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A 386, approximately 2 miles north of the junction with the A 30, Okehampton EX20 4NA, United Kingdom
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"Absolutely horrendous like an old peoples home food was atrocious I had diarrhea due to the greasy vile food never ever again old fashioned dated and dangerous accommodation and activities we felt traumatized by the experience."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go
1 / 10

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If your a disabled golfer forget it

"The Manor hotel is reasonable for the price but a bit dated could do with a refurbish, I went to play golf and if you are disabled you have to get a blue flag to allow you to drive on the fairways but if the man who gives you the key to the buggy thinks it might be wet then you do not get a buggy and you have just wasted your holiday break, he is supposed to phone the green keeper and ask him but if he is not inclined to do so then hard luck. If you are a disabled golfer give this place a miss, and fit golfers need to be fit as you are not allowed to drive on the course you have to leave the buggy on the path and walk across the fairway to play your ball and if you have taken the wrong club then you walk back an average round takes about 5-6 Hours"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Irf disabled forget it
2 / 10

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Excellent hotel, delivers what it says on the cover

"We felt that this was a cruise with out the sea!! Absolutely great for anyone disabled (as my husband is). Food excellent and always served impeccably, staff have great customer service skills, nothing too much to help with. Disabled room brilliant for us.

The whole concept was brilliant, Christmas festivities brilliant lots of champagne.

Lots to do - or if you want to chill that is okay as well.

Easy to find and if the weather had been better Dartmoor was only a short drive a way.

Would go again. and Will recommend for all.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Engage with the activities if you can
9 / 10

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Definitely going again!

