Village Oasis Studios and Apartments

Malia Village, Crete, Greece
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2 / 10
You Think your so clever

"we arrived at the hotel arround 1am, we then had to sit outside at the bar with out bags for about half an hour because our rooms were not ready, i noticed that there was a pointless girl sat at the bar talking **** trying to chat up lads so they will buy drinks. We were then forced to pay 80 euro per room for air con (wouldnt advise makes you ill). Anyway once we got to our rooms the rep insisted on sitting us down and trying to tell **** silent discos ect. The room itself is so basic joseph fritzels daugther would turn her nose up at it. There is also a list on the door for the price of every item in the room so we took photos of everything so the greeks couldnt bill us. During the day we layed by the pool, the pool isnt to bad music is abit quiet but its ok. There is this skinny little man who comes over and steals your food and water off you if it isnt bought from the hotel though. the food served at the bar isnt really that nice for the price you pay, and its like 5 euro for a wkd. The room doesnt really get cleaned your sheets get changed but the ones they give you stink of sweat. Whilst your hung over on a morning the maids burst into the room tell you to get out of bed then persistently shout "clean the room" at you...wasnt too happy about that considering its their job. When your trying to take a ---- the toliet seat falls down every time. On a night whilst your pre drinking these big fat security guards come and bang on your doors and tell you to get back in your own rooms and be queit even though its a 18-30s hotel? he also told me im not very clever. On the last night we were pre drinking the security gaurds then came and shouted at us for no reason, the hotel owner called Zak then came and shouted abuse at us , threatening us, and going mental in the cooridoor, we were then shot out the hotel in the morning and had to drag our suitcases to another hotel. The 18-30s rep was a sound lad and did his best to help us all holiday , however the hotel owers are horrible little slimey greeks. Upon leaving the hotel we were billed for stupid things such as forks? and sheets? why on earth would we steal a sweaty old bed sheet from greece? oh.. the maids also stole our camera with all of our holiday photos on. apart from all that the holiday was good."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Good place for what you pay, some downfalls.

"I went to oasis apartments last week with 15 guys from london, its all very organised to get you from the airport to the hotel with around 25 mins to the hotel on a coach. We got there around 5 in the morning and checked in and handed over are passports which they said they can keep till the end of the week to make sure you don't lose them so we all did that...stupidly. They also ask for 80 euros for a safe and aircon which was okay but the aircon only cools one room. By now all we wanted to do is go and chill in are rooms for a bit and sleep, when we got to are rooms we was met by 2 reps which went on for around 2 hours trying to sell you deals and tickets to events (be careful as they can sell you wristbands which cost around 40 euros and they never worked once for us, they will also say you get free entry to clubs when you get free entry anyway) They will be very pushy on getting you to buy there deals so if your not sure tell them you will get back to them tomorrow so you can talk it over, they are nice people if you buy stuff from them there was a group of lads who didn't and they didn't talk to them at all.

The hotel was fine if your not used to staying in 2 star accommodation or hostels then you may find it a bit dirty, we had are room cleaned twice in the week that we stayed there. Im not sure if that was normal or not but seemed okay. Are sheets where taken however everyday and replaced with dirty ones but just looked like they had been ironed. Also look around for any damages in your room at the start of your stay like chips and marks on the wall as they will charge you loads! but there is a list on the back of the door for damages prices.

You will be given cooking equipment which are basic but good enough to cook dinner (would recommend cooking insted of going out if you can as food in the evening can cost around 15 a head).

You will be offered deals down the main street every 4 steps you take by PRs so just bribe them for a good deal its normally 5 euros each and you get ****loads of booze, clubs are normally 5 euros for 2 mixers. All the clubs are amazing (recommend banana club seemed to be the most busy every night).

When you return for the clubs there is a security guy at the apartment complex but he moves between each building, if you want to bring someone back they ask for 25 euros but if you hang about until he moves to the next building you can get someone in for free.

At the end of the week we was told we had to get out of are rooms at 10 the next morning (bare in mind you will get back from clubs at 6-7 so best back the night before you go out), they do however let you book one from out for another 80 euros.

Upon check out we was presented with a bill for 760 euros of damages which was bloody stupid, they said that 4 sheets was dirty even though the clean sheets they gave us was dirty in the first place. Then there was a dent on the back of the door that no one realised about at the start of the holiday, so they asked for 700 for a new door ( they won't go out and by a new door they will just leave it so they can charge the next group of people) in the end we said we would gig 100 as its all we had left. The woman behind the desk said no pay or you don't get your passports back (therefore go and get they back the next day on your vist) I then put my lawyer on the phone and suddenly all charges where dropped ?!

Other then theses little bits the holiday was brilliant!! you will get ****faced, and make sure you stick together i got mugged on the first night but only took my watch :)

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
Great holiday!

