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First time cruise

"Did I go on the same ship as some of these reviews? I wonder? My first time cruise and in the school holidays. The embarkation was a little hectic with a delay but not, I hasten to add, too long. The balcony cabin was fine and the cabin staff excellent. The food in the Saffron and Cinnamon Restaurants was good but the food in the Indian,

Epicurean and Glass House Restaurants was totally 'out of this world'. Entertainment in the Arena was good - not West End stuff but still of a high caliber. The self service Restaurant was not crowded (like some reviewers on here have stated) and the fare was great.

The only complaints I heard were regarding some of the excursions. As we only booked for the "introduction to Rome" excursion I cannot comment on the other numerous excursions which were offered but the Rome experience was phenomenal. The coach hostess and the guide of the Rome tour were sooooo professional. The Gibraltar experience was also great - we paid a local Taxi just £22 each and that included a £10 ticket to the National Park !!! Sensational Value as the driver gave a running commentary all the way around.

All in all the five of us in our party cannot wait to go again !!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
9 / 10

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Never again with P and O

"I ventured fron Cunard cruising to P and O and the stress of this holiday has made us give up cruising. P and O advertised a romantiv beautiful cruise around Italy. How nieve am I - from the ship you cannot see anything of Italy so you must get off the ship at £99.00 a go. Do it yourself at 70 years plus - no way as each port of call is an industrialised dockyard and no place for elderly holidaymakers. I have asked for some remit from P and O as their description is misleading. Yes the Norweigan Ffords were beautiful and the wild like in Iceland fantastic. REMEMBER research what is in it for you if you cannot leave the ship due to medical problems. Just forget Italy unless you can spend afurther £700 to leave the ship. As for P and O - no sympathy, no apologies and total denial that our rooms were flooded on the Ventura, raw swerage in bathroom. Ventura full of party going customers - not a good holiday . Sailed at night and dockland views all day"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: , Skiing
4 / 10

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Stop complaining!

"Everybody complaining about this ship clearly expects too much. You can't go somewhere with more than 4000 people and expect not to queue at all. We have been on plenty of different ships with P&O and loved every single one of them. Ventura probably being one of our favorites! All staff we came into contact with were lovely and provided high levels of customer services! Do not regret one bit going on Ventura! This ship is perfect for a family holiday. Our cabin was better than expected, our cabin steward was lovely and always made sure our cabin was clean and tidy. The food was great, queuing times were reasonable, defiantly not poor enough to complain about to the extent a lot of people on here have. I love Ventura and I am returning on it again this year and cannot wait. Couldn't of asked for a better first holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
10 / 10

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Need to train their staff in customer service

"This was not the first time on this ship but I have to say it has gone down hill most of the staff did not have a clue what they were doing and some were down right rude. There was a lot of queuing it took us 2 and a half hours to get on the ship and they just did not seem organized at all. The entertainment was first class and as it was a Strictly Come Dancing cruise we did have dancers from the show which I did enjoy.

This is not value for money as I was with a friend and we had two single cabins so it was very expensive really and the staff did not give off the living the dream and a lot of the passengers agreed with me and it was the cabin stewards that was the back bone of the staff and were wonderful.

Would I go with P & O again maybe not and when you tell them that they do not care

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Get there early and make sure you get to the entertainment early
5 / 10

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If you like queuing you'll love this ship!

"This was our first time on a cruise and were really looking forward to it. We went during the half term holidays and yes expected it to be busy but what we didn't expect was spending four days in horrendous disorganized queues. The whole ship seemed in utter chaos from the moment we boarded at Southampton.

Queues to get on the ship, queues to get off the ship, queues for the buffet, queues for the toilets, queues for the lifts, queues for the entertainment with people spilling out onto the corridors (a tip, get there at least an hour early or you will be disappointed), I wore the soles off my shoes walking round the buffet looking for an empty table. Half the buffet appeared shut at busy periods (madness?!), a complete bun fight for food in the buffet with trays in your back. When you eventually did find a seat low and behold you get up again to get a drink because someone else would be in it.

The food in the saffron restaurant was very disappointing. I'm not a food snob but I've had better meals in my local Wetherspoons. Meat was dry with shriveled peas etc. Not what I expected to be honest. Buffet restaurant food was very much BHS canteen. Really nothing special with very little choice. Scrambled eggs were lovely though....

