200yds to the nearest mini market and after that another 200yds to the next and so on till after 1000yds the shops etc started to be more frequent with restaurants and bars on both sides of the road.

Places to eat that we would recommend are "the mermaid and the olive tree restaurants"

Back to the hotel where there was no entertainment at night just one Tuesday evening there was a barbecue and karioke evening that quite frankly was not promoted at all by the staff, who apart from the barman and the little maintainance man who works all the hours god sends are very indifferent to the guests.

For Club 18-30 types there are plenty of bars and night clubs in Laganos just a short taxi ride away(approx 7 Euros) and for eating out and a bit of culture there is Zante town, again a short taxi ride away (approx 9 Euros) but the shops in the town seem to close in the afternoon till about 6-30pm.

It may be me but I found the boat trip around the island a bit disappointing as although the scenery is excellent you seem to sit a long time just looking at rocks on the coastline or caves some of which are pretty, but the worst part of our trip was the "shipwreck",expecting to see an interesting section of our boat trip we found we were looking at as my wife said "a rusty old bucket with graffiti all over it"

There is a tourist train in Zante town that takes you on a tour of the town for half an hour that is well worth trying. It starts just across the road from the main harbour.

Back to the Macedonia hotel and one part I did'nt mention is that they have a little church built in the grounds that is absolutely marvelous( see picture).

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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10 / 10
Loving Hotel Macedonia

"We stopped at the Hotel Macedonia in Kalamiki in Zante for our honeymoon. We first went there 3 years ago and decided to go back again as we enjoyed it so much. Since then it has been revamped and we were impressed with the new bar area and air con.

The staff are very friendly, the food and drink is great and the place itself is very clean. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be going back next year.

Kalamiki beach is great but you have to get there early to get a sunbed. Zepos is the best restaurant to go to. The food is great and the waiters are polite and friendly. We also recommend going to Mustang Saloon for the frozen cocktails.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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4 / 10
not for the young at heart

"I stayed here with 8 of my friends and we're all around 18 or 19. We booked through Budget Travel and didnt really have many options when it came to our choice of accominidation.

It is a very faimly orientated hotel. We felt a bit wierd making noise around the pool or in the bar at night and had to keep extreamly quiet coming home, which you would have got away with in a hotel in Laganas.

Be aware the design of the rooms vary from what is advertised, my room was lovely but the room my friends were in wasnt near to the same standard, oh and the walls our extreamly thin, so you have no hope of getting away with noise.

I didnt find the staff all that friendly, a light bulb blew in one of our rooms, we informed the manager and thery just handed us a new one telling us to replace it, which we later realised that because they wouldnt go look at it they had given us the wrong bulb and made a huge deal when we told them this.

The food was ok but not the best, staff kept getting our order wrong and made us feel like it was an impossition when ordering and also when we were checking in.

Also dont expect your room to be cleaned everyday because it wont!!!!

Lastly I will admit I loved the location, it was near enough to the night life in Laganas to go there every night ( 7 euro by taxi) but far enough not to be desterbed by it at night. The beach is a few minutes walk away, as is the local town. I tried my best to eat greek dishes and quite liked what I had but my friends werent as adventerious and found that food we may have eaten at home (burgers, curry, etc.) just didnt live up to their expectitions.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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10 / 10
Above average

"Was pleasantly surprised by Macedonia. It was relatively cheap for good standard of accommodation, basic but clean. The grounds were particularly well looked after. We had a lovely balcony overlooking the garden and the pool. I would definitely look for an apartment with the same view rather than the ones overlooking the road. The pool bar was a great place for a drink in the evening before heading out to the great range of restaurants in Kalamaki (Mermaids and Buon Amici are really good). Yes the planes fly directly overhead but they never really bothered us and actually became an added feature of the place. Kalamaki is the nicest of the resorts for families or couples. There is a great beach just down from the hotel where we did manage to see one of the famous turtles one evening. It you are going to Kalamaki it would be well worth looking at the Macedonia."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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10 / 10
Friendly & Clean, Great Value

"We originally had booked different accomodation, and with a last minute change from thomas cook, we very nearly didn't go. I am so glad we did. The hotel was a little bit basic, but the staff where really friendly and check-in was fast and efficient. Pool bar was great for breakfast and snacks, and the pool itself was a good size and clean with plenty of sun loungers. There is also a play area for the kids. The rooms as I said where a little bit basic, but the 1 bed apartment we stayed in was very spacious with a great size balcony. It's a 3 min stroll to the beach and at most a 10 min stroll to the centre of town (drunk corner) The only downside is, maid service in the rooms is every other day, really would be much better if they had it every day. Close to the airport, but the flights didnt annoy us, if anything we enjoyed watching the planes coming in and out, although flight times are restricted so no flights too early in the morning or too late at night. Kalamaki itself is fab, with fantastic restaurants and great bars. The boat trips around the island are really great, and your almost guaranteed to see the turtles. Kalamaki beach is beautiful and well worth going to, lunch in the kalamaki beach taverna is really good too. The Pelouzo Hotel just around the corner from the Macedonia Hotel is great for the greek night, the bar is run by Lucas & Chris and they really go out of their way to make sure you have a fantastic night out and at 12 euro its great value. All in all we had a fantastic holiday in Kalamaki, and will most definitely be going back.

M McBurney (Northern Ireland)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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10 / 10
Fandabbydosey!! (full of things to do)

"Me and my boyfriend went here last year on our second holiday when I was 18 and he was 20. We arn't the type to want to go out every night of the holiday but knowing that Laganas was just down the road pleased us. On that note, in the whole 14 nights we stayed we only went to Laganas twice and came back fairly early. There is more than enough bars and restraunts in Kalamaki to keep you happy for a month, but no noise can be heard from the hotel. The prices for food and drink are reasonable, but buying alcohol from the supermarket over the road is very cheap (85 cents for a bottle of becks compared with 5 euros in laganas!!)

