Cotillo Beach Hotel

Ctra. Los Lagos, s/n, Fuerteventura 35650, Spain
7.5  / 10
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10 / 10

"Me and my partner, went here last year, and found it a very peaceful resort, the rooms were cleaned regually, and the staff were very helpfull, the all inclusive package, was very good, this is not a holiday for families,it is to quiet for children, but for us this was bliss as we were, looking to get away from all the hustle and bustle, although we love children, it was a perfect child free resort, there was only about 23 couples when we got there, so no fighting for sunbeds, and we all got on very well, the evening entertainment was sparse, but bingo and quizes very funny, but all in all a lovely peaceful holiday, we are going to go back, in january,and hope it can repeat the peace and tranquility..."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: just enjoy, and try the fish reastuarant, on the beach, they catch it whilst you wait
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Better than you pay for- clean and friendly, but a bit quiet


Hotel was very clean and quite modern. Cleaner cleans rooms 5x per week. I have not seen even one cockroach which is a huge advantage, as trust me- they are huge and disgusting in Canaries. Rooms are functional and of a good size if 2 people are staying in the room (probably not as comfy, if there are 3 people and the sofa is unfolded). Nice size balcony overlooking the sea or the swimming pool (one row overlooks the town I believe). There are 2 double wardrobes, some extra hanging space, side tables and a desk, so in short- enough storage even for 3. Our bathroom was clean and comfortable, although if you are a real pain, you will notice the workmanship was not perfect. There is a hair dryer in the bathroom. There is no air-con, but the fans on the ceiling do the trick and are probably more healthy. We were using card as a key and although there is a safe in the room, we felt our things were secure in the room and we did not hear anybody complaining of anything being stolen.


All the staff were very friendly- the receptionists, waiters, cleaners- efficient, nice and helpful.

Hotel entertainment

There was a field for playing football, volleyball and basket ball. It was nicely shaded in the aternoons, however I believe that you would have to go with a group of friends to actually be able to enjoy it, as the guests did not seem to be interested, or they could not get themselves organised. There were also darts, pool, table tennis, tennis, some other table game, rifle shooting and boule (?). The entertainer, Claire was new, she came on the same day as we did, so she was slowly trying to make the plan of activities. She intended to add some stretching.There were various quizzes in the evenings,not many people attended, but the ones that did, seemed to be quite happy. The guests are from different countries, during my stay there were mostly English people, Germans, some Spanish and Italians and a couple of Polish, Dutch and Russian people. Just in case you miss it (I noticed it on the third day), the activities plan is on the pool bar door.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool seems to be very clean and there are more than enough loungers for everybody. There are sunny and shaded areas, so you can just get your drink from the bar by the pool and relax. The downside was that the pool was a bit cold in Sept/Oct.


There is a reasonable choice of food; eg for breakfast there is a choice of full English, various cereals and variety of dried fruit, donaughts and other sweet rolls/cake type things and finally cheese, ham and some salami.

Lunch and Dinner would usually be one or two kinds of grilled meat/fish, fish in sauce, meat (lamb, beef, pork, chicken, rabbit) roasted and/or with sauce, some fried meaty snack eg. chicken nuggets, a few times I saw paella, there was always some pasta, grated cheese and tomato sauce, if somebody was interested (kids?) and finally a choice of vegetables- one or two kinds of warm vegetables and a number of fresh vegetables to be eaten as a side salad or with tuna. Choice and quality was quite good and definitely worth the price.The downside was that the food was made to suite all tastes, so was not very spicy, the vegetables sometimes tasted as if they were not very fresh, but then we went at the end of September when the hotel was not full, so I it is understandable the food was not being used up very fast. I did not enjoy the deserts very much- mostly tinned fruit and some milk desserts. However, there were always bowls of fresh fruit to chose from Finally, all inclusive option entitled to wine, beer and soft drinks to go with the meal. The alcohol was ok and the coffee was lovely.


There are three beaches in El Cotillo.

The one to the left, where I was going in the mornings is some 20 minutes walk from the hotel. It is quite a long sandy beach with a lifeguard. The waves are big there (smaller in the mornings), so perfect for surfing or jumping through the waves, fighting with them and being massaged by them (excellent massage ladies).

