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5 / 10
English love it

"The Spanish clientele think that self-service is unusual and exciting (after years of having wonderful service even for a single coffee!!!). By Spanish standards the hotel is expensive and the service not at all Spanish. The rooms are excellent, with nice bathrooms. Full of Saga Brits who would eat horse manure and not complain but would complain amongst themselves. The food is not horse manure but neither is it exciting enough for anyone who knows about decent food to make a detour to eat. In Denia (a wonderful Spanish town/city) there are fine restaurants with waiter service at say 14.00 euros with wine - these you would visit! The Port Denia's food is decent cafeteria standard - not bad but not really restaurant "night out" standard. The "all inclusive" wine at dinner and lunch is decent (it's 2.80 Euros at the supermarket) and on the whole the staff are very plesant (why they can't serve your meals remains a mystery to me - no, it's not, the British love self-service, they hate proper waiter service). But one thing is truly disturbing. I see from the reviews that there is an entertainer called Jon Silver. He sings. He gyrates, He is thirty something. He is Maltese. He is a cross between Vic Reeves' Northern Club singer and Borat. He touches himself and others. He dances with the elderly "I lurve you." It is (unintentionally) hilarious. This was one of the most awful things I have ever seen that is called entertainment. Like a car-crash you have to look. What with the elderly Saga audience (who say they love him) looking like not only the guests at a funeral but the corpse itself, it was the most bizarre experience I have had in a long while. You have been warned. Denia has a great railway service - Bendidorm is just 5.95 day return, Altea 4.00 euros etc. beautiful relaxed journey with real Spanish scenery to take your breath away. All real Spain, real trains, not plastic donkey factories or timeshare salesmen. A great place but mediocre hotel. Stay in town for much less at a four star hotel with real meals and real Spanish or rather Valenciano hospitality... not with angry pensioners from Luton. (And I went with Saga)."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Saga
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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9 / 10
Value for Money

"We recently returned from a 2 week holiday booked through Saga at this hotel. It is classed as 3* but deserves a higher rating. The standard of cleanliness was 1st class from public rooms to bedrooms. The food is excellent, served buffet style. Would mention particularly the salmon and huge bowls of prawns that appear on a Sunday evening. The hotel has a 'no reserve' sunbed policy, which means you do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to place towels!! There is a very large influx of Spanish guests over the weekends and they are very voluble BUT pleasant and it is a good opportunity to practise your Spanish!! The beautifully clean sandy beach is just a short stroll away and a flat walk into the town of Denia, takes roughly 10-15 minutes. A public bus runs from across the road every hour and costs 1.25 euros whever you get off along the route and drops you off at the harbour. Many of our fellow Brits had returned to this hotel time after time and we feel it is excellent value for money."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Worth a visit.
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
mixed thoughts

"This is a shared hotel, not exclusively saga. It didn’t bother us except for meal times during the weekends due to the influx of Spanish guests. We tried to leave the hotel as often as possible. I had read some reviews about this singer Jon Silver. And I must say, all were true.

I’ve been on the Saga Ruby world cruise and this is the sort of entertainment which could make a difference. We may be old, but as this singer has shown us, we still know how to enjoy a lively evening. Me and my husband are looking forward to spending new yr’s eve with him. We wish him all the best.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Saga
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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6 / 10
definately a cultural clash

"We were a group of 4 ladies, over the easter period, stayed for 3 weeks. I had been to this hotel before and it was what we were after. quiet location, right next to the sea, long walk along the port, good food, amazing staff, clean rooms. However, it all went crazy with the arrival of the spanish guests over the weekends. not enough bar area, not enough lounge area, a struggle during meal times, very noisy.

Luckily we had exclusive entertainment 4 times a week. A saxophone duo and a comedian were quite good. But we really looked forward to this singer, Jon Silver, or as we called him, sexy Jon Silver. Each week was a night to remember. Brought back memories of my nightclub days.

Will consider the time frame next time I visit this hotel. But will sure like to meet Jon Silver again.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Saga

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4 / 10
generally poor.

"Travelled with saga several times to other hotels, and this particular hotel compares poorly especially due to the noisy, boisterous spanish guests over the weekend. A battle during meal times and to find seating in the lounge. Luckily the saga entertainment was exclusive. The highlight of the trip was the monday entertainment with Jon Silver. Believe you me he can entertain. Compliments to Saga for bringing him on board.

