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What can I say about El Palmeral,...

"What can I say about El Palmeral, well not alot of good to be fair.

Stayed 6 Days, arriving early in the morning due to 6 hours of flight delays! so decided to have a relaxing day and spend some time by the pool however getting to the pool hoping for a sunbed after 7:30 in the morning you stand very little chance. The pool is not a bad size but you can only get about 30 sunbeds maximum around the pool, the room numbers go upto 90 so I will let you do the maths on that anyway as I said if you are not willing like myself to get up at 7:30 just to lay a towel on a sunbed for that garenteed spot you might as well forget it.

Evening entertainment is not much better, to say that you have to go to a concrete shopping centre for any form of nightlife to me is quite sad. Good food though but still not the point. The bar on site was not much better as this would close at 10pm, ok if I am drawing a pention. I was told by some people that were staying there for the 2nd time that the evening entertainment was excellent the last time they come but is now very disapointing.

The rooms I felt were ok as I only really planned to sleep there and not really spent any time inside howver the smell that pokes its head up every now and then can make you feel quite ill. The maids I thought were excellent though.

So in summery, being in a bad smelling fence enclosed prison where you have to reserve a spot by the pool with your towel at 7;30 in the morning with a shopping centre as the main local nightlife because the on site bar closes at 10 with not much excitment apart from a pool table and dart board anyway has confirmed to me.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
Staying at this resort will make you...

"Staying at this resort will make you never want to return to Maspalomas! The accomodation (El Palmeral) is in need of updating and repair, the food is disgusting, housekeeping is vertually non existant... I spent an awful week here and frankly a day was enough! The Faro 2 center serves food that will help you if you are trying to loose weight, i spent many a happy evening on the loo after eating here.. Everything is served with chips even breakfast! Frankly the only good thing to come out of this resort is its proximity to Melonares which offers a hint of cosmopolitan culture for those who enjoy a good cocktail with a sea view and tasteful suroundings! I would never return or take a package holiday again!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Panorama

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9 / 10
Having read various reviews on El...

"Having read various reviews on El Palmeral we went with an open mind, but any doubts were banished as soon as we entered the reception. We were greeted by very friendly staff and shown where our bungalow was situated.

The accommodation is pretty basic, but you don’t go abroad to sit in your room for hours on end, if you do then this probably isn’t for you. We have a six year old boy who slept on the seating in the living room quite comfortably, at a push an adult could sleep on them.

The bedroom had two twin beds which were one of the better we have had on numerous trips abroad. The bathroom was quite large and the maid service was good on the four occasions in the week she visited.

There is a good on site shop with a very pleasant lady who runs it at good competitive prices. The pool area is kept very clean, but you need to get out quite early to get a sunbed, you can take the ones along that are provided with your bungalow.

The pool was very rarely full so plenty of space for the kids to play in. The bar is quite small and you do have to wait to be served if the barman is preparing food, but they are very friendly and the prices are good. Happy hour between 4 and 5pm.

I have read about the numerous cats but in general they do not bother you or come into the bungalows unless you decide to feed them.

We had three cockroaches visit and some other people mentioned they had had them but if you keep your plugs in the baths and sinks you very rarely see them.

The bungalows are approx 400 yards from a good selection of shops and some very good eating places, the Chinese is excellent. We ate in a different place every evening and had no complaints about any of them.

Taxis are really cheap and are metered so don’t hesitate to use them, you won’t get ripped off.

The main thing that impressed us was the feeling of security for the children, the bungalows are fenced in, and the gates are locked from 10pm at night. Only residents can get in or out with the use of a key provided.

This is a great place for families to go for a quiet relaxing holiday, if you are after discos etc go to Playa del Ingles, not Maspalomas.

We will return to El Palmeral again next year as so many of the people we spoke to have done for a number of years.

Hope this has been a help to anyone wanting to visit.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
We have just got back from one...

"We have just got back from one week’s holiday at the El Palmeral Bungalows it was excellent. The weather was just about perfect.

