Grand Pasa Hotel

Durmazlar Cad 15, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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Just got back and must say one of the...

"Just got back and must say one of the best 5 star hotels that I have ever stayed in.People and food was fantastic but Turkish evening entertainment wasn't the best but everything else made up for this.

A BIG Thank you to all the staff for making us feel comfortable and welcome.

9 / 10

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This was our second visit to Marmaris...

"This was our second visit to Marmaris and we decided that we would go for the highest star rating, due to last year staying in a 3* AI which was as best described 'disgusting' we chose the Grand Pasa 5* and on arrival were extremely pleased with our choice. The reception is breathtaking, the rooms are spacious, and spotlessly clean, the bathroom being also large and modern. Plasma screen tv with ITV3 and mini fridge.

We were very lucky we had fantastic views of the ocean and pool, but the majority of rooms have side views and only see the pool.

The resteraunt - so called because that is where you go to eat should be renamed Canteen, the food is varied and what you would expect from a buffet style AI, however the waiter service is non existant, ie: my daughter asked for a coke and was told to go to the bar and get it herself. The waiters were disorganised and not what you would expect for a 5* However dont let this put you off, as the food is good, just dont rely on the waiters to help you in any way and you will be fine. There is definately a meal to be found.

The bar in the evening was chaos! So much so that I worked behind the bar (providing entertainment for the brits really all in the name of good fun!) However although we made it good fun, it is a problem, they have over 500 rooms in this hotel and one barman who speaks little english behind a bar that is probly 5ft long and 5 people deep!

The reason for me going behind it and serving people was down to me complaining that he had missed serving someone that had been waiting for ages, and his response was if you can do any better you come and do it, now i suppose most people would have been disgusted but hey the guy was struggling so i got down to pulling some pints and mixing a couple of vodka and tonics, serving the brits first of course!!!!!! It was all good fun and it added to the fun for the kids to see mum behind the bar! However if you are used to the 5* treatment, this is by no means what you will get here.

The pool area is beautiful and the pool is fab, a bit cold but ok, but they seem to have this obsession with cramming the sun beds all next to one another, but get up early and chose your spot and you are fine. The music is loud and on for most of the day, the only time they turn it off is lunch time, and that is pure heaven.

My only other comment would be the maid who tidies the room, yes you get fresh towels everyday, but as for anything else, no chance. There are quilts on the beds and these get folded down, not made, and no they dont clean the bathroom, i have always found that the sink gets washed down and surfaces wiped, but not here, our room was not touched other than to replace towels and turn down the quilt, there are carpets on the floors so the normal sweeping and mopping of the room is not replaced with hoovering, i imagine this is left until you check out, as it was spotless when we arrived.

5* is quite an exageration for this hotel when you add everything together, but i personally think it got its ranking from the look of it and size of rooms etc i would give it an exceptional 3 or average 4.

At the time of checkout, which is mid day regardless of what time your pick up time is, they want your AI wristband, I questioned this, as our pick up time was 10.30pm, to be told that whatever i wanted for the rest of the day had to be paid for, not at all happy with this response i stood my ground refusing to hand it over, after remaining cool and calm for well over 15 minutes i was allowed to keep it, the hotel blame the tour operator and they in turn blame the hotel, watch out for this and make sure your AI lasts until your departure time or if it happens to you just be polite but refuse to hand it over - it worked for me!

I have been very honest in my comments about the Grand Pasa but I had a good holiday and it would not put me off going back, if you are looking for a good standard of accommodation, decent food, and a nice pool go for it, if you are looking for service and to be waited on forget it, you wont find that here.

Ooh and before i finish, if you do decide to take a leap of faith, you MUST have the turkish bath as soon as you arrive, it is FAB!!!!!!!!I would highly recommend it!

Happy holidays!

7 / 10

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Wonderful, the best AI I've ever stayed in!

"We have recently spent 11 nights here at the Grand Pasa Hotel in Marmaris and if I had enough money I would go back tomorrow. It truly is amazing.

The hotel is new,, about 18 months old.

