Duni Royal Resort

Duni Holiday Village 2, Duni 8133, Bulgaria
7.5  / 10
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1 / 10
conmen's playground

"Do not go there !It's a nice place but conman use it for a private playground so all of a sudden you find half the resort unavailable for ordinary people never mind you paid for AI !!!

It's humiliating , moreover there is noone to complain to !

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: skip the resort

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10 / 10

"I simply have no words to describe this place.But if i had just one word i would say that it's perfect. I should mention that I've been there on holiday with my family and we all had an unforgettable time. All the hotels are wonderful starting with the rooms and ending with the bars and pools. There are a lot of fun activities every day: pool games, beach football, beach volleyball, dancing classes,water sports,scuba diving, aerobic classes, capoeira classes and many others. There's always something to do here, so you never get bored. Either you choose to relax by the pool or have fun with your friends and family Duni Royal Resort is the place to visit.The staff is very very friendly and ready to help you whenever you need.They are not only doing the show every evening but they are staying around to be sure that everyone is having a great time. From the entertainment team i should mention: Leo, Lucas,Diego,Wendlle,Nicky,Simon,Ivan,Pavka and many others.If you have small children there is also a mini club for them every evening, which is a lot of fun and your kids will love it.If you have teens there is also a teen club for them where they can do fun activities all day long, of course being supervised by someone from the stuff.In addition, there is a wide variety of delicious food and also Ala cart restaurants. Wherever you choose to eat you will simply love the food and drinks available. Also the maid comes every day to clean up your room and she's doing a great job as you'll never wake up with the bad surprise of having a dirty bedroom.I should warn you about one single thing, there are a lot of people from Romania there who seem to forget their manners at home as they leave their towels on the beach beds even in the middle of the night. So my advice is that if you find these things left on the beach take them to reception without a second thought because they are NOT allowed to leave their stuff there. When you arrive at the hotel in your first day the receptionist will give you the activity program as well as the restaurant and bars program too. If you still have questions about something the stuff is always there to answer your questions. In addition everyone is very friendly and communicative. Plus, there is disco at Wonder bar every night until 12 am. and after, the party continues in the club 'till 2 am. So there is always something to do there and you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime. You'll definitely want to come back there ! What more can i say about this magical place? I have just one thing left: Go there, because you won't regret it. So what you're waiting for? Pack your bags and go straight to the most amazing place in the whole wide world!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently

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1 / 10

"I went to this resort Bulgaria >>"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with BUCHAREST
  • Advice: :(
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
nice place,nice atmoshere

"Only few words : nice location,clean, good services

Enjoyed :location, quitness,services,animation team

Disliked : the rooms ( old furniture ; too small for a 4* hotel) and quality of alchoolic (beer and wine) and non-alchoolic drinks - we were on all inclusive basis

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010

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8 / 10
Great Dyuni resort! It is worth to stay there!

"I have just come back from my holiday in hotel Marina Beach,Duni Royal Resort. I have to say that we were very satisfied with this hotel,service and the surrounding aread,but we also had to survive some problems in Duni. First of all,when we arrived to Marina Beach, we were absolutely shocked when the receptionist told us that they don't have free suite for us, which we reserved by our travel agency. The girl in the reception was quite rude, she told us that we have booked Last Minute stay and therefore we cannot get what we booked. They had for us just 2 double-bed rooms (for 3 people), but fortunately my dad was speaking with the director of service in Marina Beach and he was so kind to find for us free Junior Suite. So the first experience in Duni was horrible,but after this disaster, we spent great holidays out there! The best thing is definitely a beach,full of comfortable seats and with very warm and clean sea. The sea and the beach have been the biggest experience, becauce it was near the hotel so You don't have to walk miles to come to the sea. Hotel has a large pool,the activities in the hotel were normal,the only thing what we didn't like was the fact,that the evening programme has place in the Amphiteatre,which is in Holiday Village. So you had to walk quite long way to see the programme and you couldn't take with you drinks and other things. The last thing,what I want to say is, that be concerned about the meal in the hotel! Fortunately, I didn't have no stomach problems,but many people told us that they did. The reason is the meat in the hotel. I don't know why but every grilled chicken,pork or beaf was not enough grilled or baked,p.e. Once I took few Chicken Wings and when I started to eat it, I found the wings full of blood. Awful! So since my experience with the wings, I prefered other meals. But although I was not satisfied with few things, I have to say that the Hotel is a great resort,with fantastic service,surrounding and mainly, the beach is gorgeous. I have very good feeling after my holidays!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010

