Reveron Apartments

Avenida Amsterdam 6, Tenerife 38650, Spain
8  / 10
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5 / 10
Great holiday in Tenerife

"The apartments were very clean and were cleaned on a regular basis throughout the week. The staff were very helpful and friendly and were always on hand to help with any request. We never used the pool as it was on the roof and we had a 3 year old so we needed more shade from the sun than was offered from the roof pool. Going out at night we had some lovely meals as there is a range to suit everyone and the staff in the bars were always friendly and always made a point of making a fuss of my little boy and talking to him as well and they all made you feel very welcome. The only down side to the apartments was the hill you had to climb up after you had been out it was very steep especially as we had a pushchair the day was the worse as it was so hot so it wouldn't be any good for anyone with walking difficulties unless they got a taxi home at night and on the first night we could hear the bars across the road which went on till late but once we hired a fan we didn't hear it again as the fan out did the noise but overall a very very enjoyable holiday and we always have a great time in Tenerife."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
great apartments,great location

"these are comfortable,clean apartments and the hotel staff were friendly and very helpful. our apartment was right next to reception and apart from a small amount of noise in the morning the whole area was very quite and relaxing. the roof top pool is lovely with excellent views of all the surrounding areas. the reviews we had read about location were spot on,the apartments are a leisurely 10 minute walk from the sea front although there is an incline when returning to the hotel. we were spoilt for choice with over 20 different bars and restaurants within a 10 minute stroll;we can recommend frankies restaurant for a great breakfast and for evening entertainment you'll get a big welcome from everyone at shambles bar which is right opposite the apartments. we thoroughly recommend these apartments and will definately be going back as soon as possible."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
a place to go back to

"upon stepping into the apartment, which incidentally was for four people and not three as we had booked, i knew we were very lucky. It was clean and well cared for and so spacious. Our receptionist, Beatriz, was so helpful and attentive- she couldn't do enough for us. It was such luxury being able to get a sunbed any time of the day.(people respected the idea that if you went away from the pool, you took your towels with you - very rare these days!!!! I was a bit anxious about the pool not having a shallow end but I need not have worried. I could just stand up on tip toes with my head out of the water and I am only 5ft 4". The nearest eating place was The Little Italy and this was a lovely place to eat. The waiters were great and they had live entertainment each night singing as you were wining and dining. The Harveys bar across the road was a bit noisy until the early hours but I suppose that is to be expected when on holiday.I would certainly have no hesitation in staying there again."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go there!!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
ian and karen,clacton

"hotel was clean and tidy,staff friendly, had a great was hot for the 2 weeks we stayed..check out harveys bar opposite...."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
return visit

"we had stayed at the reveron back in feb 09 and loved it. very clean, great staff,fully equipped s/c apt,in june we had a few days hols, weather at home typically awful so booked last minute to reveron,just 4 days, receptionist recognised us and was pleased we had chosen to return. on our second day returned to the apt to find a bottle of wine and a welcome back message,going back for a week in november,with the local bars being of an excellent selection and the great standards at the reveron it seems the correct choice cant wait"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
1 Week at the Reveron Apartments

"We stayed at Reveron Apartments for 1 week.

It was very clean, the maids were lovely they cleaned the apartment most days. We found all the staff very helpfull. We enjoyed the views from the roof top swimming pool. There's a short walk down to the beach around 5mins, the walk back up is hard when it's hot though, we found ourselves walking down to the beach around 7pm and coming home around 10pm ish, that was when we didn't go on the beach to sunbath. We had no insect bites!!

We Went whale & Dolphin watching, which was amazing to see! 18 euros each for 2hours - glass floor, great experience. (not for those who get sea sick!)

We usually ate at Taylor's Lounge which was great for food - all english, lovely and very friendly bar staff. (That bar was across the road and up a little bit.) Very resonable priced food and drinks! We became regulars there!

The down side to Reveron apartment is that there is no air-con you have to hire a fan, which is 15 euros then 10 euros deposit, even then the fan wasn't great as it was 30oc during the night!

The tv had two channels - one being spanish and the other BBC News 24/7.