The two best bars were the fire bar (called so because they set fire to it) and the cave bar- which you must visit because a delightful man drives you up to the cave in a little car for no fee but a tip bucket is there for any loose change.

In terms of location, the hotel is at the end of the strip but there are restraunts all the way along that will keep you busy on the stroll. There is a pharmacy, many supermarkets and a man offering a free bottle of champagne if you can score past him three times (which my boyfriend did, winning us three bottles, and yes hes does let you try scoring closer up if your are girl in high heels like I was!)

The beach was a 2 minute walk away- nice sandy beach

Due to the size of the island, a hire car rented for one day lets you see all the main tourist attractions, so this we would recommend, especially the dune buggies!!!

Argassi- another resort 15 mins taxi drive away (cheap faires by the way) is worth a visit for some nice restraunts.

On the whole a fantastic holiday and would go back again definately.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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6 / 10
Excellent family run hotel.

"My husband and I had never been to Greece or any of the Greek islands. We picked Zakynthos because of the good reports we heard from other people. They are right. Zakynthos is a beautiful place.

When we arrived at Hotel Macedonia we were greeted and looked after by the very friendly and efficient receptionist.

The apartment allocated to us was bright and clean.We didn't use the kitchen area at all as we got breakfast each morning in the complex cafe bar The food there is excellent.

After We had our evening meals in some beautiful restaurnts in Kalamaki we returned each evening to the hotel bar where we were looked after by the friendly bar tender.

All the public areas of this complex is kept spotless.The gardens are beautiful and the maintenance man works from morning till night to keep everything in order for the guests.

We intend to return to the Hotel Macedonia again and it's closness to the airport wouldn't put us off at all.

We wish the management and staff at The Hotel Macedonia the very best and would like to thank them all for making our holiday so enjoyable

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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8 / 10
Lovely Hotel

"I am writing this as when i booked this hotel last minute on Thomas Cook I couldnt find many reviews.

When we arrived to the Macedonia, having never been to Zante before, i was pleasantly suprised! I dont know if its because we only paid £125 but i had it in my mind that it would be a bit grotty! How very wrong I was! This hotel is very pretty, with 3 bulidings around the pool area.

Ok the rooms - they were a good standard and very clean! Ours had a small kitchenette and two single beds and a small bathroom. (see photos) The Kitchenette had a kettle and a small hob. We cooked our breakfasts in the room and found that everything was clean! There is also a fridge! I should imagine family roos are a little bigger.

The pool was lovely and clean, as was the surrounding areas. The garden was pretty and well kept too. There is a childrens play area aswell that is all fenced in.

The pool bar was open all day and till late in the morning.

The resort itself was just a stretch of restaurants and bars. If you fancy a bit more night life then laganas is the place to go and is only 4 miles from Kalamaki!

We took a bus into Zante town for 1.40 euro each way. The main shopping street was called Alexander Roma.

The beach is just to the right as you walk out of the hotel and down the bottom of the road. If you go at a certain time you may see the sea turtles!

Also.....the airport is VERY close so u will hear and SEE the planes taking off and landing quite often. They are so close when they land you feel as though you could touch them! However dont let this put you off as if Im honest it really did not bother me or my Boyfriend, and nor anyone else that I heard of. If anything everyone was watching them in fascinaton! lol But if you think this would annoy you then this certainlt is not the ideal place to stay!

This Hotel is basic and unlike other hotels I've been too as there is no entertainment except one night (a tuesday) they put on a BBQ and Karoke for 10 euros each. They may put more entertainment later on in the season but I dont know. This is a friendly family run hotel and is a lovely place to spend your holiday!

Hope this helps!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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6 / 10
basic but friendly

"As there are no reviews on the Macedonia i thought it might be helpful to add mine even though it is a year old. Flight times strange so that the turtles do not get disturbed - thats fine the turtles should take priority. On arrival there was no one to open the hotel and let us in we all stood round for at least 3/4 hour. Finally got room key. I travelled with my sister and 9yr old daughter. The room we were allocated had a double bed and a single bed. It was clean but very very basic. We had our room changed within an hour and a free coffee while we were waiting. Pool not huge but adequate for the amount of guests using it. Pool bar and grill ok, food average - expensive compared to food in Kalamaki itself. Went to a greek night at neighbouring hotel, worth going it was an enjoyable evening.

Location was fine a 10 minute walk to a lovely beach (Kalamaki beach) with plenty of sunbeds and a good beach bar/cafe. Sand was dark but clean and there were lots of small fish swimming around your legs, water lovely and clear, great for snorkelling. Also 10 minutes walk from the main resort of Kalamaki, restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes and wallets. Food varied from place to place. Felt very safe, people very friendly. Nice atmsosphere. Plenty of tourist shops.

Booked trips with rep who was helpful. Island tour good fantastic views the island is truely breathtaking. went to smugglers cove. Wouldn"t advice anyone with any mobility problems to try and get off the boat the waves were strong and you were bruised by the shingle and pebbles being churned at your legs. Zante town has some lovely shops and places to eat there is a square(St. Marks i think) that locals use at night and there are small safe motorbikes and cars for the children to use. Didn't see any turtles whilst we were there and got used to the loo roll in the bucket thing (not very nice though). Sister had food poisoning last two days and had the flight back from hell. Didn't help that the airport toilets were absolutely disgusting!

Would definitely stay in Kalamaki again and in the same area but probably would not use the Macedonia a bit too basic. You get what you pay for. It is perfect resort for families, it will be a shame if the overspill from Laganas takes over as Kalamaki will lose its charm.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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