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Room: 8/10
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Cleanliness: 8.5/10
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Traveller reviews

Best Hotel in Sarawak

"We stayed here for 2 nights in August and chose this hotel as our base for trips to the Niah caves.

We had two rooms overlooking the pool, which is the largest in Sarawak.

Service, staff and room standards were very good and at least as good as the Hilton in Kuching, but this place is much more with the huge pool and spa. Very good live group in the bar in the evening plus the best Mai Tai cocktail of any of the places we stayed in on this trip made this the best hotel as far as we were concerned. Very good buffet breakfast and a good juice bar/bakery for snacks.

The location is at the edge of Miri town, but only a 15 Ringitt taxi ride into the centre.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008
10 / 10

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Very, very nice

"The resort has a great pool and the rooms are large with nice balcony looking over the pool and the south china sea. The beds were very comfortable.

Buffet breakfast was excellent with a large range of high quality food.

After a very large storm and down pour of rain, we decided to stay in and order room service. The pizza was tasty and well priced.

Staff were very friendly and accommodating.

Would recommend this hotel if staying in Miri.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008
10 / 10

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Lovely hotel, fantastic value

"I've stayed here about 3 times as I live in Borneo. I've taken guests here for a night or two also and now that I've begun to travel regularly around the region I'm appreciating this hotel more and more.

It is great value for money. It's got a beautiful pool. The buffet breakfast is superb and has everything (almost as good as the KK Shangri La and half the price). The food generally is pretty good (though the menu could do to change a bit more often, I've pretty much tried everything over 2 years). The special menu's and theme dinners they have are great. The bar is nice, the staff and relaxed and friendly, the gardens are not to over manicured but really lovely. The rooms are very nice too, though sometimes over air conditioned and I find that it can build up a lot of condensation if you have too much moisture in there. And the beds and comforters.... I just can't wait to go back. I've had some great sleeps in these beds mmmmm

There isn't a lot of competition in Miri but even without that the Marriott would hold up pretty well.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008
10 / 10

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Very nice!

"Garden View - Double Room. 2xAdults.

We have stayed in this hotel on 2 occasions so far. Myself and my wife. The garden view rooms are more private but a 2 minute walk so a good compromise. They are in2-story terrace layout so you only ever have 3 neighbours which minimises noise.


On arrival you enter the open and very inviting foyer, your bags are taken, a cup of ice-cold honey-lemon-tea given which you relax and check-in. A small boutique style foyer, large and spacious with books, sweet, postcards etc.


We did not use any of the spa facilities as our stays were very busy. We did use the pool which was nice, the pool bar is good too and food can be ordered from there and eaten at the swim up bar which is very relaxing. Prices for food and drink are to be expected of a 4-5* hotel in Malaysia but still cheaper than a pub in England!

The bar/club is relaxing, good live band with good mix of songs. Expensive drinks again.

Dont let price of food and drink put you off staying here as you can go into town for the day for really great prices and amazing variety.

Meals were good, tasety, good variety. Buffet style breakfasts containing western, Malaysian and other Asian. We ate in town for lunch and dinner mainly because we were out most of the days.


Definitely too far to walk into town for all but the very brave but possible and healthy for the few who do. A taxi into town or to local destinations, airport, caves, etc is easily available and not too expensive.


We like Miri and we like the Marriott, but it is more than needed for a brief shopping trip, or a stopover. I would highly recommend for couples, groups and families who want a great mix of shopping, relaxing, day trips, and a base for longer trips to the Kelabit Highlands. For those who would make use of spa facilities you would be happy spending over a week here especially with the shopping in town. several large Malls and lots of high street shops bustling with shoes, perfumes, clothes, jewellery, local wares, souvenirs, books, gadgets, electricals Malaysian produce, lots of food of all types, bars etc.

90/100 as a base for/leg of a great holiday!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008
10 / 10

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Perfect Family Getaway

"This would be highly recommended to those living in Brunei and those living in malaysia who wants to get a short getaway during the weekend or for a long weekend.

Amenities are great. View of the south china sea is awesome. Though there isnt a real beach but there is a sandy patch for beach volley ball.

The resort has chalets with bathtubs and hotels rooms are also available. For those who wants the sun to tan by the pool, please ensure that you check the weather forecast before doing so.

For those who just want to lie and relax in ur room, cable tv is available. Was there for 3 days and 2 nights. Staff were friendly and greeting you wherever you are whenever they see you however room service might be a little slow but overal a pleasurable experience.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008
8 / 10

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take a pinch of salt...............

"this place is fab! dont believe the bad review on here, i have stayed here 3 times since july 07, and love the miri resort.

food is plentyful, varied and well presented, tastes darn good too..

staff willing to help at all times... pool is clean well maintained.. i really think for what u pay, its brill. the shuttle takes u to town, but not back.. but its not far to walk anyway.

and if u need directions ASK..the locals dont bite!

some poeple cant see the wood for the trees sometimes..

i would whole heatedly recommend the miri marriot..

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008
10 / 10

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Staff efficient and pleasant...

"Staff efficient and pleasant throughout stay. Rooms plush and comfortable with a wonderful view overlooking the South China Sea.

The hotel restaurant ok but not exceptional. This hotel is slightly off the usual tourist path so the facilities, watersports etc are a little limited.

On the plus side, the hotel is excellently located just a short taxi ride from Miri town centre where the sea food is an absolute must. The nightlife in Miri is not exactly wild.

This is also the case in the hotel which gives off a quiet relaxing atmosphere, probably best for someone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle to a slower pace of life for a short time.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
8 / 10

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Poor service, unclean rooms,lack of local infomaton!


5* hotel without the 5* service!

