Anthea Hotel Apts

Nissi Avenue PO Box 30615, Ayia Napa 5343, Cyprus
6.5  / 10
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1 / 10

"There simply is nothing good to say about this place. it is a dirty stinking cesspit. you are crazy if you believe the good reviews written by snotty nosed teenagers who have seriously low standards anyway.

This is a party hotel and therefore you will find urine soaked mattresses, bin contents and god knows what else in the swimming pool, dirt and grime that has built up over months if not years and rooms that are depressing and more like cells than anything else.

if that suits your needs then you will have found your holiday paradise otherwise you will find that they are holiday hell.

they are supposed to be 3* - they are not even 1 * and should be closed down before someone gets seriously injured or contracts a serious infectious disease.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: go somewhere else
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
it is what you make it

"me and 9 other girls came here to celebrate the end of our a-levels last year. After reading reviews prior to arriving we were all a little apprehensive. But we all had the best week of our lives, this place is exactly what you make of it!! The strip is a two minute walk up some stairs and yet you dont hear and of the noise, the cocktails were amazing at the bar as well as the food and!! We were at the back of the hotel, so had a quite pool which was insane as it helped you get over your hangover. BEWARE cleaners WILL steal your money or anything valuable so make sure you hide it away everytime you leave your room. There will also be reps knocking on your day all the time offering you deals and some of them were incredible - 10 euros for an hour of free drinks at a bar then free entry to castle! Bit of advice - bring another sheet as if your aircon works its FREEZING and also stock up on food aswell. Also be careful of the moody guy who works there, after a night out we would come back and jump in the pool and he'd threaten to taser us! he also turned all our electricity off one night during pre-drinks as we were being too noisy, but it all added to the hilarity of the week!

Best week of my life, and would recommend this hotel to anyone, also ask if you can have a ground floor room! As you need to keep the key in the door to keep the aircon on, so we would keep it in the door, then jump over the railings to the pool!


  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
If you thought the hotel from the film 'The Inbetweeners' didnt exist, think again!

"A group of us have just returned from a trip to this hellhole and we felt compelled to write a review as quickly as possible with accompanying photos to make sure no one makes the same mistake we did for our accommodation choice.

We stayed for a week in Aiya Napa and booked this trip through Olympic Holidays. 3 of us went and we are all in our mid 20’s plus have all stayed in a variety of different accommodation from Hostel’s to 5 star Hotels. Dont get me wrong, this Hotel we felt would potentially be basic accommodation with a reasonable pool and bar. We had no great expectations as its only real purpose was to provide us with a base for the week.

The problems started as soon as we arrived. Upon arrival the older lady behind the desk ‘greeted us’ with all the warmth of an ice cube, and we were told to book our air con for the room ‘later’. We then waited in limbo for her to show a large group of us to each of our rooms/cells. None of the guests had a clue what was going on as she moped around and then shouted ‘come’ at us all. After a short walk, we were pointed in the direction of our ‘Cell’. There was graffiti all over the walls around and garden furniture scattered in a pile by the bin. Not the best first impression...but maybe the room would be

better?...Unfortunately not the case. We opened the door and the place could only be described as filthy and if they had a cleaner, it was most probably Stevie Wonda. There were marks from spilt drinks, dust, sand etc. all over the floor, the outside table was covered in felt tip drawings of male genitals and the bathroom mirror was cracked. As I said, we expected it to be basic accommodation but there was clearly no reasonable cleanliness. I then went to see the woman behind the desk to state that the mirror was cracked as there were a list of ‘charges’ in the front office stating heavy fines for damages. Again, at this point we asked for our air con but were told to come back later.

I then went to see my other 2 cell mates and they said that the towels in the room were also clearly not clean. There were questionable large marks on them and they smelt of sweat. 1 of the towels was ok, but the rest had most definitely been used for quite some time. Also the fridge was not working. We decided to wait an hour and then went downstairs to both order our air con and complain about the towels. The older gentleman was behind the desk this time and said the towels ‘were not his problem, and to come back in the morning’ and the towels would be changed tomorrow. He also charged us 58 euros for 1 air con unit to work....a total rip off....however a necessity in our view.