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10 / 10
All Inclusive Virgins

"To celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary my husband and I booked a 2 week all inclusive holiday to the Pelican hotel in October but we are upgraded to the Royal Marina as the Pelican closed early at he end of the season. We arrived at 1am and were greeted by very helpful and pleasent staff, were checked in promptly and taken to our room. Even in the dark we found our room to have a stunning view over the bay and a welcome basket of fruit and bottle of the local wine. In the daylight we found that the view from our sea-view room was stunning. The air conditioning worked well but was not required. Evening noise was not noticeable after 11pm although entertainments went on alot later. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all buffet style catering mainly for the European taste, cold meats, cheese, selection of breads, fruit, cereals but also scrambled and boiled eggs, frankferter style sausages and the local type of bacon. Lunch time selection and dinner was extensive with freshly cooked meats, salad, vegetables, pasta and theamed evenings. We both came home carring extra weight. The hotel facilities were extensive, clean and well staffed. Being the end of the season some things were not available but this did not detract from the quality of the holiday. The spa was clean and well staffed. Even the cleaners were friendly. The beach and pool are was huge, clean and tended all day and the lifeguards were always around. There was not a sign of litter as the staff constantly emptied bins and collected empty glasses and plates. As this was our first experience of all inclusive I cannot recommend this hotel highly enough. We are going to expect this standard wherever we go now. The best and most relaxing holiday I have had in 30 years of travelling."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010

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8 / 10
good for family

"the location is great; large beach, big pool; large rooms (a minus for the noise made by the air conditioning instalations situated on the roof - i stayed on 5th floor)

nice staff (but the barkeepers were a bit slow, but very nice with customers - because of the tip box, i believe)

Food was good (but do not expect 5 star restaurant - it was bellow a 3 star hotel in Dubrovnik); we got served seafood (lot of fish, a few times shrimps) and various kinds of meat in different styles

the sea was calm and very clean (even it is the same Black Sea as in Romania); plenty of chairs on the beach (plastic chairs covered with matresses); we got beach towels with the card (30 EUR deposit)

wireless internet only in the hotel lobby and at the bar (not for free - it was charged about 40 EUR/week)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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8 / 10
Definitely not 5 star

"The hotel is in a great location and has superb amenities - once you get past the prison guards, sorry - the security, and deal with the most unhelpful reception staff imaginable - also see other comments. Their concept of the sea view (for which we paid a premium) is a side room with part sea part parking lot view. After much arguing and evaluation of a range of similar replacement rooms my wife finally lost her temper and started screaming at the reception staff - only then they miraculously found the room that we liked and that overlooked the swimming pool and the beach (and which they tout in all their brochures). Hence, whenever you are asking for the sea view specify that you are after the front view that overlooks the swimming pools.

After all that the rest of the holiday was superb - even the reception staff managed to stretch their faces to forced smiles every time their saw us, clearly we were a marked couple. There is a vast range of activities, facilities, restaurants and bars to cater for all tastes. It is worth booking a table for the a la carte restaurants for the experience and ambiance (food served is more or less the same as at the buffets) - we booked the Bulgarian restaurant.

There are a few niggly things like the fact you have to pay for the safe, internet access or sports facilities staff are not always around (especially on Sundays) that mark the proper 5 star hotels but overall we really enjoyed the stay at the venue. Other positive thing is that they have plenty of sun-beds so there wasn't the usual scramble for the best spots in the morning.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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10 / 10
Great vacation

"We just got back from Marina Beach hotel and I can say we enjoyed staying there.

