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Avenida Faro de Pechiguera s/n, Lanzarote 35570, Spain
5.5  / 10
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1 / 10
dont choose this hotel

"This hotel should not be available for people to book!The rooms are shoddy damp and dirty

we were shown 2rooms and they were not fit to stay in!The 3rd room looked ok on arrival only to find water all over the floor due to leakage from outside,Was told no other room to move to so had to stay night,We awoke to ants crawling in and all over the bed!!!it was horrendous

staff were very rude at all times and we were told we should expect ants as we were on the ground floor!At this point we wanted to change hotels which we could finally do 3days later

To find out when we got home this hotel is closing at the end of march terrible experience and should not be available......

  • Holiday details: Feb 2016

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1 / 10

"Staff rude..had our I pad. .2 X cameras mobile phone stolen out of our room..We had a safe but unfortunately this was done with in half hour of charging the items...hotel very unhelpful. Police were marvelous. .windows can be lifted out..Please avoid no security CCTV. .If booked be very aware. .and stay safe!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, booked with Alpha Rooms
  • Advice: Stay safe! security just a old man sat out front
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Lovely holiday. Will come back again!

"We have just returned from three weeks at the Corbeta. We had a wonderful time there.

The hotel provides very good value for money. The food was plentiful, varied, well presented and there was a healthy menu each day.

Our room was comfortable and although this is the only hotel we have ever stayed in which only cleans the rooms on alternate days, we found this to be perfectly adequate. The reception staff were more than helpful when we needed assistance and the dining room staff were very friendly and efficient.

We watched some of the entertainment although we usually took a walk down to the promenade in the evening for a stroll and a coffee in one of the many pleasant bars/hotels near the beach.

The swimming pools are a great resource and there was a lifeguard on duty all day. The gardeners did a great job too and helped to make the environment attractive. We loved the variety of nationalities at the hotel and the way that the hotel catered for this with regard to food/ language/ entertainment etc.

Our only problem with our holiday was with Resort Hoppa who failed to pick us up for our transfer to Aricefe Airport. This caused some stress after an otherwise perfect 21 days holiday. Thank you Corbeta!!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014
  • Advice: Enjoy the hotel but also spend time around Playa Blanca and Lanzarote as there is much to see and do on the island.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
bad place to be!!!!!


we have booked the holiday in Lanzorate and chose the Corbeta hotel to accommodate us.

our experience from Corbeta hotel was very expensive place and not up to standard.

they where charging everything from air con to the soap and bed sheets in the rooms.

rooms were dirty and we had to upgrade to junior suite which it was the same compare to the standard rooms ,only had air conditioning and charge for the week was £120.

they did not change the sheets as they were saying by their standards only done once a week.

terrible food that we had to go out every meal even that we were on all inclusive basis. i should say salad was ok so if you are an ape it is a very good place to go to.

Reception staffs were rude.

overall rating from us would be a big juicy 1.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Club Med
  • Advice: Rude staff
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
had a fantanstic holiday!!

"we went in feb for my partners 40th birthday and we had a lovely welcome from staff and locals, the place was very clean, path ways, hotel staff, food was all very clean. lovely weather and great days out too. which is why we are goin again in july with the children because theres plenty to do for the children and got water slides and also theres a aqua water park up the rd and its free if ur staying at this hotel .its child safe staff look after them and return them to you in person if your by the pool! we went out camel riding as well, boat trip the boat sucbing diving boat where u can see the fishes!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: travel in the day time as u can see everything while going to the from the airport

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7 / 10
Value for money

"Overall very good, the pools were good even though two were salt water. Lots of things to do their including tennis courts, games room and play ground. Only about a ten minute walk to a water park and the beach even though there are free coaches to the beach. Lovely staff and great entertainment. Would recommend hiring a car for a day to have a look around the island.i think it's probably best to go all inclusive to get the most out of the hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Climb the extinct volcano 20 minutes away
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Good Value for money

"Don't believe all that you read. I have only ever done three AI holidays, the first in Tunisia was out of this world and because of this I thought that all the others would be the same, how wrong I was - see my write up on "Grand Playa" in Sa coma, Majorca.

Back to this hotel I felt I had to write a review due to all the negative comments that we read after booking the holiday. You have to remember it's a 3* and not the ritz so don't expect fancy cooking and gold plated taps.