My evening beach was one of the two to the right from the hotel.

The first one, 5 minutes away from the hotel is a sandy beach, enclosed by the rocks, so that the Laguna is very calm. Too shallow to swim in the morning, but in the afternoon it is like a sea swimming pool- lovely. No lifeguard.

The second beach to the right is also an enclosed laguna, about 20 minutes away from the hotel. It seems to be more private, with a few more "stone circles" to protect you from the wind and gaze of other people. There are more people coming there than to the second one, it has a lifeguard (I did not see one though), a beach bar and showers to wash off salty water.

Although beaches on Costa Calma seem to be more beautiful, the beaches in El Cotillo provide more entertainment as you can both play in huge waves as well as swim in calm waters.

Please be prepared that you are highly likely to see naturists on your beach. In fact I saw them on all beaches I visited, even the quite busy ones, so if you find it shocking- Fuerteventura may not be for you.


El Cotillo is very small. There are probably a few shops, a supermarket and a few restaurants, so if you are looking forward to partying or walking around the town looking at souvenirs, that is not the best place for you. However, the hotel is a few metres from the bus stop, from which you can catch a bus to Corralejo- much bigger place with some clubs and many more shops, nice dunes as well. Personally, I recommend to rent a car. We paid £130 with insurance for the car rented at the airport from Cicars- one week- and were very satisfied with their service. Prior to our travel we booked a car (a bit cheaper) with holiday autos and it was a TOTAL DISASTER (we cancelled the booking).

If you have a car, you can go on a couple of trips- to Corralejo to see Dunes, and to the south to see nice beaches between Costa Calma and Morro del Jable (i think the one I loved was Playa Barca). If you are not scarred of hights you can go to the south with the western main roads- lovely views, high hills with oasis on the bottom. If you are scarred of hights, take the coastal road to the east leading from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario and the airport.In fact, this is the road I would recommend for travelling to the hotel from the airport- coastal to Corralejo and from there to El Cotillo. It may seem longer, but is more comfortable and straight. If you are bored with Fuerteventura, you can take a ferry to Lanzarote or Lobos from Corralejo which is only some 20 mts from El Cotillo.

Hotel- "finishing touches"

The reception area was nice, modern. There was no internet connection in the rooms, but you can get connection at the reception. There are many sofas and some desks with computers there, so you do not need to take your own laptop. The hotel had some things to make life easier such as scales for the luggage, books in English for sale, cards and stamps, car rental was available in the hotel as well, plus vending machines with snacks and drinks. We also borrowed from the hotel quite good umbrellas to take to the beach free of charge.

Enjoy your holiday!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
What a gem!!!

"I booked this holiday just a week before I went. It was also the first time that I was going to try All Inclusive so was a bit apprehensive on that front.

I so didn't need to be because from the moment the coach drove into El Cotillo I was in love. It is a traditional sleepy Spanish town quite unspoiled and very pretty. The Cotillo Beach Hotel was very impressive and did not disappoint in any way. Extremely clean and well kept, Fantastic staff, fresh beautifully prepared food with a wider variety than I expected.

The beaches are spectacular but if like me you enjoy poolside relaxation then you can't do any better.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my stay and intend to go back in September.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Absolutely Fabulous

"We booked a week at the hotel only 5 days before travelling. The hotel was absolutely fantastic, it was so clean and tidy, the food was excellent and the hotel staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. There is something for everyone no matter how young or old. The Pools are the cleanest i have ever seen and so much time is spent each morning cleaning the pool and the sunbathing area. There is entertainment every evening but its all tucked away at the back of the hotel so not in your face if you dont want that type of thing. Definately will go back and will recommend to anyone who will listen!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The hotel is beautiful and so is the area. however it is very quiet. i loved it but if you want busy shops and busy nightlife, dont go here.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
The Best Holiday Ever, can't wait to go back...

"After booking this hotel back in July 2010 I was a little bit nervous about where we were going as we had read good and bad reports aboutit but I have to say the reports got better from summer 2008 to summer 2009!!