We didn't get the sea view double room we asked for, in the first day, but we got a sea view appartment instead :)

The food was good, the rooms were clean, the personnel was very polite and the view was great. Our car was blocked too, but only for a very short period of time but I was ok with that, as long as they didn't tell us to use the other parking lot (which was not that close to the hotel).

First, I was a little bit suspicious because I had the impression the personnel was treating us in a different manner (because we were from Romania) but I think it was just me being suspicious.

I would recommend this hotel to others and we will come back, maybe next year.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009

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6 / 10
NO for the second time....

"I've just arrived from one week holiday at the Marina Beach Duni Resort.

The Hotel is great...very clean and nice. I'll start with negative experience me and my friends had there.

We made the reservation for 4 double rooms, with a sea view at the beginning of May. We arrived there by cars (from Bucharest).

From the beginning everyone was smiling and very friendly at the reception BUT when we give our vouchers/reservations the girl from the reception told us that they don't have any more rooms with sea view...i repeat we made the reservation from the beginning of may.... paid fool package (7 nights, 4 double rooms with sea view)... AND they told us that they have no free room with a sea view... that one room will be available only next day.... and nothing about the others.....We were very upset... we asked to talk with the manager...and they called smb and told in Bulgarian "look there are some persons with sea view problem, the manager is not "here", you are the manager so take care what you will say.. and off course the pers from the phone, the "manager" couldn’t help us...

i am Ukrainian and understand quit well Bulgarian... so i heard when one person ("reception boss") told the other staff (other 2 girls) this guys will not receive sea view.... I COLDN'T BELIVE WHAT I HEAR.... and here "everything" started...

i went to "reception boss" and told her (in English) that i am Ukrainian and understood what she just said... she changed her face...and started to speak Russian with me .... so it was a lot of bla bla bla... at the end (after a hour and halph) ve received "an offer" of 4 rooms with sea view only on the next day...

Everything was OK, copying Turkish service but they should try much more to reach their services...

1. Food - OK (but one of child leaved the hotel with high temperature/food intoxication...

2. Doctor - asked for 100 Euro pay --- even if we had an international insurances (and only after explaining what means this insurances they understood it)

3. Rooms very clean (10 points from 10)

4. NO natural juices... even if they had plenty of fruits....

5. Coffee -- bad...

6. Beach area -- not for a 4 star hotel (Only Marina Palace has 5 stars, even if on most of the site all the hotels from the resort are presented as 5sarts hotels)

and all quests from the all hotels from the resort goes to the same beach...with a lot of shells in the sand...

In the last day we wanted to leave the resort at 9.15-9.30 BUT one of our cars was blocked in the parking place...and they couldn’t find the one of the 4 owners of those cars that was blocking our car....

they didn't know in which room were staying those owners of the cars.... so we spend an other 1.30 h at the reception trying to solve this problem...

the resort is ok....BUT not enoth experience/wil of the staff from the reception who was trying and vesting their and OUR time with explaining that i just work here... i am not responding for this problem ....

Wish you good holiday at this resort.

PS: Better learn Bulgarian before going there in holidays ;)

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009

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10 / 10
absolutely brilliant holiday

"Where can i start, it was all so fantastic. The hotel was spotlessly clean, and the staff were so friendly. Even those who couldn't speak very good English, would try and help. The pools at the hotel were clean and very picturesque. The beach was secluded and private, also very clean. The entertainment staff were so good with adults and children alike, and would always try and make you laugh. The food was some of the best all inclusive i have had, and there was something for everyone, including our 15 month old baby boy.

My partner and I went with our 4 children, who had never been abroad before, but each one had a fantastic time. The childrens ages were, 14, 13, 10, and 1.

The resort itself had 4 large hotels, and you could eat or drink in any of them, and there were so many bars to chose from. There was entertainment every night of the week in the amphitheater, just a short walk from hotel, which was excellent, they worked so hard and worked long hours.