The rooms were spacious, a double king sized bed and a single bed, LCD TV (with some English channels - but who goes on holiday to watch TV!), fridge, marbled floor in the bathroom and hot showers all day long. Rooms were cleaned daily and towels were changed daily. You were provided with towel cards for use at the pool for sunbathing too.

The pool was lovely, 1.5 m deep, with water slides. A tad cold however but I can imagine in warmer months that would change. The indoor pool was good, heated slightly same depth and was nice to use if you did not want to brave the outdoor pool.

Sunbeds were easy to get hold of, but we did go early season, I can imagine in busier times that would change.

Food was excellent and we certainly never got fed up. Breakfasts consisted of cereals, continental style, salads, choice of eggs - boiled, scrambled, fried or omelets. Frankfurter style sausages, eggy bread, beans were also on.

Lunch and Evening meals were same standard, much to choose from - soup, salad, pasta dishes, kebabs, meatballs, fish, chicken, veal, turkey etc. There was also grilled vegetables, rice, chips and wedges.

The drinks package was beer, vodka, gin, brandy, raki, choice of soft drinks - fanta, sprite, cola, fruit juices, tea & coffee.

The evening entertainment would be the only downside to what is a fantastic hotel, but it was early season and things did pick up towards the end of our stay.

You are 5 mins walk from the main road into either Marmaris or Icmeler. Dolmus are cheap about 1.5 - 1.75 lira (about 60p) or taxis which again are not too expensive - £4 to Icmeler approx. If you fancy a meal out then try The Love Boat in Icmeler - the best steak I had ever had. They even offer a free pick up and return taxi service for you. Their prices were slightly more expensive (by 2 lira!! about 1 pound) but well worth it and still much cheaper than at home.

The hotel also offers a sauna, jacuzzi, gym, internet cafe, pool table, air hockey & table football (all chargeable). There is a small gift type shop and a jewellers who I would recommend. Just ask for Frankie and he will give you a good deal, their service is excellent.

Overall this is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in and at just over £800 for 11 nights (including transfers from airport which is 1hr 30 mins) we could hardly complain. I would return here without any shadow of a doubt and it is ideal for anyone.

10 / 10

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Great looking hotel

"Have just come back from a weeks break at the Grand Pasa and I must say first impressions were very good. The entrance was airy and modern with a distinctive marble floor. Our room was luckily one that didn't end in a 7 (if you have one of these you will unfortunately be given a "corner" room with a very small balcony and next to no sunshine throughout the day). The rooms are of a high spec with an excellent shower, a double and a single bed (this is standard), a nice flat screen tv on the wall with good old ITV1 if you are missing your soaps, a small table with two separate comfotable chairs and a high quality patio set. The standard of the hotel generally is very good although not 5* by English standards. If you want to grab a sunbed around the pool though you must be fairly early as the hotel does lack the space to accommodate its guests especially during very high season, however you should be fine in May. Now my first biggish gripe. The food. The restaurant is situated on the -1 floor with very little natural light. This does give it the feel of a busy canteen or as I described it like having school dinners. I won't harp on too much about the food as everyone has different tastes but most of the desserts were unedible, either sickly sweet or tasteless. The main courses were okish but you certainly didn't want to spend anymore time than you had to in "the basement" as I put it having your meals. It was basically a question of fill your boots, and make a quick exit.

The animation team were very poor and it was quite painful to watch at times. However the, pool is extremely pleasant, I would say almost 50 metres in length and there were three or four water slides in another pool adjacent to it. The gym is well equipped and the sauna and steam room add a nice touch.

Don't miss the opportunity to go to Icmeler by taxi boat. This resort is lovely, with good shops, very reasonable food, free sunbeds and much much quieter than Marmaris. Overall we had a really good relaxing break but would definitely stay in Icmeler if we returned to Turkey.

8 / 10

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My fiancé and myself have just...

"My fiancé and myself have just returned home this morning from a one week stay in the 5* Grand Pasa Hotel, Marmaris, to celebrate our engagement.

Our holiday itself was fantastic, we usually (not everyday) like getting up in the morning going down relaxing and sunbathing most of the day, then at night enjoy a lovely dinner, nice walk around the grounds, and then a drink in the hotel bar.