There wasn't much to do at the apartment for children so we wouldn't recomend bringing children! The pool is nice but its around 2m deep (no shollow end) and quite small.

There all lots of men/women walking round selling you things e.g watches, sun glasses, but they come into places where you eat and drink and sometimes are rather forceful which is anoying!

The walls must be very thin too, as we were kept up most nights from people coming back from nights out etc you could hear everything!

Over all we will be coming back to Tenerife as we have family over there, but we'll be reconcidering Reveron Apartments.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Taylor's Lounge and the whale/dolphin watching!
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Perfect venue for relaxing winter sun

"My boyfriend and I are just back from 12 nights in the Reveron Apartments and had a fabulous time. Here are a few points of interest:

The Room:

We had a ground floor studio which was fine for us. Fairly spacious, kitchen facilities along back wall including 2 ring modern hob, toaster, microwave, coffee maker and kettle, sink, fridge and small freezer compartment. We were unsure about being on the ground floor at first but actually I think it worked well. The sun never reached our room at any point of the day so it never got hot and stuffy and we were always comfortable with the heat. It also meant we had a nice big terrace to have breakfast on in front of a gorgeous array of tropical flowers and plants that gave good privacy from the street on the other side of the fence. The bathroom was again fine and very clean. Rooms were cleaned around every other day which was more than enough and you could get more towels in between cleaning if need be. I was disappointed to find the beds were twin beds rather than a double and when I asked at reception was told all beds in the complex were the same. In the end though it may have contributed to us getting better sleep than normal and feeling really refreshed and rested!


I didn't find the reception staff as friendly as some people have said. They were very helpful on arrival but anytime I went to them after that they were glued to their emails on the computer and seemed irritated by having to answer questions. Also, I asked for us to be moved to an upstairs room and was told "No" in a pretty blunt way. Maybe it's a personal thing but I always feel a hotel should try to move you if you ask, even if it's not possible at the time they should note the request and come back to you on it at a later date if possible.

The only other staff we encountered were cleaning staff who were lovely and really reliable and trustworthy. I've been robbed blind in other hotels but still leave valuables lying around but there was absolutely no question of anything going missing. I was impsressed by the cleaning staff more than the reception staff!

The Facilities:

We had grand intentions of using the gym but never got around to it in the end as we were enjoying lying about too much so I can't comment on it. We did spend a lot of time by the pool however. It's a lovely pool, on the roof with gorgeous views right over the bay and back to the mountains behind Los Christianos. It's very clean and the water is the perfect temperature for cooling off without leaving you shivering. Because of the rooftop setting the seating area around it is quite small so you do have to be there early to get a good spot. I'm not usually a "towels on the loungers" type person because I think it's a bit rude but after a couple of days I found myself sending my boyfriend upstairs with towels when the pool opened at 9am. Sorry to all the other guests! To be honest I'd rather have a small quiet pool like this than some pools with loads of people in groups being rowdy and bad pop music blaring from speakers.


We managed to stay within our tight budget by doing a lot of cooking for ourselves. The sudden drop in the value of the pound against the euro is quite a kick in the teeth and means it's vital to find the right place to shop. There are lots of little "mini markets" scattered around Los Christianos selling over-priced English goods. They're a definite no-no. But even the bigger supermarkets can be a rip off. Just up the hill from Reveron Apts is a Spar but we found it to be very expensive as it's clearly catering for tourists. Right behind the bus station is a Netto which is a slight improvement but the best value by far is just another 100m past the Netto - the Hipertrebol. I'd say a food shop in there is literally a third of the cost of what it would be in the Spar. Don't be put off by the lack of english brands. Everything you need is there. If you can't find it ask hotel reception. It's walking distance.

Eating out:

As I said we didn't do this much but did have 2 nice dinners in restaurants on the promenade and absolutely loved going for coffee and cake to Don Antonio's restaurant. Their cake is stunning and I think we'd have liked to have had dinner there if we'd been a bit more flush! The best thing to do though is try to go to the genuine spanish places. They're not obvious but easy to find. They will require a bit of basic spanish and the courage to not be intimidated by the lack of an english translation of the menu but if you eat there the food is much more fresh and cheaper and the coffee is incredible.

