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"Do not go.The hotel is beautiful,there is lots of food to choice,there is lots of slides for adults and children s but the water is cold,the rooms is well clean but it is in bad condition.There is a water leak form the top of our toilet the water is leaking through the electric cables.The beds and mattress are in very bad condition,the staff are not welcoming,not helpful and every staff is expecting a tip form you if you don't tip the staffs they don't mind about you."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Alpha Rooms
  • Advice: Just forget about staffs and enjoy your holiday
5 / 10

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Ready for tipping

"Over-all the hotel is beautiful the food is brilliant slides are great but the pools water is cold,the beds and mattress are very bad the room are leaking and all staffs is expecting a tip from you they will pay less attention to your needs."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Alpha Rooms
  • Advice: keep to your self just forget about staff looking for tips get your own towel then find your own bed.
5 / 10

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holiday of a life time

"What a wonderful place to stay for your holiday to egypt great staff management great could,nt do enough for us rooms very clean and well taken care of ,the pools are very clean all the staff make you feel so welcome from the minute you enter the hotel food good and the waiters go that bit extra for you will go back to the Tirana anytime."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: just enjoy your time in egypt and be polite to all the staff kind words are always better than moaning
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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Avoid this hotel

"To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly. It's a relief to be home. I've never felt so unwelcome or in the way somewhere that cost me nearly £2000 for my family. Upon arrival we were welcomed and first impressions were good. We were shown to our rooms which were ok. Before long the pipes at the back of the toilet began to leak and the room became like a swimming pool. A couple of guys came to fix the leak but it took the night manager hours to come to the room to have a look at the problem and the state the room was in. After a long day traveling this was the last thing we needed. At approximately 2am he agreed to swap our room.

The next morning at breakfast I have never seen such chaos. The main dining area was filthy and people pushing and shoving to fight for food. No order anywhere. No tables were clean, staff were useless and rude. The food was inedible and the smell was awful. Guests were complaining and so downhearted, you wouldn't of thought we we were all on holiday. Eventually we were told we could use the Italian restaurant but that wasn't much better. So disorganized and chaotic. In areas quite dangerous with how the hot food was laid out, especially for children. To fill the hot water dispenser that we used to make tea/coffee a guy would come out of the kitchen and walk half the length of the restaurant with a tub of boiling hot water on his shoulder. No thought for our safety if he slipped in the constant wet floor

The pool was lovely but a nightmare to get a bed as the lifeguards had to be tipped everyday to save you a bed. God help you if you wanted a drink. There were 2 pool bars and at one of them there was 1 bartender at at the other possibly 2. The hotel must cater for nearly 2000 people so clearly not adequate. We waited 30 minutes to be served. The one guy would just totally ignore me and I would have to go and get my partner to get us a drink. Quite a few of the ladies there expressed the same opinion. The only guest that didn't seem to complain were the ones that were tipping and being waited on. I don't mind tipping for good service and did so occasionally in hope!! but not every time I want a drink. Any other hotel I've stayed at were generous with water and would give it away in abundance in bottles. The Tirana gave one small bottle per person per day and the rest you had to queue for. Especially dangerous for small children. I did find a water cooler at one of the bars which was rarely switched on an didn't provide a cup.

At night time it was the same. You weren't allowed to queue at the bar, you had to wait for the waiter to come to you. And wait we did. The majority of staff were rude and when we asked for a drink there was no acknowledgement so never knew if they had taken our order or not. We just sat there hoping, there was no ok, one minute or even a smile. I felt very unwelcome in the most and an inconvenience to them. The majority of service was just horrendous throughout all areas of the hotel.

Absolutely no point complaining as no one cared and used ridiculous excuses. I don't care how busy you are, you should be prepared. I spoke to a lady who had complained a couple of times legitimately who received a letter the following day advising her if she complained again she would be asked to leave. Gestapo springs to mind. I've read on here a few responses from the management on here and can assure everyone it's purely for show as none of them cared whilst you were there.