As I said we did enjoy our holiday however we would definitely not rate it as a 5* star hotel, we feel it does not merit this award and the hotel and the staff only represent 3/4* service. The reason being is that, after many holidays in the past, staying mostly in four star hotels, with fantastic grounds, great customer friendly staff, a la carte restaurants etc. Grand Pasa is lacking, the hotel is as you see it a beautiful big grand building. However it is VERY limited in communal space in doors, and for grounds.

You are basically touching sides with other holiday makers at the pool because the spaces are so limited by the pool.

The meals were ok however the wait to stand in line for your dinner was terrible 20 minutes most nights. We have never been to ANY Hotel were you need to queue in line like in school to see the food selections. As has been mentioned in previous comments the Russians tend to think they are above waiting the queue and acted 'dumb' to slide into the queue. The al a Carte was nice, however it is not advertised and if you didn’t read your room brochure you wouldn’t know about it, the atmosphere if the place was a little lacking, you walked into a conservatory off the snack bar that had about 15 tables at very most with no music, with euro sport on the TV in the back ground. Everyone was talking in whispers it was that quiet.

As for gardens there where none! Every 4* hotel we've been to in the past has either a short walk over the road to a private beach, or beautiful grounds to walk around at night, you had nothing of the sort you are in the middle of two other large hotels, then at the rear of the hotel block (where our room was, 527) where building works, old rubble, old boats etc - not the greatest view for a 5* hotel!

The indoor space was just as limited there are 566 beds in the hotel and option of additional children’s beds, with one reception area and one bar it is FAR too small for the number of people. You were often left standing in the middle of the bar area or out in the reception area, feeling a bit lost. As we went on the 2nd May I was hardly in full season so god knows was it will be like in June, July and August.

The staff has no respect for the customers especially the 'entertainment team' - who walked around all day doing generally nothing. In the past we have never have nor did we expect to see the entertainment staff eating with us in the restaurants. I completely understand that they need to eat and need a break, but does it have to be with the guest it’s busy enough in the restaurant with guest never mind it being used as a canteen also. They were often seen helping themselves to drinks - most of the time getting served first. The bar staff were unmotivated at one point their were 5 member of staff behind a very small, very busy bar 3 doing as far a I could tell nothing and the other two slowly serving guests. Not even tips could speed them up . . .

All in all we really did have a great time; we did feel that the previous comments were a little out of date so we wanted to give our opinion, as the hotel is coming up of its 2nd anniversary standards may be slipping. The hotel itself was absolutely stunning with black flecked marble tiles and rich deep woods, rooms large and richly decorated, VERY clean - probable the most clean we've been to!

7 / 10

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The best AI hotels I've stayed at in Turkey

"Over the last 10 years we've ended up holidaying in Turkey five times. One of the reasons is that Turkey has been a good value holiday. We've always done All Inclusive and it has always been at four or five star hotels. We've been to four different area's in Turkey and it was a bit of a shock when we arrived in Marmaris as the Turkey we'd come to expect was hotels with lots of space around them, if over looked at all, by only one or two other hotels or villa's / residence Marmaris reminded us of the worst of the Spanish Costa's, with the saving grace is that the Turkish planners had not allowed building over four stories. The Marmaris resort has a hotel across every road, but all (subtly) overlooking each other. I would imagine that Marmaris in high season is for youngsters and those who enjoy Blackpool on a hot bank holiday!

April being the start of the season bought positives and negatives. The visitors to the resort were possibly at 20% the level of high season (for us a definite positive), not everywhere was open but hey, with only 20% visitors there was more than enough to do and go round! Positives like sun beds without towels on them at 8am, no queues at the buffet or the bar, no jostling for beach space and plenty of shopping and trips / experiences to choose from! Mid April is certainly the earliest I’d recommend anyone to visit, it was warm enough to sunbath and wear light clothes, but a week earlier and we’d have been cold.

For those reading this review who have never ventured to Turkey, please be aware that 5 star isn’t to English standard 5*, all inclusive food (even at five star) is not Michelin cuisine.