"After booking this hotel with my friends and reading these reviews we were so worried we'd made a huge mistake. We were actually dreading the hotel and scared about some of the stories that we had read about in these reviews. On arrival we were already thinking the worst however I had the best holiday I could possibly ask for!

I stayed in a studio made for 4 people and yes the rooms were not exceptionally clean - the bed sheets had stains and looked very old, the surfaces in the rooms were dusty and sticky, the cutlery hadn't been washed properly and we didn't have a microwave (which the hotel says every rooms has) but after reading some of the reviews we thought we'd be prepared and we brought flash wipes with us so we were able to have a quick wipe and clean.

As we were on an 18-30's holiday we didn't really expect much as the cost of the holiday was very cheap! The hotel staff are very nice especially the bar staff, they are so friendly and funny!

I would say watch out for the air conditioning and safe charges as we all got charged 20-30 euros each for 6 of us as that was a 'special deal' but didn't work out any cheaper.

The pool is lovely with a great atmosphere as they play music all day, although watch out if you have died blonde hair - the pool water may turn it green! The pool bar is great - selling drinks and food all day however your not allowed to drink or eat your own due to a tax law or something so you have to buy all your bottles of water that you want to drink by the pool from the pool bar (they are only little bottles meaning you may have to buy quite a few) The food is very nice though :)

The walk away from the strip is literally 10 mins away which is great :)

I would defiantly recommend this hotel if you are looking for somewhere cheap, cheerful and literally a place to sleep and sunbathe. We hardly spent any time in our room which is why the condition of it probably didn't bother us too much!

Not a great hotel for families as the majority of people staying there are young, a little loud and just there to get drunk and have a good time!

Best holiday I've ever had!!!! :)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Do not stay here

"I would not recommend staying here to anyone the apartments are very basic which i expected but they did not supply you with towels in the shower which normally self catering do the room was dirty when we first arrived, our view from the balcony was of a roof top that was full of bird poo and rubbish also the maids came in once and emptied our bins and didnt even change the bed sheets.

On my second night we got our door kicked in from the security guard as we had our music on and it hadnt even hit 11pm yet, the security guards also kept turning the fuse box off and shouting at everyone telling them to shut up if there was music on at or if anyone was making to much noise this happened every night. I also got threatened by one of the bar staff that drove past on his moped at 7am as i was on the balcony smoking. I actually felt like a was in a boot camp at times when we were getting told what to do and when to do it.

Once we had handed our keys in they kept my passport back as they were trying to charge us for a glass that they said was missing, but we had handed it into reception as it was in our friends room.

The holiday was great but i would have enjoyed it a lot more if i was not staying in these apartments.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
awful room!! but amazing holiday :)

"The holiday as a whole was amazing!!! Malia is lovely; I was down the strip every night, round the pool everyday and met some really great people.

The hotel however wasn’t so great, on first views of the hotel it looked nice and even newly built, but this all changed when we were lead to our rooms. We were lead along a dark street, away from the hotel and the pool to a separate section where our room was. We happened to be on the top floor so had to carry our heavy suitcases up 4 flights of windy stairs with no help from any of the reps, when we reached our hotel room there was no light to see how to open the door, so we struggled with it for a good 5 minutes. It got no better as we entered the room, it was very, very basic... the room was small with the kitchen area in the same space, and the bathroom was tiny, we had no balcony other than the space outside our door and the room wasn’t even clean!!

On the other hand, the staff and bar area were really nice, the staff made you feel like part of the family and weren’t stingy about giving some free drink away. We went down there every night before heading to the strip; we played games and chatted for hours with the staff. The pool area was also really nice; it was kept clean and tidy by this one member of staff who was lovely and you never had to fight for a sun bed!

The reps that were in our hotel were useless! One of them was really rude and even told us to ‘f’ off when we wouldn’t sit in our room in the middle of the day so he could try and sell us something! He even refused to give me a questionnaire at the end of the holiday.... I think he was scared of the review he might get!!!!

So it’s hard to rate the hotel, some aspects of the hotel were amazing, but the room, and the reps really let it down! Overall I had an amazing holiday, just probably wouldn’t go back to that hotel, unless I was promised a room in the main hotel... because the rooms in there were far, far better... they had microwaves and TV’s... enough said!!! :)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: i love malia!

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10 / 10
Week of my Life

" just come back from the village oasis with 5 mates and their is one word........""""amazing"""".. from getting their you are made to feel part of the family. ever night the bar is bussing. and in the day the pool is livley and fun. everyone gets to know every one and the group of 6 of us felt like a group of 96!!!

zac the owner is sorted.. and all this staff. they were part of are group by the end as welll

will be booking up for next year back to the village ,, cannot wait ..MALIA 2011 X

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, SELF CATER , booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: The Best!!
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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10 / 10
my holiday was one not to forget

"for me this hotel has been great! the rooms, pool, bar and catering has been awesome. the staff are brilliant at there jobs are always happy to make there costumors satisfied and always help there needs, there is always something to do wether its snooker, computors or consolles. i would deffonatley come here again and would recommend hotel village oasis to others."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
village oasis hotel

"village oasis hotel is really nice and friendly allways feel safe and comfortable it has great facilities and service nice pool area rooms are clean and nice as its a new hotel the village oasis hotel than the village oasis area."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: recomend village oasis hotel

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1 / 10
Do not stay here!!