We arrived at the hotel about 9.45pm on Saturday 14th August 2010 to be greeted by the most friendly male receptionist you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. After being informed that the restaurant had shut at 9.30 he told us of places we could get food either a sandwich at the hotel bar or he said he would order us a takeaway to eat in our rooms. My son wanted pizza so it was ordered by the receptionist and my son kept going to see if it had arrived and struck up a brilliant friendship with him so much so that he became a real friend to us and even bought my 11 year old son and my 18 year old daughter presents when we left.

The whole experience was a wonderful one, no towels left on sun beds a 6am you could just walk out after breakfast and always get sun beds. The rooms were fantastic and clean and I'm really fussy when it comes to bathrooms and all I can say it was cleaner than mine! Clean towels every day, maid service every day, clean sheets 2 or 3 times a week, the staff were lovely and couldn't do enough for you, the animation trio were just brilliant especially the two men who always made time to come and chat, the food was delicious alway hot and tasty with a huge variety ie italian one night, indian one night canarian one night etc and my son and daughter are really fussy and they both ate well. The snacks during the day were tasty and hot and plenty of them, chicken nuggets, sausages and burgers.

I would love to say something negative about it as I really don't want to tell everyone about this fantastic place but there is not one bad thing to say about it.

We would love to go back at the end of October but unfortunately it won't be open but we'll definitely be booking up again for next year.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with travel republic
  • Advice: Fantastic
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Going again this year

"We atayed here last year (August 2009) and had a wonderful relaxing holiday. The staff were friendly, the food was good. The entertainment was amusing.

We are going back again this year (July 2010)

Would recommned this to ant ine who wants a quiet holiday with stunning beaches on the doorstep.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: recommended for a quiet hotel/beach holiday
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Lovely relaxing holiday

"The hotel was beautiful and very quiet. The rooms were spotless and the food was excellent, it was different most evenings of our fortnight but probably not the choice most people would expect because there were not enough people to have too many variations. There was usually a meat, fish and salad dish with perhaps a burger or similar and plenty of lovely veg. Four of us went and we would highly recommend this hotel if you want a quiet holiday. We do stress quiet though the hotel and the resort"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: great peaceful holiday
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
relaxing beach holiday

"We had a fantastic holiday,11 days of peace and relaxation, this was our 2nd visit to cotillo beach hotel, the hotel is 1st class for a 3star, very clean and tasefully decorated,the staff are really helpfull, nothing is to much trouble, one of the waiters loved to play little tricks on us, also sang during meal times, he was quite good to, the beach is breath taking, you leave the hotel turn right and walk at the most 5 mins, cross over the rd and the beach is in front of you, it is really quiet, white sand and amazing sea, when the tide goes out it leaves lagoons, which are great for children, my husband fly fished every day and we both took our snorkelling gear, my husband spotted a puffer fish, this hotel and resort is really quiet, there are a few bars and eating places in the town, but if its bars nightlife and shops your wanting this is not the place for you, it a chilling out beach hol, you could stay round the pool, but the beach here is not to be missed."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: get away from it all holiday
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great place to relax

"My husband booked the holiday we are in our mid 40s and really wanted to have a relaxing holiday.

Our first experience of this hotel was to be met by a very friendly receptionist, as we arrived at around 9.45 we had missed dinner so we where prepared to go out for dinner but were advised that there is a cold meal waiting for us this was a very nice surprise and also the meal was very nice this was offered to several of us who arrived late.

exceptionally clean. We had a room with a beautiful view of the pool which also was very clean the room was also very quiet when the patio doors were shut.

We really enjoyed the food there was a great selection over the 14 days and we thought that this might be repeated on the second week but this was not the case, the staff are very friendly although they do not speak very much English they where always willing to help.

The entertainment manager and the bar guys were most helpful fun and really helped to make the holiday .

Overall our stay was everything we wanted good food excepecional room and very relaxing.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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4 / 10
Terrible Service, Bad gut!!