Overall the staff were overstretched This is a management failure full stop. I've spoken to many tourists of Sharm el Sheik who raved about their hotels, who received a first class service and can't wait to go back. Absolutely no point booking this hotel and taking pot luck and risking the awful time we had. No way should this hotel have a four star rating.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, booked with On the beach
  • Advice: I wouldn't recommend this hotel.
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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fantastic holiday

"I dont often feel the need to leave reviews but looking at some of the negative reviews i feel compelled to.

For the money this is a fantastic place to go to no matter what size of group you are in and if there is nothing in the resort that makes everyone happy then you have only yourself to blame for choosing the wrong holiday.

water park staff were great with the kids. Bar staff were freindly and more than willing to help. The food wasnt that great but the resturant food was especially the Italian.

We spent two weeks there from the beginning of July 13 and i can quite honestly say that all the staff are great apart from the odd one or 2 they have a high turnover of staff so inevitably some staff are gonna be worse than others just the same as every other business.

The only problem was getting a drink in the evening there was only one bar open so you had to queue but they are reburbishing a large part of the hotel and got informed there would be another bar within that refurb.

All in all dont listen to the negative stuff this place is fantastic

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: take your own plastic pint glass
  • Good For: Beach
8 / 10

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peter mandy n jack harrison excellent holliday

"we stayed at tirana for 2 weeks in august 2012 and i can honestly say the hotel was marvellous the staff are really really polite and will do anything they can to help you if help is needed the animation team the bar staff the housekeepers reception staff where just marvellous people and you are treated as part of their family there is one person in particular who i have to mention is mr mordy housekeeping manager what a real gentleman he is i could go on and on but ill keep it short i would recomend this hotel 10 out of 10 so anybody thinking of booking this hotel you will not be dissapointed"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: just enjoy it like we did relax in the sun
10 / 10

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peter mandy n jack harrison excellent holliday

"we stayed at tirana for 2 weeks in august 2012 and i can honestly say the hotel was marvellous the staff are really really polite and will do anything they can to help you if help is needed the animation team the bar staff the housekeepers reception staff where just marvellous people and you are treated as part of their family there is one person in particular who i have to mention is mr mordy housekeeping manager what a real gentleman he is i could go on and on but ill keep it short i would recomend this hotel 10 out of 10 so anybody thinking of booking this hotel you will not be dissapointed"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: just enjoy it like we did relax in the sun
10 / 10

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Never Again

"We arrived on Sunday 22nd July and found the hotel quite nice, the rooms were very dated, My dughter and Son-in-Laws room shower was broken and on Monday morning they found the floor wet as the air conditioned leaked. Breakfast and lunch was beareable but the evening meals were disgusting and after spending £5,000 for an all inclusive holiday it cost us nearly another £1,000 as we had to get taxi's to take us into town so that we could have decent meals. The amount of people that were ordering McDonald take aways was unbelievable and the Hotel manager just did not seem to care.

On the Tuesday, a Chef had to wheel a trolly full of food over a little bridge, the trolly got stuck, tipped over and a tray full of food went into the swimming pool, a young lad had to dive in and retrieve the tray, the chef put it on his trolly and proceeded to take it to the other side and gave it to the other chef. The pool was never once cleaned out during our stay as my grand-dauther found a broken glass in the pool a few days later together with some of the food that had fallen into the pool.

The entertainment was non existance as we went to go and see a magical show which was advertised at 9.30pm only to be found that it was shown at 8.30.

The only thing that i say was that the weather was good but would defintely not rate this as a four star hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
3 / 10

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Not what I paid for and NOT a 4*

"I have just returned from my stay at sunrise Tirana aqua park resort and am very disappointed to say this was not the holiday I expected nor paid for.

This was advertised as a 4* resort which didn't come close in my standard, I have stayed in a 3* aqualand resort which was a lot better than this.