Back to the Grand Pasa (pronounced Pasha locally) I read the reviews and thank those reviewers on TripAdvisor, everyone was very close to the mark and truthful. I discovered why 2007 was a slow year and full on non-Brits – the hotel was due to be finished at the beginning of the season but the owners didn’t place it with the big holiday companies in case it wasn’t completed, it went out to all odd outlets and therefore the guests weren’t normal Marmaris guests, 2008 is ‘normal’. Grand Pasa does have a fabulous entrance area, it gets admiring comments from visitors from hotels nearby or those who arrive on minibuses collecting guests for trips out. The rooms are of very good standard both in size and cleanliness, the staff are a little reserved (perhaps start of the season malaise), for us, better than in your face, and helpful and friendly. As per one of the other reviews, I wouldn’t like to return when the hotel is full because I can not see how they can get enough sun beds around the pool for every visitor who’d want one, but hey, the beach is only 300 yards walk away. On our visit there were no problems with sun beds and although the pool snack bar didn’t open or al-la-carte dinners weren’t available we have no complaints. The food is buffet style and edible, although some of the meals we chose for ourselves were not the food you’d find mixed in any British restaurants, but we never went hungry and based on four other Turkey AI experiences was on par if not better than previously eaten and for the money we paid really good!

We’d recommend the hotels small (but perfectly formed) jewelry store, no hassle, run by friendly very experienced staff and even at tag price (without haggling), there were some very good deals to be had, much more for your money than in most places in the world we’ve shopped for gold and gems.

Would we return? Yes, but not until mid September when the crowd have gone and the beds have softened! Thank you Grand Pasa we had a fantastic week.

10 / 10

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I went on a holiday to Marmaris with...

"I went on a holiday to Marmaris with my family this year, I was unsure of what to expect as I had never been to Turkey before. I was delighted with the kindness of the staff and the amount of welcome you got. The pool area and day and night time staff were lovely but the evening entertainment lacked something. After the second night we just all began to get bored at evenings and usually went out to bars etc.

The russians were the worst, I had to bite my tongue for the rest of the holiday, the rudeness! although we met up with a lovely english couple which made our holiday so much better. I have been told that there will be more english next year.

I look forward to seeing the change next summer, cant wait counting the days!

8 / 10

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I've just returned from a 2week...

"I've just returned from a 2week holiday at the Grand Pasa Hotel, I highly recommend this hotel it is a luxury hotel and very clean. Staff are very polite and very helpful, rooms are very clean and modern, the food was very nice, plenty of it and plenty of choice. There was no entertainment which was advertised when we were sold the holiday but I think that was the time of the year as the hotel was due to close. The pool area was lovely but had a problem on our first week getting a sunbed as the hotel was busy and I think during the busy months will cause a major problem as the pool area is restricted to space so wont be able to add more beds."

10 / 10

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Great Place

"We booked up late with Last and was determined to hate Turkey. How wrong I was!!! The hotel is brand new and has been finished to a really high standard. Our room had a decent size balcony and the usual 5* offerings and the funkiest air con unit i've ever seen. Plenty of English channels on the LCD screen and we never heard our neigbours in their room or people outside due to the fact the hallways are carpeted.

They have an excellent gym but remember to take a towel and your own water. The Turkish bath is a must are really sets you up for your holiday. The only slight let down was the food, but then again I didn't hear one person who stayed in any hotel say that the food was good. We didn't get ill, it just would of been nice if they had maybe offered more cooked veg.

10 / 10

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This was our first holiday to Turkey...

"This was our first holiday to Turkey and we did have some reservations.

The only negative thing I could say about this trip was the journey from the airport to the hotel, approximately 75 mins.

After arriving at the Hotel Grand Pasa about 3am we were met by friendly welcoming staff.

They offered our party something to eat and drink while our luggage was taken to our rooms.

Our first experience of the hotel was of an immaculate building with no detail left out. Our rooms were excellent and cleaned daily and towels changed daily. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff. They ensured all your needs were met.