We basically then went back to the room, dumped everything and went out for the evening. The next day we decided to venture out into the Pool....which can only be described as a scummy pit in the ground filled with water and a mixed selection of crap. We got speaking to another guy who had been staying there who expressed his concern that the pool had not been cleaned in the entire 2 weeks he had been there. For risk of catching some deadly disease, we left an hour or so later and went to the beach instead. Upon return we still had no clean towels, however the fridge was now working. We then went again to complain and the woman behind the desk accused us of lying that the towels were dirty and was incredibly rude. She eventually said we could have clean towels but wouldn’t get anything more for the rest of our stay! This was unacceptable and due to continuing our argument she eventually buckled.

I recorded the entire thing on my phone which I will be uploading for anyone interested. We were perfectly reasonable and all have our own businesses, therefore understand how you should deal with customers. Her entire approach was shocking just for some bloody fresh towels.

The next day we did get the towels! However had no cleaning service at all in the room. Only on 1 occasion did the cleaner visit 2 days before we were leaving and she did a totally crap job.

Other ‘highlights’ during our visit included Ant infestation, an unsecure lock on the rear balcony door, broken switches/sockets, no clean bed linen (I found a hair clip in my bed!), mould in the bathroom/fridge and a knackered air con unit in the bedroom.

We didnt let this horrible dump ruin our trip and therefore stayed away from the place really for the entire week. Aiya Napa is a fantastic place to go and it was our first visit. The location couldn’t have been better really – lots of restaurants, nice bars, 200-300 yards from ‘the strip’, lovely beaches and extremely friendly locals elsewhere. None of us can fault the resort and despite its ‘clubbing’ reputation there is so much more you can go and do with a very varied age group.

I would strongly recommend a shed on the beach over this place though! The staff are an absolute disgrace to hoteliers, cleanliness none existent and hotel features completely zero unless you fancy catching a serious disease. Believe me when I say that the bad reviews on here are completely true!

I will post pictures of our room and other ‘features’ to help you decide!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Stay away from the place and enjoy the area
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Not as bad as its made out.

"Just back from Anthea, stayed there a week with my boyfriend. Upon reading the reviews I was dreading arriving at the app, but to my suprise wasnt too bad considering what you get is what you pay for! We arrived about 6-7pm and were checked in fairly quick - receptionist english was basic. We were given the key to our room although the view from the balcony looked onto a car park which we werent too happy about. I asked at reception to be moved, they requested this and the manager came out and accepted and were given a pool view on the 1st floor. The room was basic but clean and had all required cooking appliances. We did notice some ants on furniture but after wiping this down they soon disappeared. The maids came every 2 days and changed the towels and provided fresh sheets and toilet paper. Most days we were out at the beach but a few times we stayed at the pool which was a mix of families, couples and groups of friends - not too lively and wild. The pool was clean and they played a mix of chart music. The prices were ok too for drinks but did not try food. Would advise to get air con, you pay for this but if you keep the remote you get a 10euro refund and also with the safe if you return the key. We both would return to Anthea again as its cheap and cheerful like the price we paid for it but also offered everthing we needed to a certain standard. Was also very local to all shops/bars/cafes etc. Would advise though to get the bus to Nissi Beach(lovely) as its a 40min walk each way but the bus is only 1 euro. All in all Anthea was a plesant suprise!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
nightmare from hell

"dirty, full of ants, furnisher torn, bedding stained,pool was discusting we never used it in case we caught something. freezer didnt work took them 5 days to repair it, staff were patronising dont pay for the aircon theres a shop across the road where u can hire a fan for 10 euros, a week. we walked to sunny bay beach everyday its a must."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: dont eat in your rooms , because the ants come out in force

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5 / 10

"me and my husband stayed in theses appartments sept 2011,rooms very basic,towels were disgusting and were not changed regular.these appartments are suppose to be a 3*,they were not up to standard considering we got married the year before at nissi beach hotel that was a 4*it was perfect.just star down i though anthea wont be too bad how wrong was i!!!the location was excellent right next to all the night life which was good"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take your own towels

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9 / 10
Just what you want!