Things to do:

We took 3 days away from the resort. one was to visit Los Gigantes, a resort further up the coast with amazing cliffs. It was gorgeous and if you go there take your swimming stuff as they have a fantasitc public swimming pool. I'd love to stay there if I ever get around to going back. Secondly we went to the Mt Teide national park which was incredible and let us work off some calories with a lovely walk. Finally we went to the capital Santa Cruz for the day which was great to be in a city and wander around exploring. The shopping there is really good too as it's not tourist trap prices. One of the great things about the Reveron apratments is that it's really close to the bus station so rather than pay for tours we did all our day trips on the public Titsa buses. It's quite cheap and easy to get anywhere on the island.

Overall, I'd say Los Christianos is nice if a little quiet at this time of year. We enjoyed being so close to Playa las Americas and spent a couple of evenings there have cocktails and mingling in the bars. Also, Reveron Apartments are nice but by no means the nicest on offer. However, we were only paying £20 a night each which I really reasonable and when you see some of the really grim looking high rise blocks you feel really satisfied with your choice! I recommend it. I mean, it's January and I just spent the last 2 weeks in gorgeous sunshine. What more could a person want?

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009

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10 / 10
Alan, Janice and Suzie Hay

"We were in the Reveron 1st week in December 08 and although the weather was 'so-so' we had an absolutely marvellous holiday. The room was exceptionally clean with towels changed most days. All the staff were very helpful and all with good English and good manners. Sabine in reception was exceptionally nice and we hope her sore throat has improved. We will certainly be back wothout hesitation.

Alan, Janice and Suzie.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10

"Where to start!!!! This place is dreadful! First night we arrived we got are studio apartment which was the size of a shoe box and had the air con unit for the office right underneth it, and after a long flight thought a nice shower was the best thing only to find that the bathroom light didnt work!!! so we went and told reception and there answer was that we will fix it tomorrow so we said could we have another room for the night and the answer was "NO" so not a good start! may i add that the bathrooms have no other light so it means using it in pitch black!!!!!

We also found loads of bugs in the kitchen area and the bin still had rubbish in from the people before! the pool area is a joke! tiny over crowded dirty.

los cristianos is a horrid place you wont get a minute to yourself if you want to go for a walk at night loads of guys selling loads of crap!! and every single resturant wants your business!

overall the holiday was really bad the apartments are not worth the money you pay for them so dont use them!

one saving grace is siam water park that place is fantastic really good fun!

i will never go to tenerife again!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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10 / 10
10 days in tenerife

"Have just returned from a 10 night stay at the Reveron Apartments, and what a pleasure it has been. The reception staff were so cheerful and helpful, we were made to feel very welcome and it was always a bonus to return to a smiling face every day. The apartment was spacious, clean and well equipped (minor improvement would be a kettle rather than a coffee perculator). The hill to and from the sea front is a gradual gradient but can seem much longer on a very hot day, tip walk up the other side and use the crossing at the roundabout, much easier!

Best place for breakfast, Archie's Corner - perfect way to start the day from a full english to tea and crumpets - you will even forgive them the dreadful pancake joke - the Bob Marley (wi jam in) because of the friendly, personal service and excellent food, they are located less than five minutes from the apartments, in the shopping centre just upstairs from the Spar - it is a perfect opportunity to set yourself up for the day and buy supplies. Little Italy on the corner - best make your own judgement - my partner enjoyed his pizza but my chicken was dreadful! Our recommendations are along the harbour - Amigos for British diet staples such as fish and chips, Las Velas for unbelievable tuna marinera, rabbit and canarian potatoes or grilled sole, Cortina's a long walk round Playa de Las Vistas but worth it for the pasta or Cafe Bahia for mixed meat kebabs, spanish omlette or chicken in mushroom sauce.

Best bar - Miramar with a view of the harbour or Miners Retreat in a small square to the right of the Miramar - no views but air conditioning and a friendly service.

Best trip - Tiede, although Loro Parque is superb its a very long day on the coach as Los Cristianos is the last pick up and drop off so we were out from 8.45am until 6.45pm.

