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7 / 10
forget all those bad reviews

"I am only back yesterday 14th June, 2011. Cant believe all the bad things written in all the other reviews. The accommodation was as expected for a three star, clean comfortable and the surroundings well taken care of. The food was good with plenty of variety and fresh fruit at most meals. The animation team worked their little socks off to make everyones stay as enjoyable as possible. There are three pools one of them with a disabled ramp and the other one entirely geared up for children with slides and things. There are numerous toilets around the pool area all very well taken care of. If there was a down side it was the fact that the beach or beaches were rocky coves that could only be accessed down very steep steps which is hardly the hotels fault. I am a very frequent traveller (about eight times a year)and obviously these people dont travel very often."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: just relax sit back and enjoy all the fun

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9 / 10
Brilliant - don't let the bad reviews put you off!

"Just got back from staying at the Binimar and it was fantastic! We went May half term and were all inclusive which saved us a fortune. The food was great - a good choice - some lovely fish dishes. We were really pleased with the Pizzaria which was open from 12 dinner time and we could eat with the kids (pizza, pasta, hotdogs, salad) if we wanted to rather than waiting till dineer at 7. Everything was clean and well run. Our little boy (age 5) loved the new waterpark. The pools were never too packed as there are 3 of them! Hotel is just by one of the coves - amazing views. Very child friendly, good kids entertainment. Would definatly go again - don't let the bad reviews put you off. We spoke to loads of people who said they were worried after reading the reviews but there was no need to be."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Great value for money!

"Me and my wife (no kids) stayed here from 13th May to 20th May and had a great time. The entertainment team are amazingly good at what they do, really nice people and work so hard to.. entertain. HOWEVER we went self-catering. Turns out this was the best choice from what we've heard. The amount of times we saw guests from the apartments out in local restaurants - well it was every night. We spoke to most of them also, turns out the food isn't very good at all, the drinks are "nasty cheap stuff". But we didn't have to 'suffer' this so we was lucky in that case. Also for the price you pay, even the food (although we did not personally have any of it) seems reasonable.

The local area was very quite. Jimmy Hills pub is one to avoid if you want food, it is quite simply disgusting. However there is a local place simply called "forum" who have very good food with fantastic service for a good price - and you can always enjoy Castaways cafe, a British run establishment with traditional food from both cultures.

All in all, we had a very good time, very good value for money and the apartment was just fine - except the bed was a bit hard but again, you get what you pay for.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Make the most of the entertainment, it's really good from 9 onwards for the adults.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
i loved it

"came back this morning - The Entertainment team were absolutely fantastic. brilliant in the kids booms disco, bingo and the shows starting at 10 [including people from the audience] .

They entertain the kids AND adults throughout the day ; water polo , golf putting , t shirt painting , rifel shooting, darts and more. i went to do the t shirt painting with my 6 year old sister and the entertiner that helped my sister was polite , funny and he made sure she knew she was doing a good job.

Evening Entertainment - The Entertainers dress up in costumes , play games with the kids, make the audience laugh , dance and make the audience feel comfartable.

They have loads of enthusiasm, energy and smiles.

Although you do have to get to the resturant atleast 15 minutes before the opening time, the food inside is remarcable. the variety they give is extra ordinary. Some Waitress' seem slightly grumpy, but the waiters are happy, content, polite etc... the waiters definately made us feel welcome.

The Reps were polite , helpfull and content. We had a case damaged on the way there so we told Babara [one of the reps] and she made sure we got a damage form through our door the morning after.

Overall , i would LOVE to come back again. [if i can of course] i loved it there and didnt want to leave when our holiday came to an end! you will miss the hotel for sure.


  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: talk to the entertainers alot. they brightened up my days.