"Absolute awful holiday!!!! only enjoyed it when we were away from the hotel. The manager is a absolute violent piece of work who accussed me and my mates of swearing at him and said that he was ringing the police and that we had to pay 2000euros each!!!! this absolutely spoilt our holiday! would never ever go back to this hotel again..but would go back to malia! all had in our room was ants..the shower was horrible!! the pool was dirty! the drinks were expensive!! while we were sleeping a few times the owners opened our doors!! its a terrible hotel and i reccomend u do not stay here..would recommend thomas cook to take this hotel off there system..was very disappointed in this holiday!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, SELF CATERING, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Do not go to this Hotel
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
The Worst

"we had an amazing holiday in malia but the hotel was dreadful! the rooms are basic and the air conditioning stops working all the time andthere was no light in the toilet. The worst part is the hotel staff who are rude and do nothing to help you with any complaints. We ask them to fix our light and air conditioning numerous times but they did nothing. we went on an 18-30 holiday so you expect to be able to have abit of a laugh but on the third night the hotel security guard threatened to throw us out and call police for playing music loud in early hours of morning unless we paid him 200 euros. Then on the following nights the same guard made us leave our rooms early and said we had to go out at 11 because we were to loud. On checking out the staff made up that we had lost bed sheets, pillows and chairs which we knew we hadnt as we had checked before we left and they charged us for these. They said if we didnt pay we wouldn't get our passports back so we were forced to pay. (30 euro for a bed sheet)

I would recommend thomas cook but not this hotel it was just hassle we didnt need.

honestly do not stay here!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Not the Ritz, but Overall, honestly good.

"The Hotel is basic, for the time you sleep and shower it does the job. Lack of toilet rolls and towels is the only gripe, I did bring some though. The balcony view was brilliant and there was a nice breeze. Our mates room downstairs felt warmer and had alot of ants.

For a Safe it cost 30 euros for the week, there was four of us and two rooms, so one safe for all four done us fine. Air Con was 80 euros a week for one room. We decided to leave the balcony doors open when we slept. wasn't too bad.

Village Oasis staff are all friendly, Zac the Bar manager and Nico the overnight barman were brilliant!

The night life is amazing, PR's at each pub/club can get slightly annoying but if you haggle with them, usually you get a better deal!

Meals are value for money too, there is British channels and sport on the TV's.

Superb overall.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: It is Basic, but for Malia in general what a place!
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
the truth

"i have been to these apartments the last 2 years in a row both times in the month of august .i went with my 2 girl mates.

The rooms are preety poor the shower u have to hold when tryin to wash yourself and they do not give u any towels so defo take a gd few towels with you also they do not provide toilet paper !

The pool is great a good size and there is plenty of sun beds for everyone to have .

The food at the apartment is really nice and a good price but the drinks are pretty expensive and you cant take your own drink by the pool !

Some of the staff are nice but if you get on their bad side its not good !

The first year we went one of the friends we made did get tasered for being too loud ! I have read reviews that say they dont do this but i can assure u they do !

also i was sleepin one nyt and i got woke up by a group of guys coming home they wer pretty loud and the security guy and bar guy was up at our floor trying to sort it out ! the boy got told to go to his room but didnt want to so the security guy told him he wud regret this ..... the following nyt around 6am i was sittin on my balcony and seen this boy coming home himself ! the security guy and owner of the hotel punched him and he ran away . They chased him down the street out of sight and 5 mins later they two returned without the boy ! was horrible to see ! the boy did have a black eye when i seen him again !

The excursions tht the reps offer are mostly a waste of money ! the silent disco was a gd laugh and the neon nyt was great too tho !

I met great friends over there that i again met up with the following year ! if i hadnt met this group of boys then i wud have been terrified !

Malia itself is amazin the clubs and pubs will not dissappoint !

The Loft is the best pub u will not miss this it is at the very start of the strip and does 5 drink for 5 euros ! awesome !

the clubs i went to most are candy appollo and club uk !

I know you have probs read most reviews and they are mixed but mines is the nothing but the truth !

enjoy your holiday :)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: malia is great but would reccommend a diff hotel !

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    " Just ate at the village Oasis restaurant as the food was ace especially the carbonara! "

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    " The Millenium Pub for Breakfast; The House for dinner; And Energy Bar for a good night out! "

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