I sent an email to the hotel with my concerns 4weeks before we travelled due to reading a lot of bad and negative reviews both on trip advisor and holiday watchdog and also the Facebook site, but I was reassured by the quality manager Vanessa Moore.

I feel we should of been informed It was Ramadan in Egypt.

We arrived at the hotel around 17.30pm check in was quick an staff were helpful. We were taken to our room 2111 after waiting around 10min an staff hurriedly rushing in an out. Our bag then followed around 10mins later. After looking round our room we found a few things not to a 4* standard, curtains hanging off rail, room very dusty, previous families clumps of hair in bathroom, shaving mirror loose, shower cubicle very mouldy, shower head loose, towel rail loose, very poor standard of cleanliness. I didn't complain about this as I spend little time in my room on holiday and wasn't going to let this spoil it. Throughout our two week stay we were only giving 3 towels to shower with when there was 4 in the room, no shower mat an floor was very slippery. On two occasions we had no minibar refill of water.

We went out for our evening meal in the main restaurant which was a total shambles staff running everywere looking for plates/cups/cutlery refilling food it was mayhem, whilst in the main restaurant the electricity went off an both me an my 5yr old son panicked as it went pitch black an my partner an 10yr old son were seated at a table, this happened twice while getting the food an this was just the start. We thought the next day would be better, we attended the welcome meeting, booked 3 excursions of which 2 out of 3 were amazing. We were approached on the Sunday 29th of us leaving by the excursion sales person who sites next to walid, he informed us he wrongly charged us and 2other familes for an excursion and he had to pay the difference out of his own pocket, and asked use if we could pay as the other two families had paid. We felt very intimidated and upset as this being our last day we had very little money left and he was asking us for £90 English pounds, this should never of been approached and was very unprofessional an if this was the case he should of came to us when he realised the mistake and maybe then it could of been rectified.

Monday and our first impression of the pool.......there was bird poo on every table an chair, the pools were so cloudy an dirty the boys couldn't play scuba diving games, stairs were broke going into the pool, all the cerment was falling off into the pool leaving big stones at the bottom.

Week 1 took its toll when on Saturday 21st we arrived back in our room to find the bathroom shaving mirror had fallen off an smashed and within minutes there was a man with a clip board knocking on our door trying to get us to sign a form an pay £25. On Sunday 22nd me an my 5yr old son went back the room around 4pm to get a shower and have a rest, When again the electricity went off as I was in the shower and could of easily of slipped as there is NO emergency lighting my 5yr old got scarred and fell of the bed in panic. My partner an 10yr old son came in the room around 5pm after being stuck up the slides waiting for over 20mins for these to come back on. We lost count after the electricity going off over 15times within 3hours that night. At which point both me an my partner an two children were very frustrated and upset. That evening we went to reception to see walid the thomas cook rep who i found very argumentative regarding certain issues i raised and was just told to fill in a complaints form, and was given the managers names for the food an beverage and assistant manager of the hotel an was told to go and find then and raise my concerns, again i was frustrated as i do not go on holiday to complain and spend my precious family time filling in forms and searching a hotel trying to get problems sorted i thought this was the job of the resort rep? So i did just quickly jot out a few bullet points on the complaint form.

The electricity went off every night and not just for the 10seconds we were informed it would be after complaining but for a number of times if it wasn't the lights it was the plugs then the air con to which we reported to the rep twice we had no air con for a full day an night an this still wasn't fixed till my Partner rang customer relations to complain an within minutes there was an engineer to fix it. We were reassured after complaining about the food selection for children, if there was something they wanted they would do there best to accommodate an cook it, which was very kind but again I don't expect at a 4* resort for a children's buffet to be so limited, with just 4 trays of food for such a huge hotel of capacity reaching easily 2000+ guest. I know they can't please every one and I wasn't expecting English food either but having chips an pasta every night along with 2selections off the main buffet for children gets a bit tedious. The main restaurant falls to the lower end of the scale for food hygiene cleanliness and choice. Food was wrapped in cling film before the restaurant was open which meant all the food was sweating and very soggy, and look warm, I felt this was the cause of myself my partner and 10yr old getting the dreaded tummy bug during our two week stay, along with the breakfast omelettes not being cooked properly and still sloppy in the middle, and the fact my 5yr old didn't get it as bad is because he lived on chip barms every afternoon and evening. Cutlery was disgusting never clean and plates and glasses were always running out, glasses all had chips in them, the trays with food in had no handles on the lids an at times were really hot. Corners of the restaurant were filthy.

