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2 / 10
Disgrace to Turkey

"I am writing this from a hotel in Gumbet - not the Colossus as my family and I have had to move after three days of pure HELL! The Colossus on first impressions is a clean tidy and well presented hotel and quite impressive. We arrived at 5 in the morning and found there was no room booked, that was fine we had no problem with that - mistakes happen, so we waited for half an hour and the manager arrived and booked us in.

However when you are awoken 4 hours later with the loudest most bassy music and think you have booked into Halikanos nightclub. Not only that but the first song played described oral sex and several other unprintable phrases. You were not able to sit round the pool or even in your room as the music was so loud that even the bed vibrated. We asked for it to be turned down on a total of 15/16 occasions over three days only to have it turned back up within minutes of asking to even louder volumes whilst the man behind the bar laughed and sniggered at us. To add insult to injury they played the extremely offensive song on even more occasions almost trying to upset us. We were actually told that "You don't matter and your money doesn't matter" and when my husband asked does my opinion not mean anything he replied "NO!". We were told that no-one else had a problem with the music, however another couple said that they left the hotel early every day to avoid it as they could not bear it.

We took the complaint to the manager on several occasions and he refused to do anything to help, in the end we had to contact the UK and ask to be moved, they were unable to move us so we went 2 doors down to the Seray and asked the staff there if they could put us up and they were so helpful and kind to us, as by this point we must have looked a bit bedraggled after 3 nights with no sleep and constant stress.

Basicially I went to this hotel even after reading the other negative reviews to give them the benefit of the doubt - but PLEASE PLEASE don't it will ruin your holiday, these staff are a disgrace to the Turkish people of whom in our 10 previous visits have been nothing but lovely, very friendly and family orientated.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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6 / 10
Good base for Gumbet

"We were moved to the colossus from the neighbouring hotel serhan as they were full. Upon arrival the reception staff were friendly and helped us up the stairs to our room (building only 2 floors). The room was a standard turkish hotel room i felt, it had a fridge and air conditioning (free of charge) and it was clean.

The staff were friendly,the pool area was tidy and had plenty of beds available as the hotel wasn`t over busy

We were booked in on bed and breakfast, whilst only making breakfast twice it was typical turkish cuisine.

Do not expect the 4**** trappings as quoted BUT don't let that stop you from staying there. For a traveller looking for a base to enjoy gumbet this hotel is ideal. its close to the beach and the nightlife but not too close to experience noise problems. if i went to gumbet again i would have no reservations of staying here again

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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2 / 10
Stay Away If You're From The UK !

"4 Star ? I think not! More like a 2 star! My niece and I went to the Colossus Hotel in Turkey for a week in July, booked through Sunmaster. We chose this hotel because, when we looked at the website, it looked like it had all the facilities and luxuries we were looking for, as we were two girls alone and did not want to be wandering around Turkey. However, we were very misled by a snazzy website! This hotel is obviously catering for Turks and Israelis, not the British. The rooms are tiny and disgusting, they were not even fit for The Krankies! They were a total joke! We would like to know where the 4 stars came from, because judging by the rooms, this was a complete lie. Breakfast was vile, who eats leftover lentil soup for breakfast?! With olives on the side?! Toast is obviously unknown is this country! (How sad).

Breakfast was so bad, we did not even attempt to eat dinner in the hotel. Wise move, as it was leftover breakfast mixed with rice!

When we tried to complain, we had no rep, no manager (as he was in hiding), and all Turkish staff threw us a rubber ear as they "no speak no english". We happened to have an emergency during our stay, and staff were practically useless as they could not understand or speak English. If you are a female and chose to stay in this hotel without male company, BE WARNED... there are lots of creepy old men on holiday in this hotel alone, watching and taking pictures of all the women around the pool !!


1. Non-English speaking staff

2. If you want to lose a stone on holiday, this is the place to go, as the food is rank

3. Perverts at the pool

4. Children are not catered for- we met kids whose only choice was fruit or chips

5. No entertainment, unless you count the all-night Turkish music coming from the bar as 'entertainment'

6. If you book through Sunmaster you do not recieve transfers or a rep, so it costs you £70 in taxis to and from the airport

7. If you are a family or a group of girls on holiday, you should stay away, as you are sure to be disappointed

8. This simply is not a 4 star hotel !!! (They bought the 4 stars in Bodrum market!)

Sherril and Hollie

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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