We were bitterly disappointed with the overall experience. I could go on and on but we felt the only time we could honestly relax was in our cabin (to avoid the queues) and the only memory I will take away with me was queues. Found it very stressful.

It seems to me that if you travel in this ship when it's not fully occupied you may well get a better experience. However when it's full there are just not enough staff and facilities to cope with the amount of people. I've complained to P&O who have batted me off with a "what did you expect it was half term" response and you make your own enjoyment. We are not miserable people but we don't expect to pay the best part of two grand to spend four days queuing. It's not the relaxing "This is The Life" holiday they portray on their website.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Get to the shows as early as possible to get a seat. Avoid avoid avoid the buffet restaurants.
4 / 10

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Taster Cruise for 2 Friends

"Have just been on a 4 Night Cruise on Ventura and took 2 friends who had not Cruised before, when we initially booked we had an Balcony at the front of the Ship we where then upgraded to Midship and 20 mins before we left home we got upgraded again to a Deluxe cabin which was fantastic and spoilt our friends as we normally have a Basic Balcony, our friends loved the ship although 1 down side was the place where they have the casino and pub like area tends to attract all the rough necks (I am not a snob)but we avoided this area Food was really good in all areas but especially in the East restaurant which you do have to pay extra for but it was well worth, 1 of our friends needs Glutten free food and everyone was really helpful, the Restaurant manager even came to the east restaurant to take our friends order for the next night.

A small problem did occur when we arrived in Amsterdam as we thought we would be staying there all day but we had to leave by 11.30am, this was a little disappointing.

But the major complaint I have with Cruise P & O is we booked well in advance for this holiday and yet nearer the sailing date the cruise could be bought for £100 less instead of upgrading us why didn't P & O give us this reduction.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Bolsover Cruise Club
  • Advice: Try out the east restaurant and pay for a Balcony is well worth it
  • Good For: , City Breaks
9 / 10

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Ventura ship . Never again

"My husband an I went on Ventura for my birthday treat. .we had already been on the Azura and Oceania and aurora . They were not too bad . The Ventura was awful . The cabin girl was rude and off hand never once smiled and couldn't be bothered although to her advantage she did keep the cabin very clean and tidy . The food wasn't very good most nights . The menu was much the same and certainly not a lot of choice and some of the vegetables were hard and cold . The staff in the restaurants were ok but nothing to write home about . We always do freedom dining as it gives us the flexibility that we like .

The entertainment was very good as in the Headliners in the theater . In fact they were excellent . We saw the girl who pretended to Whitney Houston was dreadful she just shouted and screamed her way through so much so we left after 15 minutes and didn't even sound like her . Gary Barlow was very good as were the The Octaves 4 young men who sang there hearts out . They were excellent . Costa Coffee yet again was awful I placed an order at the counter and selected some cakes and was told to find a table and the drinks would be brought to the table . We waited and waited after 6-7 minutes I asked the waiter where my drinks were and he said in a very loud voice that I hadn't placed the order . He stood behind the counter and argued and was very off hand . When I asked him how I managed to get served with the cakes if I hadn't placed the order he didn't quite know what to say . He should have said I'm very sorry I forgot the order but instead decide to put the blame on me . I must also add I had a similar experience with Costa on the Oceania .

We have already booked to go on the Brittania in September with our daughter and son in law and have fingers crossed that it will be a much better experience .

As for the Ventura . Never never again will we board that ship .

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Bathtravel
6 / 10

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Very Pleasent 1st cruise

"Booked a short 4 night cruise aboard the Ventura to get a taste.

Found the staff very helpful & Pleasant. Food was to a very good quality and standard.

First port of call should have been St Peters Port, but due to high swells, they were unable to use the Tenders, so had to abandon the stop. The Captain was very informative with regular updates, and we managed to call at La Harve the following day instead.

Comments regarding the smoking are a bit misleading as smoking is only allowed on the Starboard side, of 3 decks, and you can easily use the Port side on the same levels to access all areas.

Formal nights, and dress codes for each evening is made clear over 24hrs in advance, and alternatives are available for those not wishing to participate, including room service.

Not all films are chargeable, if you did decide to stay in your room.

I used the Internet at a seemingly high cost, but was able to use video calling with great success, so £35 for 140 minutes peace of mind, making sure the kids had not burned the house down, was worth it.