The scenery was beautiful, with mountains in the background, and the gorgeous blue sea.

Now for the downside :(

We went in September and the weather was breaking up during our stay, and rained continuously for the last 2 days. A lot of the activities were finishing, which was upsetting, including the horse riding and some of the water sports.

But honestly we would all go back, but definitely in the summer months.

Our young 10 year old still goes on about Geri, one of the entertainment staff, who he had a big crush on, and our 13 year old has a picture of Marchin on her bedroom wall.

I'd just like to thank all of the staff at the hotel, who made our stay certainly one to remember.

  • Holiday details: May 2009

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8 / 10
Had a Lovely Holiday

"We stayed at the Marina Beach Hotel for one week from 25th September to 2nd October and overall we had a wonderful time.

We arrived at the hotel at 2.30am and had a fairly swift check in although the girl didn't speak excellent English, we still managed to get a safety deposit box (6 lev a day) and check in quickly, we were shown to our room by the bell boy.

Our room was on the fourth floor, not a problem as there are 4 lifts. Our room was a very spacious twin with a chair that could be turned into a third bed, we had a good sized balcony with a wonderful view of the Greenery and Trees. The room was very clean and the bathroom had an amazing shower and really big bath. It also had air con which gave heat too.(essential as it was cold and rainy for us for the first half of the week!)

The weather was awful for the first 3 days of our holiday so I really would avoid going at this time of year, there was really heavy rain and gayle force winds which did put a dampener on things.

The restaurant was good, plenty of variety and the cakes were to die for, honestly soooo delicicous as was the bread selection. Downside would be, the staff in the restaurant were not particularly quick at re-setting the tables so we had to sit at a table with no cutlery or napkins on more than one occasion.

The beach is beautiful (dolphins, swam right into the cove!) and the pool was lovely too although far to cold for anything more than a little paddle for us, i am sure it would be fantasitc come warmer weather.

The bar in the Marina Beach is nice, with lots of comfortable chairs and an excellent selection of drinks and cocktails available AI untill 2am.

The entertainment team led by Marcin work so so hard, we didn't really participate with the day time activities although they did seem to be plentiful, however the night time shows in the ampitheater were amazing, the best entertainment I have ever had in a all inclusive resort. I was disappointed we couldn't have seen more but they couldn't put on the shows on the rainy evenings due to it being an outdoor theatre.(They did put on small snippets of entertainment in the lobby bar on wet days) Zoli, Doni and Petiya are fantastic dancers and Marcin is quite possibly the funniest guy I have ever met! The team are so friendly too and will join you at the bar and wunder bar disco after show time and dance with you. One evening we played cards with Geri from the mini club for 2 hours and had a whale of a time!

The concept of Duni resort is excellent, we felt safe the entire time and I imagine in high season, when all the hotels and amenities are open it is a really magical place to be. The resort and communal areas are very clean and on the whole well maintained.

The nearby town of Sozopol is worth a visit (its about 8km away), we went on an organised trip but a return taxi to Sozopol Old Town is 28levs (about £13) so not too bad and once there, the cobbled streets and traditional street market are very bulgarian and give you a real sense of where you are as opposed to the comerical luxury of Duni Royal Resort.

Bourgas Airport is well...... we queued for nearly 2 hours at check in and once through security there was 2 duty free shops and a costa coffee, that is it. Ther aren't even enough seats, we had to stand and that is out of the main season so goodness knows how it would be in August!

Overall, we had a wonderful holiday and would go back to Duni but maybe earlier in the season as the weather did spoil the first half of the week, it really is a sunshine place. However, for the price we paid and the quality we got- we can't complain about a little rain! (ok, a lot!lol)

Oh also, wanted to add that if your staying at the Marina Beach or the Pelican/Belville/Holiday village you cannot use the facilities at the Marina Palace but you can use the facilities at all the other hotels. Also, you can only eat at the a la carte restaurants once a week, we chose the Italian and it was really nice and made a lovely change to the buffet restaurant, I recommend the seafood risotto for starters!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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