The apartments were clean and cleaned three times in the week we were there. The swimming pool and pool area were clean sunbeds stacked up at night. No booking sunbeds with towel placement.

Staff were friendly and informative, although the barman was a bit restricted in vocabulary he got the message eventually. He certainly worked really hard, he also cooked the breakfasts as well, something he appeared to take great pride in, judging by his attempt to always give good presentation.

We usually go to the reps meeting on the first morning like everyone else, listen to what are the main attractions, and then make our own way there.

My wife wanted to do the dolphin boat trip, you know it’s a scam I said? There won’t be any dolphins I said! Off we set we caught the bus up by holiday world(behind faro 2)went to puerto rico (2.3euro).we arrived after a breathtaking cliff top bus ride, good roads though.

We bought tickets (24euro each I think) boarded the boat, can’t remember the name though the paintwork was part orange and the boat wasn`t very old. The boat made its way 10 miles out to (sea about an hour). We`d seen flying fish coming out which were quite interesting.

It was really hot day we had a fruit juice and discussed what our preferred meal would be to-night, the boat chugged around slowly. I was relating our story of how in Greece we’d gone on a turtle watch boat which carried a plastic one for lobbing overboard in the event off a non sighting, thereby reducing the need for refunds, when out of the blue came the roaring sound of a whales blow hole we looked over to see a magnificent column of spray descending onto two surfacing whales.

I remained calm got out the camera then climbed over the wife, several passengers and seats. I took the best photos of four whales I could ever wish for . As a result I am now a changed man, no longer cynical and always look on the brightside. I whistle and hum tunes.

And so I definitely recommend this trip. The next outing we went out on was Sioux city cowboy set sold as the place where they filmed "Fistful of Dollars" but it was actually a film called" the Hard Ride" with Lee van Cleef. We got a taxi there, 6euro the taxi took us through Playa des Ingles and St Augustine to a rocky valley type place with a car park and wooden entrance.

I stood, I looked, I thought this will be crap , my wife said she wanted to go in I stood firm, no I said. She threw me to the floor, foot on my neck ,rock above my head I was in no position to argue, we entered.

Guess what? It was brilliant. Three hours of great entertainment with cattle drive, Indian fight ,Mexican fight, a hanging ,quick draw competition, can can girls, rope tricks, bison, horses, and loads of wild west stuff .

We must mention the First Choice rep who was excellent (Gemma Innes) she had some rubbish to put up with,one particularly annoying woman who continually laughed, mocked and rubbished her sales pitch during one session. This woman was big but Gemma proved to be bigger by not flinching and showing her obviously excellent upbringing, and deliver her sales pitch without lowering herself to the woman’s level. Well done Gemma I hope you get your just desserts.

We were not at the meeting, if we were I would have unleashed my wife on her.

The only trip we took with the rep was the round the island trip this is a rip off though I don’t think it is anything to do with first choice. The market they take you to is a supermarket in Las Palmas, the worst con is the restaurant stop for lunch. Take sandwiches this restaurant is completely oblivious to the word chef or cooking or taste or fresh or value for money or service, this is a local scam. I feel sorry for First Choice who have to sell this trip when they could do better on their own organising it.

This holiday was great so we say thank you El Palmeral and First Choice you did a great job poss. Get rid of the that restaurant, get your own. Love Rob & Jean.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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6 / 10
I'vejust returned from my 2 week...

"I'vejust returned from my 2 week holiday with my boyfriend at the El Palmeral this morning, and my overall review would be that its quite well located as the faro 2 shopping centre is about a 3 minute walk away and has most of your bars,restaurants and supermarket's. There is a supermarket on site but they are only open until 3pm and are closed on Fridays and on Sunday's, the prices are a little bit more than faro 2 but I found it handy if we needed items for breakfast in the mornings.

We ate out every night and we highly recommend the "restaruant chino royal" this is a really nice chinese restaurant at faro 2 which we found the food really cheap and the staff were very friendly and the food was lovely! We also tried the tex mex restaurant which is based right in the middle of faro 2 but we found the food horrible, pricey and the staff arrogant!