I personally only felt the photographs were over priced, but bought a couple, for the memories.

As I say, this was my first cruise, so can not compare to other companies, but I would try P&O again, and would recommend them.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
8 / 10

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Good until I got home

"My husband and I enjoyed a 13 night cruise on Ventura April 2015, but since we

returned have been totally inconvenienced trying to find out if our debit cards

had been used other than ourselves as our balance showed discrepancy.

In a nutshell it appears that we were charged twice for on our on board spend.

Our bank could not help as the debits were coming from an unknown source

We contacted P&O and customer services said they would investigate, as now

our bank was ready to stop our cards in case it was fraud.

Four days later we are still waiting for P&O to ring us, so it leaves no other option

Other than to take legal advice.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
6 / 10

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"A once in a lifetime experience to have a Caribbean cruise on 5th to 14th December 2014. The Cruise and food was wonderful and it was great to see a part of the world I had never been to. I was disappointed with the cabin allocation as I had paid for an "upgrade" for an outside cabin. The final nail in the coffin was on the morning arriving at St Maarten at 4am our bathroom flooded and everything was soaked including clothing still in our suitcases. After the initial shock we were moved from P201 to identical P202 and made it clear we were not happy with this and later moved further up the boat. Our soggy clothing was laundered and returned 36 hours later. The housekeeping Manager was apologetic and offered us £25 each compensation which I refused, since then P&O offered £200 again refused and now to stop any more hassle I have reluctantly accepted £300."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Stay clear of cabins P201/2
  • Good For: Beach
5 / 10

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Ventura March 2015 P & O? Never again

"We have cruised many times over the years, various cruise lines. We had not used P & O for 3 years and were astonished at the deterioration in standards and reduction in service. The flight was chartered solely for the cruise but any drinks you wanted on the 9 hour flight you had to pay for apart from a complimentary one with the meal.

The ship was tatty and dirty, smoking areas seemed to be everywhere and in places where as a non smoker you had to walk through to get anywhere.

Dress code was not enforced on formal nights, and men in vest tops and shorts were frequently seen in restaurants eating, women in denim shorts and skirts, with shirts and fleeces accompanied them in restaurants and clubs.

The atmosphere and many entertainments, was one of a Butlins holiday camp and not of a ship advertised as a four star rating and experience. Photographs were very poor and expensive, meals were interrupted frequently by photographers. Many jumble type sales in the atrium on a daily basis. Shops were very expensive. The gratuity was £102 for the 13 nights, only pence cheaper than the five star Cunard superb service.

The saffron restaurant was appalling service, slow and tables for 8 and 10 only ever available, it was an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes to be served a meal and several times we sent the meals back. Silver service has gone, replaced by plated meals of smaller quantities and cheaper meal components. Meaning you would miss much entertainment whilst waiting to be served. We gave up and instead ended up eating most meals in the self service,. We certainly won't ever be

using P & O again. Many passengers could be over heard saying the same thing, but whether they do or not is not for me to know.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't book one
1 / 10

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"First time on p&o and deft the last having been on over 30cruises this boat is the worse ever they charge you for everything that is free on other cruise lines even to watch a film on the telly which are over 20 years old £2 peanuts £1:50 ice cream£3 the shops are way over the top went to buy 4 mac3 razors until looked at £13 these are just snippets of the over pricing on board then our cabin steward all he done was make the bed he'd pick the dirty towels up and put them back to use truly shocking the entertainment team was truly awful there is no cruise director on board the sail always are but lines at best ,the good points were the food and the West Indian band truly a shocking ship."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015
  • Advice: Take plenty of money as all the things that are free on other cruise lines you have to pay for and the shops are a complete rip off
3 / 10

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Room: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 6.5/10
Cleanliness: 7.5/10
Location: 8.5/10

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Top traveller tips for Ventura Cruise Ship
  • by Domar

    " Book a room woth a balcony as it is worth the extra money and you don't have to worry about getting a sunbed. Also choose the freedom dining as it fits in better with your day "

  • by Alison Thompson

    " Make sure you are aware of the Waiter service a la carte in the Beach House in the evenings...Fantastic views and service "

  • by G Hill

    " enjoy the food,its all wonderful! "

  • by Jan Bradley

    " Go to the Metropolis Bar, entertainment is first class. "

  • by bigdendahat

    " keep a regular check on your on board spending at reception....3-4 times per week "

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