Denia has nothing much to offer and the excursions were quite pricey, but enjoyed the one to Valencia.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Saga
  • Advice: Select another Saga hotel. But try to find one with Jon Silver.
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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2 / 10

"Having had 2 previous enjoyable holidays at this hotel we came again in February.The first week was fine as we expected but went from bad to worse for the next 2 weeks.Due to the Hotel being almost totally full there was great difficulty in finding somewhere to sit in the evenings, even the outside furniture was brought inside to accomodate the influx of Spanish families and pensionistas.It was much worse at weekends and we noticed that the food quality deteriorated most days during this time. Of course the volume of people is fine summer as everything is open air but in winter even the exits (emergency}are sometimes impossible to reach.We were very disappointed and will not return."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Saga

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9 / 10
it was great the room was spacious...

"it was great the room was spacious and the food was lovley

it was very close to the beach and the local town centre

there was a great pool area and game room along with a gym and sauna the pool showers were lovley and as for the reception area how amazing

at my first look i thought it was a 5 star

you have got to visit it sometime or maybe stay there

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
This Hotel is in the centre of a...

"This Hotel is in the centre of a residential area, surrounded by new apartments and older style villas and apartments, if you are looking for any sort of life on your holiday, don't go to this hotel. Facing the hotel is a very small supermarket, a chinese restaurant and a couple of other bar/cafe/restaurants and a gym. That is the extent of life outside this Hotel. Unless you want to take on the 2-3 mile walk into town which by the way is on pavements that are cracked and broken, that is a long way to walk in the sun when there is nowhere to stop and sit for a drink to cool down. There are buses that run into town but we never attempted to sort out times etc mainly because we thought there would be stop off points along the way, we walked once and never again.

This is quite a large Hotel but Saga have only around 10% of the Hotel, there were probably around 30 British tourists in the whole hotel, the rest is for other foreign Holiday companies. This is not mentioned in the Saga brochure.

The Hotel is definately geared towards children, there were at least 250 when we were there in June 2007 and it appears that foreign children hardly ever sleep, they run riot in the dining room, throughout the foyer, they completely take over the swimming pool with their water games which have been organised by their entertainment staff, and the childrens entertainment is organised from around 09.30am until 10.00pm after which the children move out to the swimming pool area until around 1.00am when they finally go to bed. There were approx 250 children of all ages running riot everywhere, all Spanish, German and French, obviously no British as the British tourists were Saga only (over 55s).

This Hotel is run by the Spanish staff for the Spanish tourists, British holidaymakers are most definately not wanted in this Hotel. We (British) were the only holiday makers expected to abide by a dress code in the dining room. The All Inclusive option is only available for the British holidaymakers and the foreign tourists are ALWAYS served first. The "cheap local rubbish" drinks (for All Inclusive) are kept hidden out of the way under the bar area for the British.

British holidaymakers are only allowed to use an old rusty leaking coffee machine in the lounge area whilst all other tourists are served fresh hot drinks from the bar area, I tried once at the bar to ask for two coffees and was told in no uncertain terms "all Inclusive must use the coffee machine".

The staff in this Hotel have no time whatsoever for any British and are on most occasions, very rude, abrasive and ignorant.

It is pointless approaching the Saga Representatives (3 in all) as they spent their time looking after themselves and drinking "freshly made coffee" at the bar.

The food in the dining room is definately geared towards foreign tourists, on one occasion, the Baked Beans had run out for breakfast and we were expected to eat Green Beans as the replacement????

The Hotel itself is really lovely, it is kept very clean by the Hotel staff, it is just such a shame that Saga do not give a truthful insight into what British tourists are expected to endure throughout their holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Saga

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10 / 10
Great 3 star Hotel

"Having just returned from an all inclusive SAGA holiday at the Port Denia I was most impressed with the hotel, for a 3 star I could not fault it! The food was good with a wide choice, bedrooms were good & a lovely bathroom. Both of which were kept very clean. I had a high floor room oeverlooking the pool & which afforded some amazing sunrises! Hotel & Bar Staff & SAGA reps were excellent. If you do not choose to try for a pool view the other rooms on the other side of the hotel have no balconys but are much bigger rooms. So you have a choice of balcony or space! Reccomend this as an excellent 3 star hotel on what is a lovely coast of Spain with some great trips to be had. On the negative side it takes 15 minutes to walk into Denia or

there is a bus every 1hour for 1 Euro.

Mr M.J.P Solihull

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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  • by billf7967

    " The excursion to guadalest and the callosa falls was memorable. Benidorm not as much. "

  • by billf7967

    " The excursion to guadalest and the callosa falls was memorable. Benidorm not as much. "

  • by Julian Myerscough

    " Don't book full board "

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