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8 / 10
Built summer sunshine

"My wife and I booked this hotel for a late winter break, two weeks, all inclusive, from the 14th March. All of the staff are very helpful and can't do enough for you. Food is above average for a four star hotel with plenty of variety. The rooms are clean but a little basic, bedding and towels are changed frequently, but in the time we were there our room never saw a vacuum cleaner. Some areas of the hotel are looking a little tired and ready for refurbishment but not a distraction. All of the rooms on our wing of the hotel are built on a open plan design with the restaurant and the entertainment areas below on the ground floor. this gives two problems. As soon as you come out of you room there is a strong smell of cooking giving a fair idea of what is on the menu. The other problem is that you have no chance of an early night as the entertainment continues until 11.30 pm. Whilst we were there we had lots of sunshine, the pool areas are generous with plenty of sunbeds, but you had to be brave to use them. The hotel is built on a hillside facing the Atlantic. All of our stay there was a strong sea breeze which was impossible to get shade from In the village the temperature felt in the low 20 C but around the hotel wind chill was more 15 C. The only place to get a drink through the day between meals was the pool bar, but again with no protection from the cold breeze. The temperature in the hotel in most cases was pleasant, but as soon as the sun set the temperature dropped immediately. Being of an open plan design the public areas in the hotel have ceilings 70 ft high so it is impossible to keep the hotel warm. In the evenings you need to ware a coat ,cardigan or something similar to go to the restaurant or the bars. When we were booking the hotel it was stated that it was a 10 minute walk from the beech in fact walking at a good pace it is 25 minutes. Would I book the hotel again? Yes, but it would certainly only between late May to the end of September. The hotel was obviously design for the summer sunshine with high ceilings which can be opened for ventilation. I would also ask for a room in the Mandela wing away from the late entertainment and cooking smells."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: To book between May and September

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8 / 10

"This was my 3rd stay at this hotel my main disappointment was the food every thing was tasteless and repetitive also problems with queuing at evening meal time although the hotel was by no means full evening shows were poor don't think I will be returning"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2014

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8 / 10
Relaxing break

"Lovely hotel for a quiet & relaxing break, lovely rooms with balcony,beautifully decorated.

Lovely Restaurant with a Salad Bar to die for. About 15 minute walk to the beach and shops but we enjoyed the walk. Free bus service for people who didn't want the exercise.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
Not my best holiday

"Yes it was dark inside, and yes the noise late at night was horrendous, due to the open plan layout of bar. Rooms were very clean and comfortable, and staff very nice. No tea making facilities, we bought a kettle, 3 euros a day for safe, couldn't use fridge. Entertainment not the best, some acts childish, and better suited to the children's section in a holiday camp. The eagles were advertised for one nights entertainment, no, not the tribute band, it consisted of 2 owls and a hobby hawk. Some acts ok. Drinks expensive, Barcardi and coke almost 7 euros, we were half board, however if u are all inclusive the drinks are all cheap brands, and the cocktails were already mixed , not nice. Food definitely not 4*, food bland , tasteless, watery beans for breakfast, there was choice of meat or fish , not the best tho , my partner described the steak as chewing the bottom of an old shoe. Not much in choice of cakes , it didn't matter cos they all tasted the same anyway. Fruit juices watery. My main gripe is the situation of hotel, don't no how it got planning permission, it felt like half way up a volcano in the opposite direction to beach. Yes it did have courtesy bus 3 times during day. The nearest bar, over half a mile, slightly more than a 10 min walk, spa shop, and Cactus Jacks bar, had 2 great breakfasts and 2 coffees for 7 euros, and served by the lovely Brendan. Had to walk further on for very small shopping center and few more bars and walk a bit further and there was the beach at last, walk along there and u had the main bars. So from hotel to main bars and beach was about 25 or 30 min walk, don't forget it all uphill on the way back, taxis bout 5 euros. The whole area very quiet, not much there, ok for some , maybe ! Would I go back , definitely not."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Cant think of any, though tea making facilities would help

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9 / 10
Highly recommend for relaxing break.

