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Read all of these reviews before...

"Read all of these reviews before going.... so was expecting the worst. Arrived at 5 in the morning and before we even got our room key , 2 guys came up to us and told us not to stay in the hotel as they had money stolen.

Everything was great our first week but 2nd week room got broken into and digital camera and £50 stolen. We heard that other people had too.

Magaluff is amazing but I wouldn’t recommend this hotel.

5 / 10

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Martinique was absolutely amazing....

"Martinique was absolutely amazing. The ultimate party hotel. The hotel is massive and full of young people who are up for a laugh and just want to get wasted, which was good as it was all we ever wanted to do.

I must admit I didn't see much of the pool as I was sleeping most of during the day, but when I did go down it was a great laugh and had a place called The Hut which served cheeseburgers and hotdogs among other things.

Rooms were adequate unless you had a food fight which resulted in allot of mess. We were in room 316 and my other friends in 315, the only thing which we were annoyed at was that we were moved hotels on the first night because I think the hotel had double booked themselves but once we got back to the Martinique we had forgotten all about it.

The guards are quite rude but you just need to ignore that as they are to everyone. We had several parties in our room as well with little trouble with security, occasionally they would ask us to turn down the music but because of the crazier things that were going on they weren’t interested in loud music, more so people causing riots downstairs.

The hotel is situated beside 2 shops which is good to get supplies like food, water and alcohol. There’s a little pub called the local which we attended most nights before going up the strip. Good little place to get wasted and start the night off. BCM is like 5 minutes from us. Well depending how much alcohol you've had!

The maids won’t come into your room if you’re in there well sometimes they do but if you’re nice to them they will come up with clean towels and things for you, also if you’re out of towels just go down stairs and ask reception.

Sometimes the phones didn’t work but again just ask reception and they fix them for you. Do not go on the booze cruise that was absolute nonsense. No fun whatsoever, never even got that wasted on it.

Well can't think of anything else to say except Martinique #1. My friends and I liked it so much that were booking up for 3 weeks next year hopefully in the Martinique and in the same rooms.

10 / 10

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My friends and I had an amazing time...

"My friends and I had an amazing time in Magaluf and were really pleased that we chose the Martinique apartments to stay in!

There were four of us girls and couldn't really find any major problems with the hotel except for the noise, however if you are planning on going on a student holiday to Magaluf then you can't really complain as noise at night is a given. If you want a decent night sleep then make sure you bring earplugs!

Our room got swept and left new towels every other day and found that the staff were friendly most of the time.

We went self catering and even though we didn't actually use our kitchen found that the fridge was very handy for all the water you have to buy. The surrounding cafes especially Dreams pub do an amazing English breakfast for 3.00 euros and your never going to be stuck for food or nights out as everything is less than a 5 minute walk, but far enough away so that your not in the middle of the busy nightlife.

The water parks and Pirate show (which definitely go and see!) are about 5 min walk away as well.

Beware of water balloons which guys in the apartments around found it funny to throw at girls as they walk out of the hotel.

I think me and my friends probably got one of the best apartments as it was on the top floor right at the end so we didn't have any noise from above or at the side of us. The balcony is great as it is really big and a great atmosphere to sit out on at night! The pool is a decent size as well.

Overall Martinique Hotel is good for what it is, a central apartment in Magaluf which caters for 18-30's.The noise is the main problem we could find but bearable!

However we really enjoyed our stay and were pleased with what we got for the price we paid!

8 / 10

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Martinique is brilliant. I’m 18 so...

"Martinique is brilliant. I’m 18 so it was perfect for me. Not right next to the strip but close. The staff were a bit rude but I wasn’t really too bothered about them. Watch out for the stupid little security guard!! Funny he is.

I will go back next year. Maga is the best! You do have parties until the next day but you’re on holiday, in Maga so enjoy yourself. Who cares if you don’t get any sleep its one massive party!

Recommended for young people!!!

9 / 10

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Best holiday of my life! Do not take...

"Best holiday of my life! Do not take kids to this hotel - do not go if you like to sleep and relax!

Most people were getting in between 3-8 in the morning! I probably had 15 hours sleep in the week!

The hotel had hot water a big balcony and a fridge so we didn’t need much else! It was wicked, noisy, busy, and lively! I loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to go again!

The hotel was about 5 minutes from the strip and BCM’S. And was 5 minutes from the beach there was great pubs opposite for hangover breakfasts! And there’s a supermarket onsite which is good!

The pool is massive and there’s enough sunbeds for everyone! GO there if you want the best holiday of your life!

My advice to girls is doing go in large groups arguments will happen!

10 / 10

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Health Warning

"Only stay here if your in a LARGE group! We stayed here for a stag do in June. If I was to come here for a proper holiday I would walk straight out, it really is that load and rowdy. The rooms are ultra basic and very tired looking, but you do get waht you pay for and it was very cheap in price. One of the group was beaten up on the walk home from town by a couple of Spanish guys so ensure you stick together when walking home, this was not an isolated case as we spoke to some of the workers and local police who said this was going on alot this year.

In summary, I would not go back to Magaluf as the whole resort looks tacky and old. Magaluf is in no way reprasentitive of Majorca which is a top island.

6 / 10

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We went as a group of four lads all...