Staff were only interested if getting tipped and this lead to a few issues, 1) being drinks, limited and not being able to go up an get my family drinks 2) being asked to return our plastic glasses on a number of occasions to the pool bar which were washed in a sink an given to other people no detergent used and very unhygienic 3) people who had tipped receiving beer an bottles of Pepsi in there mini fridge but we had to purchase ours from the very expensive on site shop 4) all sunbeds reserved by 7am by staff and lifeguards and would only give you one if you tipped, this I complained about an the supervisor got us beds immediately but this shouldnt have to be done this way, there is a sign up saying towels will be removed within 1hour if sunbeds had no personal belongings, this NEVER happened 5) my children not being able to get myself or there dad an ice cream as they could only get 1 very small pot at a time an the cue was endless.

I feel I could go on and on regarding this hotel which is upsetting but I would like to point out, it did have two good features the first being the water park an a few staff on the slides who were very helpful but others were to busy texting on there phone and being over friendly with young girls. And the second being the al a carte restaurants which were edible, hot, and tasty, but we could not get into these as requested as they were always busy an we booked into them on the 2nd day, although in the two weeks we ate in them 7 out of 10 days of which 2 were repeated twice in one week.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Do self catering
4 / 10

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Ok but let down by food!

"I have just returned from my honeymoon in Sharm and stayed at Sunrise. On arrival, I explained that we were honeymooners and tried my luck at an upgrade.....which we were pleasantly surprised to receive! Our room was spacious, the air conditioning (whilst a little noisy!) was nice and cool (an ABSOLUTE must as temperatures were 40 C plus every day!), bathroom was lovely if a little tired in places and looking out over the pools/complex on the evening of our arrival gave us a real sense of having chosen well.

We went for breakfast on the following morning and the preparation/presentation of food is very pleasant. I have been on All Inclusives across the world and have experienced the very poor through to the excellent. I am sad to say that the quality at Sunrise falls towards the lower end of the scale. Everything just tasted a little dry and powdery.

Given, they are catering for circa 3000 guests and this is no easy task - but it is their choice and responsibility so to do. If food is not high on your wish list then you may well be satisfied (as many seemed to be) but I just feel that if I'm choosing a 5* resort (and I'm WELL aware that UK 5 stars are a WORLD away from package star ratings) then one can expect all due effort to provide a high standard of food - something for which I feel forms a significant percentage of a holiday.

Dishes are things like Shepherds Pie, chicken wings, basic fish dishes et al......served with an accompaniment of.....chips or pasta! I dare not touch the vegetables as they were in local water and even boiled, I just had the feeling that they would make me ill.

There is a HUGE selection of bread and to be fair, this is the main restaurants strongest suit but I see this as an accompaniment rather than a flagship dish. As for the 5 star 'A La Carte' restaurants - of which the Italian and Lebanese are the better choices - do NOT expect Michelin food; it is simply of a quality that should be in the main restaurant.

Desserts were ok, a reasonable selection but always the same. I'd give the food 2 out of 5, which is a shame because the infrastructure of the hotel is really quite good. The staff are very friendly (except for the restaurant manager who, other than an inability to smile; barged me out of his way on 3 occasions! - I really do seem to have a restaurant vendetta here, lol!) and always wear a smile. I think they're probably taking the mickey and sniggering to themselves when they attempt a cockney accent (to whit I do not have!) but perhaps that is paranoia.