"Booked a 4 night stay for just 2 of us & it seemed ideal on paper as my other half loves golf & I love crafts etc, originally found this place about 5 years ago & requested a brochure but kept forgetting about it when we came to plan our annual holiday, but this year I saw it advertised on TV, so requested an up to date brochure & when it came it had a dvd to watch which was much better & gives you a more realistic view of the golf courses, the hotel & the activities etc. So we went,& how glad we were that we did!! I was a bit dubious as I had read the reviews before I booked it but as we both hold more importance on the quality of the whatever entertains you when away on holiday rather than how posh or modern the furnishings are we were quiet pleased. At first the carpets & decor of the gerneral area's & the bedrooms was a bit dated, but not by 50 yrs like one review stated, more like 12 yrs as they have the same wardrobe style as my mom had fitted about 10-15 yrs ago, & the carpet looks like the hard wearing long lasting kind which I'm presumming is of limited choice so would usually either be plain & dark n dingy or have some form of a traditional pattern all over it which is what this place has, so is understandable in some ways why is like this, but as we needed to walk through the dining area to get to our room (as it has rooms in different area's so if booking in a group I would suggest booking at same time if you prefer to have bedrooms near to friends or family), we saw the staff hoovering the dinning room after every mealtime which seemed a very good standard to me. The food was cooked to a good standard & suited most peoples tastes I would think, you could have as little or as much as you like at breakfast & lunchtime & a choice of 2-3 meals at dinner with a good vegetarian choice & some child friendly foods too, the starter at dinner was a good choice too cold or hot buffet,& you can also have a pudding at lunchtimes, e.g. black forest gateux, & some of the desserts were the spare over from the night before's dinner (which I know some folks would not like idea of but there's nothing wrong with the food itself & is stupid waste to through away if is perfectly good, we'd rather have an extra pudding!). Also mealtimes were 2-3 hours long which was great as would suit people who prefer to eat earlier or later & is also very useful for fitting in with the activity times like if your activity ran over (& this was only by personal choice as you could continue to spend extra time doing an activity to complete an item as they allow you to, of course this is only if there are no activity sessions beginning straight after yours). My other half played golf at the Ashbury hotel very early every morning as he prefers that so I had breakfast alone but was very good for solo holiday makers as you didn't feel like you stuck out on your own! Then I did a craft activity in the mornings & then we met up at lunchtime & ate together then did other activities together, or we'd do seperate things but as some of them are shorter sessions like archery & hot press printing we did those separatly then met up again somewhere inbetween where we'd been doing the activity & had a coffee (cost £1 but can't complain at that) & sat in the general lounge & relaxed till when ever we'd chosen to do the next activity. The lounge area's are quite large & have 3 large flat screen tv's (1 in each lounge area) which had different sports on each one at different times. There are 2 swimming pools at the Manor hotel, one each side of the hotel, one is nearer the majority of the rooms & was pretty quite when we were there & they run things like aquarobic classes etc in that one but only once a day maybe & the other pool is more for family fun as is next to the kiddy pool & the flumes pool (which looked like good fun but as we're both over mid 30's thought we'd look a bit daft on these although is meant for adults too but as we don't have kids thought best not, but would if we'd had kids with us as an excuse!) the spa & jacuzzi is by family pool to but never got chance to use this as we were too busy doing other activities! I did enamelling twice, hot press printing twice,painted a bisque model which you can do when ever you want over the time you stay which was good as was nice & peaceful, silk painting, archery, air pistols twice, baddminton for an hour, tennis for 2.5hours, table tennis, bowling twice for 2hrs each time, snooker/pool for an hour & swimming for an hour! I'm not a sporty person either! but my other half is, but I feel loads better for it since getting back home. You do have to pay for what ever you make or keep in the crafts but they always tell you this at start of the classes, but this is ace because instead of looking for something to bring back to family from holiday & I hate spending my holiday time walking around a town looking for gifts when you're supposed to be relaxing & doing something for yourself, but here you're learning a new craft & getting hands on with equipment & making unique personalised gifts!(particlarly the enamelling with kilns as usually you're not allowed to handle specialist equipment at other places but if you're confident enough you can choose to do the whole process yourself but there's no pressure to as the tutors offer to do it for you & of course children have to be helped etc) There were still a number of other crafts I would like to try next time, like glass engraving, glass painting, wood framing & pottery which takes a bit more time than the rest to complete from start to finish,but the whole of the craft area makes you feel like your back at college not school, there's no strictness or feeling overwhelmed like at school, I went to art college & that felt like home to me, & this place felt the same. I'm dyslexic & have aspergers & was pretty nervous about finding my way around & possibly getting lost & going into classes alone as my other half isn't crafty at all, so when we first arrived we wandered around so I could get my bearings for 1st full day alone & although I was very self aware it was only myself that made me feel this way after the first morning just walking through the walkways & looking around I had my 1st class in the afternoon which I didn't know at the time would actually be the most difficult one I'd chosen to do which was enamelling, but only because I have a bad short term memory so in 5 minutes I forget what someone has told me to do, but the tutors kept instructions concise & clear & used simple ways of demonstrating practical things, so as there were children managing doing it (with supervision of course) I also did it no trouble & you could ask questions after the initial instructions too without feeling stupid etc. So I really enjoyed everything I did after first aprehensions & nerves. When you first arrive & check in you pick up a big A3 timetable which shows all activities & what times etc, then once you've figured out what you want to