Taxi's are quite cheap every where, the beach was a good 30 minute walk away so we use to get a taxi for about 3 - 4 euro's each way...

the bungalows themselves are very basic and are only really big enough for 2 people, the sofa-bed's seem very uncomfortable even though we used them as just sofa's... the T.V remote control is at a deposit of 5 euro's which you get back at the end of your stay.

We found the bungalows very dark and hardly had any natural light, found them very stuffy at night which we found hard to sleep most nights, you can rent a fan for 15 euro's and then 10 euro's deposit which we didn't think was worth it so we didn't bother...

The maid's came 5 days a week but our bed linen was only changed once through out the whole 2 weeks! Although the towels were changed a lot more regularly.

Some of the staff are friendly but some cant crack there face to smile at you, this maybe just because they don't speak very good english, we arrived in the middle of the night and the man on the reception desk couldn't speak a word of english and kept speaking to us in spanish so we just nodded and pretended we understood!

There is a lot of cats around the complex, they don't harm any one, the staff put food out for them, but this didn't bother me as much as I like cats.

The pool is kept clean but is quite cold and a little small, as it can get a bit crammed if there is a lot of people in there at the same time. Another downside was there is a lot of tall palm trees around the pool area which tend to block the sun when trying to sun bathe.

There is happy hour from 4 pm - 5 pm at the pool bar which gets sounded by a siren but we rarely went to the bar for drinks. The entertainment man just spends every day playing pool and darts and makes himself heard when the happy hour siren went off! The only entertainment they had at night was bingo which we didn't bother going to.

We recommend Aqualand, we went a couple of times, its 23 euro's PP and if you go once you can buy another ticket on the same day to go again for 12.95, a taxi to Aqualand is about 4 - 4.50 euro's but the lockers once you get there are 4euro's + 3 euro's deposit and then for one sunbed its 3.50 euro's! which is a bit of a con but we managed to leave our towels on a sunbed whilst we went on all the slides and got away with not paying for the sunbed.

We booked this holiday as a last minute holiday and for the money we got a good deal.

I would go back there but I think I prefer to go all inclusive or half board next time at a different resort.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
Just returned from a very...

"Just returned from a very disappointing 4 day break at El Palmeral Maspalomas.

Day 1 afternoon we were subjected to loud "thumpy thump" music coming from the pool bar , after two requests to turn this down, the barman reluctantly did so , after shouting over to us that it was "just music".

Day 1 evening we arrived back at 1am to hear Bingo being called out over the loudspeakers , when this was replaced with music at 1,30 we had had enough and asked him if he was in charge ,all I got was a vacant stare , I repeated the question a further twice , still a vacant stare , we know this man speaks english , so when I resorted to Spanish and told him "the music stops now" did he reluctantly switch it off , you are not allowed outside music after 12 pm in Spain.

Day 2 We spoke to the assistant manager who apologised and rectified the problem , she did say she had other complaints of a similar nature.

Days 2 & 3 Peaceful

Day 4 the same barman on duty , assistant Manager on day off, music starts again at 4 pm not as bad so we suffered it reluctantly until the music was replaced with loud football coming from the bar , we approached the receptionist who phoned the barman , but the receptionist was shouted at and more or less told to stay out of it. We had had enough by this time and went out for the rest of the day.

Day 4 late evening could not believe it when the gardener started pruning the palm trees and dropping the branches into a wheelie bin from 20 feet up.

We will never return to this complex , all because of one barman!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
One or two rude staff

"The bungalows were ok. The place is quiet but the facilities for preparing food are very poor. We asked the receptionist for a kitchen knife for chopping vegetables to prepare our meal. A woman stormed into the bungalow about one hour later, opened a kitchen drawer, took out the blunt eating knives, and counted them out for us in a loud sarcastic voice. We explained that we needed a sharp knife for preparing food. She stormed away and sent a younger attendant with the knife we requested."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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10 / 10
booked for next year already

"excellent location for both quiet surroundings but only 2 mins cab ride to main resort of playa del ingles.

fantastic staff very friendly from reception staff marrie-anne the bar staff even jackson the entertainer to the cleaners.

rooms are basic but yet comfortable and clean .

the only downside is that the bar closes at 10pm every night but not a major issue .

would highly reccomend this property for familys and couples alike .

already booked for next year !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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10 / 10
Even though it was two years ago...