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3 / 10
avoid this resort

"just back from here, thank god. All inclusive all right.flies included, even around the food, ants included,had the apartment fumigated twice in two days after many complaints to reception, ignorant restaurant staff included,substandard food and drink included and do not think about taking any food from the eating area, funny looks from bar staff if you order more than 3 drinks at a time and that is when they do actually make eye contact with you. if you have disabled family member forget it. never again you have been warned."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
disaster from start to finish

"here is a email i have sent to Thomas cook awaiting there response i will keep you informed stayed 17-24 September please don't make the same mistake this is a genuine review a statement of fact A total disaster from start to finish.

We booked this holiday because our three-year-old grandson has autism and cannot sit for a long time so we chose a holiday with a short flight, approximately two-and-a-half hours. We would have loved to have gone to The Canaries where my wife and I have an apartment but a four-and-a-half hour flight was out of the question for our grandchild.


We were told that a plane had broken down in Belfast and the part to fix it was in Manchester and we had to take it to Belfast and refuel. We eventually got on our coach at 12.47 GMT some six hours and 15 minutes later. So much for the short flight. Unbelievable. Please explain how this could possibly happen.

When we arrived at the Binimar the room was very basic, no tv etc, in fact, it is fair to say that in all the years of travelling, it was the worst room I have ever had the misfortune to stay in. I asked at the reception to be moved but they said all the rooms were of the same standard and I could be moved to two rooms below from the rooms we had been allocated, 408/410 to downstairs rooms 401 and 403 - the same low standards. I decided to make the best of things and stay where we were.


On Saturday the rooms were infested with ants, thousands of them. My bedside cabinet top was so full of ants you could not see the top, they were everywhere. In the bed, on clothes, etc. I went to reception to complain and they sent a man to spray them which killed them. An hour later we were infested again. Once more I went to reception who sent another man who sprayed them and also painted some liquid around the perimeter of the building walls. That night they were back everywhere, crawling on my grandchildren when they were sleeping. Please put yourself in my position and imagine how you would feel.

The next morning I went to see Damian, the rep, to inform him of the problem. I even took him to one side away from the other guests so they could not hear, as I am a very polite person. He provided me with some ant spray and said he could not do anything because it was Sunday but assured me on Monday he would see the reservation manager and get us some more rooms.


Both myself and my pensioner wife had been up all night spraying the ants every hour to stop them crawling over our sleeping grandchildren, you must admit this is no way to spend a holiday.


The next day I went to see Damian to get my new room. He told me to go to reception and they had got me room 401 and 403. Great, I thought, I can move rooms and try and make the best of a bad holiday.


The reception told me they knew of no such thing and room 401 and 403 were taken and that they had no rooms to offer me. I went back to see Damian and told him what had happened. He said he was going to do a welcome meeting and that he would sort it out later. I told him I needed it sorting immediately and he said I have ants, I just spray them. At this point I lost my temper, bearing in mind I am a 50-plus man in ill health. I swore at him and told him I needed a room now. He ran off shouting - if you swear at me I am no longer your representative, I want nothing to do with you. I was amazed and so were several other people who told me so during the rest of the holiday. I had to go back to the reception and stand my ground, reluctantly they gave me two more rooms, making me feel as if I was the villain in all this. Damian never asked if we were okay and turned his head to one side every time he saw me, totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

On top of all this the food was almost inedible, the queues were a nightmare. I am not the only one to think this as on my return I have read the terrible review on Trip Adviser etc and only wish I had read them before I went.

I am an easy-going person who never complains but I have been so badly treated on this holiday I feel I have been cheated and let down. I could hear loads and loads of guests complaining about numerous things and surely you must have a catalogue of complaints about The Binamar. It can't be doing your company any good letting people down like this.

The good points. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. The girls in the creche and Kids Club were absolutely brilliant and the entertainment staff the best I have ever seen so please get rid of this outdated hotel from your brochure.