do you add your name to the activity lists which are all pinned on a big wall in days (3 days up at one time) in a room/area which is accessible at all times, & even though somethings were booked up & full when were first got there, we found that people had requested with reception for further sessions & so you still got chance to do the activity, also sometimes people changed there minds so crossed their name out so you had a further chance then. Some things are run more frequently than others but that is due to the nature of the craft or sport I guess. My other half did air pistols & rifle about 4-5 times each & took slots where folks had cancelled, but it was worth it as he won 2 competitions on one day & so got 2 prizes, bit greedy I suppose but that was the competitions, where as I prefer to learn a craft. The equipment was of good standards too, in all area's. & you only pay a refundable deposit for the sports equipment. We didn't pre plan to do anything after dinner in the evenings & although the dinner room seemed to be fairly full when we were there, they still things left unbooked in the reception which are the sports activities like baddminton & table tennis, the bowling lanes gwere the most popular & got booked quite fast but we still played for an hour 2 nights & had the room to ourselves both nights! only thing is that you cant take any food or drink in there so you'd have to sit in the lounge to have a pint etc in evening. but we didn't mind as it's only for an hour. We also played on the air hockey table & used one of the games consoles in game zone, but is mainly aimed at kids n teenagers. But the 2 childrens play rooms looked ace, if I was a kid again I'd be spending all my time in them! We only saw a couple of toddlers using the very small childs fun room which I believe is relativly new but it looked very good & safe, & had heat lamps you could switch on for colder months. It rained the whole time we were there but we never once got wet & it didn't affect what we were doing (accept palying gold of course). All the main connecting corridors & walkways are under cover with glass windows waist high to ceilings so felt like you were outdoors not in tunnels & at night is well lit too. There are direction signs at every turn, only thing that could be confusing is that there are so many area's etc theres a list of them to read to find where you're looking for but this isn't a negative thing really. On our day of departure it was a dryer day so I went for a walk around outside whilst my other half watched the golf on the big screen & had a coffee & I found a nice grassy area with flowered borders & many good benches & there's a nice patio area outside the bar & lounge with picnic benches & parasols for when the sun does make an appearance! but they are currently adding a new building at the end of the complex (which was being done extremely quietly, never once did we even know ir hear about the work being done, only found out from a poster onthe wall advetsing the new addition) which will be a very modern luxury spa & therapy centre, with all mosaiced relaxation lights & treatment area, which looked amazing on their info poster, which they had early 2013 as completion date, so I guess this would also mean more space for other things where they're currently holding the 8-10 therapy rooms not far from main reception area, so can only be a good thing. If you think about it, majority of people who would search or book on a hobby/craft type holiday or golf break will tend to be older people or maybe a few families or quieter couple who aren't mad on the sun or seaside or are fed up of butlins type places, so the decor at Manor (cant comment on ashbury as I didn't see inside) will be to suit the main clientele, but once you got over the dated artex walls & the carpets & some wooden doors etc it felt relaxing & homely, not stuffy though, & has charactor too. We loved it & seemed like the perfect holiday for both of us, as we get bored lying on a beach for 10 days just burning ourselves & eating, & as I can't read too well (dyslexia ruins reading enjoyment for me) I can't just sit & read a book to relax & I dislike vast holiday complexes because it overwhelms me & so I just stay in my room, but this place is ideal for this, so I would recomend it for most people with a special mention for anyone who has any mild learning disabilties too. I did think the hotel could adapt some things to make it disabled friendly, like some of the doors were awkward to open so could do with having hydraulic push button doors on some of the main access doors & also having ramps built aswell as the existing few stairs (although there weren't many stairs really but sometimes a few which wheelchairs would still be stuck at if alone. There were about 4-5 people in chairs when we were there but I never saw any of them in the far end of the craft area which is where there are a couple of steps, but the main hotel area & lounge & most of the bedroom corridors were all on one level or there were ramps. Hope this review is helpful, a lot of detail I know but I like details as I believe they're important. Will defintaly be going again. (Although i think it gets quite busy during main school holidays from what I overheard from others there who had been 4-5 times in main school hol times). Only place worth taking any view kind of photograghs was from outside the front of the main reception door or on the guided walks over the moors but as weather was poor we decided not to go on one this time but will next time, there were about 14 walks I think & they seemed to have one arranged every other day. We also decided to have a therapy session each which is at an extra fee of course as you pay the therapist directly not the hotel but is a fair rate & you can choose a half an hour session for half the full price, there are a choice of about 10 therapists who all seemed to offer similar therapies but some had different things listed, & they had a poster of information for each therapist & this was all in a separate booking area where you add your name to a list etc like you do with the activities lists. & my other half had a sports massage as he overdid it from doing now sports recently to doing 18 holes every morning & then sporty things in afternoon & evening! & he said it was brilliant only thing was that went too fast! & I had something I'd not heard or seen before called Spinal Touch which realigns your body, is a bit weird at first but I felt like I'd been reset back to my teenage body so was very good & felt relaxed too. We both fell asleep afterwards & almost missed our dinner! Overall friendly straight forward place once you've walked around a bit etc, hard thing is choosing what you want to do & when!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Stay min 3 nights & work out what activity you want to do as soon as you arrive to avoid any disapointment as the popular sessions get fully booked fast
9 / 10