The water park is excellent with lots of slides and a great wave machine. The poolside bars are pretty good, although I wish they'd use glasses bigger than an egg cup (standard All Inclusive issue) and the towel guys are just happy to chat to relieve the boredom of sitting in their huts! Private beach is a bus ride away and ok, albeit with building work going on.

We did both catch the dreaded 'Pharaoh's Revenge' tummy bug but as I see it, this is a rite of passage when visiting Egypt as a Westerner. Very unpleasant but if caught and treated with local medication, shouldn't ruin your holiday. Be warned though, everyone I spoke to at the hotel got it, including my wife and I.

In summary, with a little attention to culinary issues, Sunrise could be an excellent resort but sadly it does stick out like a big spot on an otherwise very pretty face!

Finally, when checking out, check your bill closely. We were both very ill and just wanted to jump on the transfer bus; but once home I noticed 2 internet charges of 90LE (Egyptian pounds - £9GBP) on the bill. I had paid cash for these and so whether by mistake or 'trying it on' - I was 'had over'. And tipping - I know the country is poor, we chose to visit and frankly I am happy to tip good service; but PLEASE, pulling my wheeled suit case 3 feet does not, in my book, qualify for a £4 tip! Ended up losing my rag after one too many episodes and teaching a portly, rude young man of about 16, who said to me in his best pigeon English as I exited the WC after returning some of my Egyptian bacteria to its birthplace, "Mr, you give me money!" - he now knows some English phrases he probably hitherto hadn't experienced!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Pool View
6 / 10

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family holiday

"just come back from egypt ,1st time dont know if i would go back ,weather 10/10 ,but the hotel was so so ,the 1st 4 days i was ill with the tummy bug ?? make sure the eggs are cooked ,some of the staff were a good help but some of the waiters wernt ,unless you tipped them ,the food well we were there 10 days the last 4 days we complained to the manager who was ever so nice and let us eat in the al a carte restaurants ,my daughter wouldnt touch a thing apart from chips and the same for my son too ,most of the food was luke warm not hot ,but the al a cart restaurants were mega hot and tasty ,the choice of foods for the kids not alot until the last 4 days as they did new things due to the amount of complaints while i was there ,if you were friendly with the waiters they would get what you want from the bar as long as they got tipped ,i dont mind tipping as thats all i did ,but they could have bin alot more helpful ,.they is lots of pools to sit around ,if you have got kids the kids pool is the best by far ,the lifeguard there is ever so friendly and great with the kids,and always chatty his english is brilliant 10/10 for the lifeguard hany ,my room wasnt cleaned properly ,not swept or mopped while i was in the room , the english staff are great and tanya shes ever so helpful sorting te rest of my stay to eat in the al a cart restaurants ,the shops in the hotel mega expensive ?? got to barter ,but still expensive ,im a single mum and it took me all year to pay for this holiday ,but like people say if you dont try you will never know ,i know they is lots of great reviews but im just writting my experience ,if my experience was alot better then my review would of been alot better thankyou"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
4 / 10

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fantasic holiday

"My family constisting of 2 adlts and 3 children under 10 have just come back from a hoilday over christmas at the sunrise for 11 nights.From the second you get off the coach whaich is less than 10 mins from airport it is spectacular,the whole outside is lit up with christmas lights.We couldnt falt the staff,cleaners,waiters and reception etc they cant do enough for you without wanting tips.The staff seem to work long hours and constantly busy but still very pleasant and always smiling and welcoming.If i had to have a niggle about anything it would be the childrens selection at evening meal that needs to be improved but my children never moaned.The cleaner would make an animal shape out of the clean towels every day for my little girl whilst cleaning.The poolside guys were very welcoming and polite.I really couldnt fault this hotel much at all.Most spectacular time is christmas it outstanding when they arrange a massive marque outside and decorate to the highest standard and entertain all night long.security is brilliant at hotal as well.Overall would recommend this hotel to all family people out for a lovely family hoilday."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
9 / 10

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  • by vonnie68

    " if you are not happy speak to the manager who is a great help "

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