All in all a fantastic holiday, Los Cristianos is perfect for the laid back holiday maker, if you want a wild night out best head up the coast to Americas!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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9 / 10
Extremely pleased with these...

"Extremely pleased with these apartments they were spotlessly clean, cleaned every day, never saw one bug. Staff very friendly and helpful, and in a nice location. Only one thing the pool was lovely but no bar or snack bar, nowhere to get a drink at all at poolside and no music, so no atmosphere up there at all. A bit disappointing but would definately not stop us going back. Just around the corner is a bar called Taylors it was great, lovely staff the owners were very friendly they actually went around and spoke to every person individually which was very nice, the food there is very good. Whatever you do though don't go to the indian, we wen't 3 days before the end of the hol and my husband got food poisoning we was extremely ill for the rest of the holiday and still is 3 days later. Other than that we really did enjoy ourselves met some lovely people and the place has vastly improved from the last time we went. We will definately go back soon."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
A very nice hotel

"We greatly enjoyed our stay at Reveron Apartments. The purpose-built tourist resort of Los Cristianos is relatively quiet but within easy distance of the more lively (and tacky) Playa de las Americas. Having said this, as far as time spent out of the hotel was concerned, we enjoyed most the days we hired a car and saw the rest of the Island, the highlights being Mount Teide, Icod, Santa Cruz and, particularly, Puerto de la Cruz.

The hotel itself is clean and pleasantly decorated. The chambermaids visit almost every day to clean the room, empty the bins, and change the towels and bed linen. As far as we could work out, all rooms have a balcony / terrace, which are of a decent size and perfect for a home-cooked meal as the sun goes down. The kitchenette area is fairly well-stocked with pans, utensils, crockery and cutlery, as well as a two-ring stove, microwave, kettle, coffee-maker and toaster (but no grill or oven). There is no air-con but this didn't seem necessary even in July.

The reception staff are present 24 hours a day and are always helpful. There are more lifts than really necessary. There is no bar or restaurant within the hotel itself, but there is a bar / restaurant ("Little Italy") below the hotel which has a fairly good menu, but, like all bars and restaurants in the tourist resorts, is over-priced. If you want better value, decent food and good service, learn a few words of Spanish and get out of the tourist resorts into the proper towns like Puerto de la Cruz where the menus are much cheaper.

The swimming pool, on the roof, is very nice and clean and has spectacular views across the resort to the sea, as well as the mountains behind Los Cristianos. It is just about long enough to do some serious swimming, as well as have fun in. The pool/sunbed area is not huge although it seemed big enough for the number of guests present when we visited. It may get a little cramped during the school holidays. You don't need to get up at the crack of dawn to stake your claim to a sunbed although we did come across other guests (unnecessarily) doing so.

The hotel is fairly near to the sea, about four or five blocks up the hill (on the southern corner of the Avenue Londres / Avenue de Amsterdam roundabout, if you want to find it on Google Maps), although the nearest beach is not pretty and you have to walk quite a bit further to the north-west to get to a decent one, which can be a bit arduous in the daytime heat when you're carrying your beach gear. It is a pleasant stroll into the town centre in the cool of the evening. It has to be said that It is much nearer to the beach and town than many of the hotels placed further up on the hills.

I'm in my 30s and went with my girfriend, but would happily have taken my daughter there. I think it would probably suit almost anyone of any age, although groups of lads / lasses looking for a lively time are better off sticking to hotels in Playa de las Americas within easy walking distance of the louder bars and clubs.

Almost all hotels let themselves down on silly little things, and this hotel is no different. Fifteen minutes spent stripping and re-applying the manky sealant around the bath would have made a reasonable bathroom into an outstanding one. Likewise, having had the contractor back in to re-fit the bath correctly in the first place would have prevented shower water from cascading onto the floor and rotting away the base of the bathroom door-frame.

But these little things did not significantly detract from a fabulous holiday in a very nice hotel. Enjoy!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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  • by Miss Green

    " Nice place to visit, everythings on a hill though! "

  • by amandaleigh

    " harveys bar oyster catcher and charlies all great for food and the boat trip to see the dolphins fab "

  • by Susan Hutton

    " enjoy all the local bars and restaurants "

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