We arrived at this hotel along with about 8 other parties, in reception there was only one person behind the counter, not good I thought but she was soon joined by another person and we were all processed really quickly which was I thought very good and the staff was helpful. We were given a map to our room and found it fairly quickly, might take a bit longer in the night (as the complex is quite large) but not impossible if you look at the directions. Our rooms was clean and spacious and they were cleaned daily and towels replaced. Our sheet was changed during our weeks stay also. We had a telly but the only English channels we news channels. The hotel was as we left in the process of upgrading the televisions which have VGA, USB and various other slots that you can plug your devices into/

The complex itself is fairly old and could do with a touch up here and there but it is after all a year round complex. It is well laid out, 5 pools and slides for the kids, plenty of sunbeds. Can't say if the water was cold but there were plenty of people in the pools. A snack bar where you can escape the heat and have drinks and burgers and hotdogs. There are other items on the menu but these are not on the AI basis so you will have to pay. There are lots of activities every day which are announced via the loud speakers, and that is all you hear, so no other noisy music.

The restaurant is large and seats fairly spaced out. This is a busy hotel and at certain times there may not be a table ready, but the waiting staff will find you a table and reset it for you in no time at all. All the staff were very helpful, some could be a bit grumpy from time to time and so would I be if I had to deal with some of the people who stay there. The food, well what do you want. It is a typical Spanish hotel but they try to cater for the many nationalities that holiday there.

So breakfast you had all cold meats and salads, cereals, beans (tasted like heinz), eggs (fried, scrambled, hard boiled, soft boiled), bacon, sausages & chips, they even had HP Sauce. Also toast but be prepared to put it through the toaster several times.

Lunch was various hot dishes, which varied daily, salads, soup and a dessert station.

Dinner was as lunch but with a different soup, and different hot dishes.

There was entertainment every night except Tuesday i think. I never saw any, not quite my thing but the hall was full each night so must have been ok.

All in all for my wife and myself we had very good value for money and would go back again.

Hope I haven't bored you all with these comments but wanted you let you know you will have no problems staying here.


  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take a trip around the volcano you will really enjoy it

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5 / 10
Overbooked and sent to paradise for one night

"Arrived on the 1st well over booked they sent us to the paradise overnight, which they paid for and the taxi driver who picked us up was so rude as we explained the hotel was paying, he said no you pay. I stood my ground then he took our case and threw it out the boot, lovely start to the holiday, arrived at the corbetta our chalet had beed upgraded to jacuzzi in the bath, the room was quite nice, the holiday progressed to being relaxing and food was o.k the restaurant not enough on the plates so I dont recommend the italian restaurant, so all in all our holiday was relaxing go the national park a lovely experience got into to town and book your excursions at the information shop much cheaper patrick the rep would not recommand as not helpful I asked him where a spa was and he said all the hotels have one, I said this one does not! found a spa at natural hotel which is turn left outside corbetta take 1st left and ist right by the swimming park and walk down that road for about 15 mins and on the left in the corner you will see the spa right next to the natural hotel brilliant massage 45 mins back neck massage wish i could have brought her to uk best ever even my hubby was amazed. All in all staff where polite food was o.k except the restaurant as you will want more after the italian, but all in all a relaxing holiday but would try somewhere else as not sea view. on any of the complex. Forgot to say the cleaning staff some are good some are not. Alot of improvements needed, some of the bar staff lovely some not to good the management seem to be stressed out and really dont talk to you as a person just like a bit of a robot but ordinary bar staff all very nice. I would try somewhere else in lanzarote if we go back to the island. But would not use Low Cost Holiday again."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, booked with Low cost holiday
  • Advice: Ask for room 3721 jacuzzi in the bath

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1 / 10
Terrible Choice

"I write this report and will try and be fair an honest. I was a hotellier and restaurant owner for 23 years.

We spent 14 days from 19th Dec - 2nd Jan. at this 'Hotel' I do not think this hotel deserved 2 star rating it is more a one star.

On arrival in late evening we found our room to be very damp to the point that our sheets on the beds were wet. Reporting this to reception we were told ' You should expect the rooms to be damp at this time of the year.' They gave us new bedding to take with us. the following morning we put the sheets outside to dry them in the sun the maids took them away. We did not get new bedding for 7 days and only saw the cleaner twice in the 2 weeks.

There was always a choice of food and even fussy eaters would be able to find a meal maybe not a quality one but a feed. We suspected that the cook ( not chef) put MSG in the food as the chinese do, as after a few mouthfulls we all felt full even though we all have good apetites at home. The staff in the restaurant were very good and efficient appart from the Old Chinese Woman who usualy ran the desk at the entrance with all the charm of a Rotwieler.

The Pizza Pasta Restaurant was different but you came away hungry as the portions were very small.