"I have been abroad every christmas for the last six years and this is the best hotel I have stayed in. Very relaxing surroundings with waterfalls, streams, vines and shops inside the hotel (indoors)!

Heated pool in winter with bars and food outlets open during the day.

Entertainment at night was okay. Food was decent buffet style with ample choice. Spa was great for relaxation, I think it cost an extra 10 euros but worth it. Only downer was it is a bit of a walk to the beach (taxis are only a few euros) but the peace and quiet outweighs this.

Would definitely go again although quite expensive.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010

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5 / 10
good hotel but could do better

"This hotel is very nice and very clean but to many hidden costs, food was hit and miss drinks quite expensive if not all inclusive, rooms were cleaned daily and fresh towels daily the cleaning service was great and the staff very nice, you cant use fridge unless you pay so it is kept locked and also you have to pay for the safe in your room. Some reception staff rude and not very helpful and not to good on explaining how the hotel and the meal service works. Had no problems with getting a sun bed at pool which are very nice but really cold but once you built up the courage to go in it was ok."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
Quite a random hotel!

"Myself and 3 others stayed at Hotel Beatriz for 7 nights all inclusive, to which all of us were slightly confused by the way it is run. Having stayed all inclusive in other countries such as Egypt and Turkey, I expected some degree of consistency when it comes to an all inclusive service - whether Spain as a whole is like this, I don't know, but it didn't make much sense from a guest satisfaction nor a business point of view.

The Hotel's interior as a whole was really nice, the Piano Lounge along with the main bar area had plenty of seats and a relaxed ambiance, which I feel was helped by the water features and novelty plants overhanging the various floors of the hotel.

The rooms are spacious with large bathrooms - however the bed sheets needed to stay in the 1970's. We were located on the 2nd floor, and on occasion you could hear the dragging of chairs in the dining hall below, which if you had a heavy night prior, is the last thing you want to hear at 8am. The maid service was very good, always appreciating that some days you need a lie in and making up your room promptly. The hotel layout is very open planned, so the accommodation area overlooks the main stretch of bar area, directly above the dining hall and regrettably adjacent to conference rooms occasionally hired out by the general spanish public. We were unfortunate to coincide our visit with a wedding reception which went on until 3.30am, and with it being open planned you can imagine the intensity of the noise. For us it wasn't that bad, but I dare say for the older couples or famillies with young children it must have been unbearable. But it makes you ask the question, what kind of hotel allows this degree of noise when you have 200 'sleeping' guests 20 meters away?

The rest of the staff were faultless, reception were always there to help and very informative of local services. Bar staff despite being run off their feet (which I'll come to later) were always smiling and willing to make you 2/3 drinks at a time. The Animation team worked with whatever minuscule budget they had through the day, trying to encourage guests to take part - but unlike other places I've visited were understanding and don't pressure you if you just want to chill, and the other waiters and waitresses within dining hours were very punctual and efficient while also being polite. However, we had heard reports that the staff can get really nasty (especially with All Inclusive guests) if you don't do as they say or if you are persistently complaining, so I suggest to just treat them with a bit of respect as they do work really hard and long hours.

The food as a whole left a lot to be desired, bearing in mind we were aware all inclusive food is susceptible to being repetitive and being done 'on the cheap', we were only here for 7 nights and it was both repetitive and tastless after day 3.

- Breakfast was your typical chipolata sausages, streaky bacon in a pool of fat and value baked beans, which is okay for the first two or three mornings but then it becomes too much. There is a selection of ham and cheeses (for the German? Spanish?) guests which I tried and wasn't a fan of, so then moved onto the cereals that lacked taste and milk of a suitable temperature.

- Lunch consisted of the previous nights leftovers in some cases, but predominantly it was Salad, Ham and Cheeses and Pasta. There is a live chef that cooks you whatever meat he has, this is usually pork which is quite nice, but there was rarely any accompanying sauces to go with it. Other lunch items were potato croquettes, paella, and some crazy tuna ball efforts?