"We booked a 10 day stay here back in April. After a stressful time due to ill health we were so looking forward to this holiday. What a big letdown. Reception staff were the best of all. They were willing to help. The hotel itself is fabulous. Clean and spacious rooms. The whole complex was very clean. Pools great if only could be a little warmer. Check in when we arrived was quick and efficient. Arrived about 1.30pm. Went straight to restaurant and was very disappointed. Didn't expect excellent food but did expect chips to be cooked and all food that should be hot to be just that. There was a microwave for warming your food up.(bad sign straight away) I had a bad stomach for 3 days which I can honestly put down to the food. Stuck to salads and tuna for most of the holiday. When I had just started to feel ok again I had the unfortunate luck to find a caterpillar crawling along the lettuce on a sandwich I had made up. Restaurant staff made no attempt at an apology but just laughed and ran to the kitchen with it. After that I couldn't even eat the salads and had no choice but to go and eat out. We had a 3 year old with us and there was no choice of food for her without chips cooked properly. She lived on ice cream and watermelon whilst there. The All-Inclusive promised during the day of chips, burgers etc did not exist either. Each day they would put out cold and (warm?) food in cabinets but it was food that we had had served the night before or even left over from breakfast.

Bar service was terrible also unless you were from the right country. It wouldn't matter if you were on your own standing there if someone else came up they would be served before you. Went to bar at 11.25pm nobody waiting. Bar staff walking past ignoring us. Decided to serve at 11.35 and expected us to pay as the AI finishes at 11.30. Complained to animation guy and ignored.

Supposed to be kids activities in the day. We took our daughter to the room where these are supposed to take place and once again was ignored by the animation guy. There was supposed to be a kids disco each night except Thursday but this was non existent also until our final night there when he did do things for the kids in Spanish as there were more spanish kids there on this night.

El Cotillo itself would be a lovely place for older people not wanting any entertainment and just a relaxing, do nothing holiday.

El Tosten harbour bar was a life saver for excellent food. Nothing was too much trouble. Wanted a mixed grill but not on menu. When asked they said they would sort one out for us and very enjoyable it was. Even had english sausages for the little one.

There could be so much done with this hotel without too much expense but as it is now I would definately not be going back.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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4 / 10
Quiet Cotillo Beach

"My husband & I booked a 2 week stay at Cotillo Beach expecting it to be quiet - just what we needed after a stressful year. We are both in our 20's & wanted a relaxing holiday without too much noise & nightlife. We got that & then some!

We had a few problems right at the start. The hotel offers a late check out, which is great if you have a late flight, not so good if you've come in on an early flight & are waiting for the room!

We arrived at 10:30 am & had to wait until 14:30 until the room was ready. When we tried to check in, we were asked how we would like to pay for our stay. We explained that we had already paid via the travel company using a credit card & that we had received the monthly statement showing the payment. Luckily, I had bought all paperwork relating to the booking with me as proof but the Receptionist still insisted on calling the UK travel company to confirm our payment which was a bit off-putting.

The hotel itself is very nice. Our room was spacious with a nice bathroom & a balcony with a view over the pool. As the hotel is relatively new, there isn't the usual wear & tear, everything is still nicely decorated. Be warned though - the swimming pool is freezing! Very few adults actually braved the pool & I preferred swimming in the sea - much warmer.

The first major problem with this hotel, as others have pointed out, is the food. During our first week it was fine - not 5* quality (which we weren't expecting) but not awful. Think school canteen food! There was always something to choose from, soup for starter, fish + 2 other meat dishes, potatoes, veg & rice & a salad bar.

However, for some reason, the staff cannot keep the food hot. It is usually served lukewarm & is left to get cooler. During our second week, the food got gradually worse & colder, it was as if they had stopped trying/caring. Even the salad bar was reduced to lettuce, tomato, artichokes & tuna. The last few days my husband & I ate tuna rolls at lunch & went out to eat in the evening- our credit card took a hit as we weren't expecting to spend any money. I would recommend Casa Rustica (up past the old harbour, towards the new harbour on the left) for steak, La Vaca Azul (in the old harbour) for fish & El Toston (in the old harbour) for English food. El Toston was definitely a life saver during our stay for snacks & company, which leads me to the second major problem - the 'entertainment'.