60% of the guests were Old Spanish who were loud and mostly rude pushing and shoving to get at the buffet food ( to be honest it was like a cavelry charge when the got into their feeding frenzy)

Food marks out of 10

Breakfast 4/10 Cerials and fresh fruit were edible. Boiled eggs were cooked properly some days. Nothing else was really fit for human consumption.

Lunch 5/10 Always a good selection of salads. Different fresh made soup every mealtime usually bean soup or fish soup. A meat dish and fish dish with rice or veg and potatoes of some sore plus the obligatory chips.

Dinner 5/10 same as above.

Gala Xmas Dinner 0/10 service started at 20.00 with a soup that nobody ate followed by a fish dish that was cold with semi raw potatoes. 23.00 they put our main course in front of us. Having endured this charade for so long we left and went to the bar to be told that All Inclusive had finished and we needed to pay for drinks . Merry Christmas????????

Drinks from the bar were limited to Beer, Wine, Vodka, Rum ,Gin, Brandy anything else was chargeable

Entertainment was more or less non existant with 2 Spanish girls (Animation)who wandered around doing as little as possible while talking to the Spanish Guests. There was no enthusiasm in either of them and during 2 weeks they never spoke to any of our group.

The children had to teach them how to do the dances at the Mini Disco that was rushed and mostly consisted of the children being left to run riot.

There were various games during the day if you made an effort to find out when and where they took place because the gabble over the speakers was in very fast Spanish followed by very broken gabbled English wityh dooming rap music.

The female bar staff were very friendly and efficient while the male barmen were slow and non attentive. Martha and Gemma get a special thank you.

5 Swimming pools well that is what they say I would say say Splash Pools 4 very ICY cold 1 not so cold. Plenty of room around these pools with old and tired sunbeds. The whole poolside areas needed a good clean.

50% of the people who we spoke to had had sickness and the runs during their stay here.

All in all I would say DO NOT BOOK a holiday here.

We booked with Low Cost Beds their Rep Patrick was definatly LOW COST and very unhelpful unless you were paying with hard cash.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: DON'T
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Would never touch 321 holidays again.

"Hotel lovely. Booked with 321 travel. We live 10 miles from Newcastle Airport. They booked us early in the morning to Gatwick. Plane delayed 2 hours at Gatwick. Then they flew us to Tenerife. Waited for one hour on plane. Arrived at 10pm after setting off from our home at 4a.m. in the morning in Tenerife and putting us up for the night in a hotel. Next morning boarded flight to Lanzarote at 7.30a.m. Arrived Thursday lunchtime at hotel. On the way back we flew on the Wednesday morning to Dublin but

321 had arranged a 9 hour wait in the airport. It only took one hour to fly back to Newcastle!!!!!! We were charged £70 or more extra than the amount we have in writing. I do not like companies who give debit card details to ....Ryanair, Monarch and Fly Be. Rang company several times to no avail. They could not grasp what they had done. Hotel lovely...

good job it was all inclusive as 321 have our spending money still.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, booked with 321
  • Advice: Enjoy. Swimming pools good and so were the staff.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
from young to old - something for us all

"A baby of 17 mths, his cousins aged 5 and 3, two mothers and gran needed different things and all were well catered for. The staff were polite and helpful, very good with the little ones. The place was somehow kept really clean, although the pool had a great deal of use and showed some sighns of wear at the end of the day. The food was plentiful, very fresh and catered for all tastes.

Queues were short or non-existant, and staff made a good effort to decorate the table when it was the 5 year old's birthday. (Pity the 3 year old set fire to the streamers.)He was always too tired to go to the children's disco - maybe an 8pm start could be considered.

This was not an expensive holiday and we certainly had great value for our money

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10

"Just retuned on the 14th of August after 7 days,it is a typical package holiday hotel, the Bungalow was clean but needed a bit of a refurb,had problems with Ants for the last 2 days,we were supplied with a spray by Reception.

The food was no better or worse than any other package holiday we have been on,we did eat in town one night for a change as the Hotel food was very predictable.

One thing that did annoy me was the towels being left on the loungers overnight or being put out at the crack of dawn,we never sat by the pool as there was seldom any choice left.

The Bar in the evenings was a nightmare with one person serving and 20 or so people waiting to be served, there was entertainment one night but was spoilt by rowdy children running about and acting stupid.

The cleaner worked hard and would change the towels and sweep up most days if her workload allowed, the grounds could be very nice but it all seems half finished,as I work in maintenance at a Uk hotel and complex I tend to look at H & S more than most people,there is room for improvement.

Would we stay there again,yes we would but would budget for eating out.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012
  • Advice: be prepaired to eat out on some nights

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  • by liz666

    " Try not to eat everything the first night or you'll get too full to enjoy it. And do go to the beach - the water is warmer. "

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