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A dissapointing holiday

"We stayed at this hotel in half tetm, this year.we arrived at the hotel around 3 am and after given the room keys, we were sent alone, in complete dark to find number 92.there were steps everywhere and our kids started crying because they couldn't see anything.we returned to reception and complained, so the guy took a torch and showed us the way.i was dissapointed straight the morning, all sun beds by the pool(which was far too small for the amount of guests they are having) were reserved with towels;when we managed to find some they were broken;there is none around the was repetitive and not much for the children;the free juices they were serving were disgusting and in the morning you will stay in a que for a cuppa.also, in the evenings,long ques for the room meant an ordinary room with four single beds squashed in+ table and two and staff bar rude,will serve spanish before us always.'private beach' is just a joke,very,very small.the hotel is very isolated and we couldn't wait to leave.TV room had two small tv-s,one was broken and it stayed locked most of the time.We have been to 3* in Gran Canaria, but what a difference.overall,depressing!"

4 / 10

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Excellent Hotel

"Just got back from Club Potinatx after spending a week. This was the first time i had gone all inclusive and i got to say the level of service and quality did exceed my expectations.

Food is available from 8am through to 9pm. Ranging from breakfast, Continental Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and dinner. I did like the food from the restaraunt but some of the food they make may be unappealing to others as it's local although the snacks and breakfast is your typical grease up if you like that sort of thing.

Drinks are available through the day also with the bar opening at 1030am, the only problem i had with it was the plastic cups they put the drinks in (only 200ml).

The staff are very helpful and friendly although some bar staff are get a bit fed up sometimes and appear to be very brash (i did notice that they work in the morning right through to the night almost seven days through the week so this is understandable).

The entertainment in the evenings is very mixed. They had some excellent shows most evenings and the staff really do give it 100% in the musical based shows. Only one show i did not like was some western night which they had gone round the tables and stole drinks from people then drinking them. Not sure if this was supposed to be funny but not many people did find it amusing.

There are two pools, one for the kids and another for couples and infants. If you don't want to be splashed on all the time or get fed up of watching kids play inflatable wars then go to the other pool. There is also a beach with a dedicated area for swimming/boating etc, but be advised it is a long set of steps to get to the beach and my wife struggled to get back from the beach one day in the heat.

Accommodation is spot on and is cleaned every day. Their is also a safe in the room which would be very hard to break into and weighs a ton.

Portinatx itself is a very nice village to walk into with the usual beach, shops, restaraunts and bars and it's also very peaceful in the evenings. If your looking for a community with a wild nightlife then go to San Antonio, this will not be the place your looking for.

Overall i fully enjoyed my stay at the hotel and would definately go all inclusive again.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: A quiet village north of Ibiza
  • Activities: The local hippy market and wonderful views from the beach
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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how this is only a 3star hotel baffles me

"hi, just returned from hotel club portinatx, after spending two weeks there, i have been on holiday with my wife and two daughters aged 5&9, we also had another 13 family members with us aswell, i can honestly say that when i have done two week holidays before, i have been ready to come home, but this time i wanted to stay much longer, and the general feeling from everyone else was the same, we have had a fantastic time at the hotel and resort. For those of you with kids it is great, the entertainment was the best i have ever experienced in all the places i have ever been to, the food was the best food i have ever eaten abroad, and most of all the staff were outstanding, they have time for you and were genuine when talking too you, they were not just doing there jobs they were being themeselves, the entertainment team accomodate everyone's needs they were brilliant, especially the mad argentinian Edwardo, he is one of the most pleasant but funniest people i have met, the bar staff were non stop workaholics, also the catering staff aswell. The accomdation was great nice size rooms, great air-con and good sized bathrooms. Tip of the holiday if you can do it, is to hire a moped and tour the island, we did it with another couple of family member's and had a fantastic day, it the best trip you could do, so easy to find your way around great sign posting. I can't belive this hotel is only a 3star hotel, it is great value for money, so get it booked and have a ball of a holiday like we did."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It is a beautiful and scenic place, locals very friendly people
  • Activities: Did not eat out, hotel food was fantastic, mopeds see the island yourself.
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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Best Holiday

"The thing that i was attracted to Club Portinax was its fabulous views and he entertainment was 5 star. I was Fishing Most of the holiday it was great. All The Helpers were brillent kind and same as the waitiers. I Loved Everthing about the holiday . I Played Oliver twist when i was at ibiza it was realy fun . the rooms were cleaned ervery day and its cleaned to profection."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: cannot miss the sunset while sittingon the beach
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks, Skiing
10 / 10