"This summer i stayed at anthea with 2 other girls and with 2 friends staying nearby in anesis. When we arrived we got given our key and they showed us our room etc. 1 of my friends was freaking out because the appartments were so basic and not up to her 5* family holiday standards but my other friend and i expected what we got. anthea is so busy because the complex is so big and you meet so many people that are staying there and can pre drink with them etc. it's good at night when you come back as there are always other people about to walk to macdonalds with or having steaming banter with! we skinny dipped on our first night with a group of boys but that didn't go down too well with the staff but oh well. during the day the main pool is where to be as that is where the bar is. prices are decent and food is good too. we got most our drinks bought as there were generous boys around our pool! everyone's just up for a laugh during the day dancing in the pool and playing games, and my other 2 friends who weren't staying at anthea came to the pool and never had a problem getting in. there are steps right behind the apartments that take you straight onto the square which is fab as it takes 2 minutes to get to. nissi beach isn't far away either. there's a taxi rank across from anthea, quad bikes are next to it and supermarkets are right there too. we didn't really have to bother with the hotel staff because we were either sunbathing, drinking or sleeping while at the aps. the only bad things are that the air con is hideous it's so expensive and in some apps is pathetic but it's not something that really affected my holiday. anthea is perfect if your 18-30s and want a wild active holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: just nap for an hour here and there so you can get all the fun during the day and all the action at the square during the night so you won't miss anything
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Just come back from a week at the anthea with the lads, and can honestly say I couldnt of asked for more. The atmosphere was great, the room was great and was regularly visited by the maid, the hotel itself was also very clean and organised. The hotel bar does good food and good drinks with regular kareoke. I wouldnt recommend this as a family hotel but if your going away with friends then this is the place to stay!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Either pay for the air conditioning or rent a fan. Its gets really hot in the rooms.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great Location, one amazing holiday!

"A group of 16 girls and I booked one weeks holiday in Aiya Napa and stayed at the Anthea Apartments. After reading reviews we were a bit dubious about where we were staying.

We neednt have worried. The apartments are in the best location. A very quick walk to the main strip, right opposite a supermarket and macdonalds and on the same road as the main shops and bakeries, eurobakery is a must!

The rooms were very clean when we arrived, the bathrooms were alright. The air conditioning cost 57 euros for one week but you got 8 euro back as a deposit. Our group had 5 rooms in total, in one the air conditioning did break but they did come and fix it and gave them a refund. You do need the air con as it does get very hot in the rooms.

The maids came in nearly everyday, if you are still in your room they do ask you if you still want them to clean. I would recommend to hire out a safety deposit box that are located by reception. 20 euros for one week and you get an 8 euro deposit back.

Aiya Napa itself is amazing, there is something for everyone. Always something to do. there is a bus to Nissi beach that costs 1 euro, this beach is a must!

We had an absolutly amazing time and didnt want to leave.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Co-operative travel
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Avoid these apartments!

"I have just returned from Ayia Napa with my boyfriend(I am 28 and he is 23)we had stayed in Ayia Napa last year so we knew what to expect eg busy nightlife,we stayed at different apartments last year that were lovely might I add.

We had already read reviews about Anthea before we went and decided to reserve judgement until we saw it for ourselves, however we were right to be worried and the drama began as soon as we arrived at the apartments.

We were taken to our ground floor apartment up a big hill away from the main reception area (which worried me slightly)we were welcomed by a big group of lads sat by the pool drunk chanting loudly, people were swimming in the pool as well (at 11.30pm) there were items of clothing, bottles, food, rubbish thrown all round the pool.