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Fantastic all round family holiday - great value

"We went in a party of 9 with ages ranging from 18 to 73 to celebrate a birthday and golden wedding anniversary. Four of us had been before and five had not but we all had a fantastic time. We went from Thursday to Sunday and no-one wanted to come home! We packed in nearly every sport possible, together with various other arobic activities and also a few crafts. This is a brilliant all round holiday for both sporting and non-sporting people. The food was plentiful and very good, plenty of choice even for fussy eaters! The rooms are quite small and basic, but clean and tidy and there is so much to do the time spent in your room is minimal so it is not a problem. Yes, we did find some of the staff were not particularly overfriendly, but never found any of them rude and it was certainly not a huge issue. There are lots of crafts to do as well as sport and plenty of places to chill out so the stay can be as busy or as relaxed as you choose. There were prizes for some of the activities if you were lucky enough to win a competition or gain the highest score of the day which was an added bonus. There were no "hidden extras" to pay (apart from drinks and the odd small fee for some of the crafts consumables) so the money you pay up front really does cover it all and that, together with very good food, makes this a very worthwhile holiday. We will definitely be going again."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
9 / 10

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Fantastic Family Holiday

"When I first started reading these reviews. I was a little concerned. How wrong I was. I have just got back from a fantastic Mon-Fri break with my 8 year old, 12 year old and my husband - (3 males). From the time we arrived the staff were incredibly friendly. Check in was so easy and details were clearly explained. The room was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting a run down room (because of previous comments) but it was just what we needed and immaculately clean, traditional, but served the purpose for us - Clean to sleep in. We did Every sport available and neither of the children once said " i'm bored". The games room was a god send and a peaceful relax from the sport, as was the craft centre. The food was always cooked well and even the fussiest of eaters would be able to eat something. One of my children is extremely fussy and he ate well. If anything there is access to too much food... but at least you can burn it off quick enough. If you are looking for a fun, reasonably active family holiday I would highly recommend it. The good thing about this place is that whilst the price is quite high, we found it much cheaper and a much better experience than Butlins/Haven in the past. At this hotel it isn't simply take, take, take on the money front. The only time the children asked for money was for returnable depositis on hire equipment. We had a fantastic time and will be returning next year! Such good value for money!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, full board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Pace yourself and book as many different activities as you can!
10 / 10

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Took them to court,won and still they will not pay out

"I stayed here with my extended family in July 2010. We were celebrating my parents golden wedding aniversary. As with many reviews we had a good time UNTIL the last day. We placed our suitcase in their allocated left luggage room whihc they then turned into a dining room without infroming us or moving our suitcase. the suitcase was stolen. The holiday ended in tears with the management being rude and aggresive and refusing to take responsibility. A long story ensued with us ending up in the County Court to revcover the value of the loss. My parents had to make witness statements - what an end to a Golden wedding celebration. In court we won, the whole claim and compensation, but the hotel has failed to pay the judgement, so on we go, 10 months and now we have to take enforcement proceedings. So if you stay and everything goes well - good luck to you, if it doesn't don't expect any customer service, empathy or care. As a family we cannot discuss the celebration as it has had such a horrible and still on going experience."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, full board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go some where else
1 / 10

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Fantastic Holiday

"Just literally returned from the Manor House Hotel. We had been recommended by a family member who has been there 22 times! There are so many activities we were worn out, but if you don't want to do any you can just relax. The bedrooms are clean and tidy but it is not a boutique hotel. Enough entertainment at night. It is really good fun. We have booked again for later in the year."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
8 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

does exactly what it says on the tin

"Just had a brilliant time at the Manor and will be going again. The hotel has one of the most honest websites I've ever seen, so don't go there expecting boutique hotel values, they don't claim to do that and guess what, they don't. Our room was spotless and comfy, the public areas were clean, the food was hot and plentiful and the activities were great. On our visit the staff were faultlessly cheerful and attentive. As for the fire risk, I was with a Fire Officer and he couldn't see any problems. If you want to have fun, go to the Manor, if you want to swank about, then try the Hotel du Vin."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: relax and go with the flow
9 / 10

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"the manor house hotel is one of the best holidays EVER, the manor was such a good place we never wanted to leave, with such a wide range of activities and things to do, we never got bored. you could do as much or as little as you wanted so that the children are happy and the adults wernt worn out. the staff were always friendly and helpful! the food on offer was of a high standard, they had great meals for the children and fantastic food for the adults, the meals came to us quickly, it was great. the room were of a very high standard also, with a clean ensuite and refreshments. the manor house was great and cant wait to go again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Brilliant, strongly recommended, great for all the family
10 / 10

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Many Ups and Downs

"Just come back from our 2nd visit. The food had gone downhill since last year, cold, overcooked and greasy at times. Most staff were very nice however one girl on reception was very rude to both us and another guest and should NEVER be working front of house. Again most staff operating facilities were also very nice apart from one who when we made the long trek to the tennis courts for a court we had booked told us HE was running behind with the competition and WE would have to wait until HE had finished, his overall attitude was TOUGH that's what I am going to do and to go back (big joke considering how far away) to reception and complain. The man working the bar during the day was also surly and in need of a few customer relation skills. This year we had 2 babies in pushchairs, this hotel is most definitely NOT suitable. There was a nice pool which was great for little ones BUT it had no proper changing facilities. There are many stairs and long walks to most of the facilities and carting pushchairs up and down was very cumbersome and hard work. In my daughters room they had muck coming up the bath plug hole (YUCK). However the sports and crafts on offer are the best I have come across for this price range and aside from a few material costs are free which is a massive plus. The rooms are adequate and warm also. Would go again, but not with babies."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great for sports, poor for accessibility
4 / 10

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Another great holiday away at this fantastic hotel!

"Got back from another great holiday away at this hotel. It was phenomenal!!! The hotel has made a lot of improvements this year including refurbishing the rooms and refurbishing the restaurant. This is defiantly a hotel to visit if you are looking for a really good holiday as it is packed with activities for all the family.

We will definitely visit the Hotel fpr the 3rd time in the future.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Full Board, Excellent Service, Best holiday out there!
  • Good For: , City Breaks
10 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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