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"This was our first stay at the apartments but we knew the Torres family had just taken over the running of them so we booked for 26 nights. The apartment was great, spacious, exceptionally clean, air conditioned, fabulous view and had a tv and dvd player which was brilliant for keeping little boys out of the heat. As there are only 12 apartments the pool was hardly ever busy, in fact my children had it to themselves most of the time. We ate at the sister hotel, ran by the Torres family, several times and it was also great. Totally brill. Unfortunately we cannot go for 26 nights this year, having to settle for 21! Can't wait!

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  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Super for families.
  • Activities: La Ciguena and Es Puet for food
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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Top Hotel

"I went to Portinax 26 years ago and returned in may 2009.

This was our first time at an all inclusive hotel and Club Hotel Portinax was superb.

Its classed as three stars but the standard is easily above that.

Plenty of choice of food in the resteraunt at breakfast,lunch and dinner.

There was always a selection of three or four main courses with a great salad bar,upmteen sweets to pick from,wine,beer and soft drinks.

Fish,Pork,Chicken and beef all prepared differntly each day.

If you didnt get enought at breakfast the snack bar served burgers,hotdogs,toasties,pasta,and other snacks up till 18:00.

At the bar the Seniore Esmilio and his staff where always there with a smile and a welcome.

For enterainment the animation team were awesome with a different show each night and during the day organised darts competitions,mountain biking,kayaking,wind sailing,shooting,football,volleyball...whatever you wanted it was available.

The hotel was well set out with rooms in blocks of four or five.These where bigger than your average hotel room and where kept immaculte everyday by the cleaning staff.

Two swimming pools and its own small private beach with beach bar.

Portinax was a ten minute downhill walk but with so much going on in the hotel complex it was not really needed.

To be honest not a lot went on in the town though it had some lovely beach side resteraunts.

With a lot of steps and small hills it may be unsuitable for people with walking difficulties but for couples and especially families with small children this hotel is certainly one to be reccomended for a great carefree relaxing holiday.

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Top hotel for relaxing holiday
  • Activities: The shows in the evening where always worth watching
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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brilliant hotel

"I visited hotel portinax just last week and i had a really good time it is an all inclusive hotel so free food and drinks all day they have breakfast in the morning then another just after it then it goes on to dinner which is on in the down stairs of the hotel and the up! then in the evening is the evening tea. So you can never go hungry.

The staff at the hotel are lovely very friendly and are all ways happy to help the room are big and comfy and the cleaners keep them clean every day. the entertainers are brilliant with the children keeping them active all day and the they have the entertainment in the evening wih is usually a show and bingo for the bingo lovers! i would strongly advise to go kiyaking with they have at the hotel for free it was my first time and i thought it was brilliant and for all ages.

The hotel has its own beach which is small but nice all the same it all so has its own bar on the beach! portinax is a little town just down the road from the hotel the beach there is the best for snorkelling.

hotel portinax is brilliant and i will definatly be visting again next year.

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: snorkelling and kiyaking
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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Great holiday

"I went on holiday with my boyfriend for 1 week in July/August, it is the first time i have been abroad and i wasn't disapointed. The reception staff were very helpful and were able to answer any questions we had. Our room was clean and tidy, and was also cleaned daily.

The hotel has a small private beach and we spent most of our time in the sea, We read reviews about jellyfish in the sea but we only saw them once. The pool was nice aswell, but there wasn't enough sunbeds so if you wanted one you needed to get up early. There were seats near the pool and we were happy to sit on these instead.

The food was nice with quite a wide selection,had alot of the same stuff day to day but they did change the main dish and there was plenty of cakes. For anyone who is fussy they had chips and pasta almost every day. Restaurnt staff and bar staff were very helpfull.

The only problem was the snack bar as the flies tended to hang aound the food, if you wanted to eat from there i would try and get there as soon as it is served. This didn't bother us as the restaurant serve food 3 times a day so we went there for a snack at lunch.

We didn't watch much of the entertainment but what we did looked good and the entertainment team were running games all through the day for the kids.

The hotel is a 15 minute walk from the resort centre, it is on a hill so can be quite tiring walking back in the heat. There are plenty of bars and souviner shops in the centre and a couple of bigger beaches. The main bus stop is in the centre, the service is regular in the day but nothing at night so if you wanted to go out of the resort you would need a taxi.