-Dinner always had a mix of things to choose from, there was always the obligatory fries, ham and cheese, salad, and pasta bake, but most nights they had different meat dishes such as lamb goulash, beef stroganoff and pork, all of which was tasty, but again there was nothing to go with it. One night they would have a random tray of brussel sprouts as the accompanying vegetable to go with the beef - it was SO random. The desserts were poor, they lacked sugar and any distinctive taste to the next dessert, it was though they would just add a different food colourant to the sauce, sponge and cream and present it in a slightly different way - and for someone who has a sweet tooth, this wasn't fooling me :) Also, you can't use the all inclusive tea and coffee machine at dinner time (!), its either soft drinks (which are obviously watered down), local beer (not bad I suppose) or wine (paint stripper, beware) - so those lovely desserts I mentioned couldn't be washed down with a nice cup of coffee.

Understandably they have to keep costs down when it comes to food, and to be fair they did have quite a few meat dishes at dinner time, but it was just so boring and tastless - we ended up eating out 3 nights which was a nice change. (The Waterfront and Hennesy's on the front do lovely home-cooked meals)

As mentioned in the title, this hotel just seemed to turn the all inclusive concept on its backside:

Room Safe - in all my years of visiting all inclusive hotels, never once have I had to pay for the use of the safe. They wanted to charge 3 Euros a day to use.

Refrigerator - This was the biggest irritant, granted to use a 'mini-bar' you would pay for the items you have consumed, but to have the fridge actually plugged in using electricity, to have it locked and be prohibited to putting your own bottles of water in there to keep cool is completely farcical. To have the cabinet unlocked, you would then only be allowed to consume the items supplied by the hotel - there is a notice saying that any items found in the fridge would be removed by the maid. So essentially, after 11pm when the all inclusive service stops, there is no way you can get cold water if needed in the middle of the night.

Beach - The hotel runs a free shuttle service to the beach area, but the stretch of beach is not owned by any hotel, so to use sun loungers and parasols it would cost 10 Euros for two beds and an umbrella for the day.

Bars - it seemed the hotel was generally understaffed, and it appeared that only one bar area was ever open at one time during. So through the day you were forced to drink in the pool bar, both the main bar and piano bar were closed through the day, then at 6 when the pool bar closed there would be one person at each of the other bars causing massive queues after dinner. It once took me 15 minutes to get served, but this was no fault of the barmen who were working their socks off trying to make fancy cocktails - it just seemed like a massive chore trying to get a drink.

On the flip-side, the hotel offered services that I was surprised you didnt have to pay for:

Sports Equipment - usually all inclusive resorts give you free use of courts etc, but charge you for the use of rackets and golf clubs. However in this case, the use of Tennis rackets, table tennis rackets, golf clubs were all free(!). I was genuinely surprised that we could play all these sports completely free of charge but had to pay to keep your water chilled.

Spa - some all inclusive hotels allow you 'free entry' to the spa area of the hotel, but charge you if you even wanted to use the pool or sauna. Obviously massage treatments were chargeable but the general spa area was excellent. They have this 'water-course' you work your way around, so you start at station 1 and end up at station 30, each different station blowing water at different parts of your body. You really must visit it, really enjoyable, fun and relaxing. They then have a Sauna and Steam at the end of the course. What amazes me is that All inclusive guests can do the Spa completely free, but Half board guests and general visitors have to pay 55 Euro's each time they visit(?!). Again, totally baffling how they give you free entry to the Spa at €55 but charge to use the fridge.

Overall it was a pleasant enough stay, relaxing and chilled out (apart from wedding night) and it was a shame about the food. Furthermore the pools were full of salt water and quite cold, but alright once you manned up after the initial shock. The location is set back from the main stretch but only a 10 minute walk so not too bad. If you're used to all inclusive setups then be in for a surprise with Beatriz, but if you're not that bothered about having chilled water at night then I would suggest you give it a go :)

