Blanco Y Negro Apartments

Plaza C/ de la Riera 4, Lloret De Mar 17310, Spain
7  / 10
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10 / 10
ellen is lovely

"we booked the cheapest flights we could and this was it. when we arrived we were well impressed, the appartment was clean and bright and had anything we needed, if there was something missing the owner Ellen was more than accomodating and made us very welcome. the people are friendly and the town was really nice. definately reccomended.we are going back"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, Room Only, booked with teletext
  • Advice: dont expect the world its just an appartment. but a good one

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2 / 10
Blanco Y Negro

"The whole experience was a farce from start to finish. When we booked with the tour operator we were assured that the transfer from airport to hotel would be smooth sailing, they could NOT have been more wrong! There was no-one there waiting, we had to ring an emergency number which was no help whatsoever. We eventually found our pick up point but then along with another two couples, we were told by a representative that the bus would be "five minutes" (I think this was the only english the man knew) two hours later, after being told "five minutes" about twenty times, we got on the bus, two and a half hours later we arrived, we were unceremoniously dropped off beside a hotel which was not ours and then spent another 40 minutes trekking up and down the streets trying to find Blanco Y Negro, the entrance to which was up a back alley, there was no reception and no-one there to greet us, we rang a number displayed on the door and were told by the lady that she would be there in about half an hour. (By this point we had been in Spain about 6 hours and were VERY P***ed off) and we had yet to step foot in our room! Was it worth the wait? NO!! We were asked for a 100 euro deposit (we didnt pay it) There was no kettle, the TV didnt work, the double bed we booked turned out to be a single "put-me-up" bed and a settee, I attempted to go to sleep on the "bed" but within 5 minutes it completely collapsed, on further examination, the slats underneath that were supposed to support your weight turned out to be non existent, (there were approx 5 slats, where I assume there should have been around 25!) No-one turned up to clean the room the whole time we were there. I would never ever come to Spain again, or use the tour operator, and most definately NOT recommend the Blanco Y Negros apartments."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Don
  • Activities: Piccadilly (the ONLY redeeming thing about this whole holiday)

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5 / 10
Upon arrival we were offered the...

"Upon arrival we were offered the smallest room in the hotel with the option of upgrading for 35 euros. We upgraded to an apartment and then the fun began.3 geordie lasses were then offered the same deal.We were then asked to pay a 100 euro bond incase of breakages.There was nothing left to break.The cooker hood was hanging by a thread with the control panel completely broke off.There was no kettle to break. The toilet was already leaking on the bathroom floor everytime we flushed we had to mop the floor.There were not even any towels to dirty as they were already filthy.Forget about the satellite tv cos that was not coming on full stop.We made the most of it Llorett is a lovely place a bit too cloudy for my liking.Brilliant views from the rooftop. Lively/central location. Do not think we would go back there but if we do we will DEFINITLY not be staying @blanco y negro. We found the owner to be very elusive.The caretaker could not speak or understand any english.Then when you ask for your bond back the night before leaving they have the nerve to come and inspect your room. The towels were never changed nor were the sheets.Glad to be out of there."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with

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9 / 10
On arrival we were surprised to see...

"On arrival we were surprised to see no obvious reception, however, the staff made us feel extremely welcome. The apartment although basic was clean and tidy. The jacuzzi on the roof terrace and the loungers were a great idea and you could use them up to Because our Spanish is so basic the staff were very helpful. The name Blanco y Negro appealed to us. We enjoyed our stay in LLoret de Mar so much we nearly stayed an extra day by mistake.

LL de Mar is great fun lively, friendly and lots and lots to do. Unfortunately we could not get a booking for Blanco Y Negro but we are going back to LLoret de mar very soon this year.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with Booked IndependentlyTeletext Holidays

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7 / 10
these apartments are very nice. when...

"these apartments are very nice. when we first arrived there was no reception but there was a note on the wall telling us to go to room 601 that is were the manger lives. i would not recommend familys to come to these apartmens as it is in the middle of the town were all the bars and night clubs are & some nightclubs stay open until 5.00 or 6.00 in the morning. the beach is only 2 mins walk and is not a sand beach but a pebble beach which is sore on the feet.....

we went out every night for dinner and went to some lovely places, the best one was the piccadley this is a british bar and does a nice fry's with hp brown sause yum yum.

the bars we mostly spent our nights in was the queen vic, taxes and rockafellows these were all british bars and were not full of all spanish people

one more thing you have to pay 100 euros when you arrive at the appartment

i will not be back again but that was nothing to do with the appartments it was the people

enjoy x

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with easyjet

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8 / 10
Blanco & Negro Apartments Lloret...

"Blanco & Negro Apartments Lloret de Mar

My wife and I had booked into these apartments for one week end of October and beginning of November 2007. After reading not so good reviews about these apartments, I was apprehensive.

I needn’t have been our apartment was spotless; we were given a studio on the sixth floor.

The lift worked all week, the kitchen had a full oven and hob. Normally we only have two rings. There were two televisions one in the sitting area and one in the bedroom. On the roof there was a sun area with two heated Jacuzzis, although in the summer not too sure about this but at this time of year they were nice. Weather wise it was chilly until about 9.00am and started to get cold about 4.00pm.

There was no receptionist, but the owner displayed set time as was always on time. She spoke very good English and acted on our behalf when I tried to contact our Spanish bus company about the pick up on our return journey.

The location of the apartments is very good, just back off the beach. They are on the edge of Lloret and our view was overlooking the centre of Lloret.

About the holiday, I booked it as a cheap getaway; the airline was Ryan Air and had no problems if you keep to their rules one suitcase 15kgs and one flight bag 10kgs. Per person (adult) mind you 10kgs hand luggage is a lot to carry. Our transfers from the airport was an experience it took just as long to go from Gerona Airport the Lloret as it did flight time. We stopped off at every resort. With not been before we put this down to a free tour. Luckily our return trip was quicker.

Lloret at this time of year was still busy, and plenty to do day and night. We never ate at the same place twice, Drinks and meals were not too expensive with wine being a good buy. On the sea front is an English bar called “The Piccadilly” which every night was a happy hour until 4.00am. Also did some nice breakfasts and meals.

If I ever went back to Lloret I would stay in these apartments again, we had a wonderful time and the people were very friendly.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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