This hotel is like being in a retirement home. The bar closes at 11:30, the lights are turned off & you're booted out the door. If you try & sit on your balcony to finish your drinks or have a game of cards, like we tried to do, all the balcony/terrace lights are switched off at approx 11:45. If you try to sit in your room & watch TV, you get a call from reception saying someone has complained about the noise or your neighbours start banging on the wall. When the bar is open, the entertainment is non-existent. We had bad music every night & more games of bingo than I can remember, although on Tuesday nights there is a reptile show which is excellent. I was so glad when we found the old harbour & El Toston. Gayle & Alan who own the bar/restaurant are lovely people who you can chat to all night & nothing is too much trouble for them. A lot of Cotillo Beach refugees found their way there. El Cotillo itself is also very quiet - on Monday nights, everything is shut. What bars & restaurants there are close relatively early & it can feel like a ghost town at 11:00 pm. This is probably why El Toston is so popular as it is open late, plays good music (live on Fridays) & even shows the football for those that just can't live without it.

To sum up, I would return to El Cotillo & the Cotillo Beach Hotel but probably only for a week. I would also go Self Catering as All Inclusive is a waste of money - the food & the entertainment are a let down so just stay here for the hotel itself.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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3 / 10
After having sugery on my spine my...

"After having sugery on my spine my husband and i decided we needed a "quiet" holiday that wouldnt require much walking about,having read a couple of reveiws about cotillo beach hotel it sounded perfect, we couldnt have been more wrong, we arrived on the saturday early afternoon, expecting a 1 bedroom apartment, which we had booked specifically as my husband has a massive snoring problem and to share a room would mean myself and our daughter not getting any sleep for 2 weeks, there are no 1 bedroom apartments in the hotel however this is how they advertise their rooms. we wer given a large room on the first floor at the front of the hotel over looking what can only be described as a war zone, the whole surrounding area is just a massive building site, as the hotel is situated on a mainroad as well, we couldnt sit on the balcony unless you wanted the builders and anyone passing gawping at you. the hotel is very clean, and rooms were cleaned every day with fresh towels, however now we get to the best bit ..... The food and drink!!! when we arrived we expected to be able to grab a snack from the snack bar, except there is no snack bar! all that is available as "snacks" is food that has been reheated from the dinner the night before!!! no sandwiches or fries just pieces of pork chop and bits of fish. breakfast was ok if you dont mind green beans and carrots with your bacon & egg, lunch and dinner was the same thing over and over pork, fish and pork and fish!!! served with fries some more fries and some plain pasta. the food was consistantly cold and undercooked, the salad was ok, but it was tuna or tuna take it or leave it. 2 days after we arrived my husband was taken ill, i dont need to go into detail im sure you can imagine!! as for the drinks if you can manage to get served your lucky, the staff were so unfriendly unless you are spanish no worries! they deliberately ignore you, then if you do manage to get their attention if you want 2 different drinks theyl give you the first one you ask for but not the second, they move on to the next person or just clear off, it was really infuriating. the pool bar closed at 8pm even tho its supposed to stay open till 11.30pm, the staff have to go and help in the restaraunt. then at 9pm they open the evening bar which is just a big tent with a stage, again dont expect to get served. the entertainment was really poor, tho it wasnt thru lack of trying from the entertainment "director" Fransisco he did try. there are quiz nights, bingo and some spanish pub singers, haha made me laugh anyway!! best bit is tho if you win the quiz or bingo you win alcohol!!! just what you want in an all inclusive hotel. during our two week stay my husband was ill twice in the first week, my daughter once and me just once, however we arrived home sat 30 aug by mon 1 sept my husband was admitted to hospital with a severe parasite infestation and food poisoning. as i said the hotel is nice and clean with a nice pool which is freezing, but that is all, the surrounding area is a major building site, the beaches are not 300m away they are a good 1/2 hr walk away uphill mostly. I really regret spending the money on our holiday, so do yourself a favour dont waste your money here go somewhere else."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Global Late Deals

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  • by salc

    " Fabulous Meal at Casa Rustica at very reasonable price. A must visit. "

  • by Ananova

    " Beach to the left nice in the mornings, the one to the right great for swimming in the afternoon "

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