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Just a small walk

"Just had a weeks holiday here and had a great time. All these poor reports about a bad hotel is not true. The accomodation was excellent with maid service every day. The food was great and the reception staff, bar staff etc could not of been more helpful. Only down point is the location of the hotel, just over a mile to the main square, but the walk is good and it keeps you fit. If you need a taxi, reception would call one for you, and its at the hotel in about 5 minutes. I will be booking again this hotel again when I go back to Lanzarote."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10

"our room was very clean! cleaning room service good!some staff nice! they are very understaffed! all inclusive dont be fooled only 12hrs!safe costs £3.00 daily!fridge cost £15.00 per week and is locked so u have no fridge! pool's freezing cold!bus service not great! sunbed up very early 2 get one i mean 8 ish! kettle hire! food area like a cattle market buy the time u have got round your food is cold! waiting for a table!u need a car 15 min walk! taxi is £4.00 and u need 2 go all inclusive as its very expensive Good luck if u go"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: spa
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"We went as a family of 5,three teenagers who had a really great time. The hotel was lovely and very clean, the food served was of great variety, the staff were very friendly and helpful. Drink in the hotel was a wee bit dear but you find that in most hotels, they had entertainment on every night which was very good. We were also situated at the rear end of the building so again it was a bit of a long walk down the green mile as we called it lol, they also ran a bus which went from the hotel into the town which was only 5 or 10 minutes away. We used to sometimes walk down to the town when it was cooler at night which took about 15 minutes and was a lovely straight forward walk, also at the swimming pools there were alot of deck chairs which was very good and the surrounding area was pleasant to relax in. We would definatley go back!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Lanzarote Beatriz

"This was our first time in Lanzarote after usually going to Gran Canaris. We chose the Beatriz mainly on price and we weren't disappointed. The hotel is clean and spacious although we were at the far end and the corridor is verrry long! Buffet meals were varied and always hot with a couple of themed nights. Staff were pleasant although dont book tours through your rep..go outside and look on the pavement where there are leaflets for a company with an office nearby where prices are around 30% cheaper with pickups at the hotel.Pools were clean with 1 heated and a jacuzzi with no problems getting a sunbed. No onsite food shop but the hotel has a courtesy bus and taxis are cheap. A downhill 15 min walk takes you to nearest supermarket and the beach. We went out at night so cant comment on the hotel entertainment. Prices on the island are reasonable, I saw English breakfast for €2 and a pint of lager was around €3.50."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Half Board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Dont expect golden sands

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9 / 10
If you are looking for football shirt...

"If you are looking for football shirt wearing lager louts don't go to the Hotel Beatriz! Thankfully it is free of "Benidorm Brits"! I would guess that 70% of the clientelle are Spanish, and the evening entertainment is geared towards them. Nevertheless we enjoyed the efforts made by the entertainment staff who made basic translations into English. The hotel itself is stunning-check out the fairy lights and indoor waterfall. Our room was very clean and well decorated. Not at all "tired looking" as has been mentioned in a previous review. The food at breakfast and evening time was great. It was also piping hot, with variations on the evening menu each day. The staff were extremely courteous and made a real effort with our ten year old daughter, Alex. The outdoor area is very clean, with a small crazy golf course within the grounds. A word of warning; one of the main pools is not heated, a bit of a shock at first but you soon get used to it. The other large pool is warmer! It is only a 15 minute walk to the seafront, but the hotel run a courtesy bus between 10am-2pm, and 4pm-6pm. I walked back up to the Hotel a few times and it took me about 20 minutes, and helped me top up my tan! My only "gripe" is that there is no outdoor bar area of an evening. It would have been nice to sip a drink outside on a night, instead we had to use the two indoor bars, which were both fine, incidentally. Fabulous cocktails! We would not hesitate to recommend this Hotel to anyone who appreciates the more "typically Spanish" holiday. We would certainly return!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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  • by scabbers

    " Lani, scotch and wry, mastil steak house, timanfaya, volcanic caves, "

  • by Kevin Alderton

    " Be friendly to the staff and dont eat in the resturant all the time - it becomes reptitive. Also, buy a bottle of vodka from... "

  • by toxylad

    " There are a few bars a short walk down the path if you fancy a change of scenery on a night time. "

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