The dining room was always kept very clean and you never saw tables left with dirty dishes etc. We were all inclusive and can only describe the food as delicious and with plenty of choice.

The pool area always clean and sun loungers comfortable. Bar staff always happy to serve you and entertainment team worked very hard.

We have travel all over the world and have stayed in many hotels. However, our experience of Hotel Grand Pasa has left us all with very happy memories and we hope to return with other family members next year.

I highly recommend this hotel and can assure you will have a great time.

10 / 10

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Tranquil Marmaris

"In a quiet part of Marmaris - yes they do exist. Just opened in May this year when we were staying at the Pineta Park Deluxe (also very good) Excellent rooms, food and service. Unfortunately, some ignorant Dutch and English people but you can't avoid riff-raff when the deals to go to 5 star (Tourist) are so cheap. Don't let that put you off however - it is a great hotel, located away from the hustle and bustle of the main resort. The hotel and facilities are indeed as good as they appar on their website. Long treck to Ephesus but after being to Turkey 5 times now, we decided to sacrifice a day to go - well worth it. Would definitely return to The Grand Pasa although I would not refuse to go back to The Pineta Park Deluxe as the Pool Entertainment and evening entertainment was better there."

10 / 10

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Not Luxury but a Good Hotel

"Spent a week here in October, the hotel entrance is impressive; it’s opposite the Pineta Deluxe Hotel and around a 10 min normal walking pace to the sea. Its set in a quiet location next to the pine clad hillside.The hotel has a large circular lobby and two scenic lifts that look over the pool area. We requested a pool view and were given room 347,do not accept this room or any room with a 47 on floors 1 to 4, they are squeezed into a corner with little natural light, small overlooked balcony and all are next to staff quarters, a bad design fault to say the least. We moved to a normal pool view the next day, what a difference and we could see the sea in the distance. Also do not pay for the safe, you can punch in your own 4 digit code, they don’t tell you this at reception, in fact information is very poor regarding the hotel amenities, you only get a poor photo copy of meal times and what’s inclusive or not etc. There is no welcome or info pack in the room.

The rooms are large and carpeted, sliding doors over the bath and a heated bathroom mirror, beds (one single and a double) were firm but comfortable, nice plasma TV with 40 cannels, there is plenty of space for clothing, not sure about the sheets, they were like a rough gauze texture. The split-level air con worked well and was free. In the corridor your room number lights up when your in and have the swipe card in the electric activated slot (any old credit card wont work) not sure about the security issue as anyone knows if you are in or not.

The entertainment is very poor all day, same music, the same darts and home made cheap plywood golf game every day, the evening, well just grin and bear it, make your own entertainment or go out! There is plenty going on at the outside bars only a short walk away.

The pool is medium size and a good temperature and the water slides are great fun when turned on! The best place for all day sun late summer is around the snack bar area but get up early to stake your place! There is the customary photographer, who doesn’t bother you again once you say no. There is not much for children only a small shack to play in and no free ice cream. There are free pool towels but small and not top quality (take your own).

The food is tasty but not much choice and also repetitive, they have hot food containers similar to bread bins which you have to open to look what’s inside, this gets a little annoying. The choice of breakfast-cooked eggs while you wait is a good but no bacon only cooked tomatoes, beans and the salami sausages. The best smell to our noses was the fresh cooked chips & burgers at 2.30pm in the snack bar, even vinegar was available sometimes!

Smoking is allowed in every part of the hotel except the lifts, if you’re a none smoker you cannot choose a non-smoking room or eat without someone lighting up.

The indoor pool, Jacuzzi (same water and not heated) sauna, gym and Turkish bath are inclusive, the steam room is extra (tiles missing off floor), the Spa staff seemed a little anyonde when you only used the free facilities. Try haggling the price of the Spa treatments; they will come down in price.

The cliental was a mixture of Mostly English, Dutch, Germen, Turkish and a few Russians, who need a little manners schooling at times.

Having said all the above it was a great holiday, we would say a good 3 star touching 4 at times! With a bit more choice of drinks and food, better entertainment, information, cleaning and service we would have given this hotel a 5 star rating.

8 / 10

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