Overall we had a lovely holiday, and would return to the hotel again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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good or bad ?

"What can I say , first time at Club Portinax, 2nd in Ibiza, As always expecting some criticism , could not fault it , food great (even Zack(5) ate it now thats a firast for him staying anywhere), accomodation good, maids in each day, plenty sunbeds , pool cold at first as they all are. The entertainment starts at 10:00 am though to 23:00 ish Animacion Team never stopped keeping everyone smiling , hats off to them all, all multi-lingual, Olivier (shake ma balls), Nicky (Grease Lighting ),Miguel (You canna Dae That), Vanessa (Aye) , Cheryl(fae Dundee of all places Zack still loves ya) Eduardo (? too funny for words)and (Hongkong) Kee , Jan and Dave "Fit guys" for water sports and mountain biking . "aye"

What a team they must be exhausted everyday, they give so much to make your holiday fun, to all the bar and restaurant staff a great job, never wanted for anything, my 5 year old had a ball with them all. There are a lot of steps and I'm disabled, but never stopped me getting around and enjoying the full 2 weeks , animacion team even got me on stage lol still laughing about it now, been back in UK for 5 days and already booked back up again for October next year. Met some great Scots families and some great German families (yes there are some ) and Dutch (may not have understood each other completely but we all tried). Hope to see some familiar faces again next year. So be aware team "zack" is returning lol

Keep up great work Club Portinax see you next year

10 / 10

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Outstanding holiday

" Decided to take my two children on first holiday abroad and I was not disappointed.I had not been abroad for 21 years and I was overwhelmed at everyones friendliness from such a stunning small island.Portinatx is fantastic if you dont like hustle and bustle.

The hotel was so friendly from the moment we arrived.Rooms are very basic but adequate and the maid assigned to your room does a fantastic job.You are not in your room that often anyway.

Food was very variable with good variety except the only downfall was for my fussy 10 year old son who did not find much that he liked but coped for the week that we were there.Childrens variety is poor.

The pools we found were very cold,so opted for the sea which was better.Jellyfish can be a nuisance from time to time and you often dont spot them before you are stung.

The best part of the holiday is the entertainment.All the entertainers are fantastic and put on a really good show as well as entertaining the kids during the daytime.Congratulations to Nicky and Cheryl who made our holiday.They also do a Mini disco each evening for the younger kids and Bingo in so many different languages that it amazed us.

Go into Portinatx from the hotel which is a short 15 min.walk and go on the Glass Bottom Boat trip around the bay it is amazing and stunning and we even got to see a couple of dolphins which we were told is a rarety,a trip to the San Miguel caves is also amazing.Also a trip to the 'hippy'market in Es cana is worth a visit.

In all we did not want this holiday to end,seven days is not enough as we had so much more we wanted to do and see,ten days would have been better.We will definitely be back and I am not going to leave it another 21 years.Well done Club Portinatx,we will be back.Keep up the good work.

8 / 10

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Having just returned from a weeks...

"Having just returned from a weeks holiday with my hubbie and 3 children aged 3yrs, 20mths & 6mths i had to boast about it!! The Hotel Portinatx is amazing, we had one of the most enjoyable holidays we have ever had. Food was amazing, rooms brill (ours was 2 bed and more than spacious) the grounds are clean and tidy as are the restaurants etc. The staff were really friendly as were the majority of the guests (except for the odd German who we actually found quite rude). There seemed to be plenty of sunbeds to go round too. There are a lot of steps there however even with the pram we didn't find it a problem at all - the maximum steps we had to carry the pram up was 12 so its no big deal... the entertainment team was absolutely spot on u couldn't have asked for anything more perfect than the shows they put on - they were all so friendly and worked so so hard. The weather was gorgeous too which always helps!! Pool was clean although very chilly on first jump!!! We will definately be returning next year there's no doubt!!! Oooh there were lots of jelly fish in the sea!?! The beach was easy to get to (steps down to it) lovely to chill but no proper sand - the girls still loved it though..."

10 / 10

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Stayed at the Apartments and found...

"Stayed at the Apartments and found them to be great, Well equiped and had everything we needed. balcony over looking bay and you were right on the beach. Well recommended to everyone. Staff very friendly and polite. very close to all aminaties. A+ (p.s if you get to stay here go to the Bar Zulu on the beach front fantastic food and relaxed atmosphere. )"

9 / 10

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