"Even though it was two years ago since we stayed at El Palmeral, after reading the comments I thought I would share my views on the place.

It had been approx 6 years since our last sun holiday, and financial constraints meant that it wasn’t till 2005 that we could afford a holiday again. We had never been to the canaries before so we really didn’t know what to expect.

Firstly accommodation:

This was fine. We have two young children 5 and 6 so they slept in the lounge area while we had the bedroom. To be honest they were small but clean and tidy. Great maid service every day. What else do you really want from your accommodation, all we usually use it for is for sleeping in.

The complex:

Again clean and tidy with the gardener watering all plants at night. Very well maintained. The pool was big, nice and clean. Ale ran the bar and worked very very hard. I believe that the bar is owned separately from the actual complex. Maybe it has been leased out, I don’t know. Again Ale was excellent, very friendly but had to do everything including cook meals etc. This did leave him stretched at certain times of the day.

The area;

Faro 2 is the closest, yes most restaurants did serve the same menu, but there is a lovely Italian (Michelangelo’s I think) near the top. The food is first class but they don’t do the burger & chips etc for kids (which was fine for us). Holiday World was just up from there which the kids loved.

To be honest it had everything that a young family could wish for. We tried to book again last year but as we were a party of 5 it worked out too expensive as we would have to of had another apartment.

We ended up having a nightmare holiday at the Bahia Melonaros II complex.

We look back at this holiday with so many fond memories. We tried to re-live it last year but it just wasn’t the same.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
We have just returned from a two week...

"We have just returned from a two week holiday in Maspalomas, staying at the El Palmeral. I had read the reviews prior to going, but did try and keep an open mind about the resort and accommodation.

The rooms were very basic. But ours was kept very clean by the maid service five times a week, and the linen change three times per week.

The pool area was also kept clean, and the gardens tended.

The rooms, as previously mentioned by other guests are not suitable for families, unless the children were especially small. However, the mattresses were uncomfortable in the lounge, and if the children were to be left in the lounge area, they would have access to the hob at night, which was a little worrying.

Likewise a grown adult could not sleep on the mattress unless that were less than five foot tall.

We did experience the odd cockroach at night, and tiny flies all the time, but nothing too daunting. In order to maintain some privacy the doors had to be closed, which did make the room dark during the day.

However, what we found disappointing was that the bar was only open until 10pm, and the barperson ( it was only ever the same one) was quite often elsewhere doing other things, which meant waiting ages to be served both during the day, when by the pool, and night times.

This didn't really cater for the many parents who had small children, who perhaps wanted a more accommodation based holiday.

There was very little else going on in the way of entertainment, and during our two week stay the person in charge of activities only ever played pool, or had the occasional game of darts.

We had a late check out on the day we left, for an extra 12 hours which cost 30 Euros, and when I requested fresh towels, (as the cats had slept on mine outside on the patio chair) I was advised it would be an additional cost-I wasn't impressed with that at all.

In addition, the remote control for the TV in the room was at an additional cost, and the buttons had been removed to stop you using the TV without paying for the remote. All of this was a little too petty for me

The biggest problem was the numerous cats, in double figures at least, staying on the grounds, as they have freedom to roam the property and are fed in the reception area, which meant cat food constantly.

They used the grassed areas as toilet facilities, scratched the doors every night for food, came into your rooms, and laid on your things on the patio. Whilst I love animals, I found all of that a bit much.

I have to say the most friendly of the staff at the El Palmeral was the cleaning staff, and the gardeners, and yet they seemed to work the hardest!