The pick-up time was 8.25am, so no time for breakfast. In fairness they did lay on a Continental breakfast from 7am but we did not have time for this. We were not worried about this as we would be at the airport for 10am and decided we could have a Burger King and that it would be the best meal we would have had all week. The pick-up coach arrived at 9.05 and we arrived at the airport at 10.30 and queued up until 12.15. We had to go straight to our plane, no duty free and no lunch/dinner. We sat on the plane and set off at 12.45 - another six hours to get home. My grandson was beside himself.

The only guilty thing I did on this holiday was to swear at Damian but my grandson needs to be protected from ants crawling over him while sleeping and I need to protect him and if it involves swearing at Damian then I would do it again.

This is nothing compared to the injustices my family and I have had to put up with.

I feel so strong about this incident and will not rest until a satisfactory outcome has been reached. I do hope that you can resolve this matter without my having to take further action.

I await your response.

Thank you.

Michael Best


  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: please do not go we work hard for our money

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9 / 10
excellent holiday!

"we arrived at the binimar 20th sep 2010 for 1 week and although the weather letus down we could not fault the binimar. we were all inclusive with a young baby and the staff were lovely and understandable. we had to ask for a cot to be put in the room (this is the only fault i can think of) the apartment was clean and very safe for the baby. the pools were lovely and food nice too lots of choice."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: good for families
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
binemar apartments

"just back from a weeks holiday at the binemar apartments basic but very clean resort is great for families and has all you need to entertain the kids my only gripe with this hotel is that we were half board and also paid for drinks in restuarant in evenings but was very difficult to get into the restuarant for breakfast or evening meal as the queues were right outside the hotel all waiting to get their meals we ended up going outside for meals which was more expence that we had bargained for some peaple were waiting for more than 40 minutes just to get into the restuarant"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, half board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: go self catering

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8 / 10
family from England

"we are pleased with the stay, the hotel clean, delicious food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff, beautiful surroundings, did not like us that we had half board and we had to pay for drinks at dinner, I think this is not okay .. 2 euros for no good juice or cole .. no air conditioning in the room, terribly stuffy .. but we are generally satisfied and recommend the hotel sincerely"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Very good place for family with kids

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3 / 10
complex good,all inclusive bad

"just got back from binnimar with partner and little girl(2yo)the complex was good,the acts were really bad and reps bit misserable when off stage walking round like zombies,the food was terrible any one who says different must be used to eating dog food and cat food was all tinned and cheap fat cuts off meat with undercooked food or very salted food,drinks were ok,menorca hasnt moved with the euro its stayed when at prices when the euro was good,waterpark isnt really a waterpark more a pool with a slide in it,beaches were good and area was good,rooms in binnimar were good but damp in room and have come back with bad chest infection,next time will go back but would be better not all inclusive and supermarkets do not sell ciggarettes anymore so get them in airport as the tobaconist is very expensive and have to buy 20s from local bars..."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

8 / 10
Great Family Holiday

"Just got back from a great 7 night stay at the Binimar with our 2 children aged 2 and 5. Fantastic hotel for children with 5 swimming pools (2 small ones for kids), plenty to do there during the day and great entertainment at night including mini disco/bingo and a show each evening which varied between acts and shows done by the reps. We were all inclusive and were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. There was plenty of choices and we didn't need to eat out anywhere else as it was so good. The apartments themselves were ok, basic but very clean.The only down side I'd say is the lack of air con which made it very hot at night. You can hire a fan 25 euros for a week but you get 10 euros back but I would recommend you take another yourself if you have room in your case. Cala'n Forcat is a lovely family resort with a great choice of restaurants and bars with loads of play areas for the children."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

10 / 10
great for families

"Just returned from the binimar resort after spending a week there with my husband and 9 year old daughter. Rooms are basic but clean with everything needed. Excellent facilities for children, my daughter was never out of pool, very clean pools with life guards on duty all time. we chose to go self catering because we like to go to different restauraunts but the all inclusive was very popular. Good entertainment day and night for families. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have booked up again for next year."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Great place for families

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