Our room was basic and the toilet was coming away from the wall! but clean and the balcony directly looked onto the pool area however the swimming pool only had 4 sun loungers (2 of which were broken)

We tried getting to sleep however it was difficult due to the constant loud music blaring out from the apartments, at 6.30am we were awoken by very loud smashing of bottles and screaming and shouting from some girls, a staff member must have heard the noise and was shouting at whoever it was outside threatening to call the Police. We woke up the next day to find 5 cleaners sweeping up broken glass from around the pool and sick on our balcony.

we spoke to the rep and demanded to be moved to other apartments however apparently they were all fully booked and if we was to move then Anthea would charge us a CANCELLATION FEE PLUS we would have to pay a minimum of 200 EUROS for alternative accomodation! I was fuming (to put it politely) and we refused to pay this instead we were moved to another room still at the Anthea on the 3rd day!. Our second night still in the same room was even worse and I woke up in tears as i was frightened, a massive fight had erupted outside between some lads, you could hear them punching each other, it was that loud It sounded like they were on our balcony and we feared the balcony window was going to come through!

we were evdentually moved and we were on a top floor apartment that had its own roof terrace, it was a decent sized room and was cleaned everyday- we tried as best we could to enjoy the rest of our holiday.

We was unable to use the facilities such as the pools due to the sun loungers being broken and the amount of people by the pool and in it- it was packed with people everyday!

It is close to amenities such as bars, restaurants etc and the Anthea bar staff are nice. If you like a holiday where you dont get any sleep what so ever due to the constant noise from groups of young people 24/7 crawling around drunk and fighting then this is the place for you.

As we were handing our keys in to leave (thank god) a lady was infront of me complaining to recpetion that her room had been broken into! Im just glad we wasnt there for 2 weeks!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with jet2
  • Advice: If you have to stay there request a top floor apartment with a roof terrace

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9 / 10
Loved it!!

"Most amazing holiday ive been on! Got back last night after a week in ayia napa with 3 of my girlfriends and already wish i was back there! How anyone can fault this hotel is beyond me.. it was a cheap hotel but was alot better then we expected after reading some of the reviews on here! Arrived at around midnight and were checked in quickly and shown to our room which was a decent size! Maids came in 6 out of the 7 days we were there to change the beds, give us fresh towels, empty bins and give us more toilet roll! Id read reviews about things being stolen from hotel rooms and although we did pay for and use a safe we also left purses, jewellery, cameras and blackberrys in the apartment on a number of occasions and never had anything taken from the room. Kitchen is very basic but we stayed in and cooked 2 nights and could quite easily put together a simple meal. Staff were friendly and helpful. We asked for more towels and toilet roll which were brought to the room within the hour. Main pool area is good with chart music played through out the day and snack bar selling nice food! Also only a 2/3 minute walk to ayia napa square and has a mcdonalds and big supermarket opposite! Perfect hotel for young people going to napa for the nightlife! Id 100% go back there!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Self-catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
not for families

"We arrived at the Anthea Hotel Apartments in the early hrs and were allocated our room very quickly. On entering our room we were overpowered by the smell of cigerette smoke. I myself a smoker felt phyicaly sick with the smell. On further invesigation I could even smell smoke on the quilt covers. Puke they were also stained. After complaining the room was cleaned again and the next day 2 fresh bed covers arrived. The room was self catering and there was very little equipment (for cooking) in the room not even a plactic measuring jug. I'd recommed if u plan to cook in the apartment that u you bring everything from a lighter to lite the gas cooker to a tin opener, strainer and measuring jug. The rooms were cleaned daily and sheets were changed every other day. The staff were friendly approachable and quick to sort out any problems. Unfortunitly for myself and my 10 year old child we were unable to get any sleep while there. The noise level was Horrendous!Anthea Hotel Apartments are fine for young and livly but not for families."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, self catering, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: bring ear plugs if u want to sleep

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  • by Danny W

    " Goto Bazar Bar & Black and Whites, Avoid Castle Club drinks like the plague!! "

  • by beccy

    " Zourbers bakery...Dragon chinese restaurant! "

  • by yorkshire babe

    " good for families out of high season "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Good nightlife and quite cheap for money when self catering "

  • by Amy12

    " Only stay here if you are in napa for the clubbing scene! Brilliant for us... but not for couples or families! "

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