"We went as a group of four lads all around age 23. When we got to the hotel we were told that due to maintenance our room would not be ready for another 3 nights.

They moved us to a hotel slightly further out which was ok and it was actually a lot nicer than the Martinique!

When we moved into the Martinique, the room was fairly spacious and we had a decent view and the sofa beds were both very comfy, although the cutlery and plates did not look the cleanest.

We hired a safety box out for 40 Euros for 2 weeks and then had no problems at all with security although we did hear of a few people having problems.

Place is full of people who are 18-20 and just want to party 24/7 which we did as well but there has to be a limit, and when people are hammering randomly on your door and ringing you up at 7 in the morning that kind of pushed our limits!

Also they found it funny to throw anything and everything off the balcony! We did try to go to the pool once but when these young lads were drinking absinthe at 11am and then being sick in the pool with security not bothered we didn’t try that again!

The beach is not far though and has lots of sunbeds as long as u get there in reasonable time! It’s also fairly close to the strip and lots of decent places close by to eat at.

All in all a good holiday but hotel clientele left a lot to be desired! If you’re planning on any sleep at all on your hols try and avoid the Martinique!

5 / 10

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we werent allowed to stay there!!!

"we booked to stay in the martinique apartments for 4 nights, there was 16 of us on a hen do, 4 in each room.

when we got there, we were told in no un certain terms could we stay there (despite having paid already!!) and packed off to the trh torrenova in palm nova. their excuse was ONLY OUR ROOMS had "pipe problems". we asked to see out allocated rooms and were not allowed - we think they had let them out for an extra night or double booked, far too convenient that only our rooms had plumbing problems!!

the receptionist was awful, called the hen "mean" because she surprisingly very upset that the hotel we were booked into were not letting us stay there!!

all in all a truly vile experience. to be honest, i think they did us a favour, we were greeted in reception by a group of about 30 men throwing lager all over each other and trying to grope a few of us!! the other hotel was actually closer to the hill and a little ( but only a little!!!) less scary. we all agreed if we had been staying in the martinique no one would have dared step out of the apartment alone!!

2 / 10

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not very impressed!

"i was not very impressed and stayed there for a week if this was one of the best hotels ( i wouldnt call it that its more of a hostel) i would love to see the worst. you had to pay a deposit of 40 euros and 10 euros charge for a kettle and a toaster for a week. lot of noise and a lot of hidden charges for everythin as we was self catering. we didnt get any clean sheets and towels fro the whole week we was there. no room service what so ever."

4 / 10

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I was extremely disappointed with the...

"I was extremely disappointed with the Martinique apartments!

Myself and 6 friends had number of problems such as: bathroom ceiling falling in with water, Cooker broke, Patio doors wouldn't lock or shut, Water stopped working, Toilet stopped flushing, and air conditioning wouldn't work.

We complained to the staff who would get it fixed but they were extremely rude! We got our room cleaned once out of 7 days and the maid was very aggressive to one of my friends and refused to give us clean towels.

I understand the hotel is an 18-30's but we had people banging on our door at 5-6am every day and night and on 1 occasion someone walked into our apartments and walked straight into our bedroom until we had to scream to get him out!

The apartments also have no security as they hand out your apartment keys to anyone. You walk up to the desk and say...'Can I have room key ..... '' And they give you it without checking who you are!

We didn't feel safe as our spare key had gone missing as the staff had handed it out to some random person! I recommend you don't use these apartments as they are so loud and dirty and the security is disgraceful! You do not feel safe at all!

2 / 10

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Ideal for young singles

"Group of 10 lads stayed here in June. Was ideal for what we wanted just somewhere to sleep in a good location. I think we only paid £10 each per room per night and for that the hotel was excellent value. The rooms had aircon which was the first budget hotel I'd stayed at in Magaluff to have this and makes allot of difference. The rooms were clean and had a large balcony, one complaint which I did have was that in our 5 day stay the cleaner only came once not a massive problem on the cleaning front but they also only changed our towels once but we weren’t bothered enough to complain. The hotel was full of young singles and groups on stag and hen parties I saw one or two families but defiantly wouldn’t recommend the hotel for anyone but groups. The pool was fairly nice but never ate at the hotel. The hotel isn’t the closest to the main bars etc but this was probably reflected in the price but was only a 5 minute walk to the beach and probably 10 minutes to the main strip where all the bars etc are located. Plenty of places to eat close by and there are two supermarkets built in to the hotel. The hotel is noisy all through the night, but know what to expect before you go and you won’t be disappointed! Great holiday decent hotel."

10 / 10

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Magaluf is the most amazing holiday...

"Magaluf is the most amazing holiday I’ve been on! I only got back 3 days ago and want to go back there already!

The hotel is clean & tidy, the food, pool and bar are all fine-no problem at all. The only bother we had was on the last night we were trying to get sum sleep because of our early flight home and our door was kicked in by a gang of about 30 men on a stag night who were staying opposite us (they must have seen there was 9 of us girls! Most of them in hotel were men!! So prepare to be outnumbered!)

Location was amazing, so close to everything but still fairly quiet. 'The local' bar over the road from us was the best, Big Dave the DJ is such a laugh, go see him! Nice breakfasts too, very cheap.

10 / 10

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