From the moment i check in problems!

first think check in staff didn t say how much they too from my card, had to ask, then didn t say what times b/fast was, didn t ask if i wanted a news paper the little things

then the room was not cleaned properly, tea stain on the table, hair on one of the towell, balcany dirty, chip cup,

they spend 5hous cleaning it!

the hotel offer a chuttle service but no one know the times or the route it takes!

drinking water was left outside my room on the floor next to a hover

if you looking for 5* hotel with 5* service look else were

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007
2 / 10

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Somewhere by the pool....

"What a gem! I paid MYR 195 (which is about USD 60) for a double-double room (more like a chalet) with all the bells and whistles (at least the ones I wanted)....and then there was the pool. If you look at Marriott's website, you will see a picture of an amazing pool with very few people around it. Sometimes photos lie. The truth was; on the second day we sauntered like beach lizards down to the poolside...and were entirely alone for 6 hours. Bliss. No screaming children, no drunken, tatooed persons (I mention this because they were there the day before, but relatively subdued - and they left quite quickly). And the photo you see on the webside is what you get....although they appeared to be building some kind of defence wall down by the sea, so there was some "disturbance" from a distant digger.

The rooms are well-furnished, comfortable, air conditioning is quiet. Bathrooms are spick and span and toiletries were replenished en-masse daily.

Top be honest, there isn't that much to do in Miri itself. It is a very clean and tidy town, but it does lack the charm of Kuching. There are some nice gardens at the northern end of the town centre, and a couple of shopping centres, but the variety isn't really a patch on Kuala Lumpur. BUT they do have walkable pavements (sidewalks) which is a rare thing in a lot of Malaysian towns and cities, so it is possible to wander around and get a real feel of the place. Malaysians are a really friendly bunch and you won't feel threatened wandering around.

Back to the hotel (although I wouldn't walk it from town as the pavement goes between this hotel and the Everly hotel and then mysteriously disappears until you get near the town centre....plus the fact that the temperature is around 33 degrees celcius every day), eating options and bar options on site are actually worth investigating. They are not overpriced at all (something you get used to in Europe). The Zest restaurant downstairs has an excellent buffet every night (MYR70 if I remember correctly) and also has a la carte options. You must try the Sarawak Laksa - although don't order a starter if you order this main dish as I did....I couldn't move - and I am a big eater. The bar is quiet and relaxing, attractively decorated, and has alcoholic drinks at prices you get used to living in Norway.....

Do go. Enjoy. Expect to flatten out and relax. Expect good hospitality. Don't leave without at least a wander in the city centre - but this place is the place to chill out and spoil yourself.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007
10 / 10

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Relaxing Time in this Resort & Spa

"I was in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia in August 2006 for 1 week to visit my mother. I visited this hotel to see a friend who was visiting Miri at the same time. I asked to see the rooms because I was curious if any changes were made. The last time I was at this hotel was in year 2000 and it was under a different management then, Mega Hotel. I believe Marriot Group took over and refurbished the whole place. Now it definitely looked grander and better quality too. The reception area was large, open end-to-end and beautifully furnished. It was comfortable and cosy. At the sides, there are cafes and cocktail lounges for hotel guests to enjoy the view of the beach and the sunsets. The swimming pool was also excellent. It was large and overlooked the beach near the hotel. The hotel is a bit far from the town centre but there was free shuttle bus to transport guests to/from the town. The hotel can also arrange a trip to the Mulu caves.

The hotel rates were low compared to other 4-stars hotel of equivalent standard. The rooms were large with double beds and good-quality bedlinens. There were free coffee/tea and mineral water. Lounging chairs, side tables and big TV added a nice touch to the room. The bathroom was OK and the towels were nice and soft. I also went to try out the hotel's in-house spa. It was run by nice and friendly ladies from Bali. I had a relaxing aromatheraphy steambath and full-body massage spa package. It was great because I did not expect this kind of good quality service in a town like Miri.

Overall, I am very impressed with the hotel and its new facilities. It is definitely above-average. I will recommend my friends to stay here when they visit Miri.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006
10 / 10

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relaxing, a great getaway

"Overall a good experience. The rooms were really cheap at approximately GBP 40 per room if you booked via Expedia.

I liked the indoor-outdoor concept of the hotel. There were no doors sheltering the lobby/reception area or hallways from the outside. Check-in is a pleasant experience, because of the massive windows in the lobby overlooking the sea. The hotel is right next to the sea. There is a beach as well next to the hotel, but it looked rather under-maintained and uninviting.

The clientele mainly consists of expat oil workers and their families, and they can get quite loud when hanging around by the pool in large groups. The pool gets very crowded, and I think would be a different place if deserted. I didn’t like being around the pool because it had a club 18-30s type feel about it, mainly because of the clientele who acted half their age.

We had a meal at the hotel restaurant Lush. The food was average and it had an airport waiting room-type feel about it. You’re better off going out for a meal. We also tried out the hotel bar, which had no atmosphere.

The bedrooms opened out directly into an outdoor hallway, and the hallway opened out into a large communal garden. I quite liked this concept, except it didn’t feel that safe. Non-guests could easily access your room because of the openness of the hotel. The bedrooms were very nice and very spacious, and clean. They had a comfortable and airy feel, and were decorated resort-style. Most of the bedrooms, if not all of them, have their own balconies overlooking the garden or sea. Our balcony wasn’t very clean though.

The hotel is a 5-10 minute taxi ride from the city centre.

Do visit the Crocodile Farm which is about a 20 minute drive from the hotel. It is a lot of fun, you can even feed the monkeys here, and they are very responsive and reactive.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006
8 / 10

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