The beach was a good thirty minute walk away, and although faro 2 had shops and served well for supermarket staples etc, the restaurants all served the same food, which led us to take a taxi into Playa des Ingles most evenings.

Faro 2 overlooks a car park, so you could be anywhere having something to eat, and it lacked atmosphere. The two bars we did visit really made an effort though and the local people are exceptionally friendly and willing to offer help.

First Choice provided excellent reps who were helpful and friendly, and the excursions we did, were value for money and good fun.

Overall we had a good holiday. The weather was great, we met some lovely people, and upon getting out of Maspalomas, we found lots to do.

If I were to return to Gran Canaria, it would be a different resort, and definitely different accommodation.

I am not sure that the El Palmeral is worthy of 2 stars or above.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Cheap, comfortable, peaceful and clean !

"My partner and I stayed at these bungalows for a week in January. When we booked with the travel agent we requested a bungalow by the pool and were delighted to find we had just that when we arrived. Check in was easy and the staff friendly. There is a decent sized pool with kiddies end (although not heated in winter so be prepared for a shock when you jump in !) which is surrounded by palm trees and has a bar/restaurant next to it. The bungalows are all white and set in lush gardens with lots of colourful flowers.

The bungalow itself is spacious for 2 people with open plan lounge (2 couches, coffee table) also kitchen table with 2 chairs, large fridge, sink, 2 hob rings and 4 cupboards. Kitchen had everything you need: full crockery set, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, cooking utensils, bottle opener, tea towel. We took our small electrical kettle but there is an old fashioned hob one. The bedroom had two comfortable single beds and plenty of storage space. Bathroom adequate with good shower but could be temperamental with the hot water at certain times of day ! I think the bungalows are ideal for 2 or with small kids on the couches in lounge but definitely not for more than 2 adults. The rooms were cleaned every day and towels changed regularly. The whole complex was very clean and quiet, no traffic nearby. At the front of each bungalow is a deck with 2 sunbeds, table and chairs, drying rack and there are also sunbeds around the pool.

The Faro 2 centre is literally 2 mins walk round the corner with a supermarket (there is one at the hotel but cheaper at Faro 2), bakery, bars and restaurants. The Steakhouse on the lower ground as you approach Faro 2 from the complex is great for steak and paella.

It is worth walking about 25 mins down the dry river to The Lighthouse area, some lovely restaurants although more pricey than Faro 2. Also a must is going to walk over the sand dunes, sadly you pass the poor camels, tied up with metal muzzles waiting to be subjected to 2 people sitting on them while they are dragged over the dunes...very cruel !

Taxi's are very cheap and only a few euros into Playa de Ingles and about 30 euros from the airport to MasPalomas. If you want to look around the Island, take a bus to Puerto de Mogan (about 45 mins) which is beautiful, they call it little Venice, also has a market on Friday mornings and lovely restaurants round the marina for lunch after shopping !

Overall we highly recommend this place to stay as a cheap, peaceful, clean accommodation while you soak up some winter sun !

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007

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4 / 10
Just spent a week in Maspalomas and...

"Just spent a week in Maspalomas and stayed in El Palmeral.

The bungalows are better from the outside then in. Adequate for two people but would be unhappy to be expected to sleep in the lounge and wouldn't consider a family of 4 staying there.

They are very dark inside and really could do with a lick of paint!! Maid service ok but a linen change once in the week would have been better.

Maspalomas is ok, but you need to go to Melonaras each day for beach, restaurants. Faro 2 was OK for a beer but a bit of a concrete block!

We visited the Faro Boulevard every evening for fantastic food. Could recommend Grand Italia.

Obviously you take pot luck with the weather - disappointing our week. You may find that your bungalow is even colder inside!

Must advise you that Anfi is heavily promoted and by our Tour Operator which I thought was disgusting. It’s a time share event. It’s entirely up to you but be warned!!

Wouldn't go back to Maspalomas or Gran Canaria to be honest. A little tacky in places and the time share sellers are seriously offensive.